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Author has written 10 stories for Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Fruits Basket, and Naruto.

The Destinies:

You've stumbled upon the profile of five girls by the names of Neriede, Calismo, Pandora, Abyss, and Sun. Each one has a writing style all their own and with different interest there is variety among the stories on this account. From Harry Potter, to naruto, to Teen Titans, to the Bartimaeus Trilogy it is interesting to see what ideas these girls cook up.


Neriede's Updates

Sun's Updates

Not A Typical Day: The original story has been deleted and is undergoing editing where it will be put back up.

Bartimaeus Trilogy: The Sixth chapter is up and this story is also undergoing updates.

Calismo's Updates

Abyss' Updates

Pandora's Updates

Neriede's Profile:

Neriede's Comment: Neriede is a very bizarre creature (yes, she is talking in the third person; she is very weird). Sometimes she can be an attentive listener, and sometimes she can be OUT OF IT. Favorite colors are: black and pink (funny combination, huh?) What does she know? Exactly what she wants to know. How does she obtain what she wants to know? She has her ways... She can't always control her thoughts (And her dreams. She has very "interesting" dreams) and is often getting "killed" for such thoughts. If you see her holding a bat with a crazed, possessed expression on her face, then STAY AWAY! Aside from her dark and disturbed side, Neriede is a loyal, trustworthy, obsessive person. Her current obsession: Teen Titans. Her last obsession: Sailor Moon. Her next obsession: NEVER! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE TEEN TITANS! (Speaking in first person now...okay...whatever...)

Pandora's Comment: Neriede...You were really wacked when you wrote that comment...Anyways. Yeah..Neriede is all that she said to fact. Everything she wrote is pretty much true...ok. maybe you weren't wacked =D

Calismo's Comment: Updating my comments on Neriede... Um, haven't you gotten off Teen Titans now, Neriede? Aren't you onto Fullmetal Alchemist...? Ya might want to change that. Neriede is still as strange as ever, and I doubt that's ever going to change. Her plots have become more interesting. AND you don't like pink anymore, right? Wow you need to update before people get the wrong picture of you! XD

Sun's Comment: Neriede is a wonderful friend to have. She is smart, an intelligent writer, a good thinker, a wonderful artist and my best friend. Even though I am now in the States I will try to keep the friendship strong .

Sun's Profile:

Neriede's Comment: Sun is never afraid to say what she thinks. This is sometimes the cause of why she and/or her friends get into trouble (don't kill me for writing this Sun _"). She's very capable of achieving success, but she won't let me organize her locker (organization is the key to success!)! Sun, if you're reading this, please let me organize it for you! Please! In other words about Sun, she's not exactly the biggest boy-lover in the world and they're not exactly big fans of her either. Stubborn, she won't go down very easily in an argument.

Sun's Comment: I am stubbron and arrogant as well as hot headed. I recently turned fifteen and am currently living in Virginia. I LOVE the anime Naruto and for everyone out there...NEJI IS MINE!...I also like the anime: InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, d. N. Angel, and Fruits Basket.

My favorite manga include: Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Hikaru No Go, Ranma 1/2, Prince of Tennis, Whistle, Kill Me Kiss Me, Ghost Hunt, Tsubasa andFruits Basket

Calismo's Comment: Sun is as stubborn as they come. She's got talent as far as writing goes, and very smart in's just that the teachers don't understand her--their loss, not hers. She's improving on her artwork too! Go Sun! But...she's moving back to the U.S. of A. NOOOOO! This is the time to employ one of Neriede's 'you-got-run-over-by-a-bus-and-mysteriously-disappeared-but-in-reality-you're-hiding-in-my-closet' schemes!

Calismo's Profile:

Calismo's Comment: I like to think that I am the sanest person in this group. I'm actually pretty sure that I am the sanest person in this group. Unfortunately, that makes me easy prey. And the others take advantage of this. -glare- I'll get you all, just you wait. I'm pretty down-to-earth, but I do love dreaming the impossible. I tend to start a lot of story ideas at the same time, and lose motivation in the middle. I'm working on that. Right now, my story -- All That and A Bowl of Ramen -- is undergoing construction. Please be patient.

Neriede's Comment: One of the four people in our group who hopes to get a book published (the other three are me, Sun, and Belina). Calismo's witty...and fun to scare. But then again, aren't all people fun to scare -/-evil gleam in eye-/- Loves the show Naruto and always remembers to pray before eating her lunch (you go Calismo! I always forget...bad Neriede!). Calismo is a GREAT poet, even if they are a bit dark; always including stuff like blood and death...shivers.

Abyss' Profile:

Abyss's Comment: Hola you fools! It is I...Abyss! I am a person who is freakishly obsessed with Inuyasha. Even though Calismo says that I am not as dark as she is, I am...and I am psychotic and am suffering from a very mild case of stupidity (don't say a word Kentra or Calismo).Grr. I am very accident prone and a bit clumsy, which can be a bad combination. I am aspiring to become the president of the united states, and to become a marine biologist. Also kentra and I are planning to take over the world! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (TIP: don't get on my bad one, aside from my family and kyle ackart, has ever seen me truely mad and I am the kind of person to hold a grudge) I'm done...heehee.

Neriede's Comment: Currently really into Inuyasha and Spongebob. Accident prone. Big time animal lover! She hopes to get a job involving animals or the ocean, or possibly both. Has plans to put a squirrel at the bottom of the ocean and find Bikini Bottom. Food is definitely her friend (it's mine too _) and she loves to torment her older brother. Not afraid to use her fists (trust me on that!)

Calismo's Comment: -sigh- Yet another of our group who favors the punch on the shoulder technique. She's getting herself deeper into all sorts of anime...I can't even remember the most current. :) She's almost as dark as me (No Abyss, you will never be as dark as I am, I can assure you). Almost, but not quite. You're free to keep trying, though. Mutt. XD

Pandora's Profile:

Neriede's Comment: We dressed up as twins on Twin Day during Spirit Week. We both wear glasses, both have brown eyes and hair and similar face structure, and we both used to have the same length hair (I cut mine twice since then). Me and her had quite a few fights last year due to "issues" but of course, friends always stick to each other like permanent glue! Her favorite anime is Inuyasha. She LOVES cats and horses. And a certain somebody...-/-snickers-/-

Calismo's Comment: Pandora can really whack, take it from me. XD I had all classes with her last year, and she loves to displace her anger on me. (I still have the bruises Pandora!) Diss cats or horses and you will feel severe pain, but deep, deep, deep down she has a somewhat kind heart. lol. XD

Pandora's Comment: Yeah. Me and Neriede are a lot alike. Both stubborn but so is fact. Everyone in the Destiny's is stubborn. I loooove cats and horses. My favorite anime, forever and always, is InuYasha. That "certain somebody" I hope your mind has updated Neriede -evil glare- I'm most deffinetly least thats what I'm told. I'd say I'm weirder than Neriede, and well. If you see a crazed look in my eyes, weapon or not, run. Don't EVER diss cats or horses. You will regret it. I try to remain a happy person, I usually am, but if my friends got me down (like when me and Neriede fight) then I get REALLY sad. I'M A BOOGER...EAT ME!

Kentra's Profile:

Kentra's Comment: to describe Kentra...There is no real explination. Some say that I am evil incarnate(namely Calismo) and then others have this strange illusion that I am an acidemic acheiver and that I love school(namely my friends' parents). I am thirteen and I own my own bitch already cough Calismo cough. Umm...and yeah. (I'm an idiot!!)I am very perverted but I ususally keep my comments to myself. Like pudding...can't ever eat it again..scarred for life! yeah! I have a really scary death glare and a creepy smile to go along with it. Some say I am a bit shallow, no arguments there, and I have at leat 30 bishies on my list. Seriously. I have scared alot of people at my school and apparently I am called "Airplane Girl". Don't ask. And apparently Calismo has nothing to say in response to this. lol.

Abyss's Comment: Kentra is a very...unique person. She DOES NOT ALWAYS keeps her comments to herself, which often scars Neriede. She has an evil/perverted little girl, who DOES have a heart...somewhere. She is the youngest of us all the only reason we met her was because she skipt a grade Her top bishies at the moment are Sephiroth, Vincent, and...uhhh...I don't know anymore!!

Even when the darkness closes in I shine bright. ~ ~Sun~ ~

Shut the door. Blow out the candles. Pull the drapes closed tight and wait for night. Do the shadows scare you? You've found me. I suggest you run. -/-Neriede-/-

Follow me through the darkness: I am your lighted path. //..Calismo..//

Profile being slowly updated...

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