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I was born in Edinburgh and have lived there for much of my life. I developed a habit for reading in nursery, and was known to go under the piano with a book at times. I got into Doctor Who after watching the first two parts of The Curse of Fatal Death, and rented the Paul McGann TV movie from his local video shop later on to find out a bit more about it. Some while after, I first discovered Doctor Who on UK Gold, and watched the Peter Davison episode Mawdryn Undead, beginning a fascination with the show that has only developed further with the airing of the new series. Having read the Eighth Doctor novel Vanishing Point by Stephen Cole, I was inspired to write my first major story (Which has unfortunately been lost due to my computer catching a virus and needing a new hard drive), and my skills have simply progressed from there.

After that discovery, I then got a bit more interested in Buffy and Angel books- but I mostly favour the crossover novels rather than a book featuring just one or the other-, and from there, having discovered this web site, my writing interest has just snowballed onwards into all kinds of movie, book and TV show genres , although some attract more interest than others; I prefer crossover Lord of the Rings fan fiction, for example (Although I'll read the occasional fanfic if it looks interesting enough), I'll avoid any Twilight fanfics where they're all human as otherwise it just seems like the writers were being too lazy to come up with their own characters for a plot- the vampire angle is part and parcel of the whole CONCEPT of that series-, and I've never read any Stephen King because I just can't imagine anything being better than what the man wrote himself. My favourite fantasy film is the special extended Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition trilogy, while for sci-fi I incline towards The Matrix trilogy. For superheroes, my unquestionable favourite film is Avengers and the preceding films in the series, although Nolan's Dark Knight series is also exceptional. In my spare time, when not writing, I enjoy reading, walking or cycling, checking out some DVDs, and working on job-related issues (The economy is really difficult right now).

Regarding couples in some of my favourite Books, TV Shows and Movies, I am a particular fan of the following pairings

Andromeda: Dylan/Beka (I know Rommie's the preferred choice, but I just don't think she and Dylan quite work as a couple, where he and Beka have better chemistry overall in my view; I've seen Dylan and Beka share quite a few moments- such as Beka's nearly-jealous reaction to the idea of Dylan bringing Sarah back to the future with him, or Dylan's willingness to risk his life to save Beka from the Abyss- that seem to have more meaning behind them than is initially apparent)
Harper/Rommie (A weird one, I know, but given that Harper was strange from the beginning and Rommie will never exactly be 'normal', coupled with him having pretty much created 'Rommie' in the first place, I think they could work out to have a pretty good life together (Plus, I found a rather interesting story with them as a pairing; check out "Mutual Gifts" if you want to see what I mean))

Angel/ Buffy: Angel/Buffy (As someone- I think it was Cordelia- once said, 'they've got the whole ultimate forbidden love thing going down'. I think it SHOULD work out, quite frankly; after all, when you get down to it, the curse was the real reason that they broke up, whereas Buffy's subsequent relationships ended because Riley felt inadequate and Spike... well, they had issues (to say nothing of Angel being willing to make any sacrifice necessary to save Buffy, particularly his humanity, when Buffy will never know about it, even if he slips up during that 'Twilight' mess in Season 8))
Cordelia/Doyle (It never even had a chance in the show, and I like to see stories where it did ("Impact" being a prime example))
Xander/Faith (She was his first, and they seemed to have some pretty decent chemistry when she wasn't going psycho on the gang; I'd say it had potential)
Angel/Cordelia (It's a tricky one at times, but I think they had some potential after the first couple of years as Cordelia matured and the two of them became closer (Although I wish I could find more well-written stories featuring those two; any recommendations would be appreciated))
Angel/Willow (Strange idea, I know, and I don't like it when anyone's cheating on anybody, but they really make for a pretty interesting couple; I challenge anyone to read "Best Laid Plans" and walk away WITHOUT thinking how good those two are together)
(I might like Xander/Jenny Calendar if it's written well, but any story I find featuring them as a couple is drastically let down by the fact that they all seem to feature Angel being either relatively ineffective- Xander actually seems to make MORE of an impact on the demon underground than him (Albeit due to extra powers he's acquired) despite Angel's greater strength and experience- or essentially condemning him for his actions as Angelus- although, in all fairness, mainly because stories of this nature are set after he's lost his soul- without even giving him a real chance; is it too much to ask for one story with that couple where Angel's skills are recognised AND he gets a break from having everyone- himself included- judge him for something he technically didn't even do?)

Animorphs: Rachel/Tobias (Come on, a girl and a boy dating when the guy spends most of his time with wings and feathers? What is NOT to find touching about that? (Besides, after the way Tobias basically abandoned humanity after Rachel's death I think it's pretty clear that she meant a great deal to him; it's really a tragedy that the two never really got a chance to be more than what they were)
(Used to like Jake/Cassie, but Cassie lost serious points when she gave the Yeerks the morphing cube because the alternative was to kill a human host; evidently, as far as she's concerned- to paraphrase Rachel in "The Departure"-, the whole world can drop dead just so long as Cassie doesn't have to get her hands that dirty herself (The argument about the Yeerks becoming nothlits doesn't work; what happens to those Yeerks who keep the morphing power in their hosts rather than morphing themselves?))

Arrowverse: Oliver Queen/Laurel Lance (She was the thing that kept Oliver going for five years; it's frankly ridiculous that they never gave their relationship a legitimate shot)
For Barry, I'm pretty much OK with Iris or Caitlin, although I prefer Barry/Caitlin stories as I like their potential chemistry; Iris had a few problems in later seasons, but I can see how she reached the point where she got used to being 'in charge'.

Artemis Fowl: Artemis Fowl/Holly Short (So long as the writer acknowledges the difficulties that the two of them would have making it work, it has potential; I may like the pairing, but you have to be realistic, given the double-age-difference- Holly being (Apparently) younger physically while Artemis is younger chronologically- and the fact that Artemis is NOT the most emotionally aware of people)

Battlestar Galactica (2003): Karl 'Helo' Agathon/Sharon 'Athena' Valerii (She defied her programming, purpose and species for him, while he went against the beliefs of practically every one of his friends and allies to love her; what is NOT cool about that?)
William Adama/Laura Roslin (Never thought I'd say this about a couple who have to be in their sixties at the youngest, but... they're actually kinda cute)
(I'm generally all right with Lee/Kara if the overall plot's good, but I'm not as 'fanatical' about it as I am with some of my other pairings, and anything I read with them as the main couple has to start before Season Three begins; after that, they both made so many mistakes and made everything so complicated that it's ridiculous to expect them to legitimately find their way back together)

Bones: Seeley Booth/Temperance 'Bones' Brennan (It might be frustrating how often they DON'T take the hints available to them- this latest example with Brennan rejecting Booth because she 'doesn't think she can be what he wants' being the most frustrating bit (He's known her for five years and he still wants to be with her; I THINK you can trust him to know what he wants!), and I remain certain that his thing with Hannah was just him pushing himself so far because he wanted to 'prove' to himself that he's over Brennan because he didn't think she could ever feel that way about him (The events of "Doctor in the Photo" were a BIT frustrating, but after getting hurt the last time he thought she'd be receptive to anything I can see Booth being reluctant to commit himself to anything even if he OBVIOUSLY still loves her)-, but the chemistry was evident on more than one occasion before Season Six concluded; if they'd just gotten past their fear and stupidity when it comes to their relationship earlier, these two would have always been great together (And to anyone offended at Booth's somewhat inconsiderate treatment of Brennan at the start of Season Six, while I'm not saying it justifies it, considering how often Brennan's kicked him in the teeth emotionally- never REALLY showing grief over his 'death', dating his brother and apparently believing that he was a loser, running away after the brain tumour incident, rejecting him after his first confession of his feelings- it's not like she didn't deserve SOME degree of 'retribution' for all the times she's made HIM feel like crap).

Castle: Richard Castle/Kate Beckett (They might take their time for various reasons, but the chemistry was obvious even before the Season Four finale made it official (Although I will confess that, ever since reading stories such as "Someone Like You" and "Of Finding Innocence", I've had a greater appreciation for stories featuring this pair that also explore Kate as a mother, either just assuming that role for Alexis or having a child before meeting Castle; it's really rather cute if handled properly))

Charmed: Piper/Leo (After all they've been through, I think it's pretty much a guarantee that they're meant for each other, wouldn't you say?)
Phoebe/Cole (It reminds me a lot of the Buffy/Angel romance; I'm just a sucker for that kind of 'love makes the bad guy defect' thing, I suppose. Of course, it doesn't work if Cole turns Phoebe evil, but hey; details, details, right?)

Danny Phantom: Danny/Sam (Admittedly, my experience of this show in general is kind of limited, but what I've read and seen is definitely... intriguing, to say the least. Maybe it's the names reminding me of my 'Stargate' favourite pairing- Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson-, maybe Agent-G's Spider-X series- with Rogue of the X-Men: Evolution cast having a relationship with Peter Parker/Spider-Man- gave me a fondness for goths getting the guy, maybe I think their pre-existing connection translated well into a closer bond... either way, I think this one works best, so long as the accompanying story is also well-written)

DC Comics:
Robin (Tim Drake)/Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) (Having read the absolutely FANTASTIC "The Gotham Knights of Middle-Earth" by Phoenix83ad, I was INSTANTLY a fan of this pairing even before I reached the end of the story. In many ways, it's kind of cute; the member of the Bat-family with the most life OUTSIDE crime-fighting, helping to give the one whose ENTIRE life is the Bat-costume a reason to live that DOESN'T involve just beating up the bad guys all the time)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)/Catwoman (Selina Kyle) (Dark Knight Rises made it great again, but I prefer AUs where they met earlier or stories exploring them in costume; it's great that they got a happy ending in DKR, but I just don't feel that interested in seeing how they got to the café where Alfred saw Bruce at the conclusion in favour of seeing them come together as the Dark Knight and Gotham's ultimate thief)
Justice League (Animated Series): Batman/Wonder Woman (In many ways, I just think it's too predictable to pair Wonder Woman up with Superman. Besides, they're total opposites- the Dark Knight, keeping to the shadows, and the Princess, bringing a message to the world- and I've always rather liked the idea of opposites attract... up to a certain point, of course, as with Jack O'Nell/Samantha Carter, sometimes the differences are just too great)
Green Lantern/Hawkgirl (Well, it seems appropriate somehow. The alien detective and the galactic 'cop'? Talk about a match made in heaven)
Smallville: Clark Kent/Lois Lane (What else needs to be said? It's destiny, pure and simple, as Lois gives Clark the vital human influence to prevent him completely losing touch with mankind without fixating on who he is as Clark Kent or his heroic alias; besides, there were quite a few eps in the earlier seasons- Crimson, for example- where the two demonstrated some excellent chemistry... and that was before their relationship became 'official' after events in Season Nine)

Dexter: Dexter Morgan/Debra Morgan (Considering how close they've been for years, it seems like an almost natural evolution, even if the actual show basically cut the potential short after the sixth season)

Digimon: (Childish, I know, but there's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes) Tai/Sora (They had some excellent chemistry in the original series- as much as a primarily kid's show would allow them to have, at any rate- and they were already close to each other even BEFORE entering the Digital World; I don't know what happened to incline Sora towards Matt in the intervening four years, but I'm nevertheless confident that the relationship between those two would NOT last with a history like Tai and Sora's 'competing' against it)
TK/Kari (Their Digimon are both Angels; add in their clearly strong friendship, and the outcome of this relationship seems pretty much inevitable)

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor/Martha (I liked Rose as a character and a companion, don't get me wrong, but I think Martha works better as the Doctor's romantic interest; if nothing else, she was significantly more independent than Rose was (Rose seemed to need the Doctor to encourage her when things got particularly bad and kept on wanting to go back and visit her mother, but Martha was known to take long-term independent action by herself; given what the Doctor deals with, an ability to think on their feet would be an essential quality for the woman he loved))
Eleventh Doctor/Amy (Rory's a decent guy, don't get me wrong, but there was a definite connection between Amy and the Eleventh Doctor that I wouldn't say no to seeing explored in greater depth under the right circumstances, so long as people remember to acknowledge such issues as the fact that he met her when she was so young or the fact that she was engaged when she started to travel with him (Although I'll accept later stories with her cheating on Rory if it's done tastefully- she realises her feelings for the Doctor in a moment of passion and then breaks it off with Rory-, them carrying on a secret affair or something like that is out; it doesn't fit either of their characters))
Eleventh Doctor/Clara (After what she did for him, the idea that she doesn't feel something for him is a bit of a stretch; I'll read stories where Clara's involved with the Twelfth if she was involved with the Eleventh before his regeneration, but I don't think she'd start a relationship with the Twelfth on his own)
(When it comes to Doctor/Rose, the only ones I've found that I really like are a few of Jessa L'Rynn's fics, because she gives it a very interesting plot beyond just the relationship, such as "Double Crossing", where the Seventh and Tenth Doctors work together, or "A Long History", where a teenage Rose meeting a young First Doctor; in regular Doctor/Rose fiction, I just generally find Rose is too selfish and immature to realistically attract the Doctor's attention (She defied him to see the alternate version of her father simply because she wanted to rather than for any fine moral reasons, as one of the obvious examples), and in many cases, while she was a decent companion as a potential friend, it's hard to see what the Doctor's realistically meant to see in someone so dependent on him when he's meant to be encouraging his companions to grow beyond their original boundaries to become more than they were before they met him)

Farscape: Crichton/Aeryn (You know how it is; some couples, you just know it's going to work out, even if they had to deal with everything from drastically different backgrounds to that whole mess with John being 'twinned' and all)
Crichton/Chiana (When you get down to it, Crichton was the first person Chiana ever met who showed any kind of faith in her; if that doesn't lay the groundwork for a potentially promising relationship under the right circumstances, I don't know what does, quite frankly. Should you need further convincing, check out "Left Behind"; the writer may not be writing a sequel, but what there is definitely makes you think...)

Firefly: Mal Reynolds/River Tam (I have no idea why I think these two would work together, so don't ask; they just... seem to fit, I guess. Age is an issue, of course, but if a two hundred and forty-four year old vampire can fall for a sixteen-year-old girl- or a time-travelling alien over a thousand years old can fall for a nineteen-year-old girl (Just because I don't agree with it doesn't mean I don't acknowledge it happened)- than who cares about a gap of a few years? Besides, that fight scene in the bar got me thinking; why, after knocking out and/or killing everyone else in the bar- including Jayne, whom she also knew-, as well as later attacking Simon of her own accord, did River actually stop when she nearly shot Mal of all people? Something about him got through to her more than anyone else, perhaps? (Check out "What The Eyes See" for a story that provides more information about this theory))

Friends: Ross/Rachel (Eh, it's destiny; sometimes, predictable is good)
Chandler/Monica (Pretty much the same as above)
Chandler/Rachel (So long as Ross doesn't act like a jerk in it, and Chandler isn't cheating on Monica, it could have potential...)

Grimm: No major favourites, but I liked Nick/Juliette before she went insane, and I still think it has potential (I just don't get why the show's attracted so much slash fanfic; I can't recall a SINGLE moment that could be interpreted as Nick being anything more than good friends with Monroe and a tentative ally of Renard)

Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny (In the immortal words of Andrew Lloyd Webber, 'My first love was my true love, and it should have been my last'. Sometimes, it's good to see stories where that phrase manages to come to pass, as Ginny's childish infatuation grows into genuine romance. Plus, hey; Lily and James reborn, right? (And to anyone who thinks that this pairing points to Harry having a Oedipus complex, he never even knew what his mother LOOKED like until he was eleven; how can he have a complex when he only learned what she even looked like at that point in his life?))
Harry/Hermione (I generally see them as more of a brother/sister relationship in canon, but I'm not adverse to them ending up together in AUs where their relationship is changed from the beginning ("The Boy Who Died" where Harry's raised as the son of Bellatrix Lestrange, as a more dramatic example); I just think that relationships were fairly well-established after HBP, and I'm ambiguous about things diverging from canon at some point during the books themselves...))
Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour (Considering that each of them have to deal with pre-conceived ideas that everyone has about them, the idea of such a relationship has definite potential if written the right way, although I prefer AUs where Ginny isn't a factor- such as "Harry Potter and the World Beneath", where Harry's reinvented as a Tarzan-esque character in a secret prehistoric cavern and Ginny died during the Chamber incident- so long as the story doesn't make such a big deal about the idea of a 'Veela bond' that was never confirmed to exist in canon and doesn't change too many other irrelevant details)
Hermione/Tom Riddle (Weird concept, I know, but after reading "The Chaos Theory"- which has frustratingly been recently pulled from the site for some reason, although I have also managed to find a version of it here-, I challenge anyone to NOT find that pairing an intriguing couple if written properly (By which I mean with HERMIONE going into the PAST; Tom being dragged into the future doesn't work, because if nothing else the odds of him being abducted by his future self are FAR too great, and I'd prefer it if it works out with Tom starting out as the malevolent individual we knew but later making a conscious decision to change rather than, say, him committing suicide because he can't live without Hermione (It just doesn't fit; why would he kill himself after losing love when he's spent his life in 'reality' denying love even exists?))...)
(I like Ron/Hermione, but I'm just not sure I'd ever read a story with them as the CENTRAL couple; I feel that it would be too difficult to effectively explore Ron's emotional awareness issues in a full fanfic)

Heroes: Peter/Claire (Hey, when Peter thought he was about to die, Claire was the final thing to cross his mind; just because her power was what he needed right then hardly changes the fact that she was nearly the last thing he thought of. I know that the age difference- to say nothing of the fact that they're related- is a major issue, but, as I mentioned when discussing Mal/River, age isn't a major issue for me, and as for the 'related' thing... eh, there's always AUs where Nathan ISN'T Claire's father, and even in real continuity, it's not like they're that closely related, and they only met when Claire was in her last year of high school, and didn't THINK of each other as their relatives, so I feel comfortable enough ignoring that. Besides, it adds to the tragedy of the relationship by giving it the 'forbidden love', angle, and in the end, who really cares what they do together; it's their choice, and, so long as they're not hurting anybody and they're happy, does it matter that much?)

Hunger Games: No specific favourites, but I generally think Katniss/Peeta works the best; he might lack her strength, but at least he had the nerve to say how he felt and make her think, whereas I just can't believe that she ever saw Gale as anything more than a brother/cousin no matter how she tried (And that's before you consider Gale's more violent approach to revolution)
In general, I prefer stories including Katniss as a main character; I found a couple of interesting stories showing her working with other Tributes in the games ('I Am Not a Victim' and its sequel create a very interesting team of Katniss and District One's Glimmer, as an example), but I find it hard to get behind a storyline where she ended up dead.

How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup/Astrid (What can I say? There's something appealing about the stories where the intellectual outcast gets the girl)

Invisible Man: Darien/Claire (I haven't seen many episodes of the series, but I just find what I have seen of it kinda cute, I guess. Plus, Claire violated direct orders and risked her job for Darien's sanity in the final episode; her willingness to go to such extreme lengths for him has to mean something, in my opinion)

Kick-Ass: Kick-Ass(Dave)/Hit-Girl(Mindy) (They may have gone into the game for different reasons, but they were still there from the start; so long as there's not an excessive focus on Dave being 'fascinated' by Mindy's combat skills to the point where his focus on the blood spewing around is SLIGHTLY disturbing, and the writer acknowledges the age gap and the risks thereof, it can be rather good)

Kim Possible: Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable (It's a bit cliche, I know, but as I always say, sometimes cliches became that way because they work; why change a winning formula, particularly when the couple have such effective chemistry if written properly?)

Lost Girl: No DEFINITE favourites, but I prefer Bo/Dyson to Bo/Lauren and Bo/Tamsin, considering that Tamsin's goals were ambiguous at best when she was introduced (Dyson's motives were questionable at times but we never doubted that he wanted Bo safe) and Lauren failed to tell anyone about Nadia until someone else brought the issue up where Dyson has at least always been honest about whatever issues he might have about entering into a relationship with someone once he was aware that they were issues. Him not mentioning his deal with the Norn to Ciara doesn't count because he had no reason to believe that the deal was an issue until he learned about the fact that it took his love from him completely, and his initial distance from Bo can be attributed to the mystery about her own knowledge of her background rather than a flaw on his part exclusively.

LXG: Sawyer/Mina (The most Extraordinary member of the team, paired up with the 'least'? Add in the obvious on-screen chemistry they had in the movie- particularly in that deleted scene on the conning tower where Mina almost seemed to be encouraging Sawyer not to give up his attempts at flirting with her-, and it just seems... RIGHT to me)

Marvel Comics:
Avengers (Movie): No slash, but Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov could have potential if handled properly (I was neutral on Clint/Natasha even before we learned that he was married; I got why people like it, but I personally thought that both sides were too emotionally repressed to feel inclined to explore it)
Wanda Maximoff/Vision (As with Bruce and Natasha, they had some interesting moments in 'Age of Ultron' that I wish had been developed further; what we saw in 'Civil War' and 'Infinity War' was good- them having to fight in 'Civil War' made it all the more tragic- as Vision tried to overcome his social inexperience to be what Wanda needed, and I regret that Wanda's fallen from grace in recent times even if I hold out hope she can be redeemed)
Iron Man:
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts (They had some great chemistry in the film, and I'm glad that it worked out)
Peter Parker/Mary Jane is an obvious positive- I can never read anything with Gwen as a character without anticipating her death- but I've read stories pairing Peter off with a variety of other female heroes in the Marvel Universe, such as She-Hulk, Rogue, or Carol Danvers, which were also fairly effective so long as it's not taken too far. That said, I'm a bit so-so about Michelle Jones in the new films; she's not bad as a character, but she's so drastically different from Mary Jane that it puts me off a bit.
Thor/Jane Foster (The movies really made it work regardless of the brief explanation for why they broke it off in Ragnarok; even after Love & Thunder, I still hope she'll come back in some form)
X-Men: Cyclops/Jean (What can I say? They've been together in pretty much every X-Man continuity in existence; it may be a bit cliche, but sometimes cliches become such because they work)
Cyclops/Rogue (I thought that they had some potential when I saw them in X-Men: Evolution- and I read a couple of interesting ones exploring them as a couple in the movies- and, when you think about it, their powers are fundamentally similar; both of them can never be totally normal because they can't turn off their powers and require 'artificial' means- likes Rogue's gloves and Scott's glasses- to keep them under control)

Matrix: Neo/Trinity (Like some other couples, these guys need only one explanation for why they make a good pair; they belong together, and that's the end of the matter as far as I'm concerned)

Merlin: Merlin/Morgana (Things between them took a downturn in the later series, but that just makes it more tragic; they had great POTENTIAL as a couple, but it could never happen because Morgana was driven to take another path while Merlin was left in the unenviable position of having to oppose her even as a part of him wished for a sign that she's still the person he knew)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Philip Swift/Syrena (There's something kind of sweet about their relationship, really; it's a shame that the only good story I've read with them as a couple is "Armada of the Damned")
I like Will/Elizabeth, but I'm not sure I'd read a story exclusively about them; Jack's the more interesting character, after all

Pokemon: (Another case where I feel the importance of childishness is underestimated) Ash/Misty (No matter how many other girls Ash travels with, only Misty was there for him when he was finding his way and really needed somebody that he could rely on to help him and give him advice while he was trying to find his way in his new world. Besides, not only was Misty the only travelling companion who left Ash through necessity rather than choice- she had to 'save' the Cerulean Gym where everyone else just decided to travel somewhere other than where Ash was going- but Ash still carries around a memento of Misty in the form of her special lure even after she's been away from him for so long, when the only memento we've seen of his other female companions is that half-ribbon he won with May after they drew in a contest which he would also be interested in keeping for 'professional' reasons; suggestive about his feelings for Misty in comparision to the others, no?)

Power Rangers (See above for my opinions on anyone who calls me childish for this): Tommy/Kimberly (Hey; it was the first EVER Ranger couple; it should NOT be ignored just because they broke up for reasons that were never fully explained in the show)
Wes/Jen (Talk about tragic star-crossed lovers; they didn't even live in the same CENTURY, and can't be together without endangering history, but it didn't stop them falling in love anyway)
Conner/Kira (Trent doesn't work; I still feel he should have had the nerve to ask the Rangers for help rather than run off on his own and let the White Dino Gem take even MORE of a hold over him. Besides, these two look pretty good together; they've got some differences, but, at heart, they're both two people who were given a purpose and, although initially hesitant, vowed to stand by their new mission regardless of what it might cost them)
Other pairings are more of a casual interest due to a lack of detailed information or interest in the later series- Sky/Syd, Nick/Madison, Taylor/Eric, that kind of thing-; I lost track of the series after 'Zeo' ended, although I picked up some details of later shows such as 'Dino Thunder' and 'Time Force', even if anything after 'Mystic Force' doesn't quite grab me

Rizzoli & Isles: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles (There's definite chemistry between the two of them, although I'd prefer to read stories where they recognise that the other is the one person they'd be that way inclined for rather than stories where they were already actively homosexual. Aside from the fact that they're canonically established as straight in the series, I think it makes it more meaningful if the story explores them realising how they feel and gives them time to get used to it before they 'dive in')

Star Trek: Most of the canonically-established couples in the series- Picard/Crusher, Riker/Troi, Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay and Kira/Odo- are fine, but I also enjoy a good Archer/T'Pol or Data/Tasha Yar fic if it's properly explored, and I'll accept stories featuring Seven of Nine with either the Doctor or Janeway (They had an interesting connection if it's handled properly) so long as Chakotay doesn't come across as the bad guy in his and Seven's relationship (Assuming anyone looks at that rather than the story being an AU where they never got together; I just felt that plot twist came a bit out of the blue, particularly given how quickly it ended in the novels after they got back to Earth)
(I'm relatively neutral on the Worf/Jadzia front; I don't hate it, but I just don't feel particularly invested in those characters either)

Stargate SG-1: Samantha Carter/Daniel Jackson (Well, they look better together than her and Jack; don't ask me to define exactly WHY I think that, I just think it works better. Maybe them being closer intellectually has something to do with it, to say nothing of the fact that they often end up working side-by-side to crack the mysteries they find themselves dealing with on their trips through the 'gate... and, of course, there's Daniel's little query in 'Fallen' when he'd TOTALLY lost his memory and yet almost instantly asked Sam if there was ever anything between them. Suggestive of feelings he had for her that he'd never admitted in the past because he didn't want to get in Jack's way, perhaps? (Plus, having read MaureenT's fantastic story "Alliances of the Heart", I found it hard to be anything other than a Daniel/Sam fan; the portrayal of their relatiuonship there is INCREDIBLE...))
Stargate Atlantis: Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard (Somehow, it just seems to fit that the two leaders of Atlantis would end up together (And if anyone wonders how I can be a John/Elizabeth fan and dislike Sam/Jack as a couple, the divisions between these two aren't quite as significant as they were for Sam and Jack, given their mutually-expressed intellects and willingness to understand more about the other's lines of expertise; at least John doesn't default to 'Economics' or something like that when asked a question on Elizabeth's speciality, while Jack's default technical explanation for anything was 'Magnets'))

Supernatural: Dean Winchester/Bela Talbot (I don't really get why people disliked Bela when she was in the show; consdering what we learned about her past and the reasons she got into the supernatural in the first place, I feel like she got the short end of the stick and deserves another chance at redemption, to say nothing of her being a rather interesting character with a unique- albeit somewhat warped- perspective on the supernatural the Winchesters face)
Sam-wise, if anyone knows any good stories featuring him with Sarah Blake (From the episode with the cursed painting) or Madison, I think those two had the most potential (Jess would be all right, but she's become more of a symbol of what Sam lost than a character these days)
Dean/OC or Sam/OC (So long as people create an interesting original character for Sam or Dean- and make her specificially attracted to ONE of them rather than both; they're close but Dean and Sam are NOT interchangeable-, it could be effective)
(I might be interested in some Castiel/Meg or Castiel/OC pairings, but any story exploring those pairings should acknowledge Jimmy Novak's presence in Castiel's borrowed body- and should also recognise the possible implications of the feelings of the body Meg's using-; after everything Jimmy gave up to let Castiel use his body in Heaven's war, he deserves better than to just be ignored, particularly given that Jimmy has a family of his own that he sacrificed to keep safe)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Donatello/April O'Neill (With the age gap removed, this pairing has potential, considering that the only real 'advantage' Casey has over Donatello is species, when some things should be more important than that)

Terminator: John Connor/Cameron (The irony of this pairing isn't lost on me- the future leader of humanity against the machines falling in love with a machine?-, but I think it works if handled properly)

The 100: Clarke Griffin/Anya (Unusual, I know, but I found a couple of good stories with this pairing listed, and on reflection, I think they could work; they're each strong-willed leaders, but their contrasting backgrounds mean that each would genuinely bring something to a relationship that the other needs to survive in their new worlds)
Clarke Griffin/Lexa (Having seen more episodes with Lexa, I think it works for the same reasons as above; I just like Clarke/Anya a little more for the rarity value)

Twilight: Bella/Edward (The relationship had its problems in canon- Bella being overly dependent on Edward, Edward being overly controlling-, but I think the 'vampire-in-love-with-a-human' idea has potential to be more interesting in the right kind of AU; making them human takes away the fundamental essence of the whole series, but stories that give their relationship more depth than the "If you loved me you'd turn me" argument/ultimatum can be interesting, such as in the AU fic "Bonne Foi")
(I've found a few interesting-looking Bella/Alice fics as well; if written properly, their connection and friendship can translate into romance rather well...)

Underworld: Michael/Selene (You think otherwise? Did you even SEE the movie, people? You could have cut the sexual tension with a freakin' CHAINSAW, and that's before they got down and jiggy with it in Evolution, to say nothing of Eve's existence in Awakening)

And, as long as we're on the subject of pairings, I dislike the following couples:

Andromeda: Dylan/Rommie (OK, so they've got good chemistry, but given the rather disturbing example of what happened to Pax Magellanic after the avatar and the captain became involved- the ship went whacko and blew up the planet that her captain was on, in case nobody knows what episode I'm talking about-, I somehow doubt that Dylan and Rommie would EVER be willing to risk crossing the boundaries of their relationship and put Rommie in a similar position)

Angel/ Buffy: Angel/Faith (He was her mentor, her saviour, the only person who never gave up on her even when she gave him every reason to do so, but her lover? Angel wouldn't do that to Faith after she's spent so long apparently feeling like she's only really good for sex and slaying; she's his daughter if she's anything intimate to him)
Angel/Spike (I don't like M/M stories in general, but this is one of those ones that I really hate. Spike and Angel may have a strange yet close bond, but they're brothers if they're anything to each other; a possible one-night-stand back when they were both evil is hardly indicative of any stronger feelings, when you get down to it)
Buffy/Riley (The man was a steroid-devoted twat with a major inferiority complex on the subject of anything Angel-related who couldn't accept that he was Rebound Guy at best and a convenient shag who wouldn't break if Buffy unintentionally used too much of her strength when they were doing it, and that's just if I want to be NICE about him)
Buffy/Spike (Even without the fact that he met her while trying to kill her, he had issues with or without the chip, and would have continued trying to kill her if that had been an option for him. However I look at it, everything he did in Buffy came back to him trying to be like Angel/Angelus, and while he developed his own identity in Angel, most of his actions came down to trying to impress Buffy rather than out of any genuine desire to be a better person for its own sake; Buffy might have been Angel's catalyst, but he moved past a point where he did it all to win points with her)
Cordelia/Connor (Seriously, even if there hadn't been the whole 'Cordelia was being possessed by Jasmine at the time' thing to take into account here, Cordelia was practically the closest thing Connor had to a mother after Darla staked herself; I may be a Peter/Claire shipper, but that doesn't mean I'll condone ALL kinds of incest, you know!)

Arrowverse: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak (It had some potential in the earlier seasons, but from the fourth season onwards this relationship has gone downhill in my view; Felicity started out helping to act as Oliver's moral compass and engage him in heroics beyond just crossing names off the list, but these days she seems to believe it's her duty to criticise and belittle every decision Oliver makes simply because she doesn't agree with it (to say nothing of the hypocrisy of not mentioning her new relationship to Oliver or not telling her current paramour about her 'real' job after getting at Oliver for keeping secrets))

Bones: Doctor Temperance 'Bones' Brennan/OFC (I only encountered a couple of these, but the simple concept doesn't make sense; given how long it took Brennan to even come CLOSE to 'accepting' (Even if she was still scared of it up until the end of Season Six) that she has feelings for Booth, it would take a RIDICULOUS amount of time for her to accept that she feels that way about a woman with her whole thing about how love is just a set of natural chemical impulses in the brain (And that's not intended to imply that I consider homosexuality 'unnatural'; I just meant that Brennan would only focus on male partners for sex because the male and female bodies are 'designed' to 'come together' in that manner, so the amount of time it would take for her to consider a woman as anything more than a friend makes it utterly impractical in my view))

Doctor Who: Doctor/River Song (The more I see of this woman, the more I dislike her; she's just RIDICULOUSLY arrogant, talking like she knows more about piloting the TARDIS and potential temporal paradoxes than the Doctor despite his FAR superior experience at both- he's over thirteen hundred by this point and River's human; who's more experienced?-, to say nothing of how 'certain' she was in "Silence in the Library" that she'd contacted a Doctor who knew her when she should know that there are at least NINE Doctors she CANNOT meet...
Quite frankly, I'm certain that the only reason the Doctor puts up with her is because he HAS to put up with her in order to ensure that his past works out as it should- and even that's no guarantee, as proven by the fact that he was more interested in making sure that AMY was safe in "The Time of Angels" than he was in River's current state-; as it is, I'm certain that he would have totally ignored River as anything more than an acquaintance if he'd met her in chronological order, but as it is, he didn't, so he must.
The discovery of her true identity answered a FEW questions about their dynamic, but I'm still somewhat ambiguous about their bond, and I DEFINITELY don't think that they make a good couple whatever else happens; even the final 'wedding' struck me as a purely symbolic thing that the Doctor made up to make her feel better about what she had to do because he really can't see her as anything more than an associate, even before she was willing to let the universe die because she didn't want to kill him even when he insisted she do so)

Firefly: Mal Reynolds/Inara Serra (Mal may have chemistry with Inara, but I just don't think they'd manage to actually LAST in a relationship; if nothing else, I don't think Inara could ever love Serenity the way Mal does, so she'd always be at least slightly jealous of a spaceship, to say nothing of Mal's inability to accept her profession)
Jayne Cobb/River Tam (He may have changed his mind at the end, but Jayne nevertheless attempted to sell her and Simon out to the Alliance; I don't see River as the type of person to really forgive something like that, no matter what he did to make up for it afterwards)
Jayne Cobb/Kaylee Frye (They're interesting friends, but even if Jayne had some kind of crush on her at first I think Kaylee needs someone a bit less rough around the edges given her own 'girly' nature)

Friends: Joey/Rachel (Good as friends, but Ross and Rachel have so much history that it's hard for me to imagine Joey and Rachel really making it work)

Frozen: Hans/Anyone (The man tried to kill Elsa and left Anna to die; why would anyone WANT to give him a second chance to the point of trusting him in a relationship, even if some dire situation forces them to work with him for some reason?)

Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy/Anyone in Gryffindor (The man is a bastard who was involved in various schemes against the Light- no matter how indirect his invovlement was- who is also fundamentally opposed to what the Gryffindors stand for and always will be; his inability to kill Dumbledore at the final moment because he lacked the killer instinct and his subsequent decision to not confirm Harry's identity don't change the fact that he'll always consider muggle-borns to be generally inferior to him and only stepped back when things became too 'real')
Harry/Voldemort (Even putting aside my TOTAL dislike of M/M slash stories, this one, I feel deserves special damnation. If nothing else, there IS the fact that Voldemort killed Harry's parents and ruined his life before he was much more than one year old just because of some dumb prophecy; even if Dumbledore was so manipulative that he seemed to regard Harry as a weapon without giving a damn about Harry's rights as a PERSON, Harry would NEVER join Voldemort of his own free will!)
Severus Snape/Lily Evans (J.K. may say that Snape would pick Lilly if he had a second chance, but the fact remains that, when he had a first chance, with no way of knowing what was coming, he chose the Dark Arts over Lily; no matter how much he loved her even after her death, that choice says it all for me about which was more 'important' to him when he thought they'd both be there)

Heroes: Sylar/ANYBODY (The many is a brain-stealing psychopath, people; anything that was REMOTELY attractive in him KIND of gets overruled by that little detail (Plus, I think his actions during "Villains"- such as when he killed Elle even after she clearly saw past the people he'd killed- make it clear that he has serious relationship issues at best; the idea of him WANTING to move on after experiencing what he's missing as Nathan I can just about accept, but he is nowhere near mentally capable to manage a relationship with ANYONE- particularly not Claire, despite what some may think; even if he ever 'redeems' himself it's hard to get past what he did to her- in the foreseeable future)!)
Claire/West (The guy's just too obsessed with his powers and only got together with Claire because she was the first person he met who could do something that not everybody else can do; take the powers away and they wouldn't have had anything in common)
Peter/Elle (She's just a bit... psycho for Peter's tastes, even without her little 'thing' with Sylar taken into account)

How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup/Toothless (Even if the writer assumes that Toothless is female, I don't think it works; even if they weren't completely different species, their relationship works best as close friends as far as I'm concerned)

Justice League: Superman/Wonder Woman (It's a bit too predictable, and I feel that the contrast doesn't work given her royal background and his simpler one; besides, I think that Superman generally works better if he has a partner that helps him connect to the modern world and humanity as a whole, and a relationship with Wonder Woman would just encourage him to keep his distance from it)

LXG: Jekyll/Mina (They have some potentially decent chemistry, I admit, and I'll tolerate a story where they're a secondary factor behind a more central plot- such as their role in "Invisibility", where the main plot was some of the Phantom's old forces using the invisibility process- but I wouldn't read a story looking exclusively at them as a pairing; when you get down to it, Hyde's existence makes everything a bit too... uncertain, in my opinion)
Mina/Dorian (The man was a traitorous bastard with the ethics of a weasal, a vanity that would make a peacock think he was being an idiot, and the conscience of a dead slug; Mina would NEVER fall for him seriously)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann (Jack's the type of guy Elizabeth's type of girl have the brief wild passionate fling with just to get it out of their system; they would SUCK if they tried to have a real relationship)

Pitch Black/Riddick: Riddick/JackKyra (Iman expressly stated in Chronicles that Jack saw Riddick as an older BROTHER; were people not paying attention at that bit or something?)

Pokemon: Ash/May (When it comes to this pairing, my views aren't as straightforward as you'd think; I have nothing specifically against the idea of them as a couple, but anything I read just doesn't feel right to me when it comes to the issue of explaining why Misty, who followed Ash around for almost four years, would get over him after just a short while away from him, or how Ash could just get over Misty after being clearly jealous of characters like Danny and Rudy even before he realises how HE'S feeling. Put it simply, I don't dislike the pairing; I dislike what else would have to happen for the pairing to take effect)
Ash/Dawn (Once again, what I've seen of Dawn has led me to conclude that she's a nice enough character herself, and she's a bit more 'plausible' to me than May as Ash had to assume a more mentor-esque role to May where Dawn had a better idea what she was doing and could be with Ash as a friend rather than a clear student, but I just can't realistically picture her replacing Misty after everything that Misty and Ash went through together over the years)
Ash/Iris (The only female companion in his age bracket who definitely NEVER saw Ash that way; personally, I found their relationship had a more sibling-esque dynamic in canon, although I'd be intrigued with the right AU interpretation of it)
Ash/Serena (She might have known him before Misty, but he didn't even remember her for ages even after they met where she specifically went out on her journey to try and find him; under these conditions, Serena comes across as a bit stalker-esque, in my view. Besides, her praise of Ash might be straightforward, but Misty genuinely inspired Ash to be better by challenging him rather than just complimenting him; in the end, Misty had the more developed dynamic of the two)

Smallvile: Clark Kent/Lana Lang (The fact of the matter is that Lana just doesn't have the kind of personality necessary to cope with the kind of stuff Clark tackles on a daily basis; he may have loved her since he was old enough to think of girls in that sense, but when you get down to it, I think he's admired a dream for so long the reality- particularly after she married Lex and spent two weeks with Bizarro of all people without realising what he really was- will just be a disappointment.
Plus, there's all her whole 'constantly adapting her personality to accomodate who she's dating at the moment' issues to take into account; how can the future Man of Steel, whose strength of will has more often than not played a VERY important in saving the world, be with a woman who can't even seem to decide who SHE is?
Oh, and she is VERY self-centred, in my opinion; she only even GOT that super-suit in Season Eight so that she could realistically stay with Clark without having everyone accusing her of holding him back rather than because she wanted to help people, regardless of her fine speeches, and don't get me STARTED on all that crap she pulled in Seasons Six and Seven regarding her relationship with Lex to 'protect' Clark, rather than having faith and letting him make his choice...)
Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan (They're fine as friends, but I just can't see them as having an actual relationship; Clark might have the occasional moment of physical attraction to her when he's on red kryptonite or in a stressful situation, but otherwise everything we've seen makes it clear that he only sees her as a sister at best)

Stargate SG-1: Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill (It's like my initial thoughts on Angel/Cordelia really; looks good on paper, but their drastically conflicting personalities mean that I just don't think it would really work in reality. Opposites attract is all well and good, but they need at least some things in common, and that is NOT happening here; I just can't really see them having enough interest in each other's leisure activities to make such a relationship work)
Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran (Everything I've seen does NOT lead me to conclude they'd be a good couple; Vala is far too forward for the still-kind-of-shy Doctor Jackson, and if he did like her like that, wouldn't he have RESPONDED to her attempts to turn everything into a romantic encounter between the two of them already? As for 'Unending'... personally, I think he just settled for Vala because he thought Sam didn't feel the same way about him as he did about her and was tired of being alone (See MaureenT's 'Fifty Years'- Teen and Mature versions- for further information on that particular theory))

Star Trek 2009: Spock/Uhura (They managed perfectly well with these two as only friends in the original series; why are so many people interested in seeing more of a relationship that- for me- fundamentally destroys the central essence of Spock's character by having him easily show THAT much emotion- relatively speaking- before his friendship with Kirk encouraged progress?)

Star Wars: Rey/Kylo RenBen Solo (I can see how they have a strange connection, but the whole 'tortured by inner conflict' bit can only give Kylo Ren so much slack when he wants the worst part of himself to win his inner struggle and actively resists any attempt to redeem him, to say nothing of the fact that everything we've seen so far suggests that Kylo Ren has no clear plan for what he'll do once he's achieved the power he craves. Basically, he proved he was beyond redemption in my book when he killed his father; Anakin/Vader killing Obi-Wan in a fight is one thing, but Ren killed Han when the guy was actively trying to reach him and ask him to be a better person, which says it all about the hold the Dark Side has on him in my view. I can accept their strange connection in Rise of Skywalker, but their final kiss only worked because Ben Solo was dying when they shared that moment; after so long as opposing forces, Ben Solo would never be forgiven by others, so it's best that his last act of good was to selflessly give his life for Rey's, simultaneously redeeming himself and affirming his habit of running away from his mistakes)

The 100: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake (They may have gotten past their initial tension, but I think they're just too similar in some areas to really find a balance needed for a closer relationship)
Clarke Griffin/Finn (The man might have made mistakes, but his lies were what really ruined their relationship in my view)

Torchwood: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones (I KNOW that it's part of continuity, I won't ignore stories that have this so long as they don't go into too much detail about what they do in private and the rest of the plot's engaging, and I'm NOT objecting because of the slash aspect- hell, I found Ianto's death scene in Children of Earth to be HIGHLY moving-; I just don't entirely get how Ianto can have gone from wanting to shoot Jack for killing Lisa in "Cyberwoman" to having- in the words of DemonChildeKyra- "hott, sweaty man-sex" in Jack's office while forgetting to lock the door behind them just a few episodes later)
Jack/ANYONE from Dr Who (By which I'm including the Doctor and Martha in particular- given that Rose and Donna are seriously 'off limits' given their current circumstances-; why is it people seem incapable of just leaving things as they are? Jack might be hedonistic, but you do NOT need to be doing somebody six ways to Sunday in order to be close to them!)

Twilight: Bella/Jacob (The guy cannot seem to accept Bella's relationship with Edward, seemed to be constantly waiting for the chance to tear him to pieces at the SLIGHTEST 'infraction' of the treaty that they go out of their way to remind the Cullens of despite the complete lack of evidence that they're interested in even trying to bend it, and never passed up an opportunity to insult Edward, whereas Edward at least made an effort to TOLERATE Jacob for Bella's sake, which reflects a significant lack of maturity in Jacob; Edward may have been controlling, but at least he wasn't rude to his rival for the sake of it)

X-Men: Cyclops/Emma Frost (Look at the facts here, people; Emma participated in the 'Dark Phoenix' saga, she constantly seems to undermine Scott's authority, she seduced him away from Jean just because he was having a bit of a rough patch, she uses her mental abilities with seemingly little regard for anyone's individual rights, and she has the nerve to say that Scott's not a good leader when he once commanded a mass group of heroes that included leaders like Doctor Strange and Luke Cage into battle? I don't care how it's portrayed; I just don't think it makes sense for Scott to trust Emma that much, even if he might accept her as an ally)
Wolverine/Rogue (They have a close relationship- particularly in the movie continuity-, but I really think it's more a father/daughter thing in the film, and in the rest of the adaptations they're better as close friends)
Wolverine/Jean Grey (I get that there's some attraction, but I don't think they'd have a good long-term relationship; it's similar to my thoughts on Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann)

Wicked: Elphaba/Fiyero (I found them OK as characters, but it just feels as though Fiyero attracted Glinda and Elphaba's interest more because he was the most interesting male in their age bracket in the storyline, rather than anything being particularly interesting about him as an individual, and I've yet to see a story with this pairing as a central element that really grabbed me)

Yu-Gi-Oh: Yugi/Atem (Another case where I feel like making my distaste for this M/M pairing clear; like Angel and Spike, Yugi and Atem are more like BROTHERS than LOVERS as far as I'm concerned)

Crossover Pairings I'm Against:
(Not something I'd include normally, but there are a couple where it has to be said)

Superman (Clark Kent)/Power GirlDazzler (Allison Blaire): Even if recent chapters of the Last Son series have clarified that her successful part-Kryptonian genome is because of genetic engineering by HYDRA and Mister Sinister rather than natural genetics, the fact remains that the woman's too perfect to be believable; while the rest of the story is great- particularly Mark's 'upgrade' to Brainiac 5 and the last fight against Zod- as far as I'm concerned, the sooner the writer kills Allison off, the sooner Clark can get on with meeting up with Lois Lane and getting involved with the person he's MEANT to be with

My 'Do' and 'Don't' List
(When relating to fanfic I'll read, anyway; I respect other people's rights to read and write what they want, just so long as they provide clear warning about what the story's going to be about to stop anyone reading it who doesn't want to, but I just don't think the following plot ideas work and won't read anything featuring them)

My opinion on slash is varied; I will read stories featuring characters who are clearly established as gay, but I'm less comfortable with slash fics looking at characters who have been established as straight (So, for example, Willow Rosenberg/Tara MacClay would work, but Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill is DEFINITELY out).
Besides, in the case of many slash pairings I've seen when browsing- Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Sam Beckett/Al Calavicci, Buffy/Willow, Sherlock Holmes/Doctor Watson, Angel/Spike, Dean Winchester/Castiel, and so on- I feel as though a sexual relationship cheapens their friendship, as though the writers believe that NOBODY can be truly close to someone unless they're having sex; it is perfectly possible to have an utterly platonic relationship and STILL be remarkably close friends.
Granted, I'll make exceptions in cases where the canon relationships had the potential to develop in that manner under the right circumstances, but it needs to have a good plot and stick to canon, rather than being an excuse to satisfy some horny demographic.

MPreg stuff is just stupid; where is the POINT in violating the laws of nature in such a manner?

As much as I enjoy action, I like it when writers take their time to establish the situations facing their characters; dive into a crisis too quickly, introduce the villain too soon, etc., and it just all feels rushed, like you just want to show off your idea rather than take the time to explore what you're doing.
As an extension of the above, I prefer it when people don't 'overload' their fics with ideas. As an example, I read a 'Castle' fic where the core premise was hat Kate Beckett suffered disfiguring scars as an initial threat against her mother; that idea could have been interesting on its own, and I could accept the idea that Alexis had similar scars to establish a precedent for him accepting Kate, but when the author added in ideas like Castle having a military background or a cancer storyline, i felt like the author was trying too hard.

When reading AU fics- based around changing a single event in the history of the show without including any crossover elements; when crossovers are involved, as far as I'm concerned, the vast majority of bets are off-, I prefer stories that operate on a "Butterfly Effect" principle, looking at the effects that the initial change would have had on the events in the show without altering anything else that wouldn't have been affected by it (Such as, for example, having Buffy get pregnant after "Surprise"/"Innocence" and she runs into a non-W&H Lindsey after running away; the two events could have had NO impact on each other so it just doesn't work for me)
(I make an exception for "Faith: The Series", but that's mainly because, if it can change things so that FAITH is the 'main' Slayer rather than BUFFY, who's to say what else in the magical world has been altered to result in that 'shift'?)
Character-wise in AUs, if events are changed by a specific alteration to what we know happened originally, I generally enjoy seeing how the characters react to that change, but making too many changes just makes it feel like the writer's trying too hard; as an example, I once read a Castle story once based around the premise of Kate receiving disfiguring scars in her youth as an early threat to her mother, but while I enjoyed the potential offered by seeing how she was changed by the scars, subsequent character changes such as giving Castle a military background that he has never been even HINTED to possess in the show (Knowledge of how to use a few weapons doesn't mean he has professional training) made it seem like the writer was trying to cram too much into a story that would have been fine if it had stuck to the original idea and left everything else as it was.

I REALLY don't like reading stuff which blatantly favours specific characters while outright insulting other characters (Particularly when the characters were essentially good people who just made a few mistakes); for example, Buffy fics that feature extensive Buffy-bashing and generally portray her as being utterly incompetent as a Slayer and a leader while making Xander out to be some kind of demon-busting machine, Smallville stories which focus solely on Clark's mistakes with Lana without focusing on his positive actions, Twilight fics criticising the Cullens for their attitude towards their human-drinking associates, or Harry Potter fics where ALL of his closest friends- or at least Dumbledore and the entire Weasley family- are merely using him for their own ends rather than actually caring about him as a person.
I have nothing specifically against the above views- everyone's entitled to their own opinions, they can mostly provide evidence to support their perspectives even if I disagree and focus on other aspects of the relevant characters, and it's not like people are forcing me to read something if I don't like it- but when you make your positive/negative opinions on other characters that blatant you detract from the amount of people who might want to read the story in the first place. I mean, making the occasional negative comment is understandable, but if you want to outright insult characters and point out their flaws that's what the internet forums are for; FanFic's meant to be a celebration of what you like about the series, not an opportunity to yell and rant about what you don't like.
The above is one reason I completely ignored an "Andromeda"/"Stargate Atlantis" crossover I discovered; the storyline had potential, but the writer had replaced Elizabeth because she didn't think Elizabeth was that good as a character, made it clear that she strongly disliked John, Teyla and Dylan to the point of virtually ignoring Dylan and having John and Teyla being 'reassigned' from their teams, and had Tyr still be travelling with his wife from that early episode just because she liked the character. If you dislike the characters, that's fine- nobody's asking you to FOCUS on the people you hate, after all- but you CAN'T just ignore peoples' presence in the fictional universes you're writing about solely because you find them annoying!
Improving the image of a character who wasn't that well-liked in the original version of events is one thing, but twisting things around so that you 'bring down' one heroic character while building up a villain to a more positive figure (Like the Heart of the Warrior series by MadnessPersonified, which basically portrays Slytherin as the hero and Gryffindor as a jerk) just doesn't work to me. In my view, taking that approach suggests that you know you're on shaky ground by trying to 'redeem' the other character unless you blame someone else for him falling so far, so therefore you shouldn't bother building him up in that manner and find another way that doesn't involve 'attacking' others.

While I recognise that we all have different views on how characters reacted to events that took place, I find it annoying when certain writers go on about how their stories explore what the characters 'should' have done when faced with that situation; just because THEY didn't like what happened in the original story doesn't mean that other people didn't, and they should just focus on presenting an interesting alternative course of events for fans to read rather than imply that other readers are stupid if they liked what originally took place

Talking of authors' opinions on stories, I REALLY don't like writers who explicitly state in an author's note included at some point in their story why they are right in their interpretation of the characters and everyone else is wrong; as previously stated, I respect peoples’ right to their own opinions, but there’s no point beating others over the head with your views! If people agree with your interpretation, you don't have to explain your reasoning in depth; if they don’t completely agree but read the story out of curiosity than speeches like that just give the impression that they consider anyone who disagrees with them to be an idiot, and therefore negatively impacts the reader's view on the author's work overall (I read this one Harry Potter story with a note like that; the concept looked interesting, but if the author's going to go on about how Harry 'should' have reacted to the abuse he suffered at the Dursleys' hands- particularly when we have ONE example of the Dursleys attempting to cause him physical harm and all other evidence suggests that they generally just ignored him or treated him like a source of cheap labour- I for one am not going to read a story whose author will consider me an idiot because I thought that Harry Potter was a good character who rose above a difficult childhood and refused to let harsh treatment bring him down).
Stating that they didn't like the original course of events is fine- as I said earlier, we're all entitled to our opinions, and I enjoy AU fanfics anyway- but elaborate speeches about how they're 'right' and the original author was wrong just don't work for me.

I'll tolerate character death if it's not too early in the plot and it serves a clear purpose, but don't kill people off just to replace them with someone you like better or something like that; like when I chose who would die in Back from the Past, the death has to mean something and come at an appropriate time, or it just seems like you're trying to get rid of characters you can't be bothered with.

Pairing-wise, I've found a couple of interesting threesome fics that I felt had potential in terms of plot and how they explored the resulting dynamic, but anything more than three and I feel that the writer's just trying to explore their own fantasies; the logistics of four or more in a RELATIONSHIP are just a bit too complicated (To say nothing of it turning certain characters- the writer in question may know what I'm talking about if they're reading this- into Casanovas when they were just awkward around women at best in canon); again, less is more, and putting too many people in one relationship just seems like you're trying to explore a bizarre fantasy rather than create any kind of realism (Get to a certain number and the logistics alone are ridiculous).
Granted, I'm enjoying the Pokémon Reset Bloodlines series as it explores a seven-person relationship, and I've found a couple of Harry Potter harem fics, but they have to meet certain criteria beyond 'X is so attractive this many women want to share him rather than have someone else to themselves'.

I generally prefer longer fics- 60 000 words or over- with good characterisation, a clear writing style, and engaging plot developments; I'll vary my opinion on writing style if the plot and characterisation are still good, and I'll check out the occasional shorter story if it has a particular pairing I really like, but in cases like Supernatural- where my only real 'rule' is that I won't read Wincest or slash fiction as I have no specific favourite pairing beyond that- length and an engaging plot are the first things I look for.

When reading Supernatural fics focusing on Castiel as a character- by which I mean he has a distinctive role as an individual rather than him appearing in the plot as the Winchesters' angelic back-up- I prefer stories that acknowledge the fact that Jimmy Novak is in Castiel's body as well as Castiel (Such as "It's All in The Details", where Castiel goes back to change history by 'buying' Dean's soul himself; not only does the writer include some conversations between Castiel and his vessel, but Castiel lets Jimmy re-take control at one point to talk to his younger self); after everything that Jimmy sacrificed to let Castiel continue to operate on Earth, it just frustrates me that the series has gone this long with the only subsequent reference to Jimmy since Castiel was temporarily forced out of him being that time when Famine caused Castiel to succumb to Jimmy's hunger for red meat.
On the topic of Supernatural fics, I will check out sister-fics, but I prefer the sister to be a middle or younger child rather than the oldest sibling and not have any obvious powers or abilities- one story I started reading made the sister the demon-influenced sibling rather than Sam, which completely defeats the point of that storyline (Sam is Lucifer's True Vessel primarily because he's the brother of Michael's True Vessel)- but at the same time they need to consistently travel with Sam and Dean; considering the Winchesters' high opinion of family, their sister shouldn't just drop in and out of their lives without exceptional circumstances.

Authors writing stories which have the characters making elaborate speeches to criticise the actions of others, such as- for example- Harry Potter stories which have Harry coming to such conclusions as Dumbledore's treatment of him being a 'nature VS nurture' thing (According to the writer, Dumbledore was 'proving' that Voldemort would always have gone evil by setting things up so Harry had a similar environment to Voldemort), Buffy stories featuring Buffy rejecting the Scoobies for their actions towards the end of Season Seven, or Smallville stories featuring Clark and Lois being forced to 'face' what they did in their past relationships; the points the characters make in their speeches about where they screwed up might be valid if the evidence is interpreted in the right manner- the Scoobies were panicking but they DID kick Buffy out, Clark's focus on Lana WAS ridiculous at times, that kind of thing- but seriously, not even trained psychologists could be that CLINICAL towards their own lives, even WITHOUT the fact that the writers are focusing excessively heavily on the characters' negative qualities while completely ignoring what they did RIGHT!
As Freud himself said, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"; why do some writers feel that they have to overly analyse EVER single mistake a character ever made- Clark's moronic attitude towards Lana, the Doctor's occasionally-cold treatment of Martha, that kind of thing- and come out with an analysis which makes the characters in question seem like a cold bastard when it's equally plausible to say that they screwed up but were trying to get over what made them act that way?
If you hate the characters that much, complain about it on the online forums; as I said above, FanFic's meant to be a celebration of what you like about the series, not an opportunity to yell and rant about what you don't like.
Sometimes people screw up and make bad decisions not because they're bad people, but because they're people; writing whole stories about where certain characters screwed up because the writers believe that they're fundamentally bastards just leaves people wondering why you're writing about someone you clearly hate, to say nothing of serving no real purpose other than attracting criticism in reviews as people point out the holes in their reasoning.

When reading crossovers, I greatly prefer it when BOTH sides are able to make a positive contribution to the crisis that drew them together, rather than one of the two sides completely overwhelming the other; whether it be something like the crew of Serenity providing the Enterprise-D with local information ("Lost in the Woods"), SG-1 joining forces with the Scooby Gang to stop a Goa'uld who's acquired an amy of demons ("The Scarab"), or the Winchesters protecting Harry Potter from demons who want to sacrifice Harry as a Seal (The 'Demented!Verse' series), the important thing is that each side has something that the other one needs to get the job done, rather than have someone new just coming into a situation to tell the other characters that they've been dealing with this threat the wrong way and take over while treating the others like idiots.

I REALLY hate it when people introduce an OC or make some other change to canon- someone shows up five minutes early and stops someone else being murdered, something like that- and then everything subsequent proceeds in a FAR better manner than it did in original continuity. As far as the OC goes, original characters are fine if handled properly, but if we (for example) have the Doctor discover another surviving Time Lord who had some pre-War history with him which has NEVER been mentioned in the show, or the Winchesters start travelling with another Hunter who's so close to Bobby that he basically says he'd chose her over the Winchesters if it came down to it (The man wouldn't turn his back on Sam when Sam was tricked into releasing Lucifer, and an argument's meant to make him turn his back on his boys?), I feel that the writer's trying too hard to say 'This is how great my character is' rather than relying on them to appeal on their own merits.
Regarding crucial changes, I have to ask if I'm the only person in existence who acknowledges the 'Butterfly Effect'? Changes CAN be for the better, but they cannot be EXCLUSIVELY for the better as that would be virtually impossible from a real-world point of view, to say nothing of the simple fact that they make everything boring (One reason I enjoy MaureenT's "What You Already Know" series, which gives Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1 psychic powers; his powers might make things easier for the characters, such as Janet not dying during the battle of P3X-666, but they don't automatically solve ALL the problems faced by the SGC, and on some occasions could actually CREATE problems that they wouldn't have faced otherwise, such as SG-1 having to fight Ares's forces en masse when they try to 'rescue' Maybourne rather than just defeating the small group they battled in the show)

Torchwood-wise, I'd prefer fics that don't focus excessively on the Jack/Ianto element; they're both good characters, but could people write something where the person Jack's having sex with isn't a major part? He's omnisexual, but that doesn't mean he's ALWAYS thinking about sex!
It's one reason I like "The Magic of Torchwood", really; Jack/Ianto is involved, but it also explores Jack's friendship with the rest of his team and his pseudo-brotherly relationship with Harry rather than making a big deal about who Jack's having sex with

Talking of Harry Potter fanfics, my "Dislike" topics for that series deserves a section all of their own;
The occasional fic where the Weasleys are Dumbledore's pawns might work, but it has to be a blatant AU rather than something that just suddenly comes up later in the series; you don't try and stand up on a broken leg to face a supposed mass murderer if you're just being paid to be someone's friend.
Give Snape reasonably 'rational' reasons to dislike Harry; believing that he's inherited his father's arrogance is acceptable, but acting like he should automatically know obscure wizarding social details because "He's a Potter" is not. Snape might be in semi-denial about how much Harry is like his father, but he wouldn't ignore rational arguments about what Harry should or shouldn't know.
Ideas like Harry being the heir to noble bloodlines and great riches can work, but magical oaths need to be handled carefully; I read at least one fic where Hermione had to swear an oath that she'd never talk to Harry again after she was fooled by a lie and her only crime was wanting to make up for it, but said oath (to me) felt like the phrasing of it meant that she could lose her magic if she just bumped into Harry in a corridor and said "Sorry" before realising who she was talking it.
Stories where Harry basically reacts to Dumbledore being a manipulative jerk who’s spent decades ensuring that the wizarding world will follow him by essentially expecting the wizarding world to follow him. It feels like he spends such stories complaining about their blind loyalty to one man and expects them to transfer that loyalty to him with the argument that it’s different because It’s Me Doing It. If he has clear concise goals and appreciates that not everyone will like them, that’s fine so long as he’s prepared to weather the metaphorical storm, but acting like innocent people aren’t worth saving because they fell for very convincing lies or saw no reason to object to a man who’d never let them down before isn’t being entirely fair. Being upset that some people will judge his actions coming from good intentions is fine, but acting as though the first sign they won't blindly accept his methods is proof that he shouldn't be bothered is just unfair.

For Twilight, I prefer AUs which retain the vampire elements of the plot- such as this one plot where Edward was turned by Victoria before Carlisle could meet him and was abandoned immediately afterwards, subsequently killing humans because he didn't know any other way to live until he met Bella at college in the present-; the whole ESSENCE of Twilight is the fact that it's a vampire in love with a human, and therefore any 'Human AU' stories completely ignore the most essential part of the original series.
As far as I'm concerned, making the character human serving no real purpose other than allowing you to write an essentially original fic without having to bother too much about details like creating names or in-depth backgrounds for your characters.
The same rule applies for Hunger Games fanfics; if it's not Panem, it's not the characters we know and love, it's just some people with their names.

In Avengers fics, I'm not a big fan of Loki-centric fiction; the guy may have had some SERIOUS family and identity issues, but that doesn't excuse him trying to conquer an entire PLANET just to basically stick it to his brother (I might check out some stories where Loki redeems himself if I think the plots look interesting, but I DEFINITELY won't read something pairing him up with one of the Avengers; forgiving him is one thing, falling for him is something else).
As another example of the importance of balance, it frustrates me how so many MCU fics written post-'Civil War' seem to go out of their way to present Steve and his side as the villains at worst or misguided and short-sighted at best.
I freely admit that I'm anti-Accords, but I will concede that Tony's intentions were good; I just don't feel that the 'risks' of Registration outweigh the benefits. If superheroes have to answer to a supervisory committee, at some point either the committee will take too long to make a decision and innocents will die, or the committee will be infiltrated by someone with their own agenda (if not an outright villain) and the heroes will be prevented from taking action in a situation where their presence would have saved lives.
If people truly believe in the Accords, give me a clear concise reason why they feel this way beyond 'Tony likes the Accords so I like them' or 'The government approves of it so it must be safe', and clearly demonstrate how the Accords will AVOID such problems beyond 'That can't happen'.
Frankly, so far I haven't bothered to read any Pro-Accords fics because they always state that they're 'not Team Cap friendly' and act as though Registration was the only solution; I even read one where Clint basically said he would have sided with Tony if Tony had spoken with him before Steve, which I found frankly insulting to Clint's intelligence because it seemed as though he can't make up his own mind on the issue.
Seriously, Tony and Natasha explicitly acknowledge IN THE FILM that they weren't purely in the right when they each agree that Bruce wouldn't be on their side if he was on Earth during those events. The only character who obviously sided with the person who spoke to him first is Spider-Man because Peter Parker is a teenager who doesn't have much interest in politics; all other parties had clear reasons for choosing their side in "Civil War" even if they changed their minds later.
Frankly, the issues behind the Accords aren't so simple that we can just dismiss all of Steve's concerns as him being paranoid and out of date. After all, the MCU had already depicted a vice-president trying to stage a coup and now-Secretary Ross tried to capture Bruce Banner for experimentation; doesn't give Steve much reason to unconditionally trust external institutions, when you get down to it.
If writers can't acknowledge that both sides were good people divided over an important issue I'm not interested in reading something that demonises at least some of the good guys just because they weren't all on the same page this once.

Buffy-wise, I strongly dislike those stories that portray Xander as some kind of demon butt-kitting machine who could tackle stuff that gives even Slayers trouble (The Paladin Project by KColl2003 serving as a particular example of that kind of story). Xander's the guy who keeps the Scoobies connected to reality amid the chaos, he's the guy they turn to when they need their mood lightened after a particularly grim battle, but a tactical genius and an expert fighter capable of going up against century-old vampires on his own and walking away the winner? NO WAY! (And I really hate those stories which say that him not mentioning Willow's attempt to re-curse Angelus in Becoming was just because he didn't want Buffy not to be focused on killing Angelus. That may have been a factor, but as far as I'm concerned, his main reason was the jealous resentment of a teenage boy for the guy who 'stole' the woman he had a thing for and that's it; he just wanted Angel dead and wasn't mature enough at that point to think of another reason as being more important)
(Just to clarify, I'm not ANTI-Xander, I just don't see him as being tough enough or emotionally mature enough to do any of the above unless something happened to him via outside sources; if he undergoes the transformation as a result of the Halloween spell or something like that, I can just about accept it if how the spell affected him is described in detail, but that's about it, and otherwise he's just the slightly comic guy who helps out)

In terms of Kim Possible fics, while I like the idea of Ron learning to stand on his own, I DON'T like it when it results in/happens as a result of Kim losing her own status or making dumb relationship/work/whatever decisions; she's good at what she does, and that should be acknowledged. In other words, nothing where Kim's failures mean Ron succeeds, or where Kim dumps/is cheating on Ron and then he grows into his own after they break up; they had a great relationship which worked because they drove and encouraged each other rather than one of them holding the other back, and I really don't see them ending a lifetime's worth of friendship because a closer relationship didn't work (Zaratan's "Bonnie's Curse" series mainly works because, while Ron develops as a person and a hero, it's due to Kim being in a coma rather than making a bad call, so his own improvements don't come about as a result of her suffering from shortcomings)

HP FanFic 'Rules': I'll read Harry/Luna, but only if there's some other central plot (Such as in the story 'Wizards, Heroes and Jackalopes' where the main plot is the fact that Harry's new guardians are Green Arrow and his partners; I don't REALLY see Luna as Harry's type in a stand-alone story, although they have a promising friendship)
I will read stories where Ron's a bit of a berk because of his jealousy- he can be a moron; after the events of 'Goblet of Fire' it would be kind of stupid of me not to acknowledge that fact-, but I won't read anything where he JUST became Harry's friend to latch onto Harry's fame or because he was paid to or crap like that; putting aside the fact that you don't stand on a broken leg and proclaim that you'd die for somebody if you don't GENUINELY see them as a friend, if Ron was just friends with Harry for the money you'd think he'd have gotten over his Triwizard-related issues a lot faster than he did in order to keep up appearances.
Powerful!Harry stories are OK so long as they provide a decent explanation for his 'upgrade' some while before it actually happens- blocks on his magic that got broken for some reason, some mystic source of power he tapped into; I'm not a particular fan of those stories which just 'automatically' have his magic 'evolve' when he reaches a certain age- and give him some limitations, and Manipulative!Dumbledore stories can also work well under the right conditions- although I'll only read the really extreme ones where Dumbledore's treating Harry as nothing but a tool if there's a decent other plot to go with it (Often a crossover)-, but I object to those stories which have Harry being used by even his FRIENDS, such as one story which suggested that Mrs Weasley deliberately wondered where Platform Nine and Three Quarters was to attract Harry's attention (Isn't it possible it was part of a little 'game' she liked to play with her children or something?) Not only does such an action totally undermine the fundamental essence of the Weasleys' characters, but Harry needs to have SOME people on his side just because they're his friends or where's the POINT in him doing anything?
(Besides, when Ron was willing to try and stand up on a broken leg to protect Harry from Sirius when they still thought Sirius was a traitor, that seems good evidence that Ron is a true friend; if he was just being paid to be with Harry he could have easily made the argument that he couldn't stand up in that state)
'Other Boy-Who-Lived' stories where James and Lily neglect Harry in favour of the twin- or just his other sibling- who actually defeated Voldemort (Even if it was still Harry and the twin's just assumed to be responsible due to a mistake); James and Lily maybe weren't perfect, but we have seen NOTHING to suggest that they were neglectful parents.
I am NOT a fan of stories where Harry gets a new relationship that prompts him to completely cut ties with Ron and Hermione for some reason or another; their friendship had its flaws, but that just shows that they're real friends, who disagree on some issues but will be there for each other when it counts, and they are NOT as bad as some authors seem to think (Stories with Ron ditching Harry for reasons of jealousy have been mentioned, but Hermione being jealous if Harry starts surpassing her academically don't work for many reasons, ranging from Hermione not being that petty to Harry not being the most intellectual academic and therefore not capable of that level of work anyway)
When reading Harry/Hermione stories- although I mainly read AUs featuring this pairing- I'll accept Ginny and Ron ending up with pretty much anyone so long as it is sensibly explained and it isn't a particularly central focus of the story, but if Ginny ends up with Malfoy after everything he did to them that just sucks (I can maybe tolerate those two in small doses if the main plot of the overall story is really interesting and they don't feature that much- I read an interesting X-Men crossover with them in the background, as an example- but I'd probably try and induce amnesia if I read a full-length story EXCLUSIVE to them as a couple)
Stories that portray the wizarding world as excessively backward are a big negative in my book; having them be slightly behind in terms of popular culture is one thing- such as "Harry Potter and the Mystic Force", where Sirius and Tonks didn't know about James Bond or Star Wars- but implying that they're so cut off that Muggle Studies is so out of date that they don't (for example) know about the Moon landings, thus making muggle discovery of them virtually 'inevitable', is taking things more than a bit too far (Given all the muggle-borns who come in to wizarding society at times, I think it's safe to say that they'll have learned to adapt their 'security systems' based on input from the new students), and it's not like we've seen everything about the wizarding world's higher education standards to know what else they'll teach after the seven years at Hogwarts have been completed (Particularly since we know that Aurors in particular are expected to go through further training)
Seriously, stories with Snape as Harry's father? HARRY LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE JAMES POTTER, PEOPLE; WHO ELSE COULD BE HIS DAD?
People assuming that Harry's interest in Ginny from 'HBP' onwards was the result of a love potion; so Molly, Hermione and Ginny were giggling over a story about a love potion Molly made when she was younger, but couldn't they just be giggling over how she made a mistake and embarrassed herself and others rather than assuming that she used it that way?

Favourite Crossover Pairings:
(Odd section to have, I know, but I've read a couple of crossover stories where the created pairings were so good, I couldn't NOT instantly start to like them. I guess it's true what Terry Pratchett once wrote; "men who can invent things that anyone could have thought of are very rare men".)

Angel/Chloe Sullivan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville): Slightly odd idea even without some of the implications about how they might have a distant relationship in later chapters (Although these were proven to be false), but the portrayal of these two as a couple in "SuperSlayerVille" was fairly effective in the first two stories (Although the series as a whole lost points because of some of the other character twists; Clark becoming Kal and nobody even trying to help him get over it felt wrong on several levels, and Buffy/Giles is just EW!)

Bruce Banner/Elsa (Avengers/Frozen): Unexpected, but it works; having established the Disney kingdoms as parts of the modern world that disdain modern technology in favour of a simpler life, the writer has Elsa give Bruce some vital lessons in self-control prior to his arrival in India during their first meeting ("Let the Storm Rage On"), followed by Bruce, Tony and Clint travelling to Arendelle to investigate a worldwide snowstorm that will reveal the origin of Elsa's powers ("Return of the Snow Queen"), as well as giving them a chance to connect with the one person they've met who truly understands the dangers of their powers...

Clark Kent/Prue Halliwell (Smallville/Charmed): The age gap might be a bit of a surprise, but the pairing in "Red Pride" is generally very good, as two people, burdened by a power and destiny they never asked for, find a partner who can accept them for everything they are, each one capable of protecting themselves while also willing to aid them against their foes)

Daniel Jackson/Tara Maclay (Stargate/Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Having Tara involved with a guy might defy most expectations of her in canon, but when you consider that they met while Daniel was Ascended- thus making gender a relatively academic matter given that we're talking about beings of pure energy here-, their relationship in "Fine Lines" makes sense, as their respective compassion and willingness to fight for what they believe in comes together to create an effective bond between them

Dean Winchester/Leah Clearwater (Supernatural/Twilight): I'd never really thought much of Leah in the past, but "Attack of the Newborns" made excellent use of her while giving her an excellent relationship with Dean, made all the more tragically appealing by the fact that his deal is counting down so that he can't stick around to explore what they might have in more detail (However, the main tragedy is that this writer hasn't written a sequel yet; such a story would have EXCELLENT potential)

Dean Winchester/Sydney Bristow (Supernatural/Alias): They might have different M.O.s and focuses- Dean's a street-trained Hunter who targets demons across America while Sydney's a trained martial artist and globe-trotting CIA agent-, but with their similar burden of greater destinies and fathers who were distant but willing to do anything for them, the pairing in "Crossed Wires" is excellent (To say nothing of such moments as Sydney's first meeting with Castiel)

Eleventh Doctor/Hermione Granger (Doctor Who/Harry Potter): "Hermione's Song" might be based around the premise that Hermione is River Song's younger self, but even without that the two make an excellent couple, Hermione's thirst for knowledge being further inspired by the Doctor's desire to explore the universe around him and fight evil wherever he finds it

Harry Potter/Dawn Summers (Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer): "Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon"? One absolutely INCREDIBLE piece of work, in my opinion; an engaging plot, good teamwork between the two sides, dramatic final showdown between Harry and Voldemort, and a very new, believeable-looking relationship between the Boy Who Lived and the former Key of Dagon. Quite frankly, I feel this relationship had great potential; two people, forced to be something they never wanted to be thanks to circumstances beyond their control, find love in each other

Harry Potter/River Tam (Harry Potter/Firefly): It may not have been quite developed the way I'd have liked to see it develop in "Browncoat, Green Eyes"- it suffered from a bit of a lack of screen time, when you get down to it-, but what I saw was very good. It's like Harry and Dawn, really; neither of them asked to become what they became, but when it happened, they managed to learn how to use the powers they'd acquired against the people who made them what they were that fateful day

Hiccup Haddock/Elsa (How to Train Your Dragon/Frozen: An interesting possibility, but only so long as Astrid's dead before they meet; Hiccup choosing Elsa over Astrid doesn't feel right to me considering their long history, but Elsa 'helping' him get over Astrid's death has potential if played properly

Ironhide/Dawn Summers (Transformers (2007 film)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer): It takes 'weird' to a WHOLE new level, I know, but Dementa's "Shape and Form" makes it hard not to like the idea; Ironhide gets the chance to really make a connection with a human, and Dawn FINALLY has a friend who spends time with her because he likes her, not because he's friends with Buffy and she's just part of the 'package' (Plus, there's something really amusing about the idea of Dawn 'outdoing' Buffy in terms of the 'weird boyfriend' aspect; after all, at least Buffy's boyfriends were all from this PLANET)

Jack O'Neill/Faith Lehane (Stargate SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer): "Worth Fighting For"? Brilliant story that- if you ask me- is DEFINITELY becoming a BRILLIANT series as more stories are written. Two people, scarred by love and life in ways that have left them practically incapable of commitment, each find what they've been looking for in each other, and the differences (Age, background, lifestyle choices, relationship with their families, Jack fighting aliens while Faith kicks demon butt) be damned

J'onn J'onnz/Mystique (Justice League/X-Men: Evolution): The Last Son series by The Writer With No Name may have created many interesting bonds between the heroes of two of fiction's most famous superhero teams, but the implied relationship between these two- beginning in chapter 30 of "The Last Son Book Two: Reckonings"- is unquestionably my favourite idea so far. After all, both of them may come from drastically different backgrounds, but when you get down to it, they have one crucial thing in common; they would do anything for their children (There's the shape-shifting thing too, of course, but that just guarantees their different appearances won't be an issue rather than having anything to do with why I think a relationship would work)

Merlin/Morgana/Bo (Merlin/Lost Girl): A rarity in that it's a threesome pairing that shows promise as more than just being hot reading; the actual relationship hasn't started yet, but the pairing concept in "Lost in Camelot"- where Bo and Kenzi are sent back in time from the present to Camelot early Season Two- should definitely be interesting when it's established, Bo reflecting both Morgana's distaste for the establishment and Merlin's desire to protect the innocent while allowing them both to find a middle ground that will make such a pairing work (To say nothing of the obvious advantage that, unlike Bo's triangle in the present, Merlin and Morgana like each other where Dyson and Lauren barely tolerate the other)

Peter Parker/Ahsoka Tano/Barriss Offee (Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Wars): "Avengers: Infinite Wars" does a great job with this unique triad, as Peter gets the two Jedi to open up emotionally and they each find themselves exploring the world outside the Jedi Order, leaning on each other for emotional support amid the chaos of war.

Peter Parker/Rogue (Spider-Man/X-Men: Evolution): Trust me, Agent-G knew what he was doing when he wrote "Spider-X" and paired Peter up with Rogue; two superheroes, always slightly awkward around others due to their powers (Rogue)/intellect (Peter) and secrets (Both of them), find love in each other amid the chaos of their ever-changing world, and vow to never let it go regardless of the challenges life hits them with (And with Venom and Black Cat both interested in Rogue's head, to say nothing of Peter's new enemies in the Brotherhood such as Electro, that is a LOT of challenges, believe me)
(The Spider-Man/Supergirl pairing Agent-G created in his 'Justice League- The Spider' series was good, but I just don't think they clicked quite as well as Peter and Rogue did in Spider-X; plus, I was initially inclining towards Wonder Girl when I read the earlier chapters)

Peter Petrelli/Bella Swan (Heroes/Twilight): Might seem like a strange pairing at first, but when you get past that thought when first reading "Resurgence", the two work out very well; Bella provides Peter with someone who totally believes in him regardless of any doubts he might have, and Bella's finally in a relationship with a guy who respects her as an equal no matter how capable he is of protecting her himself.

Sirius Black/Dawn Summers (Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: With the age difference having been erased- in Anoron's story "The Key to Marauding" Dawn arrives in Hogwarts while the Marauders are only fifteen-, I was surprised to find that these two made a pretty good pairing; Dawn helps to provide Sirius with somebody ELSE who thinks his family's got some extremely large sticks up their asses, and Sirius provides Dawn with somebody who can really make her laugh despite what she's gone through

Family Ties:
(Characters from two fandoms learning they're long-lost relatives of some kind, or forming a family-style bond after they end up spending time together; if done right, it's very interesting)

Bruce Wayne/Faith (Batman/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; father/daughter): Their relationship in "Faith Wayne" has its ups and downs- ranging from Faith's natural anger at the father who 'abandoned' her to Bruce's guilt over the fact that he was never there for her-, but the dynamic between them is definitely explored in a highly effective manner, beginning with their discovery of each other's true natures after Bane tries to attack Faith and progressing from there

Buffy Summers/Adama family (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Battlestar Galactica; family): The circumstances of them becoming family might be both cliche and complicated- during the Season Five finale, Buffy and Dawn fall through the portal and find themselves 're-invented' into life on Caprica as William Adama's daughters, with only Buffy remembering her past-, but "The Summers Effect" is still very well-written, creating an interesting look at Dawn's new vulnerability as she's stuck on Galactica with her 'father' and 'brother', completely unable to help, while Buffy fights for survival back on Caprica

Buffy Summers/Anakin Skywalker (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Wars; adopted siblings): Quite frankly, the bond that Naitch03 created in his crossover series works out brilliantly; Anakin provides Buffy with someone who just treats her like a sister and expects nothing more than to be seen as a brother in return- Dawn initially seemed to want to prove herself Buffy's equal when she needed to establish herself as her own person- and Buffy provided Anakin with someone who understood the pressures of being 'Chosen' and could help him keep his feet on the ground

Cyclops (Scott Summers)/Buffy Summers (X-Men/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; cousins): There's been a few versions of this family tie- it is rather obvious, given their shared surname- but my favourite example of it is "A Family of Heroes" where Scott visits Buffy after her 'death' in Season One; it really takes a VERY interesting look at their relationship as Scott learns about Buffy's Slayer heritage and Buffy learns about her cousin's abilities

Daniel Jackson/Dawn Summers (Stargate SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; father/daughter): Daniel might think that Dawn's only his daughter indirectly in "Scattered Hearts"- in this reality Buffy was Daniel's daughter conceived when he was involved with an older girl in his teens, but he doesn't know that Dawn's thus technically his biological daughter as well due to the whole 'Key' thing-, but the bond between them so far is EXCELLENT; I whole-heartedly look forward to seeing how it progresses

Tenth Doctor/Luna Lovegood (Father/adopted daughter): The Doctor might have adopted Luna because she's part-Time Lord (Her mother was apparently using a chameleon arch but died before she could 'lift' it), but they create a very interesting family dynamic in "Moonrise" regardless, their occasionally 'weird' behaviour contrasting neatly with their resolve to do whatever it takes to protect others, even when faced with such threats as the Master wanting Luna for himself (Just to raise her and shape the future of the Time Lords, I stress; the Master is many things, but a paedophile he is NOT) and a mysterious woman who trapped Luna at Hogwarts while claiming that the Doctor abducted her..

Eleventh Doctor/Ginny Weasley (Doctor Who/Harry Potter; father/daughter): There might be some slight crossover-related ambiguity given that this relationship is based on the idea that 'Ginny' is just a regenerated Jenny ("The Doctor's Daughter"), but "Hermione's Song" does a very interesting job in bringing these two together, as the Doctor is given a new chance with the daughter he lost and Ginny/Jenny is given a new chance to spend time with her father.

Dominique 'Demona' Destine/Willow 'Wisp' Rosenberg (Gargoyles/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; mother/daughter (Technically)): The time was that I couldn't see Demona as anything other than a monster (If I thought of her at all; I liked Gargoyles as a kid but it's been ages since I saw an episode of it), but having read "Willow Destine"- before it was taken off the site anyway-, I think the idea of Demona 'adopting' Willow should work well; Willow provides Demona with a fresh perspective on the humans she once vowed to destroy, and Demona helps Willow learn how to make a more active physical contribution to the fight to defend the Hellmouth than she was once capable of (Plus, who's to say what magic Demona could end up teaching Willow over time?)

Faith Lehane/Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer; father/adopted daughter): It's not a crossover, I know, but this family bond in KColl2003's SUPERB AU take on BtVS- "Faith: The Series", an AU where Faith's Chosen instead of Buffy and is thus adopted by Giles in Boston-, is so incredible I felt it deserved an 'honourable mention'. After all, here we have the Slayer with the troubled past and the Watcher with the (In all fairness to Giles) rather poor people skills and an (In his own way) equally troubled past, coming together to provide each other with the stable families and lives that they themselves never really seemed to have before they met each other

Faith Lehane/Dean & Sam Winchester (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural; adopted siblings): "What Makes a Slayer" is one of those gems where you're left amazed it hasn't occurred to more people; while still travelling with their father, Dean and Sam discover Faith after her mother's been killed by one of their latest hunts- an elderly ghost trying to protect children from abusers-, and, without any knowledge of her destiny as the Slayer, take her in as one of the Winchester family, giving her people who she know love her for herself, rather than leaving her in a life where she'll fixate on her Slayer-ness as the only thing that really matters to anyone else

Harry Potter/Jean Grey (Harry Potter/X-Men; nephew/aunt, later adopted son/mother): The portrayal of the wizarding world might be excessively negative at times- I just don't really believe that their discovery by muggles is as 'inevitable' as the writer speculated-, but "Mutant Storm" does do an interesting job of exploring how Harry copes when Jean Grey, his mother's long-lost near-twin sister comes back into his life- Jean and Lily were both mutants and witches simultaneously and were contacted by Dumbledore and Xavier at the same time, but since Jean's magic was less powerful and Lilly's mutant talent was fairly weak, they were 'allocated' according to their strengths and a faulty memory charm blocked Jean's memories of her family for some time-, Jean providing Harry with the unconditional acceptance and support that he had been lacking for so long as the X-Men decide to tackle Voldemort their way

Harry Potter/Willow Rosenberg (Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; brother/sister): Buffy may be the more traditional choice for the long-lost sibling of the Boy-Who-Lived, but when SoJoGoGo wrote "Rise Against The Dark Tide" and made WILLOW Harry's sister, I was almost amazed that it hadn't occurred to somebody earlier. After all, they're around the same age, they're both powerful magic-wielders, and, based on what descriptions we have of Lily, Willow DOES look a bit like her (I just hope it's continued sooner rather than later; I can't WAIT to see what happens when the two of them finally meet face-to-face)

Harry Pottery/Dean & Sam Winchester (Harry Potter/Supernatural; close friends): Not a 'family' dynamic, but Sam and Dean clearly form a close friendship with Harry and his associates in the 'Demented!Verse' series- starting with Dean and Sam learning that Harry is a Seal while he's helping to find a way to protect them from Dementors and going on to explore them teaching wizards how to stop demons- that deserves an honourable mention here

Jack Harkness/Harry Potter (Torchwood/Harry Potter; unofficial older-brother-figure): After so many stories portray Jack as willing to automatically sleep with everyone, it's a refreshing change to see a story where he forms a purely platonic bond with someone, and his gradually-assumed role as Harry's 'older' brother (Despite having been de-aged so that he looks like he's two years younger than Harry) in "The Magic of Torchwood" is an excellent reflection of that, Harry's essential innocence but fundamentally good nature providing an interesting contrast to the darker, whatever-it-takes attitude of Captain Jack

Jack O'Neill/Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1; father/son): In many ways, the idea of Jack being Xander's father in Tassos' "Bridges" not only made a certain amount of sense from a physical perspective- they DO look rather alike, when you think about it- but it even works on a personal level; both of them are normal people who've suffered great tragedy, but rose above it to deal with a nightmare beyond anything they could have once imagined existed (Plus there's their similar senses of humour to take into account)

John Connor/Kara Thrace (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles/Battlestar Galactica; unofficial siblings): It's not official- and the time-travel factor makes it REALLY weird as Kara's spent time with John's future self before meeting him here-, but the gradual sibling-esque bond they develop in "An Angel With No Fate" is very effective, as Kara works with a leader who she can respect as a close friend (Adama was more of a father-figure) while John meets someone who's willing to listen to some of his more 'outlandish' ideas (Such as regarding his relationship with Cameron) without rejecting them while contributing her own perspective to the goal of keeping him safe

John Sheppard/Harry Potter, AKA Jason Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis/Harry Potter; adopted brothers): Even with Harry's- or Jason's, to use his new name- views on life and magic significantly different from his canon views in "Harry Potter and the Ancient's Bane", the bond between these two definitely works. John provides Jason with somebody who he knows will always be there to protect him, no questions asked and no possibility of an ulterior motive, and Jason provides John with somebody with whom he can definitely be nothing more than himself with, even amid the chaos surounding life in Atlantis

John Sheppard/Tara Maclay (Stargate Atlantis/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; half-siblings): I'm not wild about some of the later plot developments in "Tara Sheppard", but the relationship between John and Tara has been very well-developed, as John saves Tara from her near-death through Warren's missed shot and goes on to help the team defeat Warren for good, followed by Tara learning more about her brother's real work as the SGC offer their assistance to the Scoobies in the campaign against the First

Max Guevara/ Winchesters (Dark Angel/Supernatural; adopted family): Things might have developed further with Dean- even if the two of them deny it at first because they're scared-, but Max's familial bond with John and Sam in "When It Changes" is superb, giving the Winchesters a plausible addition to their family that they would do anything to protect, providing something for her 'father' and 'brothers' to relate to outside of their own skills and mission (Even if I hope Dean and Sam learn about her true history sooner rather than later)

Peter Parker/Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Cinematic Universe; 'siblings'): I admit that I'm not against these two as a couple, but I've greatly enjoyed more than a few fics where they basically adopt each other as siblings under various circumstances, with Peter reminding Wanda of Pietro due to their similar sense of humour and Peter working to give Wanda emotional support.

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)/Laura (X-23) (Spider-Man/X-Men; father/adopted daughter): It may seem like a strange family connection- although it's only an adopted one, I assure you; Laura's still Wolverine's female clone who broke away from her creators-, but Agent-G's "The New Teacher" really makes it work; X-23, a young woman horribly scarred by life through no fault of her own, is taken in by a man who has been through his own kind of Hell, and yet still manages to laugh regardless of the hardships that he's gone through

SerenityDemetrius crews (Firefly/Battlestar Galactica; bond of equals): Another story where there isn't an explicit 'family dynamic'- it's more of a bond formed by people thrown together by a sheer fluke-, but the relationship created in "Through the Looking Glass" when the crew of Serenity rescue a few lost survivors of the Colonial Fleet is very effective, each side helping the other as the Colonials learn what happened to Earth while Serenity's crew make new friends before a crucial mission, as well as each side learning a new definition of humanity...

Trinity/Harry Potter (The Matrix/Harry Potter; mother/adopted son): It's too bad that the writer takes a long time to update "Know Thyself" between chapters; the character development in that story is excellent. A woman whose entire life is almost exclusive to war finds a damaged boy who needs someone to love him and will one day have the fate of the world on his shoulders, and the two bring each other the one thing they need to be truly complete as people (Plus, when you think about it, it's a very interesting twist on the idea of Trinity loving the person who will be the One; she does still love him, it's just that she loves him as a son rather than as a lover)

My Crossover Pairings:
(Crossover pairings I've created myself, and the reasons why I came up with them)

Angel/Paige Matthews (Angel/Charmed) (Sent to the Witch series): In many ways, I see in Paige that certain kind of woman whose acceptance of Angel will allow him to better accept himself; a woman who, in many ways, personifies good, but is nevertheless able to see past the horrific crimes of Angelus to see and appreciate the good, heroic soul of Angel. After all, if she can accept who he was, maybe Angel can come to accept it as well...

Harry Potter/Kim Possible (Harry Potter/Kim Possible) (Future project; will begin once I've finished a few of my current stories): Admittedly, I had to kill off Ginny Weasley and Ron Stoppable for the two of them to end up together- the characters are just too perfect together for me to write a convincing break-up, so getting them killed was the only option-, but I thought the pairing worked; both of them are, when you get down to it, average teenagers (Although Harry's in his twenties when they meet in the story), with all the angst and drama that involves, and yet they come together to save the world when they're needed and nobody else could have succeeded

Spike/Vala Mal Doran (Angel/Stargate SG-1) (The Ghost in the Team): Both of them have a less-than-decent past and a desire to make up for what they did, as well as having some relationship issues to deal with (Spike's last love interest never cared for him that way and Vala's daughter is trying to conquer the galaxy; I'd say that counts as 'issues'); I think they'd fit well together

Favourite Characters:
(As Oma Desala once said, "The success or failure of your deeds, does not add up to the sum of your life. Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions, and by the strength with which you faced the challenges that have stood in your way"; people aren't always perfect, but you have to judge them by what they set out to do and who they are as a whole if you're going to get a good opinion of who they are, regardless of their personal flaws, and the people below I feel represent a perfect example of that belief being put into practise)

The whole 'tortured hero' thing- coupled with him doubling up as possibly the greatest enemy of BOTH teams when he's Angelus, not to mention his determination to never give up regardless of what he's lost- makes him a VERY appealing character; I've always liked my heroes with a certain 'edge', to say nothing of the whole 'You are your own worst enemy' thing he practically personifies whenever he becomes Angelus
Faith: She fell from grace, but, when she wanted to get it back, she managed to do a pretty damn fine job of it, if you ask me. She had her problems, but, when both sides needed her to fight for them, she was there (Particularly when Angelus got out once more); what's not to like about her (When she's not psycho, obviously; when she's working for the Mayor there's a LOT to dislike about her)?
Spike: He's got his appealing moments, but I prefer him in Angel; in Buffy, I feel as though he's just trying to replace Angel as the Scooby Gang's 'vampire-in-residence', but in Angel, he has to make his own place in the group, and does it rather well even after he regains corporeal status

Isolated from his very species, but he still manages to find love and a family of sorts in the midst of one of the worst wars to strike humanity in any continuity (My only objection is that he didn't get the chance to pursue that relationship at the end; Rachel's death at the conclusion of the series really sucked, even if it was dramatic)

Battlestar Galactica:
William Adama:
While other characters lack the moral or personal strength to do what needs to be done, Adama has always taken action to preserve what remains of humanity without compromising his own need to be humane (Even when he hated Sharon he gave her a chance after his initial 'fluke'; says it all, really)
Karl Agathon: Even when faced with the opposition of all his shipmates- and, indeed, most of the fleet-, he nevertheless refused to reject how he felt about Sharon, and to this day refuses to make moral compromises even if it would end the Cylons for good

A great character with a confident attitude and a skilled author who helps people in his spare time; what's not to like?

Cole Turner:
As with Angel, the 'tortured hero' thing is the main reason I find him appealing (OK, so he went evil towards the end and had to die; personally I think it was just the ridiculous amount of magic he now controlled making him go nuts as he lost touch with everyone else he knew)
Paige Matthews: I'll admit that part of the reason I like her is that I think she's the hottest of the four (Particularly during her red-haired phase; the black hair makes her look a bit pale, in my opinion), but there's also something about her history- the whole 'forbidden child' thing- that I find rather appealing about her, as well as the ever-developing nature of her powers and her occasional need to find her place

DC Comics:
A tortured anti-hero who's pushed himself to the peak of human perfection while nevertheless refusing to kill; what's NOT cool about that?
Kyle Rayner: Hal's more popular, I know, but I liked Kyle's more 'man-on-the-street' origin, coupled with the greater responsibility he faced as the 'Torch-Bearer'

Doctor Who:
Sixth/Eighth/Eleventh Doctors:
The Sixth I feel got the short end of the stick- I'm never entirely certain why I like this incarnation so much, but I think he works-, the Eighth successfully overcame challenges and made choices that nobody should have to make- the man had to blow up his own damn planet, for crying out loud!-, and the Eleventh Doctor combines cold resolution with a genuine human empathy and warmth, his occasional self-loathing made all the more poignant by his genuine love for his companions (The Tenth's good, but faced with a choice, I prefer the Eleventh; the Tenth's occasional arrogance slightly lets him down)...
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: The Doctor's oldest and dearest human friend, it's a real tragedy that he never managed to meet the Doctor in the modern series (Any chance someone could write a book about that?)
Harkness: Whether in Dr Who or Torchwood, Jack reflects a courage and resolution that's definitely to be admired regardless of his own invulnerability (And maintaining that courage even when he becomes the only person in the world who can die during 'Miracle Day')

Chandler Bing:
I have a MUCH happier home life, thankfully, but otherwise I really identify with the guy- his use of humour as a defence mechanism, his awkwardness with women, little details like that

Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds:
As with Harry, Angel, and the like, he doesn't ask to be the hero, but when push comes to shove, you can definitely count on Mal to come through for you and save the day, regardless of his motives or whatever issues he may have to deal with in the process

Harry Potter:
Harry Potter:
As always, he's the reluctant hero who does the job despite what it can cost him; very admirable trait, really (Even if he does whine about his fate a bit in some of the later books, when the time came for him to risk everything, he did it)

Peter Petrelli:
Where some (Nathan) would just deny their powers, while others (Hiro) are almost too enthusiastic about them, Peter finds the balance between the two extremes, becoming a hero both with his powers and as a person. Plus, I see a lot of myself in him, for some reason (As well as that, the whole 'tragic romance' nature of his relationship with Claire, coupled with him having- in my opinion- the coolest power in the entire series, only ADDS to his appeal to me as a character; the fact that he was left with a cheap imitation of that power really sucked, even if he learned how to use it fairly well...)

Hunger Games:
Katniss Everdeen:
Tough when she has to be and loves her family, but socially awkward with no real idea what to do with herself outside of a certain set of situations and little clue about the rest of the world; I identify with her, really

Marvel Comics:
It's a bit corny, I know, but the whole 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' thing? Definitely words to live by, particularly given all the crap he's had to put up with since he put the costume on...
Rogue: She had a tragic life, and her powers just made sure that it would continue to suck no matter how hard she tries to do the right thing, but she rises above her limitations to be a hero no matter how hard it might be at times
Wolverine: As with my other favourites, he's the reluctant hero with a dark side, an attitude problem, and more issues than there are pages in my copy of IT (1 116 pages, if you want to know), but he still makes a real effort to do the right thing

Star Wars:
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Relatively indifferent to the Alec Guiness version in the original series- the 'old mentor' role is all well and good, but I prefer a hero more capable of taking action himself- but the Ewan McGregor one combines the perfect blend of wisdom and strength as he takes on the worst the galaxy has to offer and nevertheless walks away afterwards

Daniel Jackson:
I'm not as intelligent, and I definitely don't have his nack for languages- it took all my effort just to pass Standard Grade French-, but, in a way, it's like with Chandler; I see a great deal of myself in him, for some reason even I'm not entirely sure about
John Sheppard: What can I say? There's something about his sense of humour- to say nothing of his occasional moments where he 'sticks it to the man' while always managing to save the day- that I find VERY commendable

Star Trek:
Data, Odo, the Doctor:
For some reason, I generally appreciate the 'outsider' characters- those who observe humanity from the outside without actually being part of it in themselves for various reasons- more than others

The Winchesters are great, but there's something about Castiel's uncertainty regarding the fine details of human interaction and his willingness to fight for us even before his Fall that's both amusing and compelling (I remain convinced that his actions towards the end of Season Six were the result of him being 'tainted' by those souls Crowley 'loaned' to him)

These stories are dedicated to the beautiful Ravens who became my muses in youth; no matter what paths our lives take, they shall always be in my heart

Regarding my LXG stories, they should be read in this order (Excluding 'The Fellowship of Extraordinary Men', for obvious reasons):


Their powers were legendary...
Their origins were unknown...
Their motives were questionable...
Their methods were extreme...
But when the future of the early twentieth century was at stake...
They were the world's last hope

A Spy... a Scientist... a Teacher... a Thief... a Beast... a Machine... a Vampire

They were THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and this is their story

1. Reminiscing
2. Bloodletting
3. War with the Future
4. Skynet Spreads (Terminator/LXG Crossover)
5. Worlds at War
6. Spirit Walk
7. Resurrection
8. The One Where They Help Save the World (Friends/LXG Crossover)
9. Legacy
10. A Face in the Crowd
11. The Adventure of the Seven Legends (Sherlock Holmes/LXG Crossover) (WIP)
12: Omen of Darkness (Not Written Yet)
13. Talia (Not Written Yet)
14. Grey Knight, Black Pawns, White Queen (Not Written Yet)

For my 'Coven of Reformed Supernaturals' stories, there are only three, but more may come with popular demand and inspiration

They were empowered by the demons...
They were saved by their enemies...
Their souls are from the legends

A Champion... A Redeemed... A God...A Warrior... A Healer... A Demon... A Hybrid... An Exorcist... An Assassin... A Dark Knight...

They are THE COVEN OF REFORMED SUPERNATURALS, and these are their stories
(AN: At present, the Dark Knight (Vampire Batman) only appears in the first story and the Assassin (Spawn) only appears in the second, although they met in the third story in this trilogy)
(AN 2: All other members of the Coven in 'The Satan War' were reserve members called in for a time of great crisis and will not remain with the team afterwads; given that the Coven is intended to be a 'strike force' eliminating problems quickly and quietly unless circumstances demand otherwise, consider them reserve members)

1. The Coven of Reformed Supernaturals (Complete)
2. The Gathering of Supernatural Psychopaths (Complete)
3. The Satan War (Complete)

In my series, 'Harry Potter/Granger' (Where Harry is adopted by the Grangers when he's six), I have only one story, but I intend to write more in the future; pairings will be primarily Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, with a Harry/Hermione sibling relationship. The first three books should be primarily the same as the originals (Although 'Chamber' will be more of a detective story than the original one was), with more major changes occurring around the middle of the fourth year and going along from there

One act of abuse...
One chance meeting...
Once, they were two friends
Now, they are two siblings...
One legend, changed forever

1. Harry PotterGranger and the Philospher's Stone (Complete)
2. Harry PotterGranger and the Chamber of Secrets (Complete)
3. Harry PotterGranger and the Prisoner of Azkaban (WiP)

My latest series 'Sent to the Witch' (Featuring Angel from 'BtVS' being sent to help Paige Matthews of 'Charmed' become a witch rather than help Buffy Summers become a Slayer) will feature five novel-length stories, each one looking at a season of 'Charmed' and incorporating variations on Angel's own storyline, as well as how his presence would have affected some of the pivotal events in the series (His role in the future where Wyatt went evil, that sort of thing). Pairings are predominately Angel/Paige and Piper/Leo, with Cole/Phoebe at first and then having Phoebe's relationships developing in a similar manner to how things went in the show

The Vampire Champion, cursed with a Soul amd a desire for Redemption...
The Witch, conceived by the forbidden union of Witch and Whitelighter, seeking her Place...
A Passion that was never Meant To Be in this world... But IS...
And Two Legends... that shall be altered...

1. Sent to the Witch ('Charmed' Season 4, incorporates elements of 'BtVS' Season 2) (Complete)
2. The Love of the Vampire ('Charmed' Season 5, incorporates elements of 'Angel' Season 1) (Complete)
3. The Sire, the Son, and the Future ('Charmed' Season 6, incorporates elements of 'Angel' Season 2) (WIP)
4. The Vampire's Child ('Charmed' Season 7, incorporates elements of'Angel' Season 3) (Not Written Yet)
5. My Charge and My Family ('Charmed' Season 8) (Not Written Yet)

Having made the decision to make it a series, my story "The Phantom of Atlantis" looks set to progress further than it has already; in an AU where Colonel Sumner remains military commander of Atlantis and John Sheppard was never a member of the expedition, Elizabeth Weir finds herself drawn into the mystery of the masked figure who dwells within the city of the Ancients, known to the galaxy as 'the Phantom'... but known to her, first and foremost, as John.

1. The Phantom of Atlantis (Complete)
2. Mystery of the Phantom (Complete)
3. Clash of the Phantoms (WIP)

My newest idea for a series, "The Twilight Storm" is a Doctor Who/Twilight crossover where the Doctor finds himself in Forks just as Bella Swan tries a spot of cliff-diving, resulting in her being invited to join him as his new companion and subsequently gaining an all-new perspective on herself and the rest of the universe...
(AN: Suggestions for any worlds that Bella might visit with the Doctor are appreciated; I've got a few original plots in mind, but anything anyone else wants to see will be taken into account, I assure you).

1. Try to Find My Place (Complete)
2. The Rebirth of Peladon (Complete)
3. The Wonder of Life (Complete)
4. Prisoner of the Daleks (Complete)
5. Tempus Fugit (Complete)
6. Planet of the Dead (Complete)
7. The Future in the Past (Complete)
8. Falling Stars (Complete)
9. The Legacy of Weng-Chiang (Complete)
10. The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Complete)
11. The Past in the Future (Complete)
12. Time's Ashes (Complete)
13. The Perils of Lorindar (Complete)
14. The Day of the Doctor (Complete)
15. Evolution Control (Complete)
16. New Dawn (Complete; final story in series)

TV Tropes Page:

Fellow author Michael Weyer has created TV Tropes pages for some of my fics, as listed below;






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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 48 - Words: 441,047 - Reviews: 695 - Favs: 756 - Follows: 865 - Updated: 11/27 - Published: 10/26/2018 - [Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.] Albus D.
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100 - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 119,570 - Reviews: 193 - Favs: 318 - Follows: 419 - Updated: 6/11/2021 - Published: 5/25/2016 - [Clarke G., Lexa]
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Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 29 - Words: 152,154 - Reviews: 313 - Favs: 381 - Follows: 480 - Updated: 10/20/2020 - Published: 10/31/2019 - Luke S., Leia O., Darth Vader, Wedge A.
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