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Hey...!!!!!!!!! Welcome to my little world of insane wonderous things..NVM (never mind) that!!!!!!!

After a long time of thinking I decided to write a story on what the reviers want...so send in your reviews and tell me what my next story could be about. . .well i dont have all day you know*ponders a moment*. . .!

Here is what i am going to write and stay with:

Fruitsbasket( might do this story..it will be hard, but I need to find out what it is about again )


Fav manga's are:

Tokyo mew mew
Fruits basket


Fav t.v shows are:



Fav thing that happened:

Morgaine*referring to her drawing* my people look like cochroaches

Lacey:What! Somebody said my name*her last name it crawford*


Fav quotes:

Oh hello-me when finding something

fatty-friend when she gets mad

P'cha-friend when being annoying

Go to hell-me when I AM REALLY MAD

Well you dont have to be a worry wart-friend

MUAWHAHHAHWAHWHAHWAH-me when really hyper

Stories Coming Soon

"Through Shattered Eyes"

When Kai and his friends come back for another year at high school, a mysterious girl shows up seemingly knowing Kai! Kai looks at her and tell her he's never seen her in his life! She shows him a locket she had ever since she was 7. It had a blue and red phoenix intwined together! Who is she and what does she want?


Fav anime qoutes:

Kai:leave me alone

Rei:Now it's time how to show u how to dance with the Driger


Mr.D:Well, the rest they say is History

Mariah:Oh Ray*flutters eyeslashes*

Koi:SHUT UP!!!!!

Yuki:That dang cat isn't worth fighting




Fav pairings:

1.Kai/Ray(they look cute together)
2.Kai/Aya(what a great look)
3.Kyo/Torhu(awesome yet weird)
4.Tyson/Hilary(what a prrrrrrrrrrfect pair)


Least fav pairings:

1.Ray/Aya(they put a bad image on each other)
2.Kenny/Emily(they may be meant for each other but still)
3.Ray/Mariah(I just hate them together '_')
4.Yuki/Torhu(they look weird together, you know silent type with hyper, doesn't mix)


Well...my mom got the internet back on...so YES I am back in the house...
I just have a short announcment to make...*everyone stays still*I would like to thank all my reveiwers for R&R my stories *bows*
But I am sorry for deleting my stories! i am so sorry. . .i will be putting up a new story soon! anyway it will be beyblade...i am so sorrt Cute Ichigo!!!!!!!!!! well sorry!!!Its my choice!

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