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Hi everyone here are a few facts about me.

Name: Courtnie. Call me Fiona, though.

Age: 20

Race: American Indian/Native American(it's basically the same;actually it is) Cherokee is my tribe.

Hobbies: Reading, writing stories, singing, writing songs & poems.

Birthday: July 30,1990

My career choice: singer, songwriter

Personality: Intelligent, opinionated, sarcastic. To narrow it down, I can be a bitch. Don't get me wrong, if you are my friend, I may have my moments of bitchiness towards you, but I'm your friend for life. Oh yeah... I have an... emo personality as well.

Favourite movies: Nightmare Before Christmas; Girl, Interrupted; Howl's Moving Castle; Pirates of the Carribean; From Hell; Donnie Darko; A Walk to Remember.

Favourite Animes: Fruits Basket; Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force; Outlaw Star; Wolf's Rain; Trigun; Chrno Crusade!

Music: I like rock, "emo", and alternative music. If you haven't noticed, one of my favourite bands is Evanescence. I also like JamisonParker, Linkin Park, Seether, Fall Out Boy, Armor for Sleep, Lacuna Coil, The Spill Canvas and stuff like that. Don't get me wrong, I loves me some j-pop.

Things you should know about me:

I will tell you what I think about you, regardless of anything.

I don't trust people easily because I have been betrayed far too many times to trust someone off the beat. Everytime I let my guard down, the person seems to hurt me in some way.

I am an aspiring singer, and I would much like peoples support.

My animal spirit is a wolf. Get to know me and I might tell you what yours is.

I do not have a set religion anymore. I am certainly NOT a christian, nothing wrong with it for you, but do NOT try to convert me. I am not an atheist, nor an aganostic. I have my own religion. If I am of any religion, I guess I would be a Wiccan. NO, it isn't evil. Yes, I do perform certain rituals that may appear to you as... different.

I believe in reincarnation. We become our animal spirit after we die as humans, and then become humans after our animal dies.

I believe in Angels, Devils(not Satan, they're like demons), and Vampyres. Those in turn can become: Fallen Angels, Angel/Vampyre half-breeds, Angel/Devil half-breeds, Devil/Vampyre half breeds.

Do not question my beliefs, just accept them. You don't have to agree with them, you just have to accept that I believe that.

That's really all you need to know about me. Get to know me better, and there is more. Yes, I live a strange confusing life.

Bella's ring:
Image from TwilightLexicon

Favorite Quotes:

"My wounds cried for the grave. My soul cries for deliverance. Will I be denied,Christ?Tourniquet?My suicide!"--Tourniquet,Evanescence

"Why are you trying to make fun of me? You think it's funny? What the fuck you think you're doing to me? You take your turns lashing out at me. I want you crying with your dirty ass in front of me"--Thoughtless,Evanescence(KoRn cover)

"Because I am different,I am condemned.
Because I am different,I must have sinned.
Because I am different,you hate me.
Because I am different,I hate you."--me

"How would you feel if you had to walk everyday in a shadow? A shadow of who everyone wants you to be? A shadow you can't escape?"--me

"To make myself stressed, is to make myself bleed.TO make myself bleed, is to make myself scar. To make myself scar, is to make myself caught."--me

"Some of my best friends you can't even see, but they're right there looking at me"--me

Warning:Most of my stories will contain angsty situations.Suicide,cutting,and tragic deaths.You have been warned.

Thank you,enjoy your day!

Frequently Confused Word Checklist:

1. Accept means "to receive".
Example: Please accept my gift.
Except means "not including"
Example: I brought all the gifts except yours.

2. Advice is an "opinionabout what should be done"
Example: She gives good advice
Advise means "to recommend"
Example: Please advise me on what to do.

3. Affect means "to influence"
Example: Do not let the loss affect you.
Effect is "a result"
Example: The loss did not have an effect on me.

4. All ready means "everything is ready"
Example: We are all ready to move.
Already means "previously"
Example: We already moved our things yesterday.

5. Buy means "to purchase"
Example: Please buy me a ticket.
By means "beside".
Example: The book is by the table.

6. Choose means "to select"
Example: Today, I will choose a new house.
Chose is the past tense of choose.
Example: Yesterday, I chose a new house.

7. Complement means "to make complete."
Example: This hate will complement my new dress.
Compliment is something said in praise.
Example: Thank you for the compliment about my dress.

8. Emigrate means "to leave one country to settle in another".
Example: I intend to emigrate from Hong Kong.
Immigrate means "to come to live in a new country".
Example: I intend to immigrate to Canada.

9. It's is the short for of "it is".
Example: It's in the dog house.
Its is a pronoun that shows ownership or possession.
Example: The dog has its own house.

10. Loose means "not tight".
Example: My pants are loose.
Lose means "to be defeated or no longer have."
Example: I do not want to lose the game.

11. Miner is a person who works in a mine.
Example: My uncle is a miner
Minor is an adjective that means "unimportant".
Example: This is a minor problem.
minor also refers to a person who is not yet an adult.
Example: It is illegal for a minor to drink alcohol.

12. Past means "gone by" or "history"
Example: The car drive past my house. / My past is very interesting.
Passed is an important fact or law.
Example: We passed the truck earlier.

13. Principal is the head of a school.
Example: The principal, Mrs. Cameron, spoke to us today.
Principle is an important fact or law.
Example: The principle of democracy is important to Canadians.

14. Stationary means to be "standing still".
Example: Please remain stationary.
Stationery means "writing materials".
Example: They went to the store to buy some stationery.

15. Than means "in comparison with".
Example: He is bigger than me.
Then means "next".
Example: After going home, he then started his assignment.

16. Their is a form of "they" that shows ownership.
Example: Their flowers are on the table.
There describes where something is.
Example: The flowers are there on the table.
They're is a short form of "they are".
Example: They're going to buy flowers.

17. Threw is the past tense of throw.
Example: He threw the ball over the fence.
Through means from "end to end.".
Example: We drove through the tunnel.

18. To means "in the direction of".
Example: He went to the store.
Too means "also".
Example: he went to the store, too.
Two is a number.
Example: Two of myfriend went to the store.

19. Weather means "conditions outdoors".
Example: The weather is terrible.
Whether is an expression of choice between two options.
Example: I do not know whether I will stay home or go to school.

20. Your is a form of "you" that shows ownership.
Example: Your car is new.
You're is a short form of "you are".
Example: You're going to the store.

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