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Author has written 6 stories for Fruits Basket, Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis, and Nabari no Ō.

Nothing much in particular to elaborate. I'm obviously female, working, in early twenties, a fan of numerous animations & manga (not so much on shoujo manga except for Morinaga Ai's stories). I'm pretty much picky when it comes to anime. No, the art doesn't have to be beautiful but the plot does - like Gokusen, One Piece etc.


SG Boarding School - as most of you might have read, houses seven dorms - Seigaku, Fudoumine, Yamabuki, Hyotei, St Rudolph, Rikkaidai and Rokkaku. The students from these dorms are forced to live under the same roof, regardless of the fact they like each other or not. Chaos had just begun...

Below is the list of the regulars in their respective classes:



Tezuka Kunimitsu
Tachibana Kippei
Akutagawa Jiroh
Nitobe Inakichi
Ichimura Kita

Itsuki Marehiko
Shudou Satoshi
Yukimura Seiichi
Kuwahara Jackal
Hiroshi Yagyuu


Oishi Syuichiro
Oshitari Yuushi
Shishido Ryoh
Inui Sadaharu
Atobe Keigo

Sanada Genichirou
Yanagi Renji


Fuji Syusuke
Kikumaru Eiji
Gakuto Mukahi
Masami Higashikata
Akazawa Yoshirou

Muromachi Touji
Kurobane Harukaze
Amane Hikaru
Masaharu Niou
Marui Bunta


Mizuki Hajime
Sengoku Kiyosumi
Minami Kentarou
Yanagizawa Shinya
Kisarazu Atsushi

Kawamura Takashi
Akutsu Jin
Saeki Kojirou
Kisarazu Ryoh



Momoshiro Takeshi
Kamio Akira
Kirihara Akaya


Kaidoh Kaoru
Ibu Shinji
Uchimura Kyousuke
Ohtori Choutarou


Ishida Tetsu
Sakurai Masaya
Nomura Takuya


Mori Tatsunori
Fuji Yuuta
Kaneda Ichirou
Hiyoshi Wakashi



Echizen Ryoma
Horio Satoshi
Aoi Kentarou


Katsuo Mizuno
Kachiro Kato


Dan Taichi

My personal favourites: Atobe, Shinji, Kirihara, Akutsu and Yukimura! I'll bully the first four... but no, not Yukimura. He'll have his revenge!

WARNING:This fiction contains mild shounen-ai. Don't say you were not fore-warned. I won't tolerate people who reacted negatively towards shounen-ai/ yaoi even though they had already been warned.

Status: Active


AkiHika pairing. Oh, and WayaIsumi... Independent: Yashiro--always got caught up in between tension and tantrum of the others...poor thing -grins evilly- (another character being bullied).

Under Kurata's lead, three Hokutohai participants and Isumi, Waya,Ochi and Honda travels to Beijing, China to learn more about Go and compete with the local kishi. Throughout the their journey in China, many events happened. Hikaru and Akira fought, their out-of-town trip was a nightmare, Isumi's declaration of his feelings to Waya, Waya's confession to Hikaru and misunderstandings between them. What went wrong? Well, many things actually.

When you think that Hikaru and Akira finally are together (this IS an AkiHika fic after all), a 3rd party shows up and goes after one of them!

Status: Active


Aik, its been a long long time ago since i last update this too. Very sorry to all who's waiting for update on this Furuba fic. You have my deepest apology as I failed to keep up with it and with the expectations.

Yes, basically its a Yukiru fic ... The story begin with Tohru who left the Sohma family after finishing high school is currently in University. After several months of not hearing any news from the family, she got worried and decided to visit them. Upon reaching Shigure's house, she overheard the conversation between Shigure and Hatori that Yuki was brought back to the main house by Akito. Horrified by what happened, Tohru went to the main house herself in order to save Yuki. Her presence was discovered by Akito who held her captive there, unknown to Yuki who was kept in another room. Yuki was soon released but what will happen to Tohru? So find out on your own!

Status: On hiatus


Hm... i am still having second thoughts about continuing this fic. It was written on impulse coz at that moment i just had the idea in mind and will not be satisfied until i pour it out. So when i did, i uploaded it to check the response. When i re-read it later, i was in a dilemma and torn between continuing and abandoning it... still am now -swt-but i might continue with it... most prob lol...

Status: On hiatus


I'm still contemplating whether I should change the title or stick to it (ooops, in the end I changed it from Lost Control to Unshed Tears). I like the latter better.

It's a POT fiction but more like a short story (with several chapters). I'm writing this based on serious shounen-ai relationships; so again, do not proceed if you are against shounen-ai, or to put it bluntly - homosexuals. The plot is simple, it centres on the few characters' relationships. How they develop feelings for each other, or, in some cases, how the feeling was forced to another. On second thought, I think I want to keep the title because it reflects the main theme of the story. It shows how some people could not control their emotions while others just snapped out when they couldn't handle the pressure. But on THIRD thought, yes (I just added this in after I changed the title lol), I'm changing it to something else. Unshed Tears would tell you about the emotional turmoil the characters went through. Do you understand the state of feeling so broken-hearted that you couldn't even shed a tear? There are some angst (it's a serious fic afterall), but NO lemon. Doesn't it break the rule to put lemony stuffs in FF.net? Enlighten me if I'm wrong and I'll consider writing one lol

Just to hype things up a little, the pairings:

Ryoma X Yukimura ...and few other pairings.

Of course I'm not spoiling it for you! Some of you who'd been following SG Boarding School may be pretty good in guessing the pairings. I myself am pretty much addicted to this story and had been dedicating a huge part of my leisure time to develop and write this fiction. Hopefully I'll be able to upload the first chapter by end of this month, or beginning of next!

Status: Active


This fic came about after I finished Nabari no Ou. With the well drawn characters and interesting plot, it's a crime if I don't start imagining a shounen-ai/ yaoi relationship between Miharu and Yoite. A good pairing nonetheless and the mangaka stressed it enough for us to understand how both couldn't live without each other.

Futari is about trials and turbulations between Miharu and Yoite. As a man, Yoite is possessive and he could not control his own feelings. There were times when he thought staying away from Miharu would help but he guessed wrong. He can never be away from the boy. Even when he stayed away, he was practically stalking Miharu.

Miharu on the other hand - feels insecure. He doesn't know what triggers Yoite's anger and why Yoite would act reskless and mean sometimes. He's also caught in Hikaru's loveweb - who seems to think that Yoite doesn't deserve Miharu because the latter was treated badly. He do not want to watch helplessly as Miharu suffers emotionally whenever he's with Yoite.

Status: Active


1) -unnamed yet-

This second upcoming project will take a long time before it's published. Heck, I haven't even started on it yet. It's just that I had it planned in my head - a sequel to SG Boarding School. It's not direcly related to it, but without reading SG Boarding School, the reader would not be able to understand what's happening in this new fiction. I know it's confusing so let's just save it for next time lol.

In this new story, again, it centers around shounen-ai pairings. If Lost Control is on a serious romantic relationship, this sequel is the exact opposite. It's very shounen-ai based but on the humourous side of the plot - something like SG Bording School except that the latter focuses more on the events and happenings in the school rather than on romantic relationships.

--on the note--

I tried to keep up to my schedule - of finding time to write at least once a week (or once every two to three weeks). But I'm easily distracted so I hardly keep to it. I write when I find time to do so... So don't put high hopes on regular updates and what not!

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