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Pename: Wolfgod-Fenrir

Hobbies: drawing, playing videogames till the break of dawn, playing with my doggie! watching movies and anime. Writing fanfiction. I'm usually very hyper and stuff, but I'm really nice to get along with. It's easy to make me laugh . Likes shounen ai/

soft yaoi . I love Sephiroth Sama!! and Vincent darling!! I have alot of Favorite bishies but Sephiroth is always at the top of meh list. IF there is one couple I am very obsessed about its Sephiroth X Vincent.

Second fav couple is Weiss and Nero, I swear these two are like foils of Sephy and vinny. I even made alittle tribute to them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG0b2r42T3U

Sephys and Vinnys is coming soon...

FF7: Sephiroth, Vincent Valentine, Rufus, Tseng, Zack, Reno, Yazoo, Kadaj...CLoud

FF7 Crisis core: Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Teseng, Reno

Dirge of cerberus FF7: Vincent, Nero,Weiss

Seimaden: Laures, Tetius, Zadei, Karon, Roddrick

Magic knight rayearth:Zagato, Eagle.

Kingdom hearts : Riku, Sephiroth!! Cloud, Squall, Sora.

Kingdom hearts2: Axel, Demyx, Siax, Roxas, Riku and Sora.

Angel Sanctuary: Setsuna Mudo, Kira, Rosiel, Katan, Sevothtarte.

Macross Frontier: Alto @_@

Bishies that scare me: Ansem, Xemnas a.ka. Mansex, Xaldin (eek!) Touga, Siaonji, Akio and his evil studebaker car from Rev. Utena

Favorite ff7 couples: SephirothXVincent, CloudX Aeris, Reno X Yuffie, Vincent X Lucrecia, WeissX Nero, Zack X Cloud, Tseng X Rufus, Genesis X Sephiroth, Angeal X genesis

Seimaden couples :Laures X tetius and Zadei X Tetius, Laures X Hilda, Karon X Roddrick

Fav Bastard Couplings: Dark Schnider X yoko, Dark Schnider X Arshe,

Favorite movies: Final fantasy 7 advent children, BAMBI! Beauty and the beast, princess Mononoke, Howls moving castle,The phantom of the opera (2004), Edward scissorhands, and Neverending story1 and 2. Pan's Labyrinth, Labyrinth, Sword in the stone, theres more but I forgot...XD Finally watching the kh stupid files!!

Favorite games: final fantasy 7,8,10 (need to finish playing 12) Legend of Zelda Twilight princess, Dance dance revolution, haunting ground,

Final fantasy 7 dirge of cerberus. Kingdom hearts 1 and 2. currently working on ff7 crisis core on meh psp LOL and Dragoneer's Aria

Favorite Anime/manga: Loveless, Ff7 last order, .Hack, Fruits basket, Blue submarine no 6., outlaw star, anything that makes me go CHU! Seimaden, Vampire Knight, Dragon knights, Rg Veda, magic knight rayearth, Tsubasa reservoir chronicles, CHobits, Revolutionary girl utena manga, the movie scared me and the anime was good up till a certain point. Angel sanctuary. Nightwalker, Dragon half, Bastard!! and Lastly Macross Frontier! and starting to watch Shounen Onmyouji and sainkoku monogatari, reading: bitter virgin, Boy Princess,

I can be reached here!!

email: Thystine_drop@yahoo,com

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Sanctuary by Arigatomina reviews
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Expect the UnExpected by RikkuFF10 reviews
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Haunting Fantasy reviews
Vincent Valentine awakens to find himself prisoner in a dark castle, unarmed and frail he searches for answers on how he came to be there. However the inhabitants of the castle are all after him for some reason.can he escape and uncover the truth in time
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Tithe to Heaven reviews
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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,782 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 1/20/2010 - Published: 3/5/2008 - Sephiroth, Vincent V.