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Aha! I finally found a writing site!!...eheh ^-^;

Uhhh...well...I'm kinda short...light brown hair with highlights...addicted to coke and chocolate(which I'm currently lacking).

Well my faVV anime is IY ^-^ (I love his ears!!!...*glomp*!!), I like to write and slack off in class as I vision scenarios for upcoming stories ( 90% of my waking time) Aaannnnnnddd that's about life's pretty boring ne? >->; XD

Let's move on to finer details x.X

About Meee:

Name: Meg
Age: 14
Fav Colour: Purple, Red, Orange ^_^
Fav Song: There's a few...hmm..lets see there's: Broken, Damaged, Everybody's Fool, Truly, Simple and Clean(Remix), some random Japanese songs from series and J-Pop^^
Fav Animes: InuYasha (durrrrrr ^_^), Rurouni Kenshin (damn sexy o.O), Oh! My Goddess, Chobits, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Fruits Basket! ^.-
Fav Shows: Cybersix, Family Guy, South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force!
General: Well, I LOVE to's what I'm almost ALWAYS doing, aside from computer/writing of course! ^.-
I have some mangas...all InuYasha naturally, and I plan on expanding my collection ^_^
I'm a biggggg art junkie, I love sketching and colouring...OH and occasionally thinking up pretty dresses ^_^...I also like to waste ink on high-quality print-outs! ^.^;

In my spare time, I usually day-dream (I know, awful isn't it o_O) about random things...which is when I usually come up with my ideas for Fics and such stuff ^_^

--Must Reads--

-"Dead Famous", "28 Days", "The Price of Freedom", "Bottled Genius", "Two Faced" and many more, all by the extremely talented Rozefire.
-"For the love of a Cat", by Rinicat.
-"Behind the Masquerade", by Keolla.
-"Mermaids", by Maiden of the Moon.
-"Confessions of a Broken Heart", by dolphingirl0113, plus the sequels, "The Realistic Happily Ever After", and "Soldiers in a Timeless Battle".
-"The Sound of her Voice", by sugarsprite.
-"Til Death Do Us Part", by Jade Catseye.
-"Fragment of Eternity", yet sadly I can't find the author and it's not showing up on the search..even though I read it here..*sigh*..
-"The Lucky Ones", by the talented Terri Botta.

Likes: Chocolate, Coca-Cola, Music, Drawing, the mall, Frozen Yoghurt!, my friends, getting hyper with my friends (lol! ^.-), Playstation, GTA: Vice City, MarioKart, Video games in general, and ogling guys ^.-

Dislikes: Bimb*s, Ho*s and any of the aforementioned catagory, turnip, girls who are beautiful and area always saying "I need to diet cuz im SOOOOO fat", people who think they know everything, people who lie so much that you want to rip all your hair out and then burn it, people who talk big on the internet and then run away from you at school etc., people who talk behind your back, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...pot roast.

Turn-ons: OK, I'm only putting this in to humor my friends. I find it INCREDIBLY sexy when a guy is smart, but doesn't brag about it or show me up (becuz I'm lacking in the brain department o_O). Also when guys are caring, and worry about you, not obsessively, but just enough to make you wanna squeeze the life out of them ^_^. When guys are nice to you, and always put you first before their friends. And the biggest thing of all...MAN JEWELRY!! Especially earrings(not a bijillion, only one) and silver chains. *Sizzle* Ohhh yeah..excuse me while I jump in a pool ^^

Turn-offs: Well a major thing is when guys ignore you infront of their friends to try to look cool, then talk to you later. Guys who whine. Guys who are more obsessed with their looks than I. Guys who act big. Guys who are incredibly clueless. Guys who try their hardest to impress a girl, but end up looking incredibly stupid, and making the situation awkward. OH, here's a major INCREDIBLY big potty mouth...IT JUST ISN'T PRETTY! And if I had to choose one thing above all else, it would be A GUY WHO CRIES. Gawd...I mean I can understand serious things(heck I'll cry with ya ^-^), but if you drop your fries...please spare us all, and keep the waterworks TURNED OFF. (^.-)

*I'm EXTREMELY sorry for bad lack of updates..the only thing I can say is sh*t happens..¬_¬ life's been extremely crazy lately, so please bear with me! I've got some ideas coming up, so please, if you could, be patient with me ^-^ Arigatou gozaimasu!*


Black Wings- Dark fic. Something I felt like on writing in the heat of the moment. Got some good ideas for it, but don't know if I'll continue..T_T. Kagome's a hitman (woman if you prefer), who's going after her next job. The motive? He killed her parents. But as new memories and evidence arises, new problems come to hand. Can the secret of her past save the human race, and the on she loves? Sorry to say, it's probably on hiatus as of this time..

Shades of Gray- Hehe, where do I start...I really want to finish this, but I don't know how to. Anywho, It's basically like this: Kagome's love for InuYasha had never exactly been a secret, to everyone except him or course. So when she finds herself betrayed by him, she realizes she needs to move on. But when a twist of fate occurs, can she survive, and if she does, will she have what it takes to forgive him, and try again? (P.s., not the entire plot, so please read for more info :hint hint: XD)

It's Spelled ACNE!- Little one-shot about the traumas of puberty. The rest of the teenage girls in the world experience at least one little horror. Why shouldn't Kag? Lame jokes and stupid situations to ensue XD

Silver Lining- One-shot. Kagome comes to terms with her feelings about InuYasha when she spots him and Kikyo alone once more. She decides that in order to to truly be free, she needs to say goodbye. Can she leave once and for all? (Yes, really cliche, but hey we all love it XD) To the song "Everytime".

Don't You Know My Face?- Kagome loses her memory of everything except early childhood, after a train accident in her time. Her loss makes InuYasha realize how important she is to him, as he tries to help her as best he can. But when the enemy shows up and takes control of Kagome, can she break the spell and escape the darkness, before she does something she'll forever regret?

Scars That Won't Fade- (COMPLETE! XD) My personal favv ^^. - Kagome's always kept her past a secret, and for good cause. As the one person she never wants to see again returns to her life, she finds herself lost more than ever. Can she pull through once more, through the pain and suffering, with InuYasha's help? Or will she have the courage to finally stand up and save herself? (Summary isn't quite accurate, but hey! I write stories, I suck at summaries XD :hint hint:...*cough-read-cough* XD)

BRAINSTORMING/COMING SOON! (To a theatre near you...o.O)*

(Untitled): AU. Across the seas in present time, a girl finds herself returning home to the brutal slaughter of her family. Running away, lost, she comes across the forest near her house, and stumbles upon a particular area she hadn't remembered exploring before. She suddenly finds herself in Feudal Japan, and runs into the IY gang. But there are secrets about herself that even she doesn't know; can she help the IY gang defeat the one enemy..and past link..that they've been battling all along? Numerous pairings, Inu/Kag, Miro/Sang, Kouga/??.. [Drama/Romance]

(Untitled): AU. Kagome Higurashi has been working in the crime labs ever since she graduated. For as long as she could remember, it had always been her passion. As co-head of her own team, she finds herself tackling a case that's the most challenging she's ever encountered. With her co-partner, and the hard working members of her group, she can put away the man responsible? (Mystery/Romance) [Romantic twists included XD]

Road Trip!- The IY Gang gets a vacation, courtesy of Kagome! With them all in her time, who knows what craziness might ensue! XD [Humor/Romance] (Respective pairings)

(Untitled as of yet)- Have you ever wondered what exactly is going on with Hollywood hook-ups? Are they real or fake? Meet Kagome Higurashi, a.k.a. 'Skye', the singer, dancer, producer movie star. Enter InuYasha Takahashi(for lack of a better last name ^-^), multi-million per movie actor, and teenage hearthrob. When their producers decide that an ultimate publicity stunt is in order, to keep the world on its toes, demanding more, they're thrown together in a whirlwind of lies, false love and paparazzi. But are they actually falling for eachother? [Humor/Romance] Inu/Kag, Miro/Sang

Through My Eyes (Title may be changed): AU. Just a little idea I got one day while lying awake in bed..unable to fall asleep..o.O. -Across the borders of the mountain, there's an entirely different world. Where everyone, humans and demon alike, are kept in a hypnotic state of life, derived of any emotion and expression. When a young rebel finds himself unable to hide the fact that he wants to be free any longer, he comes across a reject from the other side. Can she help him throw away the boundaries of his controlled life, and show not only him, but everyone around her, the wonder that it is to be free? Can he save her in return, before her life and radiant energy are locked away by the One? Or will she fall prey to the contiual ways of life, and forget all ties to him? Inu/Kag. Fantasy/Romance.

(Untitled..still.): AU. Kagome Higurashi has always been slightly..clusmy, if you will. Her friends always joked with her about it, and in time she has learned to cope with the fact that it was a part of her. But when she starts seeing a silver-haired boy follow her around everywhere, she begins to wonder what's going on. Especially when no one else can see him. A story of forbidden love and angst. Fantasy/Romance.

POSSIBILITY: Since S.t.w.f., is now done, I'm wondering if I should think up a sequel..I hadn't planned for one, but I will write if the people demand! please let me know if you're interested ^^..(p.s., if you have any suggestions, feel free to rant ^-^).

Well that's pretty much the low-down. Check out my fanfic(s) please! (lol ^_^) And if ya do, pleaseeeee R&R ^-^

Luv yaz! ^^


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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 27,787 - Reviews: 192 - Favs: 86 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 4/15/2003 - Published: 3/28/2003 - Kagome H., Inuyasha - Complete
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(2nd restructure)Yukiru AU. Due to a twist of fate, multi-million heiress Honda Tohru ends up living as a maid in the Sohma residence. How will she be able to endear herself to the family, and to the woman-hating Yuki, who caught her heart even?
Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,555 - Reviews: 89 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 3/9/2003 - Published: 2/15/2003
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Move over, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming! Tohru and Yuki will show you what a real fairytale is! Yukiru AU.
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Tohru is working as a personal attendant of the enigmatic Yuki Sohma. What makes her job complicated is that when she discovered about the Sohma Clan secret, her own secret was revealed too: she was deathly musophobic very afraid of mice.
Fruits Basket - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 23 - Words: 43,070 - Reviews: 317 - Favs: 116 - Follows: 20 - Updated: 1/29/2003 - Published: 11/28/2002 - Tohru H., Yuki S. - Complete
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Kagome decides to try dancing under the night sky in Inu-chans world... (u know, one of those impulsive, i-feel-like-trying-this things...) and a certain half dog demon follows her . InuKag songfic!
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(AU)Kagome Higurashi had always been sort of a klutz. She usually excused it as a phase, but when forbidden secrets and a certain silver-haired boy from her past jump into her life, she decides to seek help. The problem? No one else can see him. InuKag.
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After a train accident in her time, Kagome loses all her memory except her childhood years. When her body becomes possessed, can InuYasha's and her own love help break through the barriers of darkness? (Hiatus no more!)
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(COMPLETED)16 year old Kagome Higurashi has always kept her past under lock and key. But when the one man she never wants to meet again returns, her world turns upside down, and she finds herself running for her life more than ever before. InuKag.
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