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Author has written 7 stories for Artemis Fowl, and Prince of Tennis.

Before I start over, I want to make a public apology for my absence in fandom. This apology doesn't really apply to many people, but it applies sufficiently to my mates, absurd musings and KiriharaAkaya, and most of all, to Azure.Gauze, who I had been beta-ing for before I randomly disappeared. Please forgive me for (not following your work(s), not responding to PMs, not participating in SPAMSPOT).

I am currently Y.



I always try to follow a format of some sort so readers know what's up. Important announcements regarding the fic(s) I'm active in as well as the fic(s) of other people who I'm beta-ing for will be listed after my status (see Status -- Author). My bio section will remain largely unchanged unless I find it too tacky (again). This section is divided up by fandoms, most recent to least recent, so go ahead and jump to the one you're here for. Most likely, however, you'll find that I'm not working in your favor. Therefore, please check where I'm currently active in (below) before you add me on your Alert list. I have a life, you (hopefully?) have a life... shit happens, and as such, FF can suddenly become #2 (or even 3, 4) in priority. If something came up in RL, I'll be sure to let you know at the top of my profile. Deal?

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Projected timespan: 6 mo


Percentages are always written as () completed.

Statuses -- Fics:

IP -- In Progress. (I'm in the middle of it, I80!)

C -- Complete. (That's it. No more.)

TC -- Technically Complete. (Usually means a fic is done, but hasn't undergone rigorous editing or other filters. AKA, a euphemism for "Please excuse the bad writing I've thrust upon your dainty eyes, this sentence included.")

IH -- Indefinite Hiatus. (Very good chance of returning to IP, but no promises. Reasons for this status include: preoccupation with another fandom, lack of inspiration, suddenly getting a boyfriend... just kidding about the last one.)

H -- Hiatus. (Only a mild chance of returning, if at all.)

D -- Discontinued. (Don't bank on any D fics being revived or sustained.)

Statuses -- Author:

G -- Green. (Deadlines will be hit and maybe even surpassed.)

YG -- Yellow-Green. (Kind of jolty, less-than-satisfactory output. Send me an angry PM, though, and I'll probably stir. Fics being beta'd will still proceed on schedule.)

Y -- Yellow. (Yuck! Feeling the blues, unpredictable dedication.)

R -- Red. (Two words: Final. Exams.)

B -- Black. (I'm on another year or two of not-being-here!)



Plot-constructing. Check back later.


Tennis no Oujisama

Apples to Apples (1) -- IH

Summary: Planned novella stuffed full of backstabbing, manipulation, smuttiness, psychological breakdown, and overall chaos. Fuji is targeted, inter-school spying ensues, and a multitude of romantic relationships start to form. But do these relationships serve ulterior purposes? How does one quantify passion in terms of tennis? Brutal fic for Fuji and Kirihara. Not for people who can't bear seeing their favorite characters get reduced to dust.

Family Feud (1) -- H

Summary: Yukimura and Jirou both find letters inviting their team to participate in an episode of Family Feud, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Atobe's refusal exasperates Oshitari, making things rocky for the Dirty Pair. Kabaji finally gets his turn at a microphone. And of course, nothing is complete without a healthy splash of Inui Juice.

Class With Józef Chłopicki (93) -- TC, wasn't as subtle as I wanted. Revise later.

Summary: Our favorite, hyperactive tensai gets bored in civitas class. He discovers that the girl in front of him is writing horrible things about him in her diary instead of paying attention to class. Professor mentions the Polish general for good measure. What does this have anything to do with Marui's playstyle?

Doublespeak (90) -- TC

Summary: A short drabble for Mizuki Hajime. Mizuki-chan rants as he stays at home, after repeatedly playing Frédéric Chopin's Marzurka No. 23 (Opus 33) for four hours straight. Sometimes being intelligent means being bitter toward prodigies.

Sober (100) -- C

Summary: After Niou and Marui break up, Marui begs Niou to teach him how to be cynical and indifferent. Niou, wanting to protect his ex, willingly gives everything he's got. Both sides retain feelings for each other, but are unable to reconcile their disparities.


Artemis Fowl

I'm not sure if I'll ever return to this fandom, but a little voice inside me says Maybe, real loud.

And Then There Was (80) -- TC. Riddled with holes and inexperience, despite its nomination. I will probably never get to revise it, though.

Summary: Artemis was described as being speechless only twice in his lifetime. What made him speechless the first time? Semi-cracky angst, starring a five-year-old protagonist along with an eerie penguin printed on a fat woman's shirt. Set in the muggy heat of downtown Los Angeles. Nominated for best drama / one-shot in the Orion Awards.

Imagining Reality (2) -- D

Summary: The Underground has been infected with a seemingly incurable virus. Holly is sent to plead for help; the antidote lies with a sinister associate of Carla Frazetti. Who's gonna get down and dirty with the mafia to save the day? A classic Mary Sue by the name of Miriena Hallinan, of course! And her unbelievable little six-year-old sister, who probably knows algebraic topology already. I was such a thirteen-year-old when I wrote this.


Harry Potter

Only plans, nothing substantial. I have a novella on the Marauder Era in mind; I also owe Dim Aldebaran an exchange fic with the prompt "Snape walks into a bar..." (Note: I hated the seventh book, and have lost all hope in this fandom. Good luck reinstilling faith.)

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Illust reviews
Kirihara comforts Marui with Belgian ale, while Marui really, really doesn't want to have sex. Made with all the words created from a memorable game of Scrabble. /One-shot/
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Sober reviews
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Class With Józef Chłopicki reviews
Marui sits patiently through civitas class, reliving a lost doubles match. The girl in front writes scathing remarks about him in a diary, which he reads over her shoulder and draws parallels to the game. Warning: overgelled hair. /One-shot/
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What made Artemis speechless, twice, when he was five? This fic attempts to explain. /Guys... this was a one-shot. That means it's over. Also, ATTW certainly wasn't my best work. There were tons of holes. Much love for the support./ /One-shot/
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