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Hello all, my name is V 4 Vellian. And you all know the meaning of my name and I plan on sticking to it. Let's get onto a little bit about me.

I was born in April 22 of the year 2002. I love Dragon ball, which has encouraged me to do a lot of things--one of those being writing. Since I was around 12 I would have a binder and hundreds sheets of papers, writing chapter and chapter on the same what if subject. Over time my writing improved (still needs improving). I thank Akira Toriyama for making such a beautiful franchise. If not for him, a void would be filled in my world, which includes writing. I will write all my stories to completion and I already have some projects ready to go. Eventually I will branch out and go to other communities, but I don't know when. Until now expect the same thing. I appreciate you reading this as you also get to know a little bit about me.

Current Completed Works:

Dragon Ball 420

A parody on weed. Goku goes shopping with Goten one day and gets called out by a rather peculiar stranger to try some some stimulant. Goku doesn't know exactly what to do until the final moment was to come.

Uncovered Sentiments

A special tribute to Hiromi Tsuru, the original voice actor for Bulma, who had passed. Goku has many emotions he feels he needs to let go in respect to the person who has literally been with him from the start of it all. I originally posted this the night of Hiromi's death, November 16, 2017. I re-uploaded because I felt some tweaks needed to be made.

What Type of Father

For so long now have there been jokes of Goku being a bad father and this and that. And the joke has been perpetuated to the point where people genuinely believe Goku to be a bad father. Here, Gohan takes a surprising dive into the internet and gets to see the opinions of others based on his dad's fatherood, whether if it is truly good or not. By the end, Gohan voices his own opinion on the matter. (Father's Day Special).

Works in Progress:

Dragon Ball: A Power-Level Series

This isn't a story, but rather my own personal take on Power-Levels within the Dragon Ball Series. Everything here is subjective, so not all of what I say is complete fact. It is up to the individual, of course. I've thought about going to Dragon Ball Super, but I've decided to do movies and other specials instead for when I'm done with all the main canon parts of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball: A Different Path

This story has a very common concept: pertaining to what-if Goku never bumped his head. Well, I decide to twist it up a bit and have Kakarot being picked up by Pilaf and from there, he will tread a different life compared to what Goku did. I project a total of 80 chapters will be published by the time I'm finished with this story.

Son's Presence:

This is an AU as to if Goku entered the Room of Spirit and Time and actually trained there for one entire day while he trained under Kami for three years. One wouldn't think that it would change much of Dragon's Ball Lore, but the butterfly effect is strong with this one...

I have countless other stories I wish to publish to this community, all the other 15 (and more) Dragon Ball projects I have saved up just to publish on this site one day. I'll probably be in my mid 20's by the time I finish them all, but so be it. I may have uploaded other stories, but deleted them for personal reasons. I plan on taking everything one step at a time to progressively get better at writing stories. I have a lot planned, though I just need the time to bring them all out. More ideas for stories will come to me, so it may even be that I'll have more than just ten ready to be typed and published. This will of course help me excel at being a better writer in general. And I can say the only thing that will stop me from writing these stories is death as writing is something I can do for hours upon hours for consecutive days. Very seldom do I get writer's block. I hope some of you join me for the journey, because it'll be a long one.

PS: None of the characters I write under are owned by me, only with the exception of me having an originated character myself. So rights to the people who own the stories I am writing for are not under me.

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Son's Presence reviews
Goku, subsequent to entering the Room of Spirit and Time with Gohan, informed his son that he tried to use the room under the tutelage of Kami, though wasn't able to last a month at the time. What if Goku pushed himself to spend one entire day in the chamber, how would the events of Dragon Ball and Z turn out? Read and see.
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Gohan decides to dig deep into the internet this very special day. When he finds out about people's personal opinion on Son Goku as a father, he raises his brow in confusion and mild frustration. Does the opinion of Son Goku being a father in the real world match up to the opinion of Son Gohan, the man who knows him better than no other? (One-Shot).
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