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I am GaGa4FrightNight and I am gaga for Fright Night!

I light up my cigarette; I know, they’re bad for me. Hush up, Ma! The smooth menthol of this Misty Light 120 tastes pretty damned good right now. I’ve surpassed my mid thirties and caught into my late thirties. Here I am, smoking on this long assed cigarette trying to figure out my next move. I’m a writer, of sorts, and enjoy creating characters from my mess of a brain. So many damned ideas and so little time to get them all down on the computer. But lately I’ve been on this other inspirational kick. Since I could remember I always loved horror movies and especially ones that contain vampires. I think my first taste for vampires came from George Hamilton as the famous Dracula in Love at First Bite; he was so freaking adorable and funny. But truly, my taste for the nastier side of vampirism sprouted, like two prominent fangs, when I watched Fright Night on the television in my family’s living room, I was probably eight when it came on HBO. Oh my god, the movie scared the hell outta little me. When Evil Ed went all reversal from wolf to human I ran to the couch in the dining room and hid under the blankets until it was over. Well, it was a few years later when I found Fright Night at the local grocery store that I rented along with a VCR and *BOOM* GaGa4FrightNight truly came to be.

Around twelve I began my undying obsession for this movie and more so for the fabulously irresistible Jerry Dandridge. Damn Chris Sarandon and his fine 1985 self, right then and there I began a thing for more mature men. Sadly Fright Night became my escape from my teenage years; I was the kid who got bullied and so I spent all my time watching the movie repeatedly which sparked my creative side, writing and drawing. I have plenty to thank Fright Night for. Some might think I would have lost my sanity but my sanity was the only thing I had left in me. Fright Night gave me so much imaginative freedom. And Jerry Dandridge was my idea of the perfect man; physically and mentally. He was beautiful in the most masculine way imaginable. Tall, dark, and handsome with a very deadly side; every little girl has a thing for the bad guy. I always thought it a shame that he died in the end; all he wanted was to be left alone and be loved. Such a tragedy watching him basically delivered into the pits by of hell by a ray of bright sunshine. Vampires have it so damned bad. Imagine living an eternity trying to keep a secret, have some asshole kid find out that secret which means you gotta be the bad guy, again! Then when you give the punk a chance to forget about everything he just ups and makes it worse by trying to take advantage of your allergy to crosses. So, what choice do you have? None. So, you unfortunately have to do whatever it takes to rub the shithead out and in the process you find someone who could quite possibly make a good replacement for that long lost tragic romance you lost a few centuries back. Hey, things are looking up. But, no, it all has to go bust and what happens? Yep, you die in the end when all you ever wanted was some damned peace and quiet while getting your freak on with an under aged teen. Life really sucked in the end for poor Jerry Dandridge.

So, as any teen, we grow up. I grew up, got married, had a beautiful baby girl, got divorced and went through a few tragic relationships afterwards. Well, I just get back up, like Jerry did in his coffin, and rip out that metaphorical stake from my broken heart and move on. Moving on and moving on, my dream finally came into my life and made all my many romantic dreams come true. I had a happy ending of sorts. I have my baby girl who now walks around with an attitude while dying her hair every color in the rainbow and poking holes in her lips. And I have my hubby, my tall, dark and handsome, so it’s all good. But, you know what, Fright Night is still there; in my heart Jerry Dandridge will always hang around. I have both an understanding hubby and brat daughter. They had come to terms with my love for Fright Night long time ago and accepted it from the beginning. Knowing me is having to know Fright Night as well. There are some that would make the assumption that I’m overly obsessed with it. Actually, I am; well not overly, but obsessed in my own way.

In the past several months I’ve found a type of calling; a resource to vent out my obsession and share with the internet world my undying love for Fright Night. I write and write giving new life to these thirty year old characters and bringing new ones in their worlds. There is nothing like putting myself into something I truly love. I love Fright Night. I respect Fright Night and the man, Tom Holland, who gave it beautiful life. And I love everything that is Fright Night; with exception to the remake and its sequel. I am sorry if anyone gets offended by my biasness. Why redo something that is perfect? Why take something that has stood the test of decades of times and try to make it something it was never meant to be? To me, it’s like taking a perfectly aged person and forcing them to have a shitload of plastic surgery to make them younger and more desirable. Darlings, to this day, our beloved Fright Night of 1985 is as desirable now as it was thirty years ago. Don’t fix something that’s not broken. I sure and the hell don’t. I embrace everything that is Fright Night and hold it dear and close to my ever loving heart. I am the biggest fan in my own right. I have seen the movie more times to count. I know the movie word for word with the volume down. I have listened to both pirate commentaries. I have read the script and the movie's companion book. I have drawn many portraits of Jerry Dandridge to the point I could have drawn him from memory. And, please, look what I’ve written and published. I LOVE ME SOME FRIGHT NIGHT, BABY!

Where is this going? You’re probably asking yourselves. Well, I really don’t know. I am going where ever my mind takes me. Which direction? Who knows?

My brick road could be going one way or the other. I’ll just put on my blood ruby platform hooker boots collected from the Wicked Vampire of the East Regine’s rotten corpse given to me by the good and flakey Judy and go skipping down the road where I’ll meet up with the brain damaged Evil Ed, then the broken hearted Amy, followed by the scared shitless Charley and together we’ll skip arm in arm singing Fright Night by the J. Geils band. We will sing and skip our way towards Fright Night City where the Great Vampire Killer Peter Vincent resides so he could grant us all our wishes. Along the way, we are tormented and chased by the extremely sexy Wicked Vampire of the West Jerry Dandridge who is pissed that my old Victorian from 99 Oak dropped on his sister’s fat head and desperately wants to control the power of my naughty hooker boots. We dodge attacks from the flying Billy Cole’s who do their master’s bidding like good little bitches. We find our way through the thorny rose field and arrive at Fright Night City where we get bitching makeovers and meet the Great Vampire Killer who turns out to be a big assed coward and denies our wishes. I plead, all Evil wants is not to have his weird brain, Amy just wants Charley to stop trying to get into her pants and for him to simply love her, and all poor Charley wants is to see the light of another day without having his jugular torn into and his blood sucked dry. And I say all I want is…

Keep Fright Night immortal!



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