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Hello everyone. I wouldn't say I'm back, but I do wish to finish my stories. So, I will do my best to fulfill them. Any updates that happen now will be inconsistent. It will probably be strange since I will be picking up right where I left off with any stories.

Hi, I'm KurenekoGrimm. Please call me whatever you like. Nothing nasty though. I'm writing purely for fun and I'll accept any comments and reviews that will help improve. PM me if you have questions. I might not answer right away but don't worry. I hope you all enjoy what I write and comments, questions, and reviews are all welcomed. Don't be shy. I write with the help of my friend who now has an account now and her name is IvoryGoddessReaper. I'll tell you a little about myself.

I'm female. I'm sixteen! I love to draw. I currently draw Sonic characters and my picture is my character, Eve. I'm being infected with the disease that is Homestuck thanks to Ivory. I don't cuss myself but there will be some in my stories. I have several story ideas so let me tell you a few.

I don't think I should ever work on five stories at once ever again. It's too frustrating!!!

Sapphire Moon (In Progress)

You all know this already. I know the summary is sucky but I really worked hard on the story itself. It'll mean a lot to me if you just read it for yourselves. This is actually my first story.

Blood Ark (In Progress)

I was inspired by mTshadow's Zone 10 story so I'm making one similar to it. He's okay with it, I got an okay so it's not stealing. I'll be creating a story that fades in and out on the movie as well as my own spice. Read as I take you on a journey of despair, rivers of blood, and nerve-wrecking madness. I recommend that you read Zone 10. It's a great story that keeps you on edge every second of the way.

Wild Nights(On Hiatus)

Placed in the time of kings and knights. The king has a terrible secret that should never be found over. A princess of a broken kingdom and tyrant that lusts for power.

Dancing With a Demon (Completed)

I had this amazing idea that started when I asked one of my friends what I should draw. She wanted a pic with Mephiles in it and I drew him in formal wear with my character. I started thinking about story ideas because of this picture.

Sequel is in progress

But what is the pairing? Mepheve or Shadeve? The readers decide. Poll is up at the top. Pick whatever one you want, even those who hadn't read the story are welcome. There is no time limit it's just when I feel like it.

The Gray Garden (Waiting)

This a PC game. I really liked the story line so I figured I'd make it into a story. I will be using OCs and some offical characters to go with. I have all of the characters needed for this story to begin. However, because I have around four stories to complete right now, this story will not be posted until at least one is finished. Thank you to everyone that allowed me to use their OCs. I hope you all enjoy this cute story when it's up.

Corpse Party Sonic Style (In Progress)

The sick, twisted nightmare we all love is now Sonic style. Join as I create the insanity that will pursue the chosen students of Chaos Academy. The despair I write will surely make you crave for more. (Note: Know that everyone is different, therefore, not everyone will crave for the oncoming of this story. It's just sounds cool, yeah?)

Bride of the Demon (In Progress)

No relation to Dancing With a Demon!! I just have to clarify that, don't want any mix-ups. This was a manga one-shot I wanted to write so here it is. Beside there's not a lot of Mephiles fics if you know what I mean. So I think so fangirls are saluting me right now for saying that Mephiles will be in most(?) of my stories. People tell the fangirls that he's here! Seriously, he's in this, Dancing (its sequel too), and I shouldn't be revealing this but Wild Nights, Gray garden and two more stories that I haven't written yet. Tell me if you want MORE Mephy!

I do have more stories but they're minor right now or in the midst of being plotted.

My OCs and OCs of friends

Eve Roslia She's a purple hedgehog with sapphire blue eyes. A very curvy and short body with long hair. She's a bit shy and quiet sometimes but she's a wonderful character.

Cheyenne Galactica A snowy white hedgehog with sky blue hair and icy blue eyes. Taller than Eve and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Ichiro and Haru The twins! These brothers are nearly inseparably and sharing nearly everything with the other. Ichiro is an ivory hedgehog with black-striped wilted quills. Three piercings on his left ear, tuft of fur on his chest and sparkling pale blue eyes. Haru is an onyx hedgehog with white painted on his raised quills. Three piercings on his right ear, tuft of fur on his chest and deep intoxicating red eyes. Ichiro is the more talkative of the two and normally talks for his brother. Haru doesn't normally speak unless needed or is in the mood to tease. These two have the unexplainable favorite hobby of teasing our violet heroine. (Eve)

Ichiro is featured in Bride of the Demon. I have yet use both in one of my stories. Poor Haru!

Tsubaki Kuroi My ninja with a lonely and battle worn past. She's a dark gray furred wolf with a bright and burning amber stare to unnerve you to no end. She has bandages adressed to her chest(breasts) and hakama as her pants. Wherever she hides her weapons is good because no one can find them or even work up the nerve to try. Main weaponry is a ninja blade and a bow though daggers aren't far from her. Tsubaki's only romantic interest is Eve unfornuately and loves to show off her abilities in battle for her. She's calm and level-headed in battle but is normally lazy through out the house. Speaks only when needed otherwise will give you a cold glare before sparring with you, even if you don't want to. When she fights, she fights to kill, just like how she was trained when she was younger.

There's more to come

I'll be using these characters in my stories a lot but perhaps with some encouragement, I'll write a Sonamy or something. It's up you readers! Thanks for taking the time to read all this. Have fun reading!

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