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Hi ya'll. I am Spoonerific. I like spoons. A lot. Walked around for about 15 minutes with a spoon stuck to me nose, yes I did.

Name (first only, you stalkers!): Kelsey
Nickname by close friends: Lost
Name I would want to have if I could change it: Arietta
Age: 14, nearly 15
Hair/Eye color:Dirty blonde/Blue gray
Favorite Color(s): Blue, Purple, Silver, and Black
Favorite Food: Steak with mashed potatoes

-A suicidal, skittish rat named Nezumi who crawls up my shirt and leaps off desks

I regret to say that over the summer, Nezumi died.I now have two new rats, Yuki and Kyou whom I have not had long enough to develope personalities.

-A schizophrenic cat named Loki

Location: In the Party Wagon (And if you've seen that movie, I want to have your babies)

Current anime shows I like:
Rurouni Kenshin (Back on CN! I smile!)
InuYasha (An off and on fandom, depends if I'm awake or not)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (But only if it's Duelist Kingdom/Manga)
Fruits Basket (Entire DVD set, thank you very much. And with YYH voices too...)
NightWalker (Shiiiiiiiiido. Kenshin's VA +Cussing +Getting raped = OMG DEATH)
Saiyuki (First DVD only, sadly.)

DNAngel (SQUEEOMG Satoshi!)

FullMetal Alchemist/Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (RoyEd yo. Hurrah for CN)

Chrno Crusade (I adore this anime sosososososoooo much. I adore the manga more though)

Getbackers ( Akabane ... Kazuki ... MakubeX ...)

Manga series I like:
YuYuHakusho (Hiei is a zillion times cuter in the manga, it's TRUE)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (The manga is SOOOOO much better)
Naruto (Gorgeous, gorgeous art IMHO, and I want to see this dubbed soooooooo badly)
One Piece (PIRATES!)
Shaman King (OMFG FAUST!)
Demon Diary (Eclipse is tehsexx)
Fruits Basket (Pretty shiny)
Angel Sanctuary (The art is to DIE for.)

Chrno Crusade (Much, much better than the anime. More fanservice and Aion stuffs.)

DNAngel (The anime has better fanservice so far though)

Getbackers (Akabane. . .-drool-)

I digress.

Stuff I like:
-Fantasy fiction
-Shounen-ai. Don't like it, then fuck off.
-Cats/Rats/Collie dogs
-Pulling all nighters (Who needs sleep?)
-Linkin Park music
-Barenaked Ladies music (my tastes vary, sue me)
-The entire Team Toguro. Shoulder-Monkey rocks in a sadistical way, Karasu...just plain rocks, I feel bad for Bui, Sakyo is teh awesome trillionaire, and the Hulk has a personality complex. (Why, yes, I do have nicknames, shut up!
-Itsuki. He just plain rocks, dammnit.
-Karasu. He gets so little love! And I have now come to peace with the fact that I am a mad squeeing fangirl of his. AND I'M PROUD DAMMIT.
-Cussing randomly. The words are there for a reason people, there is no reason to deny them existence because some people are offended by them! They're words too!

Stuff I don't like:
-Racists/Sexists/Disrcriminatory people
-Being too warm. I like winter, dangit!
-When people sneer at my drawings. They may not be manga worthy, but they ain't crap either
-Insecure, clingy people

Goals in Life
-Meet Chuck Huber (He's the voice actor for Hiei)
-Meet John Burgmeier (He's the voice actor for Kurama/Shirgure Sohma and a writer/executive for Funimation)
-Meet Justin Cook (Voice actor of Yusuke and Haru Sohma and major executive for Funimation)
-Meet Kyle Herbert (Karasu's VA)

-Meet Greg Ayres.
-Go to Egypt
-Go to Japan
-Go all over Europe
-Learn Japanese

That's enough for now, now for Fave pairings. In no particular order or sort.
/ means either way, x is for semexuke pairings.

Karasu / Kurama
Yusuke x Hiei
Hiei / Yukina wink
Touya x Yukina
Bakura / Malik
InuYasha x Kagome
Naraku x Kikyo
Kyo x Tohru
Hiei / Touya (Whaaaaaa?)
Jin x Touya
Karasu / Kuronue. I want to see a fic of this sooooo badly.
Karasu x Botan. I don't know either.
Rosette x Chrno. In that order yo.

Aion x Chrno. Because Chrno is SUCH an uke.

Satoshi x Daisuke

Ed/Al Elric. INCEST!

George/Fred Weasley (TWINCEST)

Eclipse x Raenef

Righto, that's all I can really think of, save for my muses. hugs muses

Sakiyono:Tiny, tiny lil kid, with way messy black hair and red eyes. cough Very innocent and cute, and he loves to sing. He is cuddled and glomped hourly by the other muses. He serves as motivation for angsty and cutesy descriptions.

Karasu: He gets so...little "real" character developement in the show, he has crawled into my brain and taken over. He likes quoting children's literature (Espcially Lemony Snicket), and is hyper and geeky when not being a wise-cracking sarcasm-o. Sakiyono adores him and follows him around like a lost puppy. Most of my bunnies nowadays involve him...But I'm trying to ignore those for now. (Has ideas for a friggin Karasu/Sakyo, WTF.0.o)

Pacca: A short, vaguely gothic bitch who is occasionly very sweet and motherly. She dresses in loose, baggy, black clothes, and she is the provider of snarky dialouge. And smut scenes. Kinky smut scenes. grins wickedly

My little sister: How can you not love a shounen-ai lover who walks up to you and just asks random "What-ifs" about animes that can only lead to plot bunnies?

My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Kayla: Really...the same as above. And she actually understands when I suddenly clutch my head and wail "THE BUUUUUUUNIES!"

And the following are those from YuYuHakusho who gently tap me on the shoulder and beg me to tell their stories in a new fic of mine I'm starting (Try To See It My Way)...That I need to upload. I just hate my own work, it takes me forever...And the descriptions are a bit vague because I'm paranoid and afraid that someone will steal the ideas.

Rinku - Poor kid. His story is so sweet and sad.
Touya - Abused little icemaster. He's very shy and hasn't told me much yet.
Jin - I'm too busy glomping him and listening to his voice than what he's saying, but I know it's sad.
ShishiWakamaru: This little bishie has a sad past indeed.conspiratoral whispers Deep rooted psycological issues this one has, oh yesh.
Chuu- There is a deeper meaning to his drinking. He just hasn't told me what it is yet.
Bui- He's a sobber all right. Really. Not very emotionally stable.

And all the other various character's whom creep forth from their various shows to bug me constantly and occasionly make me start cackling for no good reason in the middle of class. glares I don't want to hear about Hiei stripdancing...oh wait I do. DAMMN YOU, BUNNIES! Or Sasuke's adventure's with hip-wiggling. Or Bui in a maid's outfit...(The last one scared you, didn't it?) Crap. -writes furiously-


Okay, current project, a KarasuKurama fic, in which the affection is mutual, just because I felt like it, and the plot-bunny would not leave me alone. Blame him! points finger at Karasu, who grins and waves And because I kept getting wonderful, wonderful ideas.
Also, a series of oneshots about the "villains" of the Dark Tournament(Possibly beyond, Itsuki just showed up in my brain...Damn bishie! I can not resist the cuteness!(I personally think he's cuter than Orlando Bloom, is that weird?)).Simply because I love the baddies and I have a bad habit of feeling sorry for them and try to rationalize their reasons.

-Flying: a oneshot about Kuronue's dream to fly. Quite cute and also quite funny, from what I've heard from my friends.

In the works
-A series of chapter's from the villains point of view.
-Maybe a YukinaHiei fic
-Chibi adventure
-Karasu/Botan fic. Erm...
-A KarasuSakyo crawled into my head awhile ago, it won't leave me alone...

-Just. ...loads of Chrno Crusade drabbles.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Marry me reviews
Just a sweet little fic featuring Mitari and Hagiri. Shonen-Ai fluff.
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,380 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/26/2004
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Zarla (34)