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Hi. My name is Jade and I'm addicted to betaing. Right now I'm listed as inactive, but please feel free to PM or email me anyway for anything from a quick opinion to a full-on beta. I'm generally busy, but if I reach a lull in life (one can hope, right?) or if the fic is short enough, I'd love to look it over.

Other than that, I frequently experience writer's block, and I firmly believe that forcing myself to write results in crappy work. I have done it if I feel that I'm permanently losing momentum, but I don't like it. So I want to assure you that if I promise to finish something, I will finish it, but it may take a while. I try to keep the in progress list fairly up to date, since I know that waiting for updates without a schedule is frustrating. Please bear with me.

Also, if you think I'd enjoy a particular fic (especially your own), want reccs, or are just bored and want to chat, feel free to PM me. I love making internet-friends and exchanging ideas.

One last thing. I want to shamelessly pimp a fic I beta: Best Days by Adi1 (Naruto fandom). It's an interesting idea and is written with a very wry sense of humor.

So look around, say hi, and I hope you enjoy my stuff.

UPDATE 8/8/11

I am starting medical school today. They told me Tuesday, which is why this hasn't gone up sooner. But I'm afraid it means that all my stuff will go unfinished, so what I will do is post everything I have and write a synopsis for what I haven't done yet. A promise is a promise, and I promised that I will finish True Love, so by God, you will at least know how it ends. Don't you just hate when authors drop stories?

Update: 3/16/12

My email has been hacked and I no longer have access to it. Please believe me when I say I'm not being rude by not replying to your review. I'd love your comments (especially your criticisms), and I will get back to you, I just need to find a new way to do so. (Addendum: technology is my nemisis)

In Progress (3/16/12):

1. True Love-- Ch 10 (final chapter) finished, epilogue written aside from some canon research I have to do. This is a bit complicated. After finding out that I had gotten into medical school, I intended to skip my original chapter 8 and 9, finished chapter 10 and the epilogue, and end the story. I am TECHNICALLY all set to post the final chapter and epilogue, but leaving out two chapters is really not sitting well with me, so more waiting! Update: Ch 9 also finished, unbetaed. Ch 8 half written.

2. Seven Deadly Sins--Greed being planned (Also, fun fact: the porn chapter has far more hits than either of the others. Oh, Internet. You're so silly.)

3. Other things--One ficlet starring Gai so far. Written, but not yet on my computer; A series of ficlets about the defining moments of Sakura's life, from other people's POVs (Ch. 1 and 2 complete, chapter 3 in the works)

4. Maybe something cyberpunk-y? Team 7 as police in a futuristic mafia-controlled world (akin to the anime Metropolis). The plot as it stands needs major revamping.

5. Messing around with the idea of a Naruto cross-over. Nothing concrete yet. Any requests?

Avatar from Gangsta Shit by Samurai-PET (DeviantArt). I'm kind of in love with the whole picture, but unfortunately this site would only let my avatar show part of it. You should definitely check it out though.

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