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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans.

Gender: Female

Eyes: Extremley dark brown

Hair Color: Extremly dark Brown, some call it black, but it isn't.

Hieght: I dunno.

Voice: Very boring/monotonous, canbe different depending on my mood... or health.

Other crap: I play World of Wrcraft

Favorite Books: Poe, because I like his style of writing, which I will never achieve in my entire lifetime... no matter how hard I try.

Favorite TV show: Teen Titans

Favorite character: Raven

Favorite Bands: Linkin Park, Evanecsence, Green Day, System of s Down, what ever I stumble upon (not a band)

Faveorite songs: In the End, Faint, Paper cut, Points of Authority, Crawling, One step closer, Pushing me away, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken dreams, etc

Favorite movie type: Horror... or comedy, depending on what mood I'm in... usually horror.

Best movies ever: The Ring, Scary Movie 3.

Favorite colors: Black and Red

Favorite Food: Pockey, Ramen, Cup of Noodles

Sports: Field hockey, lacrosse (yes, I know, it so cliche)

Things I've said:

It's too happy in this room. in a room full of angry people

That doesn't look like me, I don't ever wink... ever. critizizing my friend's sketch of me

If I wanted to die, would I write a depressing poem like that one? Me pointing to my English work

Casey est pestis, furcifer.

Once I burnt a paper and it turned grey... and the black ink turned red. It shriveled when I touched it... like me when you try to hug me.

You''l never know now runs away

I'm amazed that you haven't been shot in the face yet.

Latin is my favorite class.

(In Latin class)


Substitute Teacher: I work hard for my money, so I earn it.

Me: How much money do you make?

ST: ... take out your books.

Learn your Latin.

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This is just a poem that I made up in English, (but I am turning it in for a grade, so shh [Go me, I got an A but now everyone excludes me, so now I go to a new school]). It's about Raven and her emotions. Flames accepted, so please R&R.
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