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Author has written 4 stories for My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, and Web Shows.

Hello, visitors!

I am a person who hates people but can't help shipping some anime characters! (And maybe some YouTubers as well)

There is no hope for humanity. :)

(please pm me so this potato can become your friend)

Okay that was a bad first impression, please forget about that and also lets be friends, savvy? ;)

Fics (currently) in Progress(not uploaded yet):

"The Underground Escape"

A fanfic taking place in Sinnoh region, with our protagonist player character. Probably will be one-shot.

Pairing: Daigo Tsuwabuki(Steven Stone) x Kōki(Lucas)

Got idea for this story after thinking of the explorer kit the character receives from an npc in Eterna city. Back in my early childhood, I used to play my Pokemon Platinum version and I recall myself always mining something in the underground. I also spent a lot of time getting traps and accessories for my base. I used to waste so much time in there... Precious time I'll never get back. Oh well. At least it was fun.

After searching for quite a while, I have yet to find this pairing being worshipped anywhere. So I have decided to officially create a name for this shipping. Undergroundshipping, or maybe ExplorerKitshipping sounds reasonable enough. What do you guys think? Feel free to PM me with suggestions, if any!


"Never Again"

A Bleach humor/attempt at humor/such that said attempt resembles a crack fic (sort of). No romance.

Main characters in one-shot: Ichigo and his inner Hollow

Time: pre-timeskip

I started writing this when I was in middle school, but it has since been abandoned. I'll try to pick it up and revise. It's probably going to turn out as crack though, my 14-yr old self wrote this. Or maybe it will be funny. Who knows.

Not going to spill out the gist of the plot yet.

SNK (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attac on Titan):

Eren x Levi fanfic.

After being in the dark ages of having no interesting anime to watch, I recently stumbled upon this and watched the whole anime, and got up to date with the manga, so I'll be high on this shipping for a while. Until I step into the dark ages again.

Update: Yeah, when I thought I was in the dark ages, I actually found the amazing series known as Boku no Hero Academia. After some time if I get bored then SnK will definitely be the first on the list that I'll get back to.

Update Número Dos: Um, yeah, so I kinda met this amazing anime called Death note, which I met before and said 'wtf is dis teriblé shít' and so I stopped watching it, but then few years later I watched it again and I was like, 'NIBBA GIVE ME DAT SHÎT' so unfortunately the Levi x even fic is gonna be postponed for approximately another ten years bye see you like never.



im done xd

Bnha(Boku no hero academia):


Its another rape recovery fic, guys. Endeavor x Shouto. Followed up by some nice Izuku x Shouto.

Im planning to make this a slow story, you know, drag this out quite a bit, maybe even reach that 20k word mark. I hope I'll be able to do that.

Title may change.

Additional notes:

There are also some crack fics I wrote that should never be read and should never surface. God forbid you happen to stumble upon one of my own.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading what I will release soon.

Uploaded fics in progress:

Boku no hero academia:

The Butt Crack On Avenue Street

Honestly, I don't know what to say about the title. I just came up with this crack story, and I had no idea what to put up for the name! So I put down the first thing that came to mind and sounded completely unreasonable and unrelated. The only thing relevant to the story that you will find in the title is the word 'crack', which is pretty much self-explanatory.

Yes, the story is about crack. About how All Might got kind of horny so he needed to relieve himself of some sexual tension, and on the way, he ended up dragging Izuku with him and then shit happens. No Izuku x Might here, just some good ol' mentoring involved.

And have I thought up quite the interesting plot for this! (Well, in my opinion.) It might even get serious at some point (or, as serious as a crack fic can possibly get), so enjoy!

Injured Again

The title is self-explanatory on this one. Izuku breaks his body while fighting off some villains, and Recovery Girl is away. Be prepared for a pleasant little surprise in the fifth chapter. Mmm I wonder how far can we go with this one? (Izuku x All Might)

"I've been waiting for this, you know."

Another rape fic. Except it's not recovery this time, it's total annihilation. Yandere Izuku obsessed with Bakugou, goes to kidnap him and then it all escalates from there. There will be lots of torture involved, but don't worry because our cute little Izuku 'loves' Katsuki with all his heart.

I wrote this because I don't really like Katsuki. At all. More like I fucking despise him. But right now he's starting to rub off on me, especially after the new manga chapters where we gained some insight on his motives for hurting Izuku. Whenever I see fanart of him I still recoil in disgust and pure hate, though.


Honestly I never thought I would start writing fiction depicting people from real life. But recently it seems that after draining all the quality anime sources I have started to look more and more at YouTube videos, searching through all the shîtposts I can find. I've been a fan of famous YouTube gamers and comedians and such for a long time, don't get me wrong, but after coming in contact with the fangirls' fanfics and their contagious ramblings on how the guys look so 'cute' together, I have decided to finally start writing something for this 'fandom'.

And so we saw

A work focusing on my favorite youtube's top gamers, most relevant to Pewdiepie. Main five characters: Pewds, Markiplier, Cry, KenToast and Jack.

Okay, that first sentence seems awkwardly phrased.

A sort-of-crack and comedy with my prompt being that the group managed to get Cry to reveal his identity to them. I don't think there will be a plot, which means that this will most likely just be a slice-of-life for now.

The pairings... Well, just as in my other crack fic on MHA, everyone is practically paired with everyone. Maybe not in a literal sense, but you know, having fun and sex at the same time is a pretty good combination right?

I started writing this because I was depressed. I recently began to realize that writing crack is very therapeutical and is easier to write when I feel down because it doesn't make sense and is very light-hearted and my brain exploded. But again it makes me feel weird that I'm starting to turn into a crack writer now. Like I'll only be known for writing crack. I had hoped I would be more like one of those normal ones out there, but it seems that even on the internet I stand out as an oddball. I'm fukèn rarted can I get shoutout please? thank you HAHA :DD

Some more stuff about me:


Love science.

Love sitting on my ass all day

Current mental state:

Prone to cancerous bouts of depression.



weeaboo/otaku psychopath (whatever that means, I don't even know what I'm writing anymore)


Pairings I like:


Itachi x Sasuke, Madara x Obito, Madara x Hashirama, Madara x Tobirama, Hashirama x Tobirama, Obito x Kakashi, Kakashi x Naruto, Naruto x Minato, Naruto x Jiraiya


Gintoki x Takasugi, Gintoki x Katsura, Gintoki x Hijikata, Gintoki x Shouyou, Gintoki x himself (with a slice of angst on the side. And yes, he's so good that I ship him with his own self.), Gintoki x Tatsuma

Death Note

Yagami Light x L, Yagami Light x Yagami Dark, Yagami Light x Yagami Light, 'Innocent' Light x the Kira version of Light, I JUST LIKE SHIPPING CHARACTERS WITH THEIR OWN SELVES OKAY?? Also, Light x Teru Mikami


Ichigo x Hollow/Zangetsu, Ichigo x Zangetsu/Quincy Manifestation, Ichigo x Kisuke, Ichigo x Isshin, Ichigo x Kyōraku, Kyōraku x Ukitake

One Piece

Doflamingo x Law, Luffy x Law, Luffy x Zoro, Ace x Luffy, Shanks x Luffy


Kaiba x himself, regular Kaiba x Season 0 Kaiba, Kaiba x Yugi or Yami, Yugi x Yami, Yusei x Jack, Yusei x that guy from team satisfaction but they put him in jail I forgot his name


I don't really ship characters from anime version, I don't consider pipsqueak Ash who can never become the champion canon. And the series is continuously milked with the same tropes, and no dark plot at all. Honestly it's just another retarded Japanese shit that uses same formula all the time.

I prefer to stay loyal to the game version.

May/Brendan x Daigo, Cyrus(Akagi) x Saturn, Cyrus x Lucas/Dawn, Gold/Ethan x Silver, Silver x Archer, Red x Green(Blue rival is from American version), Sycamore x Lysandre, Lysandre x Player Character, Kukui x Player Character

PMD Series:

Armaldo x Wigglytuff, Grovyle x Player Character, Grovyle x Celebi

Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka x Gon, Killua x Gon, Ging x Gon, Meruem x Komugi

Akagi, or Kaiji (as this occurs within the same universe)

Akagi x Kaiji

One Punch-Man

Saitama x Genos

Soul Eater

Death the Kid x Shinigami-sama (I know my tastes are weird), Death the Kid x Ashura

Detective Conan

Kaito x Shinchi, Gin x Shinichi, Shuichi x Shinichi, Yusaku x Shinichi

Magic Kaito

Kaito x Shinichi, Hakuba x Kaito


Zuko x Aang, Zuko x Iroh

Shingeki no Kyojin

Levi x Eren, Erwin x Levi (?notsure), Reiner x Eren

Bnha(Boku no Hero Academia)

All Might Toshinori Yagi x Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Izuku x Todoroki Shouto, Endeavor Todoroki Enji x Todoroki Shouto, Eraserhead Aizawa Shouta x Midoriya Izuku, Aizawa Shouta Eraserhead x Present Mic Yamada Hizashi


I used to be a fan of undertale for a short while, but now, not so much.

Frisk x Sans

Okay, from here on out shit kinda got crazy and I started shít posting all of a sudden because I'm currently not depressed, and that means I say some pretty crazy shit so steer clear lest you be consumed by the madness :D

Any kinks/fetish/preferences/whatever you call that shit:

Obviously, selfcest. If you haven't noticed. But only in certain circumstances, otherwise it's kind of a turn-off when two look-alikes meet without any logical reason. Whenever that happens, though, there's an easy way to make it more authentic and believable: just think of it that a portal to an alternate universe has opened up, and by some miraculous occasion, the character happened to meet his doppelganger. THERE! Solved. You know what they say, if there are no other cool characters, then might as well ship one character with their own selfves. Oh, wait, I said that.

Immediate turn-ons:

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links chat room 1. Dat shit is like a boner on steroids, also it's like grindr. Seriously. The chat moderation staff never does shit XD you can download the game at the App Store and play store. so if you want a hoe, you know where to go! (Look, that rhymed!) if you wanna fap, gotta take out the app! (Perhaps I should compose my own song)

Any tropes? Of course I have favorite tropes, who tf do you think I am, a novice reader?

Definitely time loops. Oh man, that Pandora's box is a one-way ticket to angsty land, which is why I love it. Also, you can reuse the same plot over and over again so my lazy brain doesn't have to think up anything different. And the readers won't even notice! HAHA, GOT'EM! (I'm so smart, I know, I can't believe it myself sometimes huehuehuehue :D)

Instant turn-offs:

ABO dynamics. Don't google it if you don't know, but for all of you furry faggots that like it: go get r4p3d, top kek. Xd lel

When a character is possessive. I still reads fics that have it, though, I just don't enjoy it when a character thinks of 'owning' another, stuff like that.

As you can see, I tend to dislike abrasive primal instincts. I wish I wouldn't be so affected by them and become a fgt, but oh well, everyone has certain things they hate.

Anything else and I can pretty much beat my non-existent meat stick to it if I try enough.

ok, end of shitposting. For now.

Will be updated later :3

Feel free to PM me anytime!


My Ao3:


(My profile there contains links to my other social media)

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Bleach - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 114,602 - Reviews: 1620 - Favs: 7,925 - Follows: 8,004 - Updated: 6/23/2018 - Published: 8/29/2013 - Ichigo K., Zangetsu, Tensa Zangetsu
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Subject 1A: Izuku Midoriya by the-wattpadian-101 reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 9 - Words: 35,457 - Reviews: 82 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 8/14/2015 - Published: 7/1/2013 - Deidara, Obito U.
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Soul Eater - Rated: T - English - Angst/Suspense - Chapters: 6 - Words: 39,654 - Reviews: 124 - Favs: 176 - Follows: 183 - Updated: 7/12/2015 - Published: 4/4/2015 - Asura, Death The Kid, Lord Death/Shinigami-sama
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