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Author has written 6 stories for Animorphs, Digimon, and Naruto.

Name: Mickiept
Age: College (wow, I'm getting old. I started this account in middle school. Gosh, wow, that's hard to believe. I don't FEEL old...)
Gender: Girl
Location: In my room, in a place that never was
Hair: Whatever color the cones and rods in your eyes and the society you live in tell you it is
Eyes: See above
Occupation: Student (science major), dreamer, wanna-be writer (need more time and dedication)
Hobbies: Writing, reading, drawing (badly), friends, anime, cartoons, listening to music, misc

FanFiction Turn-ons: good paragraph structure, good plot, decent grammar, clear distinction in characters

FanFiction Turn-offs: no paragraphs, lame/overused plot, writing that clearly was not proofread or checked for grammar and spelling, lack of characterization

Reviewer Turn-ons: constructive criticism, suggestions for what to do next

Reviewer Turn-offs: random sayings that clearly show that you did not even read the story

Future Stories:


Digimon Adventure X Akira Kamiya, Mariya Izumi, and Toshi Motomiya are four normal kids who happen to be the children of DigiDestined. This all changes one day when they are called into the Digital World and given their own partners. (Part 2 of Digimon Adventure Generations)

Digimon Adventure Genesis The eldest of the next generation are called to battle a new dark force, but the adventure quickly becomes much more dangerous than it first seemed. (Part 1 of Digimon Adventure Generations)

Digimon Adventure Neo Another group of DigiDestined is called to the Digital World, but this time, the enemy is much stronger and much more unexpected. (Part 3 of Digimon Adventure Generations)


Survivalmorphs 1: The Resistance My name is Jake. Almost everything I ever knew or cared about has been destroyed by the Yeerks since they started their open invasion over two years ago. But now…now we finally have the power to fight back. AU


Untitled AU. On the night Destiny Island was destroyed, a young boy must step up to become the hero of the keyblade. His name is Riku and he must become a champion of both light and darkness in order to save his friends and seal the heartless away.

The idea's been done before, okay, I admit that, but I like exploring the possibilities. I honestly this Riku would be a good keyblade master. I have nothing against Sora, but the characters constantly complain about how the darkness is evil and must be destroyed and then say it isn't bad? Sora represents light, but on the other hand, Riku represents balance which I believe is much more important for the safety of the universe. But I digress. Have the basic plot in my head, I just have to figure out who Riku's champions will be and how it will all work.


Elle and the Spector Detectors A strange meteor, ghost attacks, normal humans gaining super powers, a debt to a mysterious organization, and the sudden inexplicable ability to sense and locate paranormal activity...Elle Fenton's freshman year is going to be an interesting one.

Basically, this is an AU generation fic where the kid is NOT a halfa. Should be fun.

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Digimon: XChronicles reviews
The DigiWorld has been ravaged by the X-virus and the only ones who can stop both worlds from being destroyed are three members of the next generation of DigiDestined: Akira Kamiya, Mariya Izumi, and Toshi Motomiya.
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Purpose reviews
PreNaruto. Implied NaruSaku. She doesn't know it, but she saved his life. In more ways than one.
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Why Daisuke and Taichi should never go to an anime convention. Warning:contains realitydetached obsessive fangirls. Mentions of Daikari and Taiora.
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Animorphs: The Confused reviews
Hi, Jake here. All the we had to do was destroy the DT. But no, instead, we got caught in an explosion that twisted all our realities even more upside down. Now we're trapped in an alternate universe, people. What's worse is that we can't get back...
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Animorphs NG: The Invasion reviews
Fifteen years after the Yeerks have been defeated, they have come back to try and enslave Earth again. Only those that descend from the original Animorphs can stop them. Now the siblings of the original Animorphs will follow in their brother and sister's
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It's 20 years since Jake, Cassie, Marco, Ax, Rachel, and Tobias have won the war and the Yeerks are back again. Now five new teenage kids must continue the legacy of the previous Animorphs. Can they do it? PG-13 for language. COMPLETE
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