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((Updated 02/23/05))


Hey lo Peoples. Well, I haven't been on in a while... Gosh, I really suck at this story writing thing. I'm SORRY Hayley. I'm SORRY Lolly. I'm SORRY to all those people who have been wanting me to update (those very few people). I've just been lazy. And kinda busy... SI and all... um... not that that's any of your business...

But I'm ALMOST done with the chapter. I'm just trying to connect a couple scenes together and then I'll be set.

In the mean time, check out my website. I'm (personally) very proud of it. It's been devouering much of my time. (I spelt that word wrong, I know)


Name's Manda.
I'm currently 15(Just celebrated my birthday)
Live in the middle of the U.S. (Not middle, middle, but definitely not on the coast. Think more Canada and you got it)

I really don't have a favorite music group, but I enjoy listening to the Cranberries. They're an Irish band. Alternative.

My friends here in the non-cyber world think that I'm exreemly odd. Well, I can't blame them. I haven't owned a single pair of jeans since the second grade.

I enjoy school. Now that's kind of a new one. Most people you meet don't tend to tell you that.

I am striving to be a journalist or an editor. Something to do with writing. If all fails, though, I think that I could be a college proffessor. Not the most interesting job in the world, but I love school. To go to it as my job would be the best.

If you want to email me, use the address, I don't really check that one that often, but I'll be happy to reply when I do.

My friends: As a collabiration among us, we created a list. (origionally, I had them spelt as losser to prove how completly gone we all are, but nobody got it, so I had to change it back)
Loser 3: Abigail
Loser 5: Lizzy
Loser 7: Dani
Loser 9.75: Manda! Me.
There's also Tina and Julie, but they (poor things) aren't losers, so they don't get loser numbers.

Oh, and I love having the déjà vu sensation.

On the date 9/30/04, I had the best day of my life. I spent a half of an hour talking to my 'friend' SI. (Hayley, maybe you remember me mentioning him, the one who plays the bagpipes?) We've been, er, talking for a while now, and everything has been great. My stomach will never feel the same again. Okay. That sounds kinky. No, he didn't do anything to my stomach (shut your dirty mind up Abigail!). I'm just talking about the hurtling feeling that kind of feels like I'm going to be sick, but I know I won't. I've been in an unusally chipper mood since the 30th. That's the longest I've ever remembered staying happy for...

Wow. Well, at least that's not the only thing I'm obsessed with!

You know what. I'm putting his name into code. I don't think I'm allowed to put his name on here without his consent, so the name SI, isn't his real name. That's just a nickname that we came up with.

I became overly obsessed with the Mediator series (see, not just SI) when I was at a friend's b-day party. She had us all reading out of her magazines and one of them was Seventeen. Well, of course, I picked up that one. I flipped through it for a while until I found an article that interested me. (You guessed it) It was the sampler chapter to the (then) soon to be released "Haunted: the Tale of a Mediator." Lets just say the whole Paul harassing Suze, yeah, way intriguing for my messed up mind. I went on a wild search for the book because the date listed for when the book was to come out had already passed by. At the library, I typed in Mediator as the key words and came up with four books; "Shadowland," "Ninth Key," "Reunion," and "Darkest Hour." The little summaries of the book said Susannah Simon and mentioned Jesse so I knew I had the right books. The rest is history.

I BELIEVE I have some friends on here. Tina, Dani, Tay, 'BB,' (you know what, no. I CANNOT and will not call you BB. that's just too sad. It reminds me of Kim Possible. So I'll call you Abigail instead.) Abigail, Rachel, and Lizzy. I hope they make an appearance soon so I know they're on. So far, I haven't seen any reviews that look like them. I'm going to keep my eyes open, though.

Abigail: Also known as bigchiefdanceswithfeet.
Tayto08: Tay.
7unicorn7: Dani
Chelli555: Rachel
I don't know what everybody else is, but I'll change and add as I find out who they are.

Healthily enough, I'm definitely to the point of obsession when it comes to the Mediator series. I screamed at the computer when I visited Meg's web site to read the preview for "Twilight." It was a GOOD preview, it just wasn't what I wanted to read. Well, okay. It was. Anything with Paul is an evil, but good, thing. I've just read the back of the book writing for "Twilight," and I have to say that from the way it's written makes it seem like Jesse has opened up on his feelings with Suze.

"But will Jesse choose to live without her… …or die to love her?"

Now that "Twilight" is out, I can safely say that I loved it. I hope beyond all hopes that Meg would find the kindness in her heart to continue the series even though she has said she isn't. I don't know if I could keep on living without my daily doses of Jesseness. It's a craving.

Ahhh. To be Suze. It must be something grand... I'd like to experience life in her shoes for a day. But then I'd like to go back to my world. My world is nice too. I have a boyfriend (yes... it's SI) and I'm pretty happy right now. SI isthe most wonderful person I have ever met. He's brilliant and sweet and considerate and just everything. And maybe (but I doubt this) he'll come on here again and readall the stuff I wrote about him... then I can turn beat-red... That doesn't sound like a lot of fun...

I've been able to get two of my friends to read the Mediator series, but only one of them (Lizzy) has become really INTO it. Similar to me, but not quite. Most of my life is divided between here, school, sleep, and Meg's chat room stuff. I have to say I liked what I see on the message boards. Lots of fun. If anyone who ever reads this wants to go there, the web address is Enjoy.

I haven't been on Fan Fiction long (well, actually, the length I've been a member IS getting up there. Almost my one year reunion), but I've read quite a few of the Mediator stories. I think they are great. My favorites are:

"Haunter a Paul POV" NiceHayley (Hayley)
"Get out Jesse, and never come back" (said it was tag-teamed) MystiqueAngelique (Lolly) Devil at Heart (Katie)
"Power of Love" (I hope it will be as good as the first) Devil at Heart (I'm guessing it's still tag-teamed? Don't hate me if I'm wrong)
"Twisted World" Another by MystiqueAngelique
"Addicted" (sequel to above) MystiqueAngelique
"Thicker than Water" Mardia (I also read the part on "Spirit World" can't wait for it to be finished)
"Existence" Carolyn984 (absolutely love this one)
"Magdalena" NiceHayley again
"Role Reversed" Kori Suketchi (you need to finish this, NOW!)
"Lust or Love" I can't remember the author's name right now, but I do know that it's a James/Lily romance/dramay/angsty fic. Really good even though it's rated R (Hey people, I've been seeing R moveis since I was 12, I think in writing when you are only visualizing the graphics is a whole lot safer. But please don't sue me. I don't have that kind of money!)

I am thanking all these authors for letting me read their stories.

I am thinking about posting a story (similar to NiceHayley's: thanks for the great idea) about CeeCee POV on Haunted. I'm not sure when this will be coming out, but I have the first chapter written on this side of cyberspace. I'm currently working on the horribly large project of reading ALL of the mediator fanfic's, no matter how long since updated.

Actually, that's old news. "My Tale of a Mediator" IS out now and I'm working on the chapters as we speak.

I always thought my first story on here would be for the Mediator series, but one evening, I just sat down at my computer and wrote a short Harry Potter one. Nothing big. It was more like a trial to see if it would work. I don't even know if I'm going to leave it up there. I might just take it down and hide my shame. But I love Harry Potter too. It's a great books series if you want to take time and analize something. Every little detail in HP is a clue, or not exactly what it seems. The book to find these clues is the Ultimate Unoficial Guide to the Myseries of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter fics that I tend more to read are the ones that are 'past' (Lily and James stuff/fluff) or ones not about Harry. Don't ask me why, I don't really know.

Well now, now that you’ve endured all this great bore of reading my ramblings, you may go on to see who my favorite authors are, my favorite stories, or you can just close this page and go view another one. Any of those work for me! But for the time being, see you.

P.S. Lizzy, thanks for not eating my head about putting your name on here. Same goes for you Tay and the rest.

P.P.S. Okay, the rest of this is just going to be my little journaly thing. It's going to be what I put up in the ATTENTION box and that I just moved down here after it expired. Feel free to skip over this!


Um... Newest and best news, I have a boyfriend. For more about him, read the stuff right below my "Twilight" excerpt. I also have "My Tale of a Mediator" up on, but I'm still only in the first chapter. I'm going to TRY to get a new one out this weekend... we'll see. I'm still a little shaken from that CANDYLUVER girl... I don't know how that's going to work out. I feel really bad about it because I SHOULD be updating faster so that this wouldn't have happened. Ugh. Does that make ANY sense? Didn't think so.


I'm baaack. And I think I kept my promise. If Lolly looks into her inbox, she should be seeing my review right about now! And, man is it long! Well, at least I think it is. She and Hayley will have to make that decision for themselves. Ahh; Flashlight... But anyways... I changed a couple of things below, but not much. So if you feel like reading it all again, feel free!


I found this fic by going through other people's favorites and even though I told myself I would never read sort of fiction (I was terribly convinced that something so OFF cannon could never possibly be convincing. I was wrong. Dead wrong.), I have read it and it is ADDICTIVE! I highly suggest you give it a try. The author is very creative in describing the politics of the wizarding world. Snape and Harry, but NOT that ship!

Blood Magic:
Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love.

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