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Welcome to my profile, my alias is Astercia, and I’m probably older than most of you kiddies here. This is my second fanfiction account. I haven't visited my old one in so long that I forgot the password, lol.

I must be one of the only people on this site who recognizes that the review button is not just for giving mindless praise, begging for updates, and pointless encouragements. It is there for others to give their opinion on your work. That you are posting your story online automatically makes it open for criticism. I understand that currently we are living in a world where children think that they are entitled to praise for every pointless thing that they do, but welcome to real life kiddies, not everyone thinks you’re the sweetest little honey-darling ever. You are one in billions. Chances are not everyone will like your writing. And the further up the egocentricity ladder you are the farther you fall when someone does have sense to point out a flaw. If you truly wanted to better your writing then you'd accept criticism and work on continuing to improve yourself. Writing is like experimenting. It is full of trial and error. The critic points out your errors and you as the writer try again, and there you have it, progress.

Criticism is not flaming, nor is it bullying or trolling. If I criticize your work it is usually not meant to be mean, but intended to help with your writing. Jeez, some people act like a toddler crying to his mommy because I didn't smile at him. Aaaand, you only flame when you review, not when you're responding to a review or a pm!

I'm a no nonsense guy who's really hard to please, but I can write a positive and encouraging review for those stories I like. I'm not looking for perfection, mostly I look for originality and quality in what I read.

Also remember that the rules are there for a reason. If you don’t want your stories reported then don’t post any that violate them. You agree to the ToS when you first make your account. No one is above the rules.

Poor excuses for bad writing or for breaking the rules:

- I’m just having fun. - yeah, like most teenage miscreants these days.

- I’m only 13, you can’t expect me to write well. - Hah, my niece is 12 and she writes decently for her age. I don’t see why you can’t get someone to help you out.

- Who listens to the rules anyways? They’re just guidelines. - Does that apply to all laws then? You’re fine with stealing and killing etc? Big difference you say? No. Rules are rules.

- I don’t care. Everyone else is doing it. - this one I call the mindless lemming.

Yaaahhh-no. Excuses don’t cut it. If you can’t follow the rules, take your work somewhere else. If you can’t be bothered to proofread then get a beta to assist you.

What I can’t stand about fanfictions:

Incorrect grammar: It makes it difficult to take the story seriously. Every grammatical error I find causes me to wince. It disrupts the flow of the story and overall makes it not as enjoyable. The occasional error I don’t mind (I’ve found such mistakes in published novels), but we have grammar check for a reason.

Self inserts: I will just not read these at all. I’m not here to read about you, about all the trials you go through, about how great and powerful you are. It just makes for a poor read.

Mary-Sues: Self-explanatory. Self inserts are usually classified as these.

Random insertion of japanese words: Really guys, I should not be seeing in the legend of zelda section. If it's written in english, keep it in english! It disrupts the story when all of the sudden the reader is faced with some japanese word that could have easily been replaced by an english one. It bothers the reader, and it makes it look like you, as the author, are trying to appear smart. Trust me, it doesn't work. Mostly when mature readers see this they automatically peg you as a newbie writer and will overlook your story or read it to point out the rest of the flaws and further mock you as an author.

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