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Author has written 5 stories for Frozen, Teen Titans, Avatar: Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and Young Justice.

Heyo, I'm Syd. I love Young Justice, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Legend of Korra.

I'm hoping to get back into writing fanfics soon, especially of my favorite pairings. Feel free to PM me for whatever reason, or if you have a request (I'll take anything on the list below, or of any of the series I like), but I might take a little while to get to it.

Oh, and I was a pretty awful writer when I first joined this site. Taking that into consideration, I would beg you advise you not to read my first few stabs at fanfiction. And I don't mean in that "I'm-begging-you-not-to-do-it-but-I-actually-want-you-to" way. No, I mean it. Please, for your own health, don't click on those stories. Just don't. Thanks. In fact, I should probably delete them soon.

But anyway, here's a list of pairings I'd be willing to write. Please, don't be afraid to message me a request or a prompt!

Favorite Fictional Pairings/OTPS -

The 100

-Raven x Bellamy (Rellamy)

Teen Titans:

-Beast Boy x Raven. (BBRae)

Avatar (ATLA & LoK):

-Sokka x Suki (Sukka)

-Ty Lee x Azula (Tyzula)

-Bolin x Opal (Bopal)

-Kai x Jinora (Kainora)

Young Justice

-Wally West x Artemis Crock (Spitfire)

-Roy Harper (Red Arrow) x Jade Nguyen (Cheshire) (Cheshroy)

-Zatanna x Artemis (Snaibsel)

-Jaime Reyes x Bart Allen (Bluepulse)

Ships that I Like (But aren't quite OTP level)

The 100:

-Maya x Octavia

-Miller x Monty (Minty)

Teen Titans:

-Jinx x Kid Flash

Avatar (ATLA & LOK):

-Ming Hua x Ghazan

-Jet x Katara (Jetara)

-Haru x Katara

-Aang x On Ji (Onjaang)

-Katara x Aang (Kataang)

-Kya x Lin (Kyalin)

-Wu x Mako (Wuko)

-Korra x Asami (Korrasami)

Young Justice:

-M'gann M'orzz x Artemis Crock (ArtMiss)

-M'gann M'orzz x Conner Kent (Supermartian)

-M'gann M'orzz x La'gaan

-Wally x Dick Grayson (BirdFlash)

-Kaldur x Conner Kent

-Kaldur x Artemis (SeaArrow)


-Alex x Sam (Totally Spies)

-Clover x Sam (Totally Spies)

-Jon Snow x Ygritte (GoT)

-Margaery x Sansa (GoT)

-Anna x Elsa (Frozen)

-Anna x Kristoff (Frozen)

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"Will you marry me?" "Sure, okay," she said distractedly. "I'll be right back, Baatar," and with that she crossed the room, exiting through the north door. Baatar's eye twitched. A growl of frustration escaped him." When Baatar proposes, he doesn't get the response he wants right away. Baavira. For oddania.
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Rather than deny her affection for Beast Boy, Raven accepts it gracefully and quietly. After all, she's accustomed to suppressing her emotions. And it's really only a small crush - she can handle it. It's not like he feels the same way. BBRae
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Bolin Bistino had a modest life: he was a waiter at the local Narook's Noodles and resided in a 700-square foot apartment with his brother. Dating- or even meeting- a member of one of the country's most prestigious families was such a far-fetched idea that it never crossed his mind. Until, that is, he unwittingly bumps into a certain Beifong at the supermarket. Modern AU. Bopal.
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