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Hello. I am an American living in Seoul and no, I am not an English Teacher for a Hagwon (School) in Korea. Although, I do have an English degree. I'm a paper pusher...Sometimes I feel like a clerk for the Circumlocution Office (from Dicken's Little Dorrit). I write a lot but mostly correspondence and memorandums. I write an occasional food or travel article and copy edit for an Expat Magazine in Korea as a favor to my friend who is the magazine's Editor.:)

I am from Jersey City, New Jersey (Exit 14B), so sometimes "the Ghetto Girl" comes out... (Sorry if I get blunt in my reviews... or get carried away.). I sometimes can't control "The Jersey" influence.

I love to read... and I love Regency and Victorian Authors such as Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and the Bronte Sisters... North and South and Emma are my FAV due to the smart, principled, caring, strong, proud and yet naive (i.e. blind) female characters...Margaret Hale and Emma Woodhouse ... :) yay.

I also like SCI-FI Shows like Equilibrium, Continuum, Lost Girls, Far Scape...and my favorite "FIRE FLY". Yes, I am a Browncoat :) with Warehouse 13 as a close second.

My kids turned me to reading mangas and watching animes...(Love it now too ..so yes, my kids and husband has converted me..) I shudder sometimes thinking how much time I spend reading mangas when I should brush up on my classics. My brain is rotting as we speak... My favorite are my family's favorite... For Mangas, Fairy Tail is the tops of course... Rouroni Kenshin, Tonari no Kaibutsu kun and Inuyasha coming a close second and Third or fourth ... As far as Animes... love Gundam Seed Series with the afore mentioned animes of the mangas mentioned above coming close second...third...

Yep... I love Shoujo, Romance type story and my family love shounen types... So, whenever a Manga or anime combine both we are all happy and watch together... :)


1) Lacus Clyne and Kira Yamato (a match made in Anime heaven - wished it got more air time though)

2) Natsu and Lucy (if perhaps, I see some PDA in the future... I might move them up)

3) Inuyasha and Kagome (Love Kagome's strength - once again wished for more PDA or at least a kiss.)

4) Kenshin and Kaoru (As a student of Japanse history and culture, love the Meiji setting.)

5) Haru and Shizuku (Who wouldn't love the little monster Haru and the study bug?)

Thank you for reading my profile :)


"We've done the impossible , and that makes us mighty." -Mal Reynolds, Captain, Serenity (Firefly)

"You were born, that gives you the right to exist in the world" - Lacus Clyne, Pink Princess (Gundam Seed)

"I can't compete (with Kikyo), I am alive after all." - Kagome, Mikko (Inuyasha)

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