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Author has written 5 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Code Lyoko, and Naruto.

AUTHOR'S UPDATE: 10-09-05: This account is on official hiatus. Until the author regains any muse to continue on any of her stories, she will not be logging in. We apologize for any way in which this may inconvenience you.

05-15-05: Hitori Futari is officially updated with over fifteen pages of long put-off wordage. Yohko-dono hopes for some more reviews, seeing as the chapters lateness is severely due to her lack of reviewers. However, Bubblegum Perverts' success makes her greatly happy, and she hopes to fulfill the wishes of her reviewers by drafting a faithful muse that might get it going. Suggestions are more than welcome at rodentia772@yahoo.com. She also congratulates Cheza-chan on an excellent end to Wishes Are Free, and encourages others to check out the finished progect. A new chapter for Down to Earth is on its way...sometime.

04-24-05: Another one-shot titled Bubblegum Perverts is up with little planning backing it, but our little authoress seems very contented with the way its turned out, and hopes, in wielding it, to gain a few more fans and a few more faithful reviewers. She hopes that her (not-so) hard work earns her something in return, and that you, her fans, enjoy it. (A few doujinshi pics are planned for this fic, but will only be posted on the internet if Yohko gets some reviewers! So review review review!) Also, she would like to announce her new inheritance of an AIM screen name as didyouknowher00, as a LiveJournal user, my_lolitachan. Any and all may feel free to IM her, or check out her LJ.

03-26-05: Yohko's come up with a little ShikaNaru one-shot to tide her fans over, with the hopes that people will visit her homepage (The Black Romance) to participate in the fic challenge it promotes. Enjoy!

02-08-05: Finally, a new update! The fourth chapter of Down to Earth has finally been completed an updated, a full 12 pages long! Hitori, Futari, Chapter 5 is still in the works, but is going on 15 pages, despite the fact that our authoress is not yet satisfied with it. "I'll finish it eventually," Yohko-dono told paparazzi today. She would also like to give a shout out to her far and few, but beloved readers and reviewers, namely DarkRubyMage, Muriko-chan and Kittengrl. She loves you lots!

12-02-04: Yohko's homepage is officially updated to a more classic and orderly look, as she prepares a new chapter for Sibling Rivalry (soon to be Hitori, Futari - My Brother, My Dream). Hopes that frequent updates would generate more reviews have gone unrewarded, however. Dissappointment's a'flowing. In other news, Yohko-dono is completely OUT OF IDEAS on the subject of Down to Earth, and is becoming mildly frustrated with the evil bastard who invented "writer's block". "IT'S DRIVIN ME FRICKIN NUTS!" she was heard screaming at a reporter earliar today.

Updates In The Works:
Down to Earth
, Chapter 5; While the rest of the gang is distracted by Circe, Kurama and Kuga clash with a foe that's undeniably familiar to them. But Kura won't go down easy...or without a fight. Undergoing construction.

No ideas for SOS Lyoko. Please e-mail me inspiration should you want it to continue! I'm rodentia772@yahoo.com!

My favorite quote: "I will never let my comrades die!" (Kakashi, Naruto)

Name: Yohko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair color: red
Eye color: hazel
Height: 5'8"

Favorite Stuff

QUOTES: 1) Happiness is different for everyone.
3) It's not me, it's you.
4) If you came back at all, I assumed you'd be "back later".

Killers - "Believe Me Natalie"; Three Days Grace - "Home"; Vanessa Carlton - "White Houses"; My Chemical Romance - "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"; Ani DiFranco - "Poster Girl" (I like alot of her stuff)
Rat! They're so cuddly, and furry, and adorable, and angelic, and I have two little girls!
(fav. character) Naruto (least fav. character) Orochimaru
Rurouni Kenshin (fav. charcter)Yahiko (least fav. character) Kaoru
Yu Yu Hakusho (fav. character) Hiei (least fav. character) Elder Toguro
Chobits (fav. character) Dita (least fav. character) Yoshiyuki
Legal Drug (fav. character) Kakei
Shaman King (fav. charatcer) Manta (least fav. character) Tao Jun
Oh My Goddess! (fav. character) Belldandy
Decendants of Darkness (fav. character) Hisora

OCCUPATION: Drawing and caring for her ratties, Lucy and Rose.

SIBLINGS: one younger sister
BEST FRIENDS: (not on ff) Sam, Scarlett, Sandra, Tequila, Mari, Sera, Mason, Patsy, Rachel, Mary, Cindy, Hailey, Kalynn, Kate, Andi, Paige, Jahaila (on ff) Cheza-chan, Katwings, Noniechan, InsaneYunay
MOODY: Uh, yeah.
I LOVE: Hiei, sketching, watching anime and reading manga, learning Japanese, laughing with my friends, chatting up the phone line with my friend Sam, roleplaying, playing with my ratties
I HATE: idiots, bastards, Bush (although I'm sure you knew that-he fits in both of those categories!), people who screw up when translating Japanese into Roomaji

Contact List

AIM: didyouknowher00
ProBoards: japaneseshampoo (japaneseshampoo-dot-proboards27-dot-com)
LiveJournal: my_lolitachan (www-dot-livejournal-dot-com-slash-users-slash-my_lolitachan)
Yahoo: rodentia772 (www-dod-goecities-dot-com-slash-rodentia772)
deviantART: my-lolitachan (my-lolitachan-dot-deviatart-dot-com)

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Hitori, Futari: Oniisan, Watashi no Yume reviews
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