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Yep, I'm me. My friends call my Spiff as a nic-name. i'm 15, 5'6", blonde, blue eyed, and living proof that blondes arent as dumb as they look. most brunettes are worse than blondes. (no offense to you all!) I also have a habit of spelling blonde with an e, and have no idea if that's right or not.
uh... what else? I run cross country, and currently, distance track... um... i go to Royal, like anime, and listening to music. what could be better?! I've read a million fanfics, but just started writing my own. yay!

Fave Books: The Lioness quartet, the Immortals quartet, the Enchanted Forest quartet, HP books (woot 3rd movie's comin out soon!), the Dragon Riders of Pern series, The song of the Wanderer, Abarat, Just Ella, the Dragon's blood series (jane Yolen), most fantasy books... (I'm told i read too much ^^)
Fave Author(s): Tamora Pierce (my all time fave author!), Patricia C. Wrede, Jane Yolen
Fave Movies- The Emperor's New Groove, The Sandlot, Labyrinth, A Mid Summer's night dream, Mel Brookes Movies, Ice Age, Volcano, The Fugative
Fave Band in the Whole Wide World: Maroon5
Fave Disney Princess: Cinderella

--To the important stuff--
As you can see, I only have one story. I don't know if I will keep it going or not, but I don't have much spare time so... you never know. anyway, check it out. what can it hurt?

May 21, 2004
I'm REally sorry i haven't updated lately, but i've been MAJORLY busy, and my little brother had taken up residence with out computer. I barely get it! I would just like to let you know though, that I am working on my next chapter, and it should be up soon!

June 24, 2004
Ok, Well, i've started updating again, and am working on my next chapter. It's taking me longer though, because i'm trying to get a new Fairy tale story up called Once Upon a Broken Heart. it's based around Beauty and the Beast. I'm also working on an Inuyasha fic. I'm kind of upset becuase i wanted to only do Fairy tales, but this one came to me, and i cant helpbut write it down. i don't know if i'll post it, we'll just see, wont we? anyways, thanks for your guys' support again!

August 31
Yes, i know i havent updated in ages, and yes, i know that people are getting annoyed and losing intrest, and i'm really sorry! I have hit the biggest writing road block you have ever seen, and cant figure out how to get through it. OR go around it. If you guys want to help, i would REALLY appreciate some ideas for the story. Email me at please,but only email if you have some good ideas! naw, jota ka (jk), you can email even if you have crap ideas, just HELP ME PLEASE!! and PLEASE be patient, it will come eventually. THANKS! ¤Spiff¤
PS-Patience is a virtue


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