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Author has written 8 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Jackie Chan Adventures, and Death Note.

I am redoing this again? Yeah.

1. Name: JC, because it isn't hard to remember

2. Nicknames/alias: gods of death (profile name), goddess of death/death god(by thomas, profile name based off it), captain jc(from bilbo), CJC(still bilbo), and perhaps some more I can’t think of

3. Mental age: In my mind I’m 21, but only because that’s the drinking age. In real life I can now buy those flavored cigars.

4. Approximate location: somewhere so very very hot

5. Sex: female

6. What is the one word in the English language that you could not live without: The. Gotta have the.

7. What are your favorite quotes:

Quotes from people:

“Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. I'm mad but not ill.” -Robert Anton Wilson

“Life may have no meaning. Or even worse, it may have a meaning of which I disapprove.” -Ashleigh Brilliant

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

“Is there a God? Who knows? Is there an angry unicorn on the dark side of the moon?” -Unknown

“I always write with my .357 magnum handy. Why? Well, you never know when God may try to interfere.” -I don’t know

“What good is the Moon? You can't buy it or sell it.” -Ivan F. Boesky

“Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them.” -Ed Howe

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

“I'll get a life when someone demonstrates that it would be superior to what I have now.” -Gym Quirk

“The question is not if you are paranoid, it is if you are paranoid enough.” -I don’t know

“If you take someones thoughts and feelings away, bit by bit, consistently, then they have nothing left, except some gritty, gnawing, sy little instinct, down there, somewhere, worming round the gut, but so far down, so hidden, it's impossible to find. Imagine, if you will, a worldwide conspiracy to deny the existence of the color yellow and whenever you saw yellow they told you no, that isn't yellow, what the f's yellow? Eventually, whenever you saw yellow, you would say: that isn't yellow, course, it isnt blue or green or purple, or... you'd say it, yes it is, it's yellow, and become increasingly hysterical, and then go quite berserk.” -David Edgar (Mary Barnes)

8. Marital status/Relationships: Single and looking (for a wife to clean my house and sleep in my kitchen like a good little woman)

9. What is your profession: Criminal anarchy! Oh, and I guess really bad sometimes writer and student. I also give swimming lessons to small animals, but that business isn’t working out to well... I am going to be a neuro-psychiatrist someday. Wish me luck?

10. What is your favorite color: Gray and orange. Weird mix, ay?

11. Music: Punk rock, ska, jazz, and some other eclectic stuff but mostly good punk rock (there is bad punk rock, yes yes there it)

12. What are your hobbies: writing, talking to strangers, attempting to be in a band, over loading myself with school work

13. What is your philosophy on life: If only I had time to get into the ceaseless madness that is life and its dubious meaning

14. Characters you identify with: Kokujo(duel master-I am an evil genius!), James(Pokemon-I too am a hyped up dork...), Hiei(yu yu hakusho-cause I’m just like that naturally around people, why should I not hate your guts? You have to work for my trust!), Yusuke(yu yu hakusho-punk with out a cause...or any money. I also think I might be half demon), Bandit Keith(yugioh-I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can), Marik/Malik(yugioh-Either one. I’m not quite sane...and I love motorcycles!), Yoh(shaman king-Relaxing and sleeping. Oh, and the music too!), Vash(trigun-Love, peace, and doughnuts), Knives(trigun- Because sometimes killing humanity is the only way...), Croquet(yugioh- Always there, never noticed), Ed(cowboy bebop-Odd), Vegeta(dbz-I am the strongest! Plus I’m short...), Bulma(dbz-To smart for my good), Reno(ff7- Just looking at you is making me sober...), Yuffie(ff7-Sticky fingers and a lying problem), Elder Toguro Brother(yu yu hakusho-No one appreciates me...), Reeve(ff7-Traitor to my company, traitor to my friends, just a traitor in general...but I’m still a nice person somehow), Duo(gundam wing- Perky God of Death!), Faust(shanman king-For I am also a nercomancer. I love dead people!), Thatz(dragon knights- Hyper thief with a love for food), Rath(dragon knights-Demons! Where!), Saito(rurouni kenshin-Cynical, a little crazy, and seemingly evil, but hey...that’s just how I am), Jigen(lupin III-It's all in the attitude, and the hat...it's in the hat, too), Nabiki(Ranma-Anything for money. I have some pictures...if your interested), and some more I’ll list when I have more time

15. Misc about me:

I love video games and indie movies.

I can't dance unless it is skanking or the moonstomp (yay for ska stuff).

I really dig classical literature.

I should be an Enlgish major because I am scary good at it, but instead I want to work in a scientific field (I am less skilled in science and math).

I like modernism and post-modernism.

I wish people would wear top hats and suits.

I only like good British humor.

I like humor more than I really should. It comes out better off the top of my head than when I try to script it.

I have never known of anyone disliking me, even though my sense of humor is very dark and unpredicatble.

I like people for their novelty and when it is worn out I sometimes no longer like them at all.

I can't hold a relationship with anyone because I get bored very easily.

The few friends I am very close to I adore unconditionally and with utter disregard for their many bad habits.

I often have issues with authority figures despite my best intentions.

I am a cop magnet for some reason thought I hardly ever break serious laws.

I am easily smitten and easily distracted.

I am very good at public speaking but I am also terribly shy.

I am a hardcore almost libertarian and no one agrees with me politcally.

I hate it when people act as if they know something no one else does.

I dislike it when people call me an anarchist to avoid discussing real issues with me.

I am afraid of falling.

My eyes are green but people like to tell me they are blue despite that

My hair is clearly blond and being called a brunette hurts my feelings cause I know people are not really looking at me at all.

I love watching tv with my nephew when I am not playing legos or pretend with him.

Vikings are totally sweet.

I can almost speak German.

Whenever someone mentions the "study abroad" program at my school I reply "What? Like a lady?"

My puns are notorious.

I like playing tennis best but basketball is neat too.

I like watching hockey.

I only have obsessions with celebrities if it presents ironic opportunities.

I say 'for realsies' when I am serious.

I love dinosaurs and stegosaurus is my favorite.

Obscure pop culture references make me smile.

I tend to get carried away with lists like this.

UPDATES (or lack thereof?):
I'm writing a new thing for my yaoi obsessed friends(bastard that they are, harrassing me all hours!). It's a yugioh(even though I didn't want it to be) and is pretty much jou centered. Cause, my muse beat me on the head until I made it so. Oh, and Malik's in it too. So, keep a look out for:
'Here Doggie' (I might change the name of this)

Story! A Broken Heart for Chirstmas(aka Perhaps). It's a sad story. Yugioh. Jou is depressed on the day after Christmas. Is it because of a broken heart?

Another one! Oh, she does it again. This is a Jackie Chan Adventures story. It focuses on Valmont and Finn. Valmont is in love with Finn, but when he finally tells Finn things get crazy. It's slash but still good. Go read it, s'called "Twisted Love Tale". I just got chapter 2 up on that. Oh, wait, I mean I just did chapter 3. Oh really? Yes, I am back. Maybe.

Also, I've been updating on my 'Training Gone Springer"(dbz) and I might just post it on if I get some support...erm that is if I ever finish it, in fact I think it may have been deleted...heh heh...

One more thing: I started an inuyasha story. it'll probably be up...in few years. We are having technical difficulties, but I'm working on it. So...check for a story called 'Stalker'

Enough boring you. That's all for now, so I hope you enjoy my stories. And anyone who read this whole thing, thank you, I think about sending you a present or writing you a story or something...just let me know and I might do something(if I can think of something that is...suggestions would be accepted if you're determinded to get something from all that)

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