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•••Hi Soccers Heart here :3 Nice to meet you and welcome to my profile!•••

*Opens Door* Hay! What's up?! Please come in! *Showing you around* So as you can see this is my Bio! Oh no, not that way follow me! Please make yourself comfortable! Take a seat! Here's a cookie! *Hands you cookie* and a cup of tea! *Hands you cup of tea* Now that your relaxed, please enjoy reading my profile! While I go bake you a cake because well, your awesome for reading my profile so you deserve a cake!

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Name: Soccers Heart (But just call me Honoka

Age: 20

Hair Colour/hair length: Long Chocolate brown hair that reaches to my waist! (Not that you guys care about my hair O.o just thought I would say it...)

Eye Colour: Black

Hight: I'm small! :3 I'm about 5'25'3!And I'm thin!e

Ethnicity: Irish

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Video Games, Watching TV, Playing Soccer and listening to music :)

Dislikes: School, Homework, Bullies, Rats, Orange? O_o

Likes: Playing Soccer, Drawing Anime Characters, Watching Animes, Reading Fanfics and...well...umm...EATING !!!!!! (if that counts :/)

Best Friend on FFN: Swaggy-chan!

Relationship: TAKEN! By Ryuji-Senpai

About Me: Well first of all I live in Ireland, I have for my hole life, I'm 18 years old, my birthday is on the 9th April and I was born in 1998. I'm currently in Not in education. At the weekends and any free time I like to hang out with friends, go to the park and feed the ducks ( I LOVE ANIMALS), watch...SCARY MOVIES, Read Fanficts and Draw/Watch Animes. My favourite colour is blue I'm also the kind of person who would leave homeworks to the last second (Bad, I know but hey what can I say that's just who I am! :3) My best best friend is called Caoimhe and have known her almost my whole life. I am an only child and I live with my Mother, father and dog. As long as I can remember I have always been into Anime and I love to cosplay! I love the snow, and anything to do with it! I don't like bullies! No no no no no! They are horrible! Hate them! I like the dark as long as I'm with someone! Love the stars! I also love pillow fights! *Holds up pillow* Be warned! Hmm I love people who like to be themselves and not someone they are not!

My Condition: If there is one thing you must know about me, it is that I was born with an e condition called "Aniridia" This means that I have no Iris (Eye Colour) (involving both eyes.) ."Aniridia" can be past down from parent to child, but not in my case, my parents do not have this condition it was just the way I was born. Having "Aniridia" results in me not seeing as far as the average person, but I can still see fine just a meter or two less than the average person can. (It also results in poor spelling and grammar skills, I can read and type just fine thou) I just thought I should share this information with you as I may have poor spelling and/or grammar in the upcoming stories I will publish and stories I will or have reviewed on, so I apologise in advance =) Oh and before when I said I have Blue eyes I meant contacts.

Favourite things: You can probably tell by now but I'm CRAZY-MADE for Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma eleven GO, Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone, Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy...its my life. I have every thing Inazuma Eleven, I have Posters, all the games, DVD box sets, Costplays of the Inazuma Eleven National team kit...and much more. I think and talk about Inazuma Eleven all the time, non stop!!!!!!! I love ZOMBIE movies they are cool to watch, I also like the "SAW" Movies and the "CUBE" Movies (I can't say they are scary to watch cause I don't scare esaily ) I love having the odd lazy day where I stay in my PJ's all day and surf the web. I love reading all kinds of FanFicts mainly romance, Drama and horror. Oh Oh Oh one more thing...I like pizza XD

A poem I love! From me to you!

Here's a poem for all my friends!

Your face, your smile, I have never seen.
I don't know the colour of your skin.
Your voice and laughter I have never heard.
I don't know if it is soft or loud.

Your hugs I have never felt.
I don't know the strength of your arms.
Your hand I have never touched.
I don't know if it is calloused and worn.

But to me you are my friend:
Dearer and sweeter than many I've found.
The questions come to me, "How can that be?"
"You don't know a face, touch, or a sound."

But is it the physical nature of a person
That causes me to call you "my friend?"
Or the feel of a touch or the strength of a hug?
I don't need those for you to be my friend.

You have shared with me words of strength
When at times I have felt weak and worn.
You have brought to me a smile, a laugh,
Uplifting me and bringing me joy.

You have bent your "ear" to me and listened,
Then gently guided and directed with your words.
You have hugged me tight, wiped my tears,
Then generously given to me above and beyond.

You are more to me than words on a screen;
For behind those words is a person who cares.
A person with feelings, a tear, and a laugh,
Who holds my mind safe and secure.

For even though I don't know your face, your touch,
I feel and see you in my mind.
You have been all to me that I've needed you to be
Now and forever within my heart...
My Faceless Friend!

Complete/On Going/Upcoming Stories!

Snow And Ice! -Upcoming.

School Play - Upcoming.

Love With A Hint Of Poisson! - Upcoming.

When Two Worlds Collide! - On going.

Birthday Bash! - Complete.

Lets Make A Movie! - Upcoming.

I'll Always Love You! - On going.

Inazuma eleven Sleep Over - On Hold

When A Beloved Pet Dies! - Complete

Fav Animes and Movies and Games

(All)Inazuma Eleven/Go

Tokyo Ghoul

Attack On Titan

Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal

Kill La Kill

(All)Pretty Cure


One Piece

Death Note

High School of The Dead


Big Hero 6

Wreck It Ralph

Sonic The Hedgehog


The last of us!


Dead Island

If you wish that a fictional character was real, copy and paste this to your profile.

Real Anime Lovers: Know at least more than 10 series.
Fake Anime Lovers: Know only naruto.
Real Anime Lovers: Learn japanese from watching anime.
Fake Anime Lovers: Don't even bother to learn japanese.
Real Anime Lovers: Are secretly dating one of the anime characters.
Fake Anime Lovers: Don't even know the characters names!
Real Anime Lovers: Know almost 10 song opening lyrics in japanese
Fake Anime Lovers: Wouldn't probably bother to even listen to a song.
Real Anime Lovers: Have at least 1 Manga.
Fake Anime Lovers: Claim they have more Manga than you.
Real Anime Lovers: Were born to adore anime.
Fake Anime Lovers: Claim to have known anime for their entire lives.
Real Anime Lovers: Cry when a character dies.
Fake Anime Lovers: Think the show you watch is very strange.
Real Anime Lovers: Would comment, like and repost.
Fake Anime Lovers: Would keep scrolling
Police: Where do u live?

Pick any 10 characters in Inazuma eleven.

1. Aphrodi

2. Fei

3. Suzuno

4. Fidio

5. Hiroto

6. Kirino

7. Nagumo

8. Midorikawa

9. Shindou

10. Fubuki

5 shows up with flowers

Hiroto: Here Honoka-chan I got you your favourite kind of flowers *Smiles brightly*

Honoka: Roses? AWWW !!! Hiroto-kun they'er BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU !

Hiroto: Your Welcome *still smiling brightly*

Honoka: *Kisses him on the cheek" I love them *walks away"

Hiroto: *Blushes*

3 and 9 are eating ice-cream while 1 and 4 are spying (Role Play this.)

Shindou: Woow! This Ice cream is delicious! Did you really make it yourself Suzuno?

Suzuno: Yeah. But I didn't think it would turn out this nice.

Shindou: This was an good idea, this way we don't have to spen our money and buy them from Inazuma Ice

Suzuno: Aren't you rich anyway?

Shindou: Look it was a good idea lets just leave it at that!

Meanwhile, Looking through the window in the bushes...

Fidio: Why are we here again Aphrodi?

Aphrodi: Because Suzuno said he couldn't come to practice today, and now we know why...

Fidio: So he wanted to eat ice cream no big deal. That ice cream does look good thou...I'm gonna go ask can I have some.

Aphrodi: That's not a good idea F...*Turns round to talk to Fidio and Fidio is on the doorstep and has rang the door bell* WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WE'RE MENT TO BE SPYING ON THEM!

Fidio: But I'm hungry...*Door Opens*

Suzuno: Fidio? * Looks over to the bushes* Aphrodi?

Aphrodi: CRAP!

10 called you.

Fubuki: I think I'll call Honoka and see what's up. *Dials Honokas number*

6 picks up.

Kirino: *Picks up mobile phone* Hello?

Fubuki: Hey wh...wait kirino? what are you doing answering Honokas phone?

Kirino: Well we were watching a movie and she fell asleep, with her head on my shoulder...what should I do...

Fubuki: *Sweat drops* Ummm I dont know...uhh...oh Endou is calling me gotta go!

Kirino: Wait Fubuki...damn it!

4, 7 and 8 are going out (Role Play this.)

Fidio: *sighs* I'm bored, let go out and do something.

Midorikawa: Like what?

Nagumo: Who cares as long as it's fun

Midorikawa: Hmmmm?

Fidio: Oh I know lets go to the cinema! I hear that new Zombie movie is meant to be good!

Nagumo: Cool I'm in

Midorikawa: Me too!

Fidio: Lets go then! *Runs out the door *

2,what should I do with you

Honoka: Fei what shall we do today?

Fei: Hmmm we could...

Honoka: Anything besides soccer!!!!

Fei: Oh ummmmm???

Honoka: I got it! Wanna go to the Amusement Park!? They have this new ride that...well I don't want to put you off it so lets just go! *Grabs Fei and runs to the amusement park*

Fei: *Sweat Drops while being dragged along* Ok now I'm scared...

9's sad. You should comfort him.

Shindou: *sobs*

Honoka: Shindou-kun what's wrong? *rubs his back for comfort*


Honoka: Kariya...what? *she says in a suit calming voice*

Shindou: Kariya...hide the keys to the room and I can't get in to the piano and I cant go home b...because it's the middle of the day.*He said with his head hung low*

Honoka: I'll be right back *and runs off*

Soccer club room

Honoka: *Bursts in through the door and runs up to Kariya* KARIYA!!!

Kariya: *shivers* W...What?

Honoka: WHERE ARE THE KEYS TO THE MUSIC ROOM!!!!*raises a fist*

Kariya: *Turns white as a ghost* my l...looker...*Runs behind a chair*

Honoka: *Gets the keys from his looker and goes back to Shindo* Hey Shindo-kun! *Throws him the keys*

Shindou: *Catches the keys with shocked expression on his face* T...Thanks Honoka but how did you..

Honoka: Lets just say Kariya won't be doing that again any time soon *Evil smirk appears on her lips*

Shindou: I'm not even going to ask *Sweat Drops*

10 lost his phone.

Fubuki: No No No !! I'm sure it was here!

Honoka: *walks into his room* Hey Fubuki whats wrong?

Fubuki: Oh Honoka thank God your here I've lost my phone could you help me find it?

Honoka: No need I already found it * pulls phone out from her pocket* That's what I came up here to tell you.

Fubuki: Thank you Honoka your life saver *reaches for phone*

Honoka: *Pulls phone out of reach*

Fubuki: Huh?

Honoka: If you want it come and get it * runs out of room*

Fubuki: Why you...GET BACK HERE WITH MY PHONE! *runs after her*

You caught 2 and 6 having *.

Honoka: *opens bedroom door* Hey guys I was wondering do you...WHAAAA!!!! *face like this #_#*



Honoka: *face sill like this #_#*

Shindou: *Opens door* Hey..

Honoka: *Snaps out of it* AHHH SHINOU DON'T LOOK!!! *Covers his eyes and pulls him out of the room*

In 7's room!

Nagumo: *Opens bedroom door* I'm so tired. I'm just...AHHH WHAT THE *BEEP* ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN MY ROOM!!

Fei: *looks at Kirino* We should go somewhere else.

Kirino: *nods* Good Idea

Nagumo: You shouldn't be doing it at all if you ask me!

You accidentally kiss 3.

Honoka: Hey Suzuno what's up?

Suzuno: Not much. Why?

Honoka: Nothing it's just *trips and lands onto of Suzuno*

Suzuno: *falls back onto his bed and lips are touching*

Honoka: *Pulls away and stands up* Ahh I'm so sorry Suzuno-kun!

Suzuno: *Smirks* What's there to be sorry about?

Honoka: *Blushes*

6 and 10 are keeping away from you. Why?

Honoka: *Sits down at lunch table* Hey Fubuki

Fubuki: *Stands up and walks away*

Honoka: Huh?

Next Day

Honoka: *Walking down the stairs. Notices Kirino walking up the stairs* Ohaiyou Kirino-kun!

Kirino: *Keeps walking and looks the other way*

Honoka: K..Kirino-kun?

SaturdayHonokas house

*Knck Knck*

Honoka: *Answers door* Fubuki? Kirino-kun? Wha...

Fubuki: and Kirino: Where sorry Honoka!

Honoka: About?

Fubuki: About ignoring you yesterday.

Honoka: Oh that...

Kirino: You see I was Ignoring you because I still felt awkward about the ...umm...hole me and Fei thing *Blushes*

Fubuki: What you and Fei thing?

Kirino: Ahh! forget I said anything *Still bushing*

Fubuki: As for me, I was ignoring you because I was still made that you ran away with my phone, It was a horrible way to react but I've cooled down now and I'm sorry.

Kirino: Me too

Honoka: Apologies accepted! And I'm sorry I ran away with your phone Fubuki

Fubuki: Apology accepted! *Smiles*

Honoka: And Kirino-kun I'm sorry that I...

Kirino: Apology accepted!! You don't need too continue that sentence


Kirino: Well...ummmm *blushes even harder*

Honoka: Never mind that guys! Since were friends again would you like to come in and watch a movie! *smiles and gestures for them to come inside*

Fubuki: and Kirino: Sure!!!

6 is reading and suddenly heard the word "darling"

Kirino: *Raises head from book* "Darling" *Turns around* Tenma? Did you just call me "Darling"?

Tenma: Damn It! *Turns around to face Shinsuke in the doorway* You see Shinsuke! This is why I don't like playing truth or dear with you! You make me do things like this!

Kirino: *Sweat Drops*

9 is celebrating his/her birthday. What will you give to him/her?

Honoka: Ne Shindou open mine next *Smiles like crazy while holding the gist*

Shindou: Ok! * Takes the gift and opens it*

Honoka: Well what do ya think?

Shindou: *Holds up a black T-shirt with white writing that says "Music Is My Friend"*Sweat Drops* I love it thank you Honoka-chan

Honoka: I knew you would *Hugs him*

Shindou: *Blushes and hugs back*

4 borrowed your laptop and saw something which made him/her blush.

Fidio: Ummm...Honoka?

Honoka: Yeah

Fidio: Why is your wallpaper for your laptop a picture of me *Blushes*

Honoka*Blushes* see I had to take pictures for a school project about soccer players around the world and well...

Fidio: Well what?

Honoka: Well...I...I took that photo of you during a match and l...liked it so much I decided to k...keep it as my wallpaper *Blushes*

Fidio: Don't worry. I think It's cute *Smiles*

Honoka: *Smiles back*

Are there any 5 x 7 fics?

Honoka: Yeah! I don't read them...but there is =)

Do you want to date 2?

Honoka: Yeah It would be fun =P

Type a summary for 3 x 4

Honoka: Ummm...ok...weird but...ok

After meeting him, Suzuno can't get him off his mind no matter how hard he tries. "Is this what Love is?".."Why am I doing this?"..."I have to see him again"..."Is this a bad ides...should I turn back and go home?"...These are the things Suzuno thought as he was on a plane to find his true love!

Honoka: I am Cr* at summaries =_=,

Is 7 a gay/lesbian? What made you say that?



Honoka: Long story...

Nagumo: I've got time.

Honoka: SH*!!!!

10 accidental hit you.

Honoka: Oww...What was that a soccer ball?

Fubuki: Ah! Honoka, are you alright?

Honoka: Yeah I'm fine thanks *smiles*

Fubuki: Oh that's good. I'm so very sorry, I get distracted when I kicked the ball.

Honoka: Forget about it, it was a just a mistake

Fubuki: Let me make it up to you, lets go to the zoo, my treat!

Honoka: Sure! *giggles*

1 is pregnant. Who's the father?

Honoka: Well duh! It's obviously Nagumo or Suzuno *Evil Smirk* and my I add--I KNEW YOU WHERE A GIRL

Nagumo and Suzuno: EXCUSE ME!

Honoka: Well you 3 do hang around a lot together.


Suzuno: Besides that is physically possible.

Honoka: Like I said before-- KNEW YOU WHERE A GIRL!--so it is possible!

Aphrodi: Umm guys do I get a say in this!

Nagumo and Suzuno and Honoka: NO!!!

Aphrodi*Sweat Drops*

8 and 9 are getting married.

IE Cast: *Faces like this O_o* Uhhh...

Honoka: Why? Are you...

Shindou: Kariya blackmailed us...

Honoka: Is it for real!?

Midorikawa: NO IT'S A FAKE MARRIAGE !!!!

Honoka: Oh..OKAY! :) So Kariya...what's the blackmail!

Kariya: Well...

Midorikawa and Shindou: DON'T!!!

3 suddenly confessed about his love for you!

Suzuno: So..umm...Honoka there's something that I've been meaning to...tell you

Honoka: Yes, what is is?

Suzuno: I...

Honoka: You..

Suzuno: I LIKE YOU TOO!!


Suzuno: Well I know you like me every since you kiss me *Blushes*

Honoka: *Waves hands in front of face* N-No! I'm Flattered but that kiss was a mistake! You've got the wrong idea!

Suzuno: Wait what!?

But 5 is your boyfriend!

Honoka: Umm...well you may not know this but me and Hiroto are going out.

Suzuno: I didn't know that...

Honoka: Yeah...well...he gave me flowers awhile back and then we got to talking and...he ended up asking be his...girlfriend.

Suzuno: Oh...

Honoka: I'm really sorry

Suzuno: It's fine

Hiroto: *Opens door* Hey guys! whats up?

Honoka: We...umm...we..

Suzuno: Were just talking about you

Hiroto: Me?

Suzuno: Yeah! we were talking about how lucky you are to have such a great girlfriend

Honoka: Suzuno...

Suzuno: Anyway I gotta go! *Walks towards the door*

Hiroto: Okay bye *smiles*

Suzuno: *Stands in doorway before leaving* Oh and Honoka..

Honoka: Yeah

Suzuno: *Smirks* You call me when this relationship is over!

Hiroto: SUZUNO!

Suzuno: *Runs Away*

Hiroto: *Runs after him*

Honoka: *Sweat drops*

1, tell 5 that you love him/her!

Aphrodi: Umm okay... BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!


Aphrodi: Right!...H-Hiroto I-I L-Love Y-You

Hiroto: *Sweat Drops* T-Thanks??? I think?

1 x 8 or 7 x 8?

Honoka: Neither really but I would have to say... 7x8?

Nagumo and Midorikawa: WHAT?! *Looks at each other* EWWWW NOOO!!

Honoka: Sorry =_=

4 tell us who you love!

Fidio: No one!

Honoka: Oh Really...

Fidio: Yes Really!!!!!

Honoka: Fine your free to go

Fidio: Thank you ! ;)

What title should a 2 x 6 story be?

Honoka: The two people I caught having...

Fei and Kirino: SHUT IT!

Honoka: Fine, fine let me think...I don't know...umm..."You complete me"...that'll do.

Well, that's about it! Give yourself and 10 a BIG hug.


Fubuki: *Sweat Drops* Okay...*Hugs Honoka*

Honoka: Thank you =) *Still hugging* I KNOW GROUP HUG!

Fubuki: Wait! What?

IE CAST: *Group Hug*

My Inazuma Eleven OC:

Name: Yamazaki Honoka

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: Third year

Birthday: 5th December

Soccer History: She was part of a soccer team for 4 years as a defender and was known as "The Snow Queen!"

Position: Defender

Team(s): First season: Raimon(Manager) Second season: Diamond Dust(Player), Third season: Fire Dragon(Manager)

Element: Ice

Number: 3

Any quirks to uniform?: A silver chain necklace with a green Shamrock at the end that she hides under her team t-shirt

(Adopted)Family: Honoka was an orphan at Sun Garden Until she was adopted by the Yamazaki Family at the age of 9. They called her Kaida. The family includes A Mother and Father and little Brother Kan age 6

Personality: Honoka Is a very happy, positive person, who always has a smile on her face. But when things get serious so does she. Honoka is also a tom-boy, she acts like a boy most of the time and gets along better with boys than with girls. She likes to make people laugh and will do so whether it is cracking a joke or a funny comment. She is nice and gentle around children and hyper and crazy around her friends. When first meeting her you think she is calm and quite but once you get to know her is the exact opposite. She is very polite and well mannered when meeting new people but around her friends and family she is hyper and giggly and talks in an unmannered way . She is shy around strangers (or new people) but once she knows them a little better she opens up to them and becomes hyper again. Although she is a happy person if you hurt, insult or upset her friends or family she forms a dark aura around her and wants revenge, you don't want to get on her bad side. When playing in a game she is very serious and gives it her all even when in pain she wants to keep on going. Also when playing a game she is very good at predicting where the ball or opponent will move to.


Hair: Long brown hair with light blue tips at the end, tied up into a high ponytail (that reaches to the back of her knees when down) With to braids hanging down either side of her face and a sideways fringe (going from left to right)
Eye Colur: Light blue
Skin tone: Average (not to pale but not to dark)
Height: Small (just below average)
Weight: Average

Likes- Food: Pizza (any hot food really =P) apples, strawberries, Ice cream, cake
Drink: Milk, water, orange juice
Dislikes- Food: Mushrooms, onions, lemons
Drink: Lemon juice, alcohol (if that counts)

Flaws: Sometimes she may speak before she thinks so It may come out wrong. She can be bossy at times and can be a bit of a push over.


Casual: She wears light blue jeans that are ripped at the knees. Red converse as shoes. Red T-shirt with a black hoddie which is left open so her red-shirt is visible.

PJ: Black t-shirt with dark blue shorts. She also sleeps with white socks on.

Formal: She may be a tom-boy but when it comes to formal occasions she likes to dress up. She wears a long light blue dress that is tight until her hips and then is lose down to her ankles. Along with white high heel shoes with a white cardigan and a white purl necklace. (Her hair is down and is straightened when attending a formal occasion) she also wears some make up (mainly just lipstick)

Dreams: She dreams that one day she will be able to play soccer again and make the soccer community in Ireland bigger (as not many people play soccer in Ireland)

Type of people she like: She like people that like to have a laugh but can take things seriously as well.

What she call others: She calls people by there first name and adds chan or kun if they are the same age as her or younger. If they are older she uses their second name and adds sempi.

Who she gets along with people in general?: She gets along better with boys than with girls as she has a boyish personality. She hates stuck up people.

My Inazuma Eleven Go OC

First name: Drago (Italian boys name which is believed to mean sign of the dragon)
Last Name: Zangari
Japanese Pseudenyom: Kobayashi Rai
Nationality: italian
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Grade: Third year

Personality: Drago is a trouble maker. He is known for his evil acts and I guess you could say he is a bad boy type. He hates to be told what to do and when he is he gets on with it but you can tell by the expression on his face he is very angered. He can be very selfish at times but usually helps people out even thou he may not want to just because he doesn't want everyone to hate him. Jealousy can arise when not being the center of attention but doesn't do anything about it. When first meeting people he is very quiet and doesn't speak much, instead just gives them evil looks and smirks but when he gets to know them he usually gives them sarcastic comments and insults them (His way of trying to be funny) Although he is a trouble maker he has an interest in animals and smiles when he sees them (without people looking of course because he doesn't want people seeing his good side) is his also gentle around children

Hair: Short Black hair with a fringe covering his right eye (The ends of the fringe dyed bright red)
Eye Colour: Red
Skin tone: Pale
Height: Just above average.
Weight : Average
Other: A small red scar on his left cheek.

Likes- Food: Pizza, burgers, soup, rice, apples and bananas
Drink: Milk, water
Dislikes- Food: All vegetables apart from carrots
Drink: Any kind of sweet juice Eg= orange, strawberry ect...

Casual: Black leather jackets with dark green t-shirt, dark denim jeans and brown trainers.

PJ: Dark red t-shirt with long dark blue bottoms

Formal: Black tuxedo with white shirt, black tie and black shoes

-Personal info
Family: ????

Background: Drago grew up in an orphanage in Italy and was left there when he was only a baby. . He grew up as a trouble maker often got into fights in and out of school and most of the time got injured. Although he was mischievous and bad, when in the orphanage he was kind to the younger children, never talked or interacted with children his own age and never went near the adults or older children, he was like a lone wolf ( the other children called him "The Lone Wolf of the night") Hey may be horrible towards others at times but he does have a close female friend called Mia. She takes care of him when he gets injured in a fight and covers for him when he sneaks out at night.

Flaws: He can be mean at times, insults people (thinking it's funny), can't cook and gets into fights

Dreams: Drago dreams to find his real Mother and get to know her as he has never had one.
What reward they want to join team: Hire a private investigator to find his mother for him.

-Soccer stuff
Soccer History: He has played soccer with the older children in the orphanage before had is known for having a powerful kick.

Position: Forward
Number: 8
Element: Fire
Hissatsu: (Shooting move) Flame Arrow: This is where he kicks the ball high into the air, jumps up after it front flips, lands on the ball with his two feet, call out "FLAME ARROW!" the ball catches on fire, he then shoots down towards the net in an arrow like manner and at the last minute back flips off the ball onto the ground.

(Defending move) Dragon fetch: When an opponent is dribbling the ball towards him he stars to run towards the ball and then jumps into the air. He then raises both hands in the air which releases a Dark red dragon from underneath him. He lands on the dragons back and holds on to it's back with one hand and with his free hand he points towards the ball and calls out "Dragon Fetch!" The dragon then runs on all fours towards the ball going from side to side (like a snake) and catches the ball in its mouth (This makes the opponent fall to one side) Rai then jumps off the dragons head and takes the ball from the dragons mouth on his way down. Once on the ground he starts to dribble off with the ball

Soul: Komodo Dragon = Dark green skin, red eyes, bright red tongue and a bright yellow strip from its head through its back and to the tip of its tail.

Soulstrike: Komodo Dragon = Dark green skin, red eyes, bright red tongue and a bright yellow strip from its head through its back and to the tip of its tail.
Any quirks to uniform?: Nope =)

Type of people they like: He likes shy people (as they don't bother him much) but at the same time people just like him with an attitude so he has someone to argue with.
What they prefer to be called by others: Japanese wise his last name or senpai
What they call others: Japanese wise by their last names
Do they get along with people in general?: Not most people but people with an attitude or people that like him for his bad self.
What they think of 'aliens'?: He thinks they are weird but is interested in them.
Other things???: He is smarter than people take him for

My IE Go Dream Team!









Honoka (Me!)












That's the Team! Hope you like it!

Twenty-one signs you're an Inazuma Eleven fan:

(My good friend Swaggy-chan made this! Not me! So you can copy and past this into your profile if you want to! I did because I love Inwzuma eleven!)

1. You and your friends are bored, so you scream "Sakka yarouze!!"

2. Whenever you go to/watch a sports game, you feel sorry for the guy that's always stuck on the bench and nickname him Fudou.

3. Eyepatches, dreadlocks, goggles, capes and mohawks all make you think of penguins.

4. You encourage your friends to never give up - Endou-style! And/or that things will work out somehow - Tenma-style!

5. You meet a really good young pianist and nickname them Shindou.

6. You think of/say Akane when you see a girl that's quietly in love with some boy, or takes pictures of him all the time.

6. You're convinced all teddy bears are time-traveling androids that never get picked to be leaders.

7. You think of Toramaru every time you see a young boy that greatly admires someone not too much older than himself.

8. You're tried Fire Tornado, and failed epically.

9. God Hand too. Diiidn't save your face from the soccer ball flying towards it.

10. When things get rough, and arguments flare up, you raise your hands and quote in your best Tsunami voice, "Compared to the vastness of the ocean, this is nothing."

11. Aliens play soccer.

12. Loud and Violent girls scare you and yet you admire them at the same time - like Midori.

13. 'Soccer-playing boys are the best.'

14. Whenever you see anything about Joan of Arc, you remember fondly how Kirino helped her unlock her potential and bravery. Aaaand you brag on him. Sometimes.

15. You remember Taiyou every time you meet someone with a permanent illness.

16. You talk to a bunch of soccer players and none of them know what a 'manager' is, or why you'd want to be theirs.

17. You're suspicious of sport coaches.

18. Whenever people mention aliens, you ask, "Okay, so are we talking real aliens, or were they effected by the Aliea Meteorite?"

19. You wish Rairaiken was near your house - you could really use some Hibiki-kantoku advice. And noodles. Heehee.

20. Street gangs remind you of Tobitaka and Kusaka, and how everyone can change.

21. You're convinced everyone could be friends, and wars could be avoided - all if everyone settled their misunderstandings through soccer.

(Here are just a few quotes I made up myself! If you like them or belive in them then post them in your profile! If not that's okay!)

I love what I have (and some things I don't!) I love being alive! I love who I am! And some day I hope to marry love of my life!

No one is ever alone! Everyone has a friend, even if they don't know it yet!

My best friend once askee me "What's a friend?" I replied "Someone you like to hang out with and know well!" My best friend thought for a moment. They then asked "Ok, so what's a best friend?" I smiled and replied "Someone who is always there for you! Someone who never gives up on you! Someone who would do anything to make you smile when you're sad! Someone that would travele the wold to find you if you were lost!" My best friend smiled back and asked "So what am I to you?" I smirked and answered "You're not my're not a close are the person that I would risk my life for! My very best friend in the universe!"

My mum loves me. My dad loves me. You love me...I know you do!


Name: (Last name - First Name)

Nickname: (Optional! If so Who calls them by their nickname)

Age: (15-18)

Appearance: (Detailed)

Casual Clothes:

Formal Clothes:

Personality: (Detailed)









Soccer possession:

Hissatsu: (1-3)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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