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Story Announcement Out of Control is being deleted for now and totally re-done. So if you've read it please check back at a later time to see the new version, I promise it will be worth your while. Thanks again to everyone who reads and reviews nicely, it's most helpful. 3

Hey I'm Maggie,Cari-anne is just the pen name,and I really like to write. I have some stuff here, and some stuff at I am under the same name on both. Check out I hope you like. About me? Well I'm 17 and I live in Florida. I really like music punk rock, hardcore, altrock, stuff like that. I really love AFI you should check them out and some bands like Evanescence and Incubus. I love movies and reading. I obviously love to write or else I probably wouldn't be posting stuff here would I? If you read anything I write or even if you don't but somehow you end up reading my profile please promise me you will read the books A Separate Peace and Peace Breaks Out by John Knowles. He is a genuis and even though many people will tell you his stuff is dumb and boring and doesn't make sense, I trust that you will be deep enough that you can appreciate them. People always say that because they are too shallow to understand it. Well I guess I got off the subject of me but I hope you got something out of it.

Damn it's annoying when people flame on the first chapter isn't it? I never said I was perfect. Now I know something everyone is worried about. Is the character Mary Sue? Well let's just say that every character is in some way. But the only way to find out whether or not one is truly a hardcore Mary Sue would be to read more of the story except just a smidgeon.

And I don't accept flames on here. I'll delete those reviews if I can, merely because there's no reason for someone to flame. If you don't like it you don't have to read it, and let me say this now, lately I've not been to good with taking criticism especially if it's not necessary which is what a flame is. So my advice is to just sit back, wait to see what happens, and shut the fuck up or at least don't read what you don't like. This is my story so the only person I really have to please is myself. I merely put it here to see if someone else may like it, which apparently someone does. Though not all, and that's ok, but believe me if you don't like it, I don't care.

Ok as you can probably I has re-uploaded A New Home. We got things straightened out so the story will be back in process. Once again I am not the idea person on this story, well not ALL of the ideas. Kesskallome is my character and John is sort of too, they are not real X-men. Jamie is property of the idea person for pretty much the whole story. She writes the outline and I string it all together as well as adding my own flare. I hope you like both stories on here, Out of Control is entirely mine and not at all a part of Gabby. I'm going to be re-working some of the chapters of both stories, nothing big, but feel free to check back every so often, I'll be posting something here when I do re-upload an expanded chapter. Sorry Out of Control was so crappy before, I re-wrote some of it, but I was under a lot of stress at the time and needed it to be done, but now it really is unless I feel like doing more later on. So have a good time and leave me nice comments =.= Mean ones aren't helpful because I don't care what you think about me or my stories.

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