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Author has written 4 stories for Rurouni Kenshin, and Song of the Lioness.

I've had my name on here for a long time, I'm not too worried and I don't mind it but I realized that I generally sign my reviews and responses to reviews with "s.s." so just call me that.

Hair: dark brown.

eyes: hazel

heighth: 5'6

I have an account on You should go there, I don't have a whole lot up yet but I'm about to post a new story. The username is still "SilverSpirit737".

Why, hello there. I am the most horrible person on this site. Completely. I'm sure by now all of my lovely readers have left me since its been years. I feel bad about that but life has just been sooo busy, the way it can be, you know? So I hope people don't hate me too much.

I am slowly writing.

I am in college now and trying to get everything situated. -- update. I'm about to graduate college and am trying to get into grad school. So basically losing my mind and growing up. barf. UPDATE UPDATE - I'm in grad school. And grad school is hard.

I'm very excited! I finished my first original story. I'm still a little lost about what to do but I guess I'll figure it out. I'm willing to let people read it as long as they don't steal anything (I can't imagine why someone would, its not very good) and are willing to be something of a beta. This is the first draft of my story! lol.

Alright, so I don't know who checks this but I started really really getting into One of Three again. I sat down for the last couple days and just blazed threw about three or four chapters for the story and I'm very pleased with what I've produced. (Yes, I will be posting them soon. Still slowly because I seem to work better when I have a bit of buffer between me and updates) I also had a very interesting experience while I was doing this that I would like to share.

Hopefully you already know this, but One of Three focuses mainly on a set of triplets: Lana, Damien and Vincent. I think when I started this story I was very interested in it but for some reason or other it was hard to write. It felt like it was out of my hands and much too difficult and unwieldy than anything I had ever done before. I learned most of this was true but that it was also hard for me to write Lana specifically because she is so different from me. She's happy and positive and just a lot of good things that I'm not. (try more pessimistic, cynical and harsh--thats me).

Yet in these last few chapters I've written I learned so much about my characters. And I also love them a lot more now. I don't know if I can do this justice, but I realized that at the beginning of this story I treated them much the same way everyone within the story treated them: as a whole, as a unit, as "the triplets". It was hard for me to write because, in essence, I didn't know them that well. I tried to separate out their unique personalities but for some reason or other it seemed forced. These last chapters gave me a depth of knowledge about my own characters and I hope my readers (if there are any left) pick up on that.

I just thought it interesting that I myself, the creator, treated them as everyone within my story did. And just like everyone else, I had a bit of learning to do with them.

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