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Author has written 4 stories for Friends, Wonder Years, Harry Potter, and Glee.

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a HUGE Friends fan. It's my all time favortie show and my favorite television couple ever is of course Ross and Rachel, so I really like writing about them. Their story was so engaging to me and I think it's because of the whole soulmate thing. I hope I'll find something just like they had, minus the whole break ordeal. But that isn't the only reason I love the show. It's hysterical and I just always feel better when I watch it. I loved all the other couples the way they ended up too. Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Mike, although I always wanted her to end up with Joey, but I think it would have been too cliche for them all to pair off with just the six of their group. I have a lot of other favorite shows; such as: Grey's Anatomy, Dawson's Creek, The O.C., The Wonder Years, Roswell, Boy Meets World, Buffy, (only when Angel was on it), House, My So Called Life, True Blood, Glee, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Shameless, and American Horror Story.

I love watching most of these shows because of how character driven they were and because of the romantic storylines in them and I always have my favorite couples, although sometimes I like other couples on the show as well. For instance, on Grey's Anatomy my favorite couple is Alex and Izzie, but I also like Meredith and Derek and Christina and Burke. On House I always wanted House and Cameron to get together, but I really don't see that happening. House really isn't a relationshipy type of show, but I still like it a lot, suprisingly. Dawson's Creek is such a great angsty teen show and I felt like I could relate to the characters so well. I love the writing that was done for the show and I love quoting it. I also loved all the couples that came and went and you love them all for a time, but you realize teenage love usually doesn't last. I loved Dawson and Joey together, but after much contemplation I realized they were better off as just friends and she was better off with Pacey. It took me a while, but I finally agree with the way they ended the whole triangle dibacle that was the heart of the show.

The Wonder Years was like the first show I loved so it holds a special place in my heart. Of course the ONLY couple I love in that show is Kevin and Winnie, although they got on my nerves sometimes with their complaining. Roswell is an old show but I just recently bought the DVD's because I always thought I would like it and instead LOVED it. I also love Katherine Heigl because she is such an incredible actress, so that's another reason I was interested in seeing it. I love pretty much all the couples on the show, but my favorite was Max and Liz of course because their story had so many obstacles to overcome, and yet they did. I also loved Michael and Maria together because their the couple that constantly fought, but were just good together, and I loved Isabel with Alex as well. I was so upset when Alex died. I also found it funny that Katherine's characters names in Roswell and Grey's Anatomy are both Isobel, and she had a love interest named Alex in both shows. Also in both shows one of her love interests dies, i.e. Alex and Denny. Just some food for thought. Boy Meets World was another show I got interested in not too long ago, and I love Cory and Topanga together. They were the friends that grew up together and fell in love, but actually made it. It's kind of funny that Ben Savage and his brother Fred's show The Wonder Years have such similar storylines, but yet Winne and Kevin didn't get married. I was highly upset about that by the way, but in my mind they did.

I loved Buffy when it first started. Like the first three seasons were my favorite, but then when Angel left I had a hard time keeping interest in the show because Buffy and Angel as a couple were the reason I loved it so much. I even tried watching Angel for a time, but I realized it was the same problem, however I loved the episodes when Buffy came to visit. The other couples I liked together were Xander and Cordelia, oddly enough, and Willow and Oz. I mean I tried to be onboard with the whole Willow and Xander concept, but I liked them better as friends. My So Called Life was the most recent show I bought on DVD, which I ordered from the UK because again I always thought I would like it and I did. Claire Danes is an amazing actress, and ever since I watched the show she has become one of my favorites, and so has Jared Leto. I mean I always knew who he was, but after watching him in MSCL I was hooked. I loved the whole storyline between Angela and Jordan because I have liked someone from a distance before, but we never got together but I was happy for her that she got the guy. I also felt like I could really relate to that show, and I could never understand why they only made one season. I also got into Jared Leto's band "30 Seconds To Mars" after watching MSCL and they are awesome. It just makes me love him more to know he's so diverse (and beautiful lol). Alright well there are all my favortie shows and potential basis for fan fics, although I think Ross and Rachel will be the characters most written about because they are the best couple since sliced bread was invented and also because if I had to pick one t.v. show to watch for the rest of my life it would be Friends. (Never really got the whole sliced bread thing, but oh well haha).

Now as for movies the only movie I am going to discuss here for potential basis of fanfic is Harry Potter. And NOT because of the whole action/fantasy world, although I think J.K. is just brilliant for writing it, and I love the books, but I am NOT going to try to recreate her work. I do, however, LOVE Harry and Hermione as characters, and I love their relationship, which I think would make for great fanfic's. I have read so many now that I think it is time I try to write my own. Well I hope you enjoyed this mess of words, and my fan fics as well.

The stuff above was written when I was still in high school. It's about 8 years later now. I had to do some italicizing and added some other shows I've gotten into since. I didn't ever think I'd take my shot at writing fanfics again because I never finished the ones I started before, but Faberry might change all that. I love them THAT much lol.

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