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Shekiah: Hello everybody...

Alunaer: And welcome the the absolutely pointless bio of Shekiah and Alunaer.

Thank you all. Now, how about crap that no one cares about but reads because they're bored?


Name: Jordan Shekiah Lee

Race: Human being.

Alunaer: (around a mouthful of pencil) That's debatable.

Shekiah: (rolls eyes)

Alter Ego: Catherine Muhlheim, a rather insane and ditzy blonde with an obsession with every musical, vaguely hot guy that happens to cross her path.

Appearance: Blonde thatusually wears jeans and t-shirts related to broadway musicals. Often seen with a half-full cup of coffee in her left hand and a viola case in her right. Wears combat boots and somewhat scary jewelry. Very rarely seen over 20 miles away from her assortment of musical instruments. Incidentally, has a particular affinity for the Rolling Stones.


Name: Alunaer Valkriye.

Race: Vampire with somewhat humanlike characteristics.

Alter Ego: Wolf, a somewhat psychotic werewolf who shoots everything that moves. A rabid Erik phan who often gets into fights with Catherine over this.

Appearance: Brunette-looking redhead with cloudy black eyes. Wears jeans with skull-and-rose designs across the ass and shirts with pretty much the same design. Has very scary eyeteeth, scarier than Shekiah's somewhat scary jewelery. Often seen with musical compsition book and pencils between her teeth, frantically writing music to the crazy tunes pounding in her mind.

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