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Author has written 15 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, Prétear, Gundam Seed, Naruto, X/1999, and Saiyuki.

Um... I'd liked to thank all that review, and you gave me this award. No, not really. But lets see... I'm a big Anime/ Manga freak. I'm also getting into DDR. I'm still on light, but I'm slowly getting better.
But back to the anime, here's a few I watch/ read plus fav. characters: (I apologize ahead of time for all and any misspelled names), But this doesn't mean I liked all of them.

2x2 Shinobuden- Not quite sure
3x3 Eyes- I don't know
Ah! My Goddess- Belldandy
Ai No Kusabi- Riki
Aishiteruze Baby- Kokoro
Angelic Layer- Wizard
Aquarian Age- Junichi
Arujuna- Chris
Azumanga Diaoh- Sakaki
Birdy the Mighty- Uh... Birdy's pretty cool.
Bleach- Not sure yet... but I'm getting there
Cardcaptors- Yue
Cat's Return, The- Can't Remember
Chobits- Minoru
Chrono Crusade- Chrono
Comic Party- Taishi
Cowboy Beebop- ED and EIN also the little boy that never aged, and the sax player.
DiGiCharat- None
D.N.Angel- Ah.. What's his name... Krad
Dragonball- Don't have one
Dragonball GT- None
Dragonball Z- Future Trunks, and Gohan when he was fitting cell.
Dragon Half- None... does the ending song count?
Escaflowne- Dilandau and Van
E's Otherwise- Undecided
Excel Saga- Menchi
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture- Terry
Fooly Cooly- I don't know, the show kinda scares me.
Fruits Basket- Momiji
Full Metal Alchemist- Hughes
Full Moon wo Sagashite- Takuto
Fushigi Yuugi- Nuriko, Nakago
Inuyasha- Kouga
Gantz- Don't Know...
Get Backers- Kazuki
Ghost In The Shell- Major
Ghost In The Shell: Innocence- Major
Gravitation- Too hard to choose, but I guess Ryuichi might be the most obvious, or maybe Touma?
Grrls- None...
GTO- Uh... none for now
Gundam Seed- Nicol
Gundam Wing- Duo
Happy Lesson- the one Mama that's the Chem. teacher.
Hellsing- Walter
Himiko Den- Don't know
Hunter x Hunter- Killua and Kurapika
Kaliedo Star- The spirit of the Stage
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne- Kaitou Sinbad, Chiaki
King of Bandit Jing- Jing
Kino's Journey- Uh... Kino but not the girl, the original guy Kino
K.O.Beast- None
Last Vampire- Don't have one
Loveless- Soubi
Mirage of Blaze- None
MyDearMarie- Himiko
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Haven't got one
Ninja Scroll- The old government spy
Nuku Nuku (TV)(Dash)(-)- Nuku Nuku
Outlaw Star- Can't Remember
Peacemaker- Okita
Peach Girl- Kiley
Pokemon- Todd
Pretear- Sasame, and Shin
Princess Nine- None
Princess Tutu- Fakir and Mytho
Puni Puni Poemy- K when he's not an alien, so I guess it should be the Scooter theif
Rail of the Stars- None
Ranma 1/2- Shampoo
Read or Die the Movie-Miss Deep
Read or Die Tv- Anita
Revolutionary Girl Utena- Miki
Rurouni Kenshin- Sagara
Sailormoon- Allen
Sailormoon Stars- Yaten-kun (Sailor Star Healer)
Saiyuki- Goku, and Hakaru
Samurai Champloo- Jin
Shamanic Princess- Sara
Shaman King- Faust and Lyserg
Spiral- Kousuke and Eyes
Spirited Away- Haku
Starblazers- Derek Wildstar
Street Fighter Alpha-Vega and Ken Masters
Street Fighter the Animated Movie- Vega
Super Milk Chan Show- Now this was pointless
Tokyo Babylon- Subaru
Tokyo Godfathers- The crossdressing hobo
Trigun- Lagato, and the Midvalley Horn dude was pretty cool too.
Tsukihime- Don't know
Vampire HunterD- D
Vampire Princess Miyu- Larva
Vandread- The commander guy/ girl person
Wedding Peach- Lord Pluey
Weiss Kruez Gluhen- Too hard to choose. I like all for one reason or another. (Yes even Yougi, he's target practice)
Witch Hunter Robin- Michael and Sakaki
Wolf's Rain- Toboe
X- Subaru
Yakitate- Kosuke? I think that's his name.
Yami No Matsuei/ Descendants of Darkness- Um... I can't choose!
Yugioh- Bakura
Yu Yu Hakusho- Jin

Manga: (Ones underlined I collect)

Anima- Undecided
50 Rules for Teenagers- The manwha author sister
Ai Yori Aoshi- None
Alice 19th- Chris, and Frey
Angel Sanctuary-Mika
Battle Angel Alita- Hugo
Black Cat- Train
Bloodhound- Moegi
Bokura no Oukoku, Our Kingdom- Akira... no Rei... no Yuuji... no Akira... no I DON'T KNOW!
Boys Next Door- Lawr
Boys Over Flowers- Tsukasa
Bride of Deimos- The main guy in Foget Me Not, and Jun
Candidate for Goddess- Earnest and Ertz
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow- Yue
Ceres Celestial Legend/ Ayashi no Ceres- Dr. Howell
Chobits- Same
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword- Raun? The Lightening brother.
Chrono Crusade- Same
Clamp School Dectives- Akira
Clover- Ran
Color- Takashiro
Confidential Confessions- None
Count Cain- Riff, and Radcliff
Crescent Moon- Akira and Misoka
Cross- Cross
Cruel Fairytales- Jullian
Demon Diary-Eclipse
Demon Ororon- Othello
Descendants of Darkness- Same
Desire- Tadashi
Diabolo- Ren
D.N.Angel- Same
Doll- The Doll with no name in the first manga
Dragon Knights- Kaistern
Eerie Queerie- Kanau, and the goat demon ghost thing that was really hot!
Eternity- Don't have one
Faeries Landing- Goodfellow
Fake- Dee
Fish In The Trap- Yoshino... I think. I somewhat know what's going on.
Fruits Basket- Same
Fullmetal Alchemist- Same
Full Moon Wo Sagashite- Takuto (Onion Ramen hahahahahahahahahaha!)
Fushigi Yuugi- Only Nuriko
Getbackers- Ginji
Gravitation- Same as before
Gundam Seed- Same
Gundam Wing- Duo (Same)
Hana-Kimi- Umeda, and Nakatsu's Roommate
Hands Off- Don't know
Hellsing- Same
Hot Gimmick- Subaru
HunterXHunter- Killua and Hisoka's scary... I had to add that. Oh and Kaito is awesome!
Imadoki- Flippy
Immortal Rain- The Black Market Doctor... he doesn't have a name, or at least from what I know
Initial D- Tak
Inuyasha- Shessy
Juvenile Orion- All!... maybe I like Tsukasa alittle more... not sure.
Kannade- Akito
Kare Kano- Kazuma
Kill Me Kiss Me- Jung- Woo
Kimi Shika Iranai- Atsumu
Kingdom Hearts- Undecided
King of Bandit Jing- Same
Kodocha- Akito
Legal Drug- Kazahaya
Les Bijoux- Carnilion
Love Mode- Tomoki and Kiichi (Just because he's so evil hee hee!)
Magic Knight Rayearth- Clef... he's so cute!
Man of Many Faces- Akira
Marmalade Boy- Yuu
Mars- Rei and Kira
Merupuri- Undecided
Midare Somenishi- Chihiro
Mikuni-chan in Wonderland- Heh... heh... none
Mink- Motoharu
Mouryou Kiden- Unknown
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnorok, The- I Don't Know
Naruto- Kakashi, and Gaara, oh and Itachi!
Naurto (Pilot)- Takashi... and yes there is a difference.
NOW- Undecided
One- Eumpa
One I Love, The- None
Only the Ring Finger Knows- Wataru
Othello- Na Na
Passion- Shima
Peacemaker- Same
Peach Girl (Peach Girl: Change Of Heart)- Kiley
Petshop of Horrors- Dreizehn, T-chan, Ten-chan, and all guy animals
Pita-ten- Undecided
Planet Ladder- Meshie
President Dad- Fierenheit... or however you spell it.
Pretear- Same
Princess Ai- Don't Know
Psychic Academy- Zero
Queen's Knight- Unknown
Rebirth- Unknown
Renka- Renka
Revolutionary Girl Utena- Same
Saiyuki- Same
Samurai Deeper Kyo- Yukimura or Sasuke
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School- Undecided
Sgt. Frog- Mutsumi! He's awesome!
Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales- None
Shoalin Sisters- Kyo?
Snow Drop- Ha-da
Suki- Unknown
Sukisho- Fujimura
Sweet and Sensitive- Ummers..
Tactics- Haruka
Threads of Time- Don't know
Tokyo Mew Mew- Kish
Tramps Like Us- Momo
Trigun- Same
Tsubasa- Fai
Under the Glass Moon- Neo
Until The Full Moon- Marlo
Vampire Game- Duzzie
Wallflower, The- Undecided all five that live in the boarding house are so awesome!
Weiss Kreuz Side B- Yuki!
Wild Act- Maki even if he is a stalker
Wish- Koryu
W Juliet- Ito
Wolf's Rain- Same
X/1999- Subaru
X-Day- None
XXXHolic- None
Zodiac PI- Hiromi
Zombie Powder- C. T. Smith

That's all I can think of right now, but it's also midnight. So I'll continue later.

The all so important characters with braids: (IF I don't have a character with a braid not listed tell me (guy characters))

Ranma- Ranma 1/2
Chrono- Chrono Crusade
Marlo- Until The Full Moon
Yujinn- Vampire Game
That one person- Shaman King
Meshie- Planet Ladder
Dr. Howell- Ceres Celestial Legend/ Ayashi no Ceres
Nuriko- Fushigi Yuugi
Aya - Weiss Kleuz Gluhen
Ten-chan- Petshop of Horrors
Kazuhiko- Clover
General God Person In HeavenYoukai LookingPerson... Yea- Saiyuki
Sanzo before Genjo Sanzo- Saiyuki
Vega- Street Fighter II
Joker- Flame of Recca
Edward- FMA
Calder- Zombie Powder
Rai- Diabolo
Shen- Lon- E's Otherwise
Mingchen- Chromicles of the Cursed Sword

Upcoming Stories:
1- Gundam Wing (Evangelion Crossover)- The Question's Answer- Comedy,Action/Adventure
2- Weiss Kreuz- Omi's Conflict- Comedy
3- Fruits Basket- Momiji Goes Out- Comedy
4- Gundam Seed- Blah Blah Blah (Sequel to: This Is My Recital)- Comedy
5- Gundam Wing- What if...- Comedy
6- Inuyasha- Great Great Uncle Inuyasha- Comedy/ Drama (I think. I'm still deciding)
7- Harry Potter- The Daughter of Dumbledore- General?
8- Gravitation- 1,2,3...3...3- Comendy
9- Sailormoon- Sister Naomi- Romance/ Drama
Completed Stories:
1- This Is My Recital- Gundam Seed- Chapters:1
2- A Christmas Gift- Naruto- Chapters: 1
3- Letters-GundamWing-Chapters: 41
4- Who is Too Sexy for This Show- X/1999- Chapters: 1
5- The Stick Shift Massacre- Gundam Wing- Chapters: 1
Wanted: A Duo Maxwell clone, or look alike, and reward for this is anything you desire.
(Offer is serious, but reward is somewhat limited... for now at least.) Or any anime character, but not as much as Duo Maxwell.
Warning: Just a warning if anyone sends me flames, it will be deleted, and I will hunt the person down and be very very very mean.
I'm really bored so I decided to write more. I guess something I can say is that at the moment my fav. fic of my own is One Answered Prayer. Can't tell you why just that it's fun to write ... even though I do torture Duo. Kinda sad. If you can't tell my fav. char. of all time is Duo Maxwell! That's probably why he's so tortured but hey... who can blame me besides the entire world:Shrugs: And if anyone ever wonders about my name.
M- Maxwell
I- tIger
Y- Yuy
A- tAnya
B- Barton
E- tigEr
W- Wufei/ Winner
A- tanyA
But yea... whee! I'm not that bored anymore soo I'll go. Bye bye... for now. :evil laugh:
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