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Hey there people. I thought I would update you all on the states of my fictions, I have been away for a while with no internet access, so I haven’t updated anything for a few months.

Change Begins was my first ever fanfiction. I started writing it in March 2004 and finally a year later I finished it. To be fair I am not too keen on the ending, but I felt it was beginning to drag on without purpose so I wrapped it up. Whilst I don’t feel it is a particularly good story, it does have its moments, and started me writing so I did continue with it and finish it properly.

Change Begins is your bog-standard Lily and James fic. Another persons version on how they got together, just as unlikely as all the others, but a good read all the same, sprinkled liberally with my own bizarre type of humour. (And I have had many comments from girls saying they wish they were Lily in this story, but then who wouldn’t?)

Why Us/ Why Me (make up your own mind on what its called, I can never remember) Was the second thing I started to write, after I discovered some pretty nifty Sirius and Hermione fictions. I detect at the moment it is swinging towards a Hermione/Draco pairing, but I am not sure if this will last. I think this is one of my funnier fic’s, but then with Sirius as a main character can it be anything but funny?

Is time on her side this is a story I began to think of after reading many very poor time travel stories. I’m not going to claim mine is any better, but I have had a good go. It is the most recent one I have started, and I finished it in a fit of inspiration. Whilst it covers a long period I do like the general concept, and if I hadn’t become so excited by it, there probably would have been more detail but I didn’t want it to become a mission to read, which is another reason it only features events key to my story.


I have a passion for swing music, and whilst listening to I won’t Dance I was struck with how this would suit a Sirius/Remus pairing. Also with this pairing I was getting slightly irritated about how many slash pairings were smut. Whilst I have no problem with this I would like to read the occasional slash fic that explores feelings, and is accessible to everyone who wants to read this pairing without sex.

Don’t get around much any more is the same as above really, a slash fic which is non-smut. After all with the exception of time-travel and magic, I try to steer clear of writing about things I know nothing about.

My funny Valentine was just a short drabble, with a twist on Draco being pushed into marriage, and realising looks aren’t everything. Takes about two minutes to read so go on, you know you want to.

So that’s a general cover of my work so far, I will be updating a fair bit over the next few weeks. These updates will come all the sooner with reviews, there’s my begging bit. But yeah, I do think that even if a story is finished review the authors, it makes us so happy.



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This fic will be a sbhg fic later, but at the mo, its more of a humor genral fic about HG, HP, RW, SB..... you get the point anyway. Rating may go up, but I Siriusly doubt it. (Sorry I thought I'd get that pun out of the way before the story starts.)
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