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Name: Alyx

I'm now 15 and I have some great writing ideas up my sleeves, so stay around and you won't be disapointedI hope
A little insider of myself:I'm your almost average teenager, I'm not prep, not goth...I'm me. Whatever style that is, cause I'm not sure anymore. Music is more of my life anymore, but my friends make up a BIG part of it. I can't play sports anymore, otherwise I'd still be a goalie for soccer, and still be playing Volleyball.On the bright side, I can still swim.

I finally got my comp in my room hooked up again, its been unplugged since i moved everyting around. so my writings should be coming along alot faster=)

Fav. Anime: Inuyasha, FMA, Fruits Baskets, Digimon, Yugioh, Kaliedostar, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi, CCS, Chobits ect...

Manga: Tsubasa, Negima, DN Angel, Juvenile Orion. ect...

I have not been on here in a very long time.

So sorry, that I haven't updated in ages, years have passed, and you have been left in the dark about the stories...To be honest, I have forgotten all the cool ideas I had all planned out and ready to serve.

Through alot of growing throughout the years I have been writing, all junk I must say! So, anyway, I plan on getting some new stories out soon, and with school start August17th, I have to get to it! From what my upper-classmen friends have told me, the sophomore year is the toughest--make it or break it. I plan to make it!

I'm going to getthisnew story I've been working up and goingwithin the next few weeks, I couple chapters written so I just have to finish a few things and make it all good.

Bare with me, and I will hopefully keep you intrigued with my writing styles, I still don't like flames. Although I shall take it as constructive critiscm.

Ok, time to get down to business...

Hidden Fire... I have no idea what I was going to do with it...sorry...Until I remember its not getting updated.

Blood Drips... I will have to re-read that, and see what I was doing with it..and It will come back soon.

Tear Drops... I have a good feeling of where I"m going with it, so I will have to sit down and just write it all out:)

Tour Bus I am starting a new chapter on that it should be up within a week...i hope =)

As for my new story... Forever Feels Like Home I am working on a second chapter I haven't got very far yet, It will be up soon, I believe... hopefully by the end of this week beginning of next week.

On FictionPress I'm getting two new stories up...Actually 3. but i forgot the password to the account and i had shut tha email down, so I couldn't get in...so my new acount on there is Strangely_Fine Come visit it sometime...lol!

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