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Me: Hi what's up

ArmyMuseOfSorrow: Hi

Me: She likes Hiei and Kurama. Check out her profile.

Name: Mika

Look like:I have green hair (I dyed it green.Then my friends thought it would be funny to dye it pink so now it's pink. I hate pink -_-)

ArmyMuseOfSorrow: HAHAHA. Me and her friend Ted dyed it.

Mika: I feel so loved (you hear this a lot in my fic's)

Age: 14

Race: I am a wolf demon (it's true. moving on)

Mika: Ted is a wanta be Saiya Man

Ted: Shut up *cry*

Favorite Quotes:
"Is it over?" "Not till the fish jumps" said Vegeta. A fish jumps."It's over."

"If I die then who will pay my Tab at the Akebeko?" said Sano. "You will!" yelled Karou and Yahiko at once. (They agree on something!)"Cheap scates," said Sano.

"Oh cool soda," said a boy. (I don't know who he is but he's in the Blue Seed Series. He dies right after that. That's why it's funny ^_^x)
Mika: I have more but let's move on.

Food: Sushi *drooling, sweat snow, Pizza, Japanese food, Chinese Food, Straberries, Italian,ect.

ArmyMuseOfSorrow: Im getting hungry. *Chewing on Ted's hand*

Ted: Ah! Let go of my hand!

Mika: *sweatdrop*

Favorite shows...

ArmyMuseOfSorrow: Oh crap this'll take a while

Ted: I got the popcorn

Mika: So evil *tear*

... Rurouni kenshin
Trigun (this isn't in order)
Ah My Goddess
Ranma 1/2
Yu Yu hakusho
Sailor Moon
Fear Factor

Ted: That has nothing to do with this!

Mika: Shut Up! It's a good show. Moving on.

OutLaw Star
Cow Bot Bebop
.Hack Legand of the Twilight
Blue Seed
Love Hina
Zodiac P.I.
Sameria X
Shaman King
Sameria Deeper Kyo
DN Angel
and many more.

Fav. color: Purple

Fav. Character: Akane, Sano, Hiei (I don't like him think that and I'll kill you) Koome, Kusanagi (only cause of a certian reason and you would have to read My Blue Seed fic) and Vegeta (only cause of some lines he's said that crach's me up)

Live: I'll never tell

Fav. songs:
All The Small Thing's
Paint it Black
1000 miles
Ordinary Day
Only Love
Nobody's listening
Crawling in my skin
Let the Rain Fall
Dreams are made of
Let's get this Party started
A whole New world (laugh and die)
Why not

Ted: Finally!

Mika: Im not done

Ted and A.M.O.S.: NOO!!!

Mika: Hehehe Revenge

What I think of guy's: Big Jerks
Show off's
Over Protective
And scream like girls

Mika: I think that's everything. What are you doing?*Looking over at Ted and A.M.O.S.*

Ted + A.M.O.S.: Praise the lord! If there is one?

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