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Frith and Nijiko-chan's joint account!

Frith's Bio:

Frith be here, yo! If you're really interested in me just check out my account. Since it seems a tad superfluous to have the same information about me twice I decided to just ramble here.

Don’t you just love that word? “Superfluous”? Doesn’t it just roll of the tongue? Oh, I must say it does. I swear, learning that word was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Really, I don’t care what those nonsensical kids in the back of English class say; expanding your vocabulary is fun! Of course, you’re talking to the girl who reads the dictionary whenever she’s bored.

Mind you, I don’t purposefully read the dictionary! It just sort of happens...I’ll look up one word and the definition will have a word in it that I don’t know and so I look up that...And thus I inadvertently end up spending thirty minutes doing something that should have taken me only one.

Well, the fact that I have a very short-term memory does dampen one’s pursuit of knowledge slightly. As I end up looking up some words quite a few times. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve looked up “dues ex machina”. But I think I’ve got it firmly planted in my memory now.

However, my two favorite words are caliginous and indubitably. Aren’t they just the spiffiest? I’ve used them in both my fics: Roses and Peonies and Until the Stars Fade. Give me time and I’ll discreetly slip them into Phantom Kiss as well. I can see it now! The conversation will be somewhere alone the lines of:

“Hey, Botan! Is it caliginous outside?”


Discreet, no?

Nijiko-chan's Bio:

Hiya! I'm Nijiko-Chan! Hey who knows me from the wonderful story: 'Definitions of a Fox' *total silence* K, it's my first fic, so i'm not exactly the most widely known author, but hey, i like to write, so come check my fic out!

So now...a little about me:
I feel like rambling, so i'm gonna ramble too. Anyone play Fire Emblem? Any girls play it? Isn't it sad that Pent is already married. I mean smart (i thinkk, or smart looking), good looking, uses magic, and powerful!? Wow, too bad though...*sigh* he's married. But hey, there are a lot of unmarried guys...wow i sound sad, oh well. ^_^

Hmmm...I have nothing really to say, but hey, i have a favorite word too! Oh course, me being special in that special way i am (^_^), I've never used it in a fic like Frith has. But it's the greatest word! I would ask you guys to guess it but you guys would have no idea what it was...*sigh, shrugs shoulders* oh well...

Doesn't it suck everyone? Inu Yasha was moved to a new time on TV. It's evil, and i was recording it...it's way to late to record now, too late to be watching TV, but i watch anyways, i hsouldn't, beauty sleep ya know! ^_^ Sleep is the best thing in the world...*sigh* Hey, i was taking a poll the other day about Inu Yasha...is that thing Sessho-maru has...the fluffy thing...is it his tail? ?_? oh dear, he's cute either way i guess though. ^_^ though his attitude is not the best..^_^ And what do you guys like about Inu Yasha the best? I think it would have to be his personality for me. How 'bout you? the ears? hahahaha! (well they do look fun to pat...i'm wierd. ^^;)

And check out Phantom Kiss! It's the joint Humor/Romance KB fic. And check out my own story under author "Nijiko-Chan' and it's called 'Defintions of a Fox'. It's YoukoxBotan and Romance/Action/Adventure. So yeah. Gotta go! Bye ya all!^_^

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