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My name is Chris Rudy. And yes, this is a picture of my character, Chris Carver. Thanks to OreoAnarchy for drawing it. YOU'RE AWESOME, GIRL!

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Here’s a little bit about my character and five more that I own.

Christopher "Chris" Malcolm Caver - Age 15, almost 16

Chris is a troubled soul with a dark past. His eyes are blood red and because of that, he was bullied a lot. His half-sisters, Contessa “Tess” Lisa Carver and Emily Serena Carver, protected him when they were at school. Every day, when they returned home from school, the three of them would talk to their parents. Only Tess's mother, Coleen Price, believed them. Their father, William “Bill” Carver, however, did not.

One day, Tess and Emily forgot that they were to go to the park with their brother. When he arrived and saw that they weren’t there, one of the bullies, Amanda Harris, and her sidekicks, Kate Walker and Ashley Wilson, among others who bullied him, immediately began picking on him again.

After that day, he began to hide his eyes, starting off with a bandana, hoping to stop the bullying, to no avail. They started spreading rumors that he was blind. One day, Amanda and Kate snuck up on Chris as he was heading home, grabbed his arms and legs and dragged him down a dark alley. Amanda pulled out a switchblade knife and dragged it down Chris’s right arm, starting at the shoulder, and stopping just short of the wrist.

While she was passing by, a girl, named Verity Clinton (owned by I heart Lyoko), heard Chris screaming and ran to where the scream came from to find Chris being held down by Amanda and Kate, who saw Verity and ran away. Verity called the paramedics as soon as she reached Chris.

Tess, Emily, and Coleen rushed to the hospital to find Verity sitting by Chris’s bed. When he woke up, the three women rushed to his bed, but Verity explained what happened to him.

After three months in the hospital, Chris decided to wear sunglasses to hide his eyes. Also after those three months, Tess and Emily never left his side. When Amanda Ashley, and Kate heard that Chris was back in school, Amanda was furious, whereas Kate and Ashley, who felt guilt over what happened, were relieved.

One day, Chris got a visit from Kate after school. She poured her heart out to him about how sorry she was for what happened to him. He, Tess, and Emily forgave her for what she did when they saw she was being honest.

A few days after her apology, Chris and Kate became quite close, and, before long, they started going out. But, after two months, they broke up to keep Amanda from getting suspicious. But they still remained friends.

Approximately two years before the apocalypse hit, Chris began taking self-defense classes. He also started training himself to use his favorite weapons, Sai daggers. In addition, he taught himself to shoot a gun, and eventually, his father bought him a Colt M1911 pistol.

Chris and Tess sometimes have a rocky relationship between each other, but in the end, they always have each other’s back. They have argued and even fought, but they still love each other.

Chris and Emily have a very loving relationship, and not once have they fought. When Emily began hiding her burned hands in gloves, they looked to each other for comfort. But they never told Tess about the burns.

Chris and his step-mother had a very strong relationship between them. When it came to him being bullied, she always did all she could to comfort him, and it always worked. When the apocalypse hit, and his father left Coleen to die, Chris realized what kind of monster his father is. But he keeps reminding himself that he'll see her again some day.

Chris and his father had a rather cold relationship. When it came to Chris being bullied, Bill always thought his son was just overreacting, which often resulted in the two of them fighting. Sometimes, Bill won, and sometimes, Chris won.

Chris, Tess, and Emily often spend most of their free time reminiscing about some of the events from their past. Sometimes, they would even play poker with the winner varying every time they did play.

One day, Anne Marshall (owned by AquaDestiny’sEmbrace) was found by the three half-siblings during a supply run with a walker chasing her. After they took her back to their camp, she stayed there for two years. During that time, Chris and Anne began to develop feelings for each other, and eventually they got together.

Chris and Verity had a strong bond of friendship. After saving his life, Verity became very worried about whatever else happened to him. Over time, she began to realize she had a crush on him, but wouldn’t admit it to him. Eventually, he found out, but still tried to make it seem like he didn’t know. But they still remain great friends.

Chris kept asking about who his mother was and eventually, Emily, Tess, Coleen, and Carver told him everything about his mother, Vanessa. His greatest hope, when the apocalypse hit, was that she was alive, because he wanted to meet her.

Chris is also extremely claustrophobic. Tess, Emily, Bill, and Coleen didn't realize that until Tess shoved him into a closet one day as payback for embarrassing her when he was 12. After an hour, the four of them realized he was claustrophobic. After that, he never slept with his bedroom completely closed. He left it cracked every night before he fell asleep after that.

Chris also has his own guitar that he's had since he was 11. Coleen paid for his lessons and he got really good at playing it. To this day, he keeps his guitar with him.

Amanda Harris - Age 16

Amanda Harris was the main one who constantly bullied Chris. When the apocalypse hit, she and Kate became bandits and stole all that they could, even when they had more than enough. She would torture everyone who wouldn't give her what she wanted. Even when Kate tried to persuade Amanda to stop torturing people, she wouldn't listen. Her main goal was to find Chris and kill him, intent on finishing what she started.

Kate Walker - Age 15

Kate Walker was another bully of Chris who became his friend. Eventually, the two of them dated for two months, but because Amanda kept getting suspicious, they broke up. After she and Amanda got separated months after the apocalypse hit, she took as many supplies she could, placed them in her bag. The main person she hoped to find was her ex-boyfriend, Chris. She knew he would be able to help her.

Before the apocalypse hit, she began taking violin lessons and has since become exceptionally amazing at playing it. Like Chris does with his guitar, she carries her violin with her at all times.

Kate is also bisexual. After arriving at Howe's Hardware Store, Kate and Ashley became a couple, surprising those at Carver's camp.

And despite the fact he forgave her, the things Kate had done to Chris continue to haunt her.

Ashley Wilson - Age 17

Ashley is another person who bullied Chris. She was best friends with Kate Walker and Amanda Harris. The three of them were pretty much inseparable. However, after Chris got out of the hospital, Ashley was so overwhelmed by guilt for her part in bullying him, she demanded her parents to enroll her in home school. When the apocalypse hit, Ashley got separated from Kate and Amanda, but was found by Chris's father. Against his son's advice, Bill brought the young girl into his community, making his son beyond furious. Ashley tried to atone for what she did to him, and he eventually accepted her as a friend when she saved him from a walker.

Then Kate arrived at Carver's camp, and that night, the girls admitted to each other that they love each other as more than friends, and they became a couple.

Megan Keller - Age 15

Megan is one of Chris's best friends. A few weeks after Chris and Kate broke up, Chris and Megan got together. They dated for four months, but then broke up. Despite this happening, Chris and Megan remained friends.

Chris thinks of Megan as a sister, which is why they broke up. She always helped Tess and Emily keep him safe from Amanda.

Megan also is in shape as she works out a lot in her spare time, which adds extra protection for Chris against Amanda.

Vanessa Stevens - Age 47

Vanessa Stevens is Chris Carver's birth mother. She was a prostitute who was working three jobs to support herself. She and Bill got drunk one night and conceived her son. When Chris was born, Vanessa considered an abortion, until Tess's mother, Coleen, convinced her to let Coleen raise the boy. Vanessa agreed and Coleen took Chris as her stepson. When the apocalypse hit, Vanessa ran into Lee Everett and his group and stayed with them. After Clementine got separated from Christa and her, Vanessa set out to find Clementine and, hopefully, her son.

Vanessa holds onto the hope that both Clementine and her son are still alive, but she is nervous about how Chris would react if she told him she was expecting another baby. She wanted for him to be there when his new sibling was born.

Valery Stevens - Age 47

Valery is the younger twin sister of Vanessa. Valery was born five minutes after Vanessa. In her late teens to early 20s, Valery worked as a stripper in a club to earn money. After that, she took up a different job as a bartender at the same club. Valery was always the first of the two sisters to get sick, and it usually took her a long time to get well again. Despite having a few differences when they were younger, Vanessa and Valery love each other deeply.

When the apocalypse hit, Valery set off on her own to find her sister or even her nephew, Chris.

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