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Author has written 17 stories for Scooby Doo, Misc. Cartoons, Hogan's Heroes, Wicked, and StarTrek: The Original Series.


Country of Origin: Canada

Me: I'm currently attending my junior year of college in central Florida with a Buisniess Administrative Accounting major. I enjoy living on campus and hanging out with my dorm buddies.

I am currently sharing an account with my sister HH-Dream Puppy. There is a direct link to our account below:

Somethings you may like:

Things Enjoyed:
a) reading
b) listening and playing music
c) playing with my dog
d) eating
e) school
f) playing with my little sister,HH-Dream Puppy. (for the most part)
g) helping my little sister, HH-Dream Puppy, with her fan fic. Yeah, we're really close (even though we fight).

Things Least Enjoyed:
a) missing a day of school
b) being asked to do my animal immitations just for the fun of it
c) Being annoyed by kids at school

a) Dog-Basset Hounds
1. Ruffy
I. born September 13, 1992
II. pet from October 1993 - November 2004 (death)
I. born May 31, 2003
II. pet from April 2005 - present
b) Turtle - Box Turtle
1. Chancey
I. date of birth unknown but she is at least thirty years old
II. pet from 1998? - present
c) Pigeons
I.birth dates unknown
II. from 2002? - 2003?
1. Junior - died
2. Tweety - was given away
3. Tuffy died
4. unknown died
d) Goldfish
1. pet from 1993? to 1994? (died)
I. name and date of birth unknown

Favorite Movies:
a) Scooby-Doo 1&2
b) Garfield: the Movie
c) Young Frankenstein
d) the Francis the Talking Mule series
e) Princess Diaries
d) Psycho
e) The Birds
f) The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave
g) Cats&Dogs
h) The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
i) The Advenures of Wallace and Gromit (anyone)

Favotite TV Shows:
a) any Scooby-Doo TV show
b) anything from the Discovery and National Geographic Channel
c) any BBC mystery
d) Tom and Jerry
e) Looney Toons
f) The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
g) Gilligan's Island
h) Hogan's Heroes
i) Greatsest American Hero
j) CSI Miami
k) House
m) MythBusters
n) Family Guy
o) Robot Chicken

Favorite Comics:
a) Garfield
b) Peanuts
c) Tintin
d) Dennis the Mennis
e) Blondie and Dagwood

Favorite Color:
a) beats of the many things in my life I'm still tying to figure out

Favorite Singers/Musicians:
b) Simon and Garfunkle
c) Elton John
d) Charlotte Church (better when she was younger, though)
e) Sarah Brightman
f) Andrew Loyde Webber
g) The Who

Favorite Movie/Play Soundtracks:
a) Greese
b) Saturday Night Fever
c) Jewel of the Nile
d) Tommy
e) Mamma Mia
f) Andrew Loyde Webber's The Phantom of the Opera (both movie and play--play is much better see it at one point of your life or later)
g) Wicked

Some Personal Quotes:
--Sometimes, learning something new is like inhereting a recessive gene. You have it, you just don't express it.
--Where does the term the "second hand" come from? Really, if you think about it historacly wise, it is really the third hand. Therefore, the second hand should really be the hour hand because it is the second hand to make a full rotation. However, if looking at a clock that does have a "second hand", that hand should really be the "first hand". This is because it is the first hand to make a full rotation.
--(When asked what's up)
Oh, nothing really. Just the ceiling, lights, sky...and all other things that should be up.
--Just recently here in Canada, thegovernmet was trying to redefine "marriage". Some people said it should be Cabinet, others the Senete, and there are still some who think it should be left to the courts. My question is: Why not the dictionary?
--I think I have a recessive blonde gene. That may explain my quirkiness at random intervals.

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