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12/23/16 My wonderful, lovely Daddy brought me a new computer for my birthday/christmas so I should, when I get back to my house, have a new chapter out sometime soon. I won't be home until the 3rd though so it could be a few more weeks before I even get to start working on it. But the good news is I have more than a kindle to do reading on it. By the way the little menaces apparently no longer run around being brats. They stay in the library and fight over who gets to use a computer. And I feel really old because during the summer you couldn't keep me in the house.

Also if anyone has any recommendations for new-ish stories I'd appreciate it. I always get inspired to write when I've read something well-written.

Nickname- Misty

Age- 29 (Dec. 23 1987)

Sex- female

Home- Southern Ohio (If I was anymore south I'd live in the Ohio River) USA

About me...

I love reading anything and everything that's well written.

I love Harry Potter and Naruto stories. I read any kind of fanfics as long as they're well written but I'm not under any circumstances an angst junky. Angst has it's place in almost every story but a story that is nothing but angst is something I have never read and never plan to. I like reading Manga but I don't usually buy them (I use to kidnap them from my friend and hold them ransom until I moved to my new town years ago) I have a dad, a mom, a brother, and a sister and me. Now enough about me! P.S. I also have three lovely nieces the newest being only three months old.


“I will repeat the words of a great man,” Alexios replied easily, “Keep telling yourself that, one day, maybe, I might believe you.”
“That wasn’t a great man, that was you, a couple hours ago,”
Academia ab Cimmerii Magi by Tabiku

"Were you going to stand down, or continue to look like the before photo in a brochure for Fligger Zeebot's Anxiety-Reducing Potions?" Biology by Grazhir

“But if he (Draco Malfoy) isn’t going to be trained…” Harry said, his voice trailing off.

“Well,” Mr. Weasley said with a resigned expression, “there are other magical schools he could attend. I’m not sure Beauxbatons would accept a student who’d been expelled from Hogwarts, but Durmstrang might not be as choosy… especially if there was a good bit of money involved.”

“Great,” Harry said flatly. “He’ll be attending Death Eater University.”

Molly looked a bit alarmed at that, but Percy was curious. “You’ve heard of Durmstrang?” he asked. “They have a fairly top-flight reputation in Northern Europe.”

Harry grimaced. “I’ve read up on them a bit, when I was researching all my options last year. They teach Defence against the Dark Arts at Durmstrang, only they don’t worry about the defence part. They call it ‘a progressive approach to non-traditional magic’. I call it Death Eater boot camp.” Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past by Viridian

She’d given him a long withering look when he asked if she could fly to China. Evidently, according to Hedwig’s view of the world, he shouldn’t question her abilities. Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past by Viridian

Harry thought for a moment. “Was it necessary? No.” He said. “But, you forgot the follow-up question: Was it funny?” Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap Seel'vor

Hermione poked Harry’s ribs, causing him to look sharply at her. “What?” He whispered. He pointed at the teasing chicken legs. “Can’t you see, Hermione? They’re mocking me! Look at them!” He hissed at her. ... “The chicken legs, Hermione! They’re teasing me.” Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap Seel'vor

Damn him. She thought. I was prepared to not have any friends here. I wasn’t prepared for a boy to become one of the most important people in my life. Two months! Two bloody months! I took longer than that to like the damn dog! She sighed. Why does he have to be so... so bloody perfect. Damn him! Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap Seel'vor

His team would be fine: they’d been too well prepared not to be. Kakashi himself would be fine of course. After all, the power of the log was formidable enough. But the power of the transformed log was ungodly. Konoha no Senkou Arashi Minion of Set

“If all the good ones are taken, does that make us single guys undesirable?”

Wufei glared and hissed, “Smart ass. I don’t know about you and your hermit tendencies, but I’m perfect.” Unknown Story (I found it on my harddrive but know I didn't write it) Unknown Author

More coming soon.

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