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Author has written 12 stories for Twilight Zone, Robocop, Batman, Movie X-overs, Book X-overs, Batman the Animated Series, Final Fantasy VII, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Justice League, and God of War.

Hey all you lovely readers out there. Hope you're enjoying the new output after being gone for...forever. If you haven't already, please read Zero and After the Fall. I'm going to bridge myself into other fiction later on but, since I know the Batman mythos very well, that's where some of my best stories are (or the most adept). A Day in the Life of the Killer Moth is going to be expanded and hopefully there will be a greater character arc to him. That can go on forever. After the Fall will last about 40 chapters if it goes to plan. The first story arc will be done by Chapter 20. Upwards will concern the Apocalypse of 2009 although the seeds are being sown if you look carefully at the story right now.

In Development:

A Rogues story for The Flash

Post-modern Final Fantasy and old school RPG fics to bring back stories that were kicked off before their time

Justice League

Enjoy the stories and, remember, review it whether you like it or hate it. If you write a stupid review, though, I will make sure you know it. Just review so I know what the consensus is. Don't be shy. Below is my old profile for those interested.

I see her dance across the ballroom

UV Lights make stars shine on her smile

I am the face

She has to know me

I'm dressed up better than anyone within a mile

~The Who, Quadrophenia . Name the song and win the No-Prize!

The rug really tied the room together.

Have a good time reading the stories and ignore the following rant for your own health. If you are allergic to bad language, take your medication if you want to read on:

Yeah, I used to have a lot more on here but some unenlightened asshole decided to take them down for his/her own personal laughs. I had a good Pong story on here too, about 100 reviews. Gone. Funny how mine is taken down and not the hundredsof other pong stories. I'm notbitter, hell most of the stuff they took down I am grateful for since I do not even like them anymore (especially that whole Final Fantasy: A True Story crap. What the hell was I smoking? Sure, the concept was great, but the execution was fucking horrible.) But to take down a This Is Spinal Tap with characters from Chrono Trigger story just because you don't like it? Ok, fine, you don't get it. That's great. Everyone should have opinion, but where the fuck did you come from? Hey, if you did not feel like writing a bad review, then just ignore the story. Are your grandparents ex-patriots from Germany after WW2? That is completely not cool. Sad little person trying to act like the Content Police. It is sad how much history has to be wiped away because the chaotic whims of some fool with a hall monitor complex. Have fun with your little amount of power pal, I hope you enjoyed it. But now I am back and if you feel that you want to try to ban me today, then I am more than happy to oblige.

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Next to Normal reviews
Clark Kent awakes one morning to find that he's become normal like everyone else, with no memory of his alter ego. Who's behind this? And what of the rest of the Justice League? Takes place pre-Justice League Unlimited.
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Taking place in between the flashback in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and the Batman Beyond universe, this story explores what the Batman family was like after the Joker's death and leading up to the Apocalypse of 2009.
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Various horror movie serial killers and demons discuss their troubles in a free and open HELL
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In essence, an examination of what makes someone human and what does life account for. Oh yeah, and Robocop fights a blood thirsty cult out to convert people through...well, just read the story.
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