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Author has written 4 stories for Cardfight!! Vanguard/CARDFIGHT!! ヴァンガード, Future Card Buddyfight/フューチャーカード バディファイト, and Pokémon.

[12/18/16]- with the completion of my first story, Explorers of Destruction, I just wanted to explain a few things here that I didn't want to bog up my Author's Note. Now that I have a job, I realize I don't have as much free time as I used to, but I still want to stick to a consistent upload schedule. So I've decided, for the rewrite, that I won't upload anything until I have it all completely done, and then upload the chapters bi-weekly. If this goes well, I plan on this being my primary upload regimen. And to help with the whole "didn't upload anything for 3 months straight cuz of work" problem I've been having, I plan on taking my notebook with me so I can write during my breaks, that way I have something ready to write in Word when I get home; this entire time, I've only been writing it in my Word, while only rarely writing in my notebook when I don't have access to my computer due to things like malfunction. But before I even get to writing it, I plan on spending the majority of 2017 on researching and refining my story from scratch, so I may not upload anything for a long time.

[3/2/17]- I've registered to a site called Minds.com. It's a new site that's basically like Twitter, but without the censorship. If anyone wants to subscribe to me, here's my page:

Other than that, progress on my rewrite for Explorers of Destruction has been slow, but it's progressing nonetheless. At the rate I'm going, it may take me most of the year just to get the basic outline written.

[3/6/17]- I've made a Twitter to see how much that fared compared to Minds. If anyone wants to follow me, here is my profile: https://twitter.com/0bs1d1ankn1ght

[3/23/17]- Here's what I'm thinking: instead of having the Unido Region be based off of Spain, in the new Explorers of Destruction rewrite, it'll be based off of Western Europe in general. That way, it opens up more potential worldbuilding.

[5/5/17]- the new rewrite for Explorers of Destruction will have some changes compared to the original, the first that may be most obvious being: all characters will now have names, save for Legendaries. In the original, I only named a handful of characters to signify their importance to the story. Looking back at it now, it sounds stupid to me, so now I'll have all characters named. Below is a list of some of the characters with their new names:

Florges- Bruyère

Lopunny- Mago

Scyther- Charti

Delphox- Teruel

Azumarill- Bulle

Bisharp- Chople

Loudred- Parler

Ambipom- Bluk

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