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Ohayo minnasai! This is animearlinefreak here to tell ya about me and my life...cough...I mean profile!


I know I haven't been updating my stories in awhile but a lot has changed in the last several months that I don't know where to start. But one thing is for sure, I will try my hardest to update my stories but like I said in the past you guys must have patience with me though. So whenever you see a new chapter update, I hope you all will be glad that I manage to make a chapter at least but don't lose faith in me I'll try somehow. On to other news, I would like to thank all of you readers out there that stuck by me for so long or just now joined reading my stories much thanks and love! Well there is not much as to say but...LET'S GET TO WRITING!!

I live in a small dull little city in Texas, (If any of you live there I apologize!)
I was 14 when I had this account, and now I'm 28 years old and am now a mother! My how the years go by. And if you guys ever want to wish me a happy birthday it's at the beginning of March!

I'm a Pisces (The two fish swimming in opposite directions). And my Chinese Horoscope is the snake. (a snake). I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. When I began writing my stories on fan fiction I was a freshman, but now I'm graduated. I was in the Ramen Pride Club. (An anime club in high school.)

Little inside on personal.
I enjoy reading manga, watching anime, write poems, and like to write fan fictions, (mostly romance, drama, comedy mainly). I might send the small ones though. If you like them, you can review them too. And one more thing I need to mention for my favorite categorys, I also enjoy in anime is romance, tragedy, angst, drama, suspense, then some action that have romance in them with a good plot, finally comedy and horror, though it must be really good. (P.S. if my spellings bad so sue me. Now I have spell checker what do you say to that?) One last thing about me is the one thing I hate the more than anything, is people who are obsessed with stuff. Sorry but that's just me!

Anime's I watch on Adult Swim, Anime on demand, encore, you tube, veoh, daily motion, tv links, crunchy roll,, funimation, bought or rented. There's a few American cartoons in there as well. A little note some of these anime's are not in the order I actually like them in, I just wanted to put them on this list at lest for now!

Pre'tear, My Hero Academia, Erased, Yona of the Dawn, 07-ghost, Snow white with the red hair, Kamisama Kiss, Bento, Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco, Yameda and the Seven Witches, My Love Story, My First Girlfriend is a Gal, Girl's Bravo, Fruits Basket, Air Gear, Inuyasha, Death Note, ( i love power hungry villains or good turned corrupted!), Fairy Tail, One Punch Man, School Live, My Mental Choices are Completely Messing with my social life, Rosari Vampire, Wolf girl and Black prince, Zombie Loan, Library Wars, RWBY, Rin-ne, Another, Durararara season 1 and 2, Monthly Girls Nozumi-san!, Monster, Hayate the Combat Butler, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, (Also known as Perfect Girl Evolution or The Wallflower), Martian Successor Nadesico, Sorcerer Stabber Orphen, Sorcerer Stabber Orphen's Revenge, Shiki, Seven Deadly Sins, Assassination classroom season 1 and 2, Baka and test season 1 and 2 and OVA, Those who hunt elves, Akame ga Kill, Case Closed, (Or known as: Detective Conan), Blood lad, Blue exorcist, Bludgeoning to death Dokuri-chan Ayashi No Ceres, Trigun, X, Princess Tutu, Ai Yori Aoshi, Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Samurai Champloo, Special A, (This anime is on par with Ouran High and I love it!), Ouran High School Host Club, (Kawaii series), Nanaka 6/17, School Rumble season one, School Rumble season two, Romeo X Juliet, (Cute series), Karin (TV), Rurouni Kenshin, Lovely Complex, Black Cat, Peacemaker Kurogane, Full Metal Panic, Ghost Hunt, Mirage of Blaze, (This is the only yaoi pairing I love! It also reminds me of X a little.), Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the Rivers, (It should've been longer!), Air, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost Stories, (Elementary students cursing is too funny!), The Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman, (They should've continued this series!), Shugo Chara, Mahoraba (Heartful Days), Kaleido Star, Marmalade Boy, La Corda D'Oro-Primo Passo-, Trinity Blood, Fooly Cooly, Lupin the 3rd, (Though I no longer love this series as much as I use to, I give it a metal for without this series...I wouldn't have watched any of the other animes, including Inuyasha!), Street Fighter 2, Visions of Escaflowne, Get Backers, Someday's Dreamers, Chobits, D N Angel, Rave Master, Hellsing, Ark the lad, Naruto, (Tolerable enough.), Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 2, Digimon Frontier, Ogre Slayer, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, Blue Seed, Full Moon, Avatar the Last Airbender.

Anime movies I like! (Which anyone should see)

Spirited Away, (my fav), Howl's Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, Samurai X Reflection, Air tv the Movie, (It was so sad, but so touching at the same time!), Inuyasha the Movie Affections Touching Across Time, Cowboy Bebop the Movie, Ninja Scroll the Movie, Inuyasha Movie 3 Swords of an Honorable Ruler, Samurai X, Trusts and Betrayals, Voices of a Distant Star, (Beautiful music, heavenly and good, though I wish it was longer), 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, (Great scenery and beautiful music), X: The Movie, Escaflowne: a Girl in Gaia, (Great movie), Kiki's Delivery Service, Inuyasha Movie 2 Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, Case Closed The Movie: The Time Bombed Skyscraper, Case Closed The Sequel: The Fourteenth Target, The Cat's Return, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Lupin the Third, the Secret of Mamo, (I liked this because they closely resembled their rightful bodies), Inuyasha Movie 4 Fire on the Mystic Island, Nadesico Prince of Darkness, (It was cute, demo it wasn't as good as the series), Tekken the Movie, (Excellent music!), Marmalade Boy: The Movie, (It was cute although it was not even thirty minutes long!), Vampire Hunter D, Grave of the Fireflies, (This was sad but wonderful movie), Castle in the Sky, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Fatal Fury Two, The New Battle, Princess Mononoke, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.

Mangas that I read!

Hana Kami For you in full blossom, (I swear if this was a series this would be my favorite series!), The Devil Within, Millennium Snow, Absolute Boyfriend, (Cute and a very fluffy love dovey book series, with much comedy to chock on.), Pretear, The Wallflower, (I love the anime series and love the manga too!), Alice In the Country of Hearts, Her Majesty's Dog, (Funny, a must read!), Your and My Secret, Rasetsu, Alice 19, Kare First Love, Hot Gimmick, 07 Ghost, Immortal Rain, Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, (I liked this better than the first one!), Chibi Vampire, Beast Master, Canterella, Hayate the Combat Butler, My Heavenly Hockey Club, B.O.D.Y, One Pound Gospel, Ghost Hunt, Ogre Slayer, Mars, Doubts, Trigun, Inuyasha, Nadesico, Hellsing,.

Animes/Manga I want to see!

Mermaid Saga, ( I only saw one Episode), Arengto Soma, (I need to see more episodes to get a better accurate rating on my favorite list.), Hayate the Combat Butler the anime, Wind: A Breath of Heart, Gedo Senki, Addictied to Curry, Love Celeb, Duck Prince.

Japanese Movies Or Drama Series I like!

Samurai Recarnation, (It's like a background of Jubei and I love how it is..though it's very cheesy!), Juon, (This version of the Grudge was better than the American version. It took me awhile to fall asleep after watching that!), The Promotion, (This movie reminded me a cross between Final Destination, Six Sense, and something else! It's so sad.), Ichi the Killer, (I watched this at Realscon even though it's for mature audiences. ;P Hey I was close to the legal age! Well even though it was very gruesome and graphic, it was a pretty good movie!), Kung Fu Hustle, (I'm not sure if this an American or Japanese movie, but this was freaken hillarious and even my friend agrees!), Kung Pow Enter of the Fist, (I know this is an American movie imatating Japanese martial art movies, but it was hillarious and I'm looking forward to seeing the sequel if they have one!), Mars Drama, (Just like the Manga, the acting was great and a must see!), Death Note Movie one, (This was very good and really showed Light's twisted side especially when he has someone kill his best friend.), Death Note Movie two: The Last Name, (This was better than the first movie I think.), Tokyo Juliet, (A sweet series), Meteor Garden, (This is a sweet series with just about everything in it! Although I prefer this over Boys Over Flowers!), Marmalade Boy Drama, (Even though the acting is so-so, it's still a cute series!), Absolute Boyfriend Drama, (I love this series so much, this completely different from the actual plot line of the actual manga series! A definate must see!),.

Games That I play or want to play!

I don't really have a wide selection of games that I play or want, but I do have a few. (This is in no particular order)

Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories, Ni no Kuni, (Can't wait to play the second game!), Dead to Rights, Inuyasha A Feudal Fairy Tale, Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask, Inuyasha Feudal Combat, Mortal Kombat: Armagadon, Samurai Champloo, (I haven't played this game yet even though I bought it.), and Vampire Hunter D, (I don't really like this game too much but I am sure once I learn how to use the controls for this game, I will enjoy it.) As for anything that is not a PS2 game, I also enjoy almost anything with Mario and Sonic the HedgeHog in it.

Stuff that I hate!

The Companies who don't turn some Mangas into Animes, or they change the characters looks and personality. Like say make them look younger. DAMN IT! I CAN'T STAND THAT THE MOST! KEEP THEM IN ORIGINAL FORM PLEASE. OR AT LEAST IN THE HOT LOOKING BODIES! ME ENJOY EYE CANDY! /A Heart Ache!/ SOUP OPERAS! (Yuck, makes me choke to dea--Ahhh!)/ Lord of the Rings! /Harry Potter!/ Writer's block. /Haters./ Perverts! Big time! (But on the anime's there funny!)/ Preps./ Sometimes hyper people./ People annoying me./ People angering me./ Ignoring me./ Forcing me to do things./ Being called lazy. (Hey I'm a little but not all the time!)/ Correcting me./ Spelling things wrong./ Being called a liar./ Nobody liking me./ Let downs./ My Poor Vocabulary! Big time!/ Stress./ Back Stabbers./ Cheaters./ Depression./ People who think they know me, when they don't./ Teasing./ When my friends end up in fights!/ Things I hate more than that: Reviews that insult not only me but my friends too! When my favorite couples end up with someone I dislike./ Series that end too quick or take too long!

My favorite couples together. Whether they are not together or are, or a little bit too old for each other, or somewhere along the line!

Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, (Funny, yet depressing.), Kohaku/Rin, Rin/Sesshomaru, (Good Balance.), Sesshomaru/Kagura, Amon/Robin, Faye/Spike, (Why die for a perfect girl?), Faye/Grim, (Why did you die?), Jet/Mayfia, (Cute, but kinda too old.), Shinogu/Hatsumi, Azusa/Hasumi, Ryoki/Hatsumi, (As long as he's not so violent!), Akane/Subaru, (Aww, puppy love!), Kamui/Kortori, Sorata/Arashi, Yzuhriha/Kusanagi, Karen/Seiichiro, Aoi/Kaoru, (The cutest couple ever! Gold metal!), Vash/Maryle, Milly/Wolf Wood, Robin/Starfire, Leela/Fry, Haruko/Naota, Chihiro/Haku, Orphen/Cleo, Akito/Yurika, (Funny, yet obsessed.), Lieza/Elk, Sano/Mizuki, Julia/Minami, (This would be an interesting couple that should be developed in the story!), Julia/Nakatsu, (Very cute pairing in my opinion!), Jimmy/Rachel, Kuroba Kaitou Kid/Nakamori Aoko, Harley/Kazuha, Wonder Woman/Batman, Green Arrow/The Carney, Ahiru/Senor Mytho, Ahiru/Fakir, (There good together too), Sousuke/Kaname, (Beauty and the Dense.), Kaname/Tsubaski, (Well...maybe just a little!), Ange/Kataru, Chi/Hideki, Hitomi/Van, Allen/Hitomi, Himeno/Hayate, (Gold for most shyest couple!), Himeno/Sasame, (well sometimes they go together!), Sasame/Mawata, (Cute), Ken/Chung Lee, (Funny), Sonic/Amy, Haru/Elie, Rei/Kira, (Opposite's attract!), Aya/Toya, (I give them the silver metal for cutest couple!), Mikako/Noboru, (Very sad and depressing.), Sayuri/Hiroki, (Cute and heart warming. MOB.), Yuta/Mana, Doris/D, Ai/So, (Weird couple), Jubei/Kagero, Kenshin/Kaoru, Aoshi/Miaso, Sanosuke/Megumi, Yahiko/Tsubame, Amane/Hyoue, Karin/Kiriya, Orge Slayer/Ryoko, Andy/Mai, Howl/Sophie, Nenji/Nanaka, Hibiki Amawa (male)/Fuuko Kuzuha, Fukae/Fuuko Kuzuha, Fukae/Fujio Himejama, Shiratori/Kozue, Tetsu/Saya, Sora/Ken, Leon/Sora, Limdo/Takiko, Shep/Stella, (It's sad that he had to die!), Arpegius/Stella, Oyamada/Yume, Zennosuke/Yume, Smiley/Yume, Takaya/Naoe, (The only Yaoi pairing I like. Best devotion couple I've seen!), Tamaki/Haruhi, (Adorable!), Haruhi/Mori, (I like the silent type with Haruhi, Kawaii!), Hikaru/Haruhi, (I think this would be a cute couple.), Kasanoda/Haruhi, Ban/Himiko, Shido/Madoka, (Cute pairing.), Ginji/Natsumi, Hayate/Maria, Train/Saya, (An adorable pairing), Rinslet/ Jenos Hazard, Takenaga Oda/Noi, (Cute couple), Kyouhei Takano/Sunako (So freaken funny pairing I've seen!), Ramaru/Tamao, Pazu/Sheeta, Yuu Matsuura/Miki Koishikawa, Miki/Kei, (I think it might be cute), Miwa Satoshi/Meiko Akizuki, Meiko/Nachan, Bill/An, (Purple to purple couple! He doesn't need that bitch Jinny!), Kei/An, (I really hope he doesn't end up with Suzu!), Ginta/Arimi, Rokutanda Tsutomu/Yayoi, Tsuchiura Ryoutarou/Hino Kahoko, Tsukimori Len/Hino Kahoko, Hihara Kazuki/Hino Kahoko, Riiko Izawa/Night Tenjo, Soshi Asamoto/Riiko Izawa, (Both of these couples are a tie for me.), Harima Kenji/Tsukamoto Tenma, (Their thoughts are so alike that it's sad that their not together.), Kyou/Alice, Romeo/Juliet, Kenta/Karin, Maki/Winner, Mai/Naru, Misa/Ryuzaki, Ryuzaki/Light, (This seems like an okay pairing. I guess the Yaoi amv's are finally getting to me.), Kiki/Tom, Risa Koizumi/Atsushi Otoni, Axel/Roxas, Demyx/Axel, (My current fav. Yaoi pairing.), Zexion/Demyx, Axel/Xion, Xion/Roxas, Riku/Xion, Kei/Hikari, Akira/Tadashi, Alice/Clockmaker, Alice/Peter, Alice/Cheshire Cat, Alice/Mad Hatter,.

Couples that don't go and that I despise!

Inuyasha/Kikyo,(Go to hell!), Kagome/Sesshomaru,(Sorry, but he's too cold for her but sometimes there good together), Kagome/Miroku, (He's not her soul mate, Inuyasha is!), Inuyasha/Sango, (Honestly, their too much alike it's scary sometimes.), Inuyasha/anyone else, (No there wouldn't be anybody perfect for him than Kagome.), Inuyasha/Sesshomaru, (What the hell! That is inseced),Kagome/with anybody else, (Like Kouga I mean he's too obsessed with her, go to Ayame you big meanie! Along with Shippo, Souta and Hojo. (Why the Hell with BOBO?), Kagome/Naraku, (Eww! Who the hell said there were good together NOT ME!), Rin/Shippo, (He's too annoying to go with sweet and innocent Rin!), Amon/and that woman he was seeing, (they were too different), Robin/Micheal, (they would be cute, but Amon is way better for her and good looking too!), Spike/Julia, (I know they were together but she's too uhh...perfect for him, and beside's she's dead, but so is Spike, poor Spike.), Hatsumi/Subaru, (Hey there friends nothing more!), Hatsumi/Ryoki, (He's sometimes too violent for her.), Kaoru/Tina, (She's american, she's too far away, and she's a loud mouth.), Kaoru/Mayu, (Ahhh! Danger, Danger, Get the weapons ready!), Vash/Rim, (She's pretty and nice, but I think Maryle suits him more), Robin/Raven, (There way too alike and beside's he looks cute with Starfire.), Hotoku/Atomis, (I know she loves him but hey you look better with Malta.), Orphen/Alazzle, (Hey I know he has feelings for her but they just don't go together!), Akito/Megumi, (No way Jose, they do not belong and never will be not when I'm around ha!), Akito/Ryoko, (She's just too uhh...serious and boyish), Yurika/Jun, (No way there not good for each other, because he's not her type!), Rachel/Harley, (Noo! because he's a little like Jimmy but his attitude bites!), Green Latern/Shyarha, (They might be cute together but I don't think so!), Senor Mytho/Rue, (She's pretty but she has a cold heart.), Sousuke/Tessa, (No she's kind of not his type, and beside's she's way too sweet, and fragile for him. He needs a stronger girl for him, like Kaname.), Kaname/Tsubaki, (No, even though I enjoy both these characters but I really don't see a connection.), Tsubaki/Mizuki, (She's seems too cold hearted for a sweet, naive boy like him.), Himeno/Goh, (I like these characters but he's just not the right person for her.), Chung Lee/Ryu, (Their both nice characters, but I think that Ken suits her more because he's not so obsessed with karate as Ryu.), Chung Lee/Gulie, (He is too old for Her!), Amy/Shadow,(I'm not very sure this would work out!), Rei/Shori, (NO WAY NOT UH NO HOW, BECAUSE ONE SHE'S TOO MEAN, NOT TO MENTION SPOILED, AND SHE'S RUINING REI'S LIFE, GO AWAY!), Aya/Yuhi, (I'm sorry, but I only see him as a friend for her.), Elie/Musica, (I only see companionship.), Sayuri/Takuya, (Their nice friends and I don't see anything else.), So/Yumi, (That freak-en bitch, she needs to stay in hell and never crawl out!), So/Chiharu, (Faker!), Sasame/Takako, (No! Because she is a cry baby/psycho. Why pair them together?), Kiriya/Yuka, (If they were together, I'd kill that bitch!), Amane/Hayato, (If this was a couple. That would be inceased.), Ai/Conan, (I like Conan when he is Jimmy and with Rachel!), Takiko/Tomite, (I seriously don't see anything happening.), Hayate/Nagi, (Too wrong!), Ginta/Miki, Arimi/Yuu, Suzu/Yuu, Suzu/Kei, Jinny/Yuu, Jinny/Bill, Micheal/Miki, (Immature plus childish equals chaos.),Tsukamoto Tenma/ Karasuma, (For some reason, he seems like he's avoiding Tenma than anything.), Light/Misa, ( I hate how clingy she is to Light, hello HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU!), Kamui/Fuma, (Their just friends, nothing more sickos!), Kamui/Subaru, (It's a brotherly love, nothing else! GOD!), Subaru/Fuma, (How the heck did you put them together?), Subaru/Seiishirou (What the heck? EW!), Ken/Ryu, (That is sick because they are friends and everyone likes to torment them! I can't stand that!), And any fic that has too much of them liking any Yaoi or Yuri with hard core lemons in it. (I'm sorry if you guys like that but I say...WHAT THE HELL, THAT'S RUINING THE CHARACTERS IMAGE, AND NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THEIR LOVE LIVES AS WELL!)! Anime crossover pairings! (Personally...I think the people who are on the same show, go better than anyone else from another one!)!

My fav.characters

Inuyasha, Koga, Sesshomaru, Miroku, Kagome, Rin, Kagura, Amon, Robin, Quamire, Brain, Hotoku, Haku, Shinogu, Ryoki, Robin, Starfire, Vash, Maryle, Wolfwood, Spike, Faye, Edward, Jigen, Lupin, Kakyo, Kotori, Kamui, Kaoru, (Poor Kaoru!), Miss Manger, Orphen, (I like how stubborn he is!), Cleo, Hartia/Black Tiger, (I feel so sorry for him for getting no respect for his "heroish" side.), Akito, Yurika, Alucard, Mizuki, Sano, Doctor Hokuto Umenda, Nakatsu, Minami, Minoshima, Masao Himejima, Akiha Hara, Gilbert, ( I like how he teased Sano!), Jimmy, Rachel, Harley, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Batman, Ahiru, Senor Mytho, Mr. Cat, Fakir, Sousuke, Kurz, Tsubaki, (He's kinda cute when he's embrassassed!), Atsunobu Hayashimizu, (I like him because that one esp. where he cussed someone out in a monotone voice was hilarious!), Kaname, (I'm just as violent as her! Now where the heck is my fan!), Van, Allen, Hitomi, Jin, Mugen, Hayate, Sasame, Mawata, (Hey I feel bad for her!), Shin, (Cutie!), Himeno, (I like her in the manga more.), Ken, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Rei, Toya, Yuhi, Sieghart, Musica,Yuta, D, Ai, So,Yuichiro, (I like him since he is always picked on, in a funny way), Hitoshi, (Prevert!), Jubei, Tastunosuke, (He's a funny theif.), Sanosuke, Hiko Seijuro, ( I enjoy how he tortures poor Kenshin!), Hyoue, Hayato, Amane, Karin, (She has my personality), Kiriya, (he's funny when he picks on Karin), Howl, (I love his childish heart and how handsome he looks!), Sophie, (I enjoy her attiude after becoming old was hillarous!), Turnip Head, Ban Midou, Nenji, Nanaka, (I like how she is both young and older, I much prefer her as the naive six year old.), Hibiki Amawa, Fukae, Baa, (old crazy woman), Kuji Tofu, (the perverted old man), Kakashi, Shikamaru, Limdo, Takiko, (She a lot more mature than the original girl on the first one!), Sensai, (I want to know what she does behind closed doors with her bad students!), Sayoko, (She's a very different kind of mother!), Kozue, (I like how nice she is and her twisted personalities. My fav. personality is six year old Nanaka. Kawaii!), Hijikata, Sano, Tetsu, Saya, (She's so kawaii!), The Fool, (He's a huge Hentai!), Ken, (I like how he likes Sora!), Sora, Shep, (It's too bad he died), Arpegius, (He seems like the stronger one out of the group), Abel Nightroad, Masami Oyamada, Smiley, Yume, Nobutsuna Naoe, (The best devoted person I've seen yet!), Haruhi, (She's so cruel to Tamaki), Tamaki, (He's so overly dramatic.), "Honey" Haninozuka, (Cutie!), Nekozawa Umehito of the Black Magic Club, (He is so funny with him not liking the light.), Takashi Morinozuka, (I like how protective he is on Honey! Kawaii!), Sven, (He's so freakin hillarious and he's pretty hot with his hat and eye patch off.), Jenos Hazard, (His proclaimed love for Rinslet is so funny!), Train, (He's Kawaii when Saya makes him blush and also his famous catch phrase, "I came to bring some bad luck."), Saya, (I like how she draws to conclusions.), Sunako Nakahara, (I love her relationship with Kyouhei. So freaken awesome!), Takano Kyoukei, Takenaga Oda, (He's sweet.), Ranmaru Mori, (He's such a ladykiller!), Miki, (I understand her feelings), Yuu, (He's funny.), Miwa, (Don't ask me why but he kinda reminds me of Minami.), Bill, (He's funny and kinda cute) Tsuchiura Ryoutarou, Tsukimori Len, Hino Kahoko, Hihara Kazuki, (Quirkiness and hyperiness equals one happy fan girl!), Yunoki Azuma, (Has a sence of humor and hot!), Night Tenjo, (I love how horny he is and how cute he looks when he's confused!), Soshi Asamoto, (He's kawaii when he's angry or jealous whenever Night is with Riiko!), Riiko Izawa, (She has boy trouble like me at the beginning of the story!), L, (I'm not so crazy about L but I love how intellgent he is, although he dies at the end by the hands of Light.), Matsuda, (Although throughout the series he acts like a whimp, he proved his manliness when he shoots Light!), Harima, Tenma, (I love how these two think exactly alike!), Kyou, (I love how kind he is to Alice.), Alice, (Not only does she have the same horoscope like mine, I had the same problem as her with confessing to the one I love.), Karin, (I like her embarrassment.), Anju, Ren, Kenta, Naru, (I love his sharp tongue and witty comebacks), Risa, Atsushi, Demyx, (He's so adorable and cute!), Axel, (One word awsome.), Kei, Akira, Clockmaker, Chesire Cat, Peter White,

My Fav. bad guys or Villains!

Light Yagami, (My number one favorite villain! Although I'm not sure whether he is good or evil but, he's pretty twisted when it comes to saving others lives by killing criminals lives for their sake. And also the fact that he wants to be the kami of their world could possibly put him in the villains list!), Naraku, (I love how he sets up traps, though he is a coward. I guess when it comes to Naraku, it is a love/hate thing of mine. And...he killed Kikyo! Yeah, die Clay-pot, Die! Don't forget hot too!), Jakosku, (He is funny with words, and very enjoyable around Inuyasha or any other cute guy.), Bankotsu, (Two words: Hot and sexy!), Gin, (I like the way he looks for a bad guy, and also...his cold steel green eyes!), (Author has chills down her spine.), Kuroba Kaitou, Kid, (Even though he is not really considered a bad person, he steals, so I put him under the Villain category. And also, he reminds me of Lupin!), Wolfwood Krauser, (I like how powerful he was to kick the main characters butt. And he seems kind of funny for a villain.), Lupin, (I like how he always tricks Zenigata with his disguises!), Jigen, (One of Lupin's partners in crime. This guy could shoot anything from a far distance.), Sieghart, (I like how he cares so much about his appearance.), Akabane Kuroudo known as Dr. Jackal, (I like the way he dresses and his sense of humor and determination.), Mujuro Utsutsu, (I like his fighting sword technique despite being blind he would've won if Kagero didn't interfere. Too bad he died!), Vincent, (I like his strategists and how he doesn't trust no one.), Vicious, (I like his cold stare and how he got his henchmen to kill Julia! Yeah, ding dong the bitch is dead!), Saito Hajime, (At the beginning he seemed like the bad guy type, demo he is freaken humorous. And I enjoy how he puts Sano in the lower rank! It's freaken funny!), Hugus, (I like his costume, it's awesome looking! And also he kicks ass too!), Folken, (Although on the series he turned good again, on the movie he was a villain until the very end. And besides...he has Naraku's English voice! Major plus!).

Characters I "despise", or wish they go into the pits of HELL! MWHHHAAAAAA! Or My list of Torture Victims!

Kikyo (Bitch die!), Megumi, (Get over Akito!), Tessa, (Oh shut up you whinny little brat!), Shori, (I already said what I had to say up there.), Shippo, (AHH, Inuyasha please beat him up!), Jaken, (Sesshomaru, please kill that vermin.), Hojo, (Guh, can't you see that Kagome doesn't love you, much less like you, or enjoy your company!), Naraku, (Handsome, but psycho!), Julia, (Too perfect!), Rue, (Pretty, but rude equals Rue!), Tina, (She gives Americans bad names!), Alazzle, (Too power hungry.), Mizuki, (She's a huge WITCH! From FMP.), Walter, (Traitor!), Mayu (AHH! WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD?), Ryoki, (Okay, to me Ryoki's attitude is like a flip of a coin. Sometimes he's nice and other times he's a jerk.), Takako, (Okay, I don't enjoy either of her personalities on the anime nor manga. One she is a cry baby and the next she is a depressing person. Gruuhhhh! Make up your mind on personalities! Sasame does not deserve you!), Yumi, (The witch should die! Get out of Ai's life and So's as well!), Chiharu, (GO away and never return, You FAKER!), Mina, (Okay, I know she's Ai's friend now, but I don't like her kinky nature and she was mean to her at the beginning too!), Fujiko, (She manipulates Lupin then she is on his side? This woman needs to make up her mind on which side she wants to be on!), Yuka, (She's a witch/bitch who needs to lay the & off!), the Witch of the Waste, (She's fat, stupid, and evil. She wanted to keep Howl's heart all to herself!), Tamami (I think she is creepy how she has an obsession with Kozue's Kawaiiness!), Haibara (I don't like how the way he always wears a green robe and only let's Johnny (dog puppet) do the talking and motor skills. Teh, its reckless!), President of the occult club, (I don't like her cause she freaks the hell out of me! Especially when someone calls her bad names, she says: "Abuse me some more." and tries to drag whomever that person is away with her, to abuse her some more!), Volken, (I don't like how greedy and manipulating, especially to little kids!), Gemma, (I hate that he killed Kagero! Damn him!), Lady Eclair, (Damn bitch! If I was Haruhi I would've shoved that molecule in her eyes. YEAH! SEE IF SHE CAN SEE BETTER NOW BITCH!!), Tamaki's Grandmother, (I agree with some people, the old hag needs to DROP DEAD!), Renge, (I hate how she laughs and how much of a COSPLAY FREAK SHE IS!), Nagi, (She's spoiled, dumb blond, thirteen year old! Stop hanging around Hayate, he's Maria's!), Jinny, (Stupid American BITCH! She ruined Yuu/Miki's relationship and I will never forgive her!), Suzu, (God I hate her schemes!!), Shimizu Keiichi, (Even though I don't particularly hate him, he it too monotone for my liking. And too much of a pretty boy.), Mika Ito, (She betrayed her best friend, she deserves to burn and die a horrible and painful death!!), Karasuma, (I don't like the way he's treating Tenma), Mayura, (I never liked the perfect type that gets everything there heart desired.),.

Hottest Guys Or Bishies!

Hayate, Sesshomaru, Kakyo, Toya, Orphen, Spike, Masami Oyamada, Sasame, Miroku, Sousuke, Naraku, Kyou Wakamiya, (Almost resembles Toya), Azuma Umenda, Amon, D, Gren, Vash, Alucard, Sven, (Love his green hair and golden eyes!), Night Tenjo, (Cute and confused is the greatest for me!), Limdo, Howl, Arpegius, (Aliens are hot! Blue rules!), Shep, (It's so sad that he died! He was so Kami, hot!), Hiko Seijuro, Yuto, (Cutie!), Jubei, Hayato, Sano, Minami, Bankotsu, Jenos Hazard, (I enjoy his proclaimed love for Rinslet. So entertaining.), Tsuchiura Ryoutarou, Tsukimori Len, Soshi Asamoto, Shinogu, Aoshi, Nobutsun Naoe, (He's hot for a gay guy!), Ban, Azusa, Himejima, Yunoki Azuma, (Love the long purple hair!), Hokuto Umenda, Ren, Hihara Kazuki, (Reminds me of a young Sven with the identical hair and eyes!), Tamaki Suou, (I love how cute he is when he embarrassed or jealous.), Nekezawa Umehito, (He's kawaii if he took off his cape and go out into the sun.), Inuyasha, Tsunan Tsukioka, Lord Shougo, Kamui, Bill, Nakatsu, Ken, (Just a little except I don't like muscles too much!), Ryoki, (Cute), Rei, Hideki, and Jimmy.

Hottest Male actors for Drama Series Or Movies!

Tom Welling, (Plays Clerk Kent/Super Man on Smallville.), Vic Zhou, (Plays as Rei from Mars and Lei from Meteor Garden.), Wu Chun, (Plays Ji Feng Liang in Tokyo Juliet and Isumi Sano from Hana Kimi. I suggest you not see Hana Kimi unless your Wu Chun fans!), Vanness Wu Jian Hao, (Plays Xiao You from Meteor Garden.), Hao Jun Gao, (Plays Ginta from Marmalade Boy and stars in Mars as the crazy artist.), Jiro Wang, (Plays Nakatsu from Hana Kimi, again a fan.), Ken Zhu, (Plays Yuu in Marmalade Boy and Xi Men in Meteor Garden.), Ken'ichi Matsuyama, (Plays L from Death Note the Movie and all the other Death Note Movies.), Tang Zhi Ping, (Plays Ai Li Ou in Tokyo Juliet and Hokoto Umenda from Hana Kimi, again Fan.).

Favorite Anime Voice Actor's

Crispin Freeman (Amon's, Fuma's, Hideki's, Hibiki's, Alucard's, Duskmon/Koichi's, Dan's, Sieghart/Shuda's, Turnips's, Lord Shougo's Haji's Voice) 1972-02-09. Hometown:Chicago, IL. (Meet him only once!)

Scott Mcneil (Koga's, King Aston's, Jajuka's Voice) 1962-09-15. Hometown:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Steven Jay Blum and Alias David Lucas (Spike's, Professor Nebraska's, Makoto's, Seshio's, Momochi Zabuza's, Orochimaru's, Ueda's Masashi's, Seiichiro Aoki's, Voice) 1965-04-28. Age 42. Hometown:Santa Monica, California, USA. (Meet him three times!)

Johnny Yong Bosch (Vash's, Haruto's, Kotaro Fuuma's, Ichigo's, Voice) 1976-01-06. Hometown:Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Illich Guardiola (Hayate's, Reiichirou Miyanoshita's, Arisaka's, Krad's, Voice) Birthday:? Hometown:?

Chris Patton (Sousuke's, Sasame's, Fakir's, Elliot's, Hajime Aoyama's, Susumu's, Nenji's, Hiroki Fujisawa's, Creed's, Ramaru's Voice)1971-03-15. Hometown:Houston. Lives:Houston. Meet him twice. I got kissed by him four times! And he's a really nice guy and very funny that I hope I can be friends with. Did I mention cute! Also gave him a Sasame plushie!

Richard Ian Cox (Inuyasha's Voice) 1973-10-03. Hometown:St. Asaph, Wales, UK.

Tony Oliver Also known as Rafael Antonio Oliver (Lupin's, Sorata's, Bill Matheson; Gen Kitahara's, Hiromu's Voice) 1958-05-12. Hometown:San Juan, Puerto Rico (U.S.).

Vic Mignogna (Dark's, Ed's, Tatsunosuke's Kurz's, Lai's, Vega's, Virgil's, Takenaga's Voice) 1962-08-27. Hometown:Greensburg, Pennsylvania/Lives Texas. Meet him so many times I lost count and got him to put on the portable confessional and got kissed by him once. And also, me and my friend gave him a dark doll with a powdered do nut in its mouth and he loved it. And also powdered donuts on the side too for his birthday. He's so sweet and funny.

Spike Spencer (Majik's, Go's, Akito's, Hanataro Yamada's, Voice) Birthday:19?-12-21 Age:? Hometown:Houston, Texas.Lives in California Los Angelos. Meet him Twice and kissed him.

Luci Christian (Kaname's, Ahiru/Princess Tutu's, Himeno's, Risa's, Lycoris's, Tetsunosuke's, Tenma's Voice) 1973-03-18. Hometown:Houston, TX.

Kirby Morrow (Miroku's, Van's Voice) 1973-08-28. Hometown:Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Monica Rial (Yayoi's,)

Favorite Famous Anime Quotes

It was worth the pain (Miroku from Inuyasha)

Your brain is broken or something (Inuyasha from Inuyasha)

Sit! (Kagome from Inuyasha)

(Scene where Mille and Maryle see vash with his clothes off!)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Vash from Trigun)

Love and peace! (Vash from Trigun)

So professor is this going to be on the test (Jigen from Lupin the Third)

Scene where hatoku and malta's dad do a scene like lupin's scene.
booooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg crashes into the wall. (Malta's Dad from Fooly Cooly)

Kagome's my woman, you got a problem with that muttface? (Koga from Inuyasha)

"You're order?" watier

"The usual." said Akiha Hara

Mizuki, Nakatsu, Sano, Minami faces turn green. (He ordered a very sweet order and pours syrup on it)


blank stare

'H-H-He's in shock!' (Hana Kimi Gang from Hana Kimi for you in full blossom)

Oh what happens when he finds out that I'm a duck?

He would be like you're a duck shoo shoo

Or Phew you smell like a bird

Or mmm duck my favorite, let's dig in!(out of nowhere she has a fork and a knife.)

:sweat drop: I'll just keep it a secret. (Ahiru from Princess Tutu)

Okay I'll won't look at Sano's outfit, I won't

Wow Sano you look great, can you stand?

I think?

Wow (Sano is wearing a traditional women's Japanese outfit)

Sano you look beautiful

Oh shut up (Mizuki and Sano from Hana Kimi for you in full blossom)

"Hey taxi!"

Kaname throws Sousuke at a taxi to make it stop.

Sousuke's face has a panic face on it when he say's

"You trying to kill me?" (Kaname and Sousuke from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu?)

"Demon larva."

Himeno pops out of the bushes and lands on Hayate.

"Oww." She looks at the person she hit. "I'm sor.." 'Ohh he's really good looking. Could this possibly be?'




"heavy." He throws her off him."Damn it, there are even limits for stupidity. You jump out of a bush, land right on top of me, and expect I won't mind the inconveints. Damn you are heavy, I thought I was going to die!"

"Hey, don't you have any manners? Why didn't you ask "Are you alright Miss? Before you tossed me aside!"

"Hey I can say the same to you, you nearly crushed me when you came out of that hedge!"

"Wha-" "Your very heavy!"

Himeno inflects like a balloon. (Himeno and Hayate from Pretear)

Volken and Dorten are aguring about selling the swords when Volken says.

Volken:"What about Orphen, what about Cleo?

You mean Cleo the bitchy,big mouth, flat chested freak

And Orphen that egal maniacal magician

Who's in love with a 40 ton lizard with

pms. Ha Ha ha!"

Dorten has a very scared expression on his face.

Volken turns around and has the most ugliest face on.

In the background you see Orphen and Cleo with very scary faces!

Orphen: "It's Orphen the egal maniacal magician

you were just talking about!"

Cleo: "And Cleo the bitchy, big mouth, flat chested freak!"

Volken: "Orphen I think your fantastic and Cleo...Your not that flat."

You hear a huge explosion

Socercer Stabber Orphen (Cleo, Orphen, Volken, and Dorken from Sorcerer Stabber Orphan)

Kurz: Hey, Hi there, Japanese Pritty Girls.

I am from far away country, far, far away country far, farover sea.

But now I am, how you say lost. Will you girls please help me?

I am like lost like little kitty. You now, Kittty. Please I am begging you,help me. Please pritty girls.

Everything around them seems to fall down anime style. (Kurz from Full Metal Panic)

Kurz: What are you stupid. If I make friendly with the girls it'll be much easier to keep an eye on the girls. He says with a slurishy drunk voice

Sosuke: Getting attached could jeopardize the mission. You might lose the ablitly tomake judgements with a clear head.

Kurz: You want to what Kaname said about you?

Oh, this interesting guy just transfered to our school, among other things. ( Kurz is starry eyed) Sosuke has a somewhat look of interest.

Sosuke: What else did she say? Very curious

Kurz: Heh, Heh. Wanna know?

Sosuke: Not really. :he pauses: No It's my duty, better tell me.

Kurz: Let me hear you say, please Sergent Weber? (Sosuke gives me an arritated glare and growls.) I'm just kidding, no need to get all bent out of shape. What some? (Holds up a box cardon of food.) (Kurz and Sosuke from Full Metal Panic)

What are goals in life, what are your dreams?

I want to be popular, I wanna get laid, and I want to party.

(The principle has a chair over his head, tempting to threw it at Rei)

Whoa I was just kidding! (Rei from Mars)

Fruit scented condoms may smell like yummy fruit...But they still taste like rubber. Just so you know. (Volume one with So from Doubts!)

A love letter to Fakir. If I gave him this he'd say, "Don't waste time on triffles idiot." Or something kinda like that.

Scene change where Fakir has the love letter.



Uzusa brought this to me.

Ahh! I-I didn't write it. Pickee and Lillie wrote it. So what should I say...umm...I'm sorry.

Fakir looks a little upset. Don't waste time of triffles idiot.

I knew it. (Ahiru and Fakir from Princess Tutu)

ARIMIIII! (Rokutanda from Marmalade Boy)


Yes Rikko.

How come I don't have one of those?

Umm...well it's kinda hard to explain, Hey no pulling. One day your going to grow one.


(Mom barges into the bathroom and shouts...) Stop telling her lies! (Flashback Riiko, her father, and her mother in Absolute Boyfriend)

"I...I want to arrest you!" (Has a face that look like he really meant something else. Hint "I want to marry you.")

(The woman of his dreams smiles and says) I want to arrest you too." (Policeman from Kaleido Star)

I'll send you to the deepest pits of hell. While your there, you can lick the devil's ass, Incognito! (Alucard from Hellsing)

Damn, full of turtles. (Harima is referring to his report card).

Really? Then your just like me!

Ten...I mean Tsukamoto!

I got a lot of turtles too!

(Blushes while an angel of himself flies across) (thinking) I'm so happy I was born dumb.

I was near my climax, now how are you going to take responsiblity for this body?


What I want to do is sex, sex!! I want to bed you!!

I...I'm sorry but I'm not a major in physical education.


Think of a big black man chasing you!

The little boy runs then trips

Well it doesn't look like he is racist

Ghost Stories

And many other funny scenes that I can't think of.

Here are some of my stories I've done so far!

End of the line

What happens when Kagome see Inuyasha with Kikyo together again! What happens when he only wanted to tell Kikyo, it's over, and what happens when Kagome gets attacked by a demon. What she's saved by who? (Fixed!)

The Biggest Choice of All

This is my verison on how I believe the story is going to end, Hope you enjoy! IT WILL, NOT HAVE A SEQUAL. I REPEAT, NO SEQUAL! (Fixed!)

Shippo's Revenge (Repost)

A wacky comedy, with Shippo getting revenge for being ignored. Thanks! I put this up for one of my friends little sister her name is Emmy. So if you review, review her not me. K! Be afraid be VERY AFRAID!(One-Shot)

Shippo's Revenge the Sequel

About the same as the first one, and still funny. She did again! She made another one.(One-Shot) There in the same story.

Memory Gone

It's basically about Inuyasha losing his memory and someone helping him retrieve it, I wander who? (Fixed!)

My Gift

A poem about Kagome's feelings when Inuyasha and Kikyo are together. (One-Shot) (Fixed!)

Inuyasha's Revenge

What happens when Inuyasha can't take it anymore and starts acting differently towards everyone, not only to Kagome, but to Kikyo too! Let's say it won't be friendly. (Fix it!)

Getting her back

It takes place when Rin get's captured in the series,and how it should've turned out this way! (Fix it!)

Inuyasha Version of Whiskey Lullaby (Repost)

Like the title says. An Inuyasha Version of Whiskey Lullaby. the characters are out of character. So check it out! folder. So if you have Read this story before Please as to be Kind as to Review this again please I would make me feel a whole lot better if you did this for me. Thanks! (One-Shot) (Fixed!)

Big deal (Re-post!)

Another song fic.of mine. This takes place in Kagome's time. Kikyo dumps her boyfriend Inuyasha for having suspicion of him with her best friend Kagome. It's Kagome's 24th birthday and Kikyo got's something whipped up for the birthday girl. But the question is what? So if you have Read this story before Please as to be Kind as to Review this again please I would make me feel a whole lot better if you did this for me. Thanks! (One-Shot) (Not too much fixing up!)

The Day of the Life of the Perverted Monk Miroku

This should be in the series. This is how Miroku's everyday life is and maybe just like bit more. But some of the scenes would be different, though! (Fixed!)

Rachel's Broken heart

After detective Richard Moore solves another case,Rachel can't take the pain anymore and decides to end her pain. Can Jimmy stop Rachel in time before it's too late? (One-Shot) (Fix it!)

Sango's life with the Perverted Monk

I don't know if this will be the sequel to The day of the life of the Perverted Monk Miroku,but it's kinda like after there married and how they there life would be like. (One-Shot) (Fix it)

Pretear in the Sengoku Jidai

It's a crossover with Inuyasha and Pre'tear. And also it's one of my first crossovers! Himeno falls down the well and so do the leafe knights too. A battle rages between Naraku and now Takako has joined forces with him. The only way to stop them both is to join forces with the Inuyasha gang and Sesshomaru. To help the past, present, and the future too! Oh, but don't worry it's has a bunch of comedy and not just seriousness. This is on the Pre'tear section. It's on her profile not mine sadly. I did this with my good buddy SilverSerpentDragon so you better review her, or I'll something. Oh, and Major Hojo Bashing. Out of warning for Hojo fans, DO NOT READ IT, IF EITHER A) YOU LIKE HIM OR B) YOU FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. ME AND HER ARE VERY CRUEL SO DON'T READ IF YOU ARE A HOJO FAN! (this story may be discontinued)

Kaede's Husband

This one is about Kaede's past after Kikyo's death and well I wanted her to have a husband so there. It's a sad story but I'm sure you'll love it! Please someone review, please! (One-shot) (Fixed!)

The DogDemon Who Stole Christmas

I thought of this one when I watched the Dr. Seuss version. Sesshy, is mad that Christmas is coming to the village, so he disguises himself as St. Nick and steals Christmas from the unsuspecting people in the Village. Along with his annoying toad demon, "Jaken," they steal Christmas, and find out the true meaning of Christmas. How will Sesshy react on Christmas Day? Will his heart ever melt from it's frozen state? Please review, please! (Complete!)

Monday Morning Church

This is a video by Alan Jackson that I think that would be good. Not so sure when to I'm putting this one up though. (Song fic. One shot, Complete!) (Fixed!)

Hayate's secret feelings for Himeno

This is my first pre'tear fic by myself. So I really hope you enjoy it. It take's place on episode 5 when Hayate visits Himeno that night she learns about Takako. But was there another reason why he was there? We'll just have to see. (One-Shot) (Complete!)

Behind the scenes: Leafeknights

This is what I thought of when at Jen's house. This is scenes of the leafe knights secrets that you are about to discover. Tips of fashion by Hayate. Mannens's obsession. Sasame and the quest for the Sailor Moon manga. Kei and the nailfile. Go's fireworks. Hajime's secret. Shin's new emotion. This is something you won't want to miss. (complete!)

You are

This is a poem I wrote awhile back. It's about Kira's feelings for Rei throughout the whole Mars volumes. Though, not certain if it does match Rei's feelings as well! Check it out! (One-shot) Poetry! (Complete!)

Pre'tear and the Seven Children

Inspired by my good friend SilverSerpentDragon. The knights are really princes that get cursed by Takako and turn into children. There is a curse placed upon the child/children that by the twenty first year without finding someone to love and love them back, they would forever remain a child for all eternity. Enter Himeno who's stepmother is evil with two evil step sister's too. Is there any connection?

You're A Mean One Sesshomaru

Ohayo! This is me and my friend's version of You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch, but reversed to match Sesshomaru! I hope you like it. And I hope you guys could check out The Dog Demon Who Stole Christmas story I made. Enjoy! Complete! I'm so glad I put this up! (One-Shot) (Complete)

The Prince

This is my first Princess Tutu fic. I ever did so bare with me! Duck is a girl who receives a porcelain doll from her grandfather, "Drosselmeyer." Duck loves her doll so much she wishes he was real. Her wish becomes true as she enters the world of fantasy as princess tutu. An evil cat named Mr. Cat tries to make Duck his, though will (Senor Mytho) the porcelain doll, let Mr. Cat steal his "love?" (Complete!)

Nobody's Love

It was just an experiment in order to see if Nobodies could develop hearts. But the more research that they gather for the project, the more two Nobodies realize how much pain of having a heart really is.


It's Pretear crossover with Peter Pan. Himeno stopped believing in fairy tales when her mother passed away, years ago. Now with her new family she feels lonely and unwanted. Her step mother tries to replace her mother and her step sister's are mean to her. She wishes to have a young, handsome man sweep her off her feet and take her away from this dreaded hell hole. Enter Hayate and the Lost Leafe Boys. From then on out, her life was never the same. She enters into NeverNeverLeafina and encounters mermaids and pirates. Along with her step sisters, they encounter the evil captain Takako, who is always at the Leafe Boys tail. Will Himeno find peace and have a place to truly call home?

Stories Coming Soon!

Beauty Within

Seiichirou lost his family a few years ago and is all alone. Karen is a stripper who has had a rough life ever since the day she was born. Her boyfriend Seishiro is a violent boyfriend, who beats her up on a daily bases. When Karen and Seiichirou meet, what will the outcome be?

NeverNeverLeafina the Sequel

I thought of this when watching one of my fav. films. But once I finish the first story, then I'll put up the information to this one up, to not spoil the ending!

Wish on a Star

Kamui comes to Tokyo expect for a different reason. There is no Shinken nor any dragon's of Heaven or Earth. His mother dies in a fire caused by some class mates who didn't like him at school. Now six years later he's back. Having no family he goes to the one place he always called home, and that place is Fuma and Kotori's shrine. However, Kamui seems to fall slowly in love with his best friend Kotori, and makes a wish to somehow be closer to her. Though, Fuma had wished on that very same star to be closer to Kamui as a friend. Well you know what they say,"Be Careful What You Wish For!" This is my first X's fic.

Betting Love

Yuto Kigaiis the school's player along with Sorata Arisugawa. One day a beauty named Arashi Kishu transfers to their school. Sorata and Yuto immediately fall head over heels for Arashi and make a bet, "Whoever Arashi falls for, wins a thousands bucks." However as faith would have it, Sorata falls in love with Arashi. What would happen if she found out about their "Bet!"

The Beast Within

This is from the series when Beast Kills Satsuki and what Beast's thoughts about what actions she did, and how Beast felt? Who said that computers couldn't love humans? (One-shot)

We are Enemies

What happens if Mikako was one of the Earth's army force, Nergaland Noboru was one of the "Tarsian or Jovian lizards."What if the Tarsians were not aliens, but people abandon from the planet earth long ago? I think I'll make this a crossover with Nadesico and Voices of a Distant Star.

My Slimy Prince

One day Princess Mawata was at her favorite pond and dropped her ball into the waters. She weeps and weeps until a frog asked if he returned her ball she would take him in as her companion. Will the princess obey the frogs orders or will she desert him?

You're the shine that never dies

Kagome leaves Inuyasha as Inuyasha waits for years to see Kagome again. (One-shot) Song: Through the years and far away.

BabySitting Blues

Himeno needs help with handling her little brothers when her father, step mom, and step sisters are away. Then enters Hayate, a good looking guy with an attitude and experience with children. Will their encounter be a pleasant one or a disaster?

Rough Love

Okay this is another Sango and Miroku one shot I thought of when at SSD's house, so thank her. Miroku gropes Sango and Sango slaps Miroku but what would happen if she hit the monk a little too hard? You'll have to wait and find out. (One-Shot)

Possessed by the Halisen

What happens if Kaname gets possessed by her own weapon. What will poor Sosuke do? (One-Shot)

My heart goes on

Hey lookie here! A Miroku and Sango fic. Okay Miroku's wind-tunnel sucks him in and before he goes he tells Sango how he feels. This is Sango's life as time goes on without him. (One-Shot)

Wizard of Leafina

Okay so here is the story. Himeno doesn't enjoy here new life when a tornado transports her and her pet bird, Tipi to Leafnia. She enjoys herself there until she feels homesick and want to go home. Along the way she meets three people. A man who lost his heart (Hayate), A man who doesn't have courage (Go), and a man who doesn't have a brain (Kei) who seek to find the wizard. An evil witch name Fenril wants Himeno out of her lands and will not stop until she has her way, even if manipulating the Wizard of Leafnia to do it! With romance blossoming, and evil at her tail how will Himeno ever go back home?

Through Rose Colored Lenses

My first Hana Kami fic! Akiha Hara knows Mizuki's secret. And what does the tall giant do? Why he helps Mizuki and Sano get together of course!

Oh, just go cry you big baby!

Takako gains a new power and to test it, she tests it on the one person she hates! Himeno and Hayate love each other, though they won't admit it. Now what's going to happen now that Hayate is turned into a baby? I'll tell yah what, chaos!

Kagero's Kiss

What happens if Jubei did make love to her? And he also kissed her as well? What would the outcome be? (One-Shot)

Sanosuke's surprise

What happens if it was Sanosuke's birthday and receives a certain present from a certain someone. I'll tell yah...utter chaos! (One-Shot)


What happens if her step father raped her again and this time Kira actually did something about it and kills him. Not knowing where to go she runs away, into the arms of Rei. What will Rei say or do? Will he take her back as his girlfriend or will he abandon her?

Just like You

This idea came into my head, while listening to Three days Grace. This are Vash's thoughts on the battle with Knives. (One-Shot)

Sakura Trees

What if instead of Kenshin, the one who died was Kaoru. How would Kenshin's debt for killing so many be complete? (One-Shot)

Brathrawal Love

I'm not sure if this in the Meji Era, but if it isn't, I'm putting this there anyway. This is an idea that came into my head when I thought of Samurai Champloo. What happens if Kaoru and Megumi get into some trouble and end up in a brathrawal to pay off some debt. What will Kenshin and Sanosuke do? Will Sanosuke's feelings for Megumi finally show? And will Kenshin finally tell Kaoru what he feels for her?

I'll Protect You

Whatever was the cause of the Mujuro Utsutsu loss of vision? What happens if Kagero was the one who poisoned his eyes and caused his blindness? What happens if Kagero was a ninja princess, how will her and Jubei meet? And who is the one that involves Jubei's past?


What happens if Megumi went too far on joking with Kaoru? How will Kaoru take it? (Hint...chest size) (One-Shot)

Howl and Sophie's Whiskey Lullaby

What happens during the bomb raid, Howl never returned to Sophie? What will Sophie do? Will she go to Prince Justin? And what happens if Howl never did die, what will happen after that?

Will you be our Mother?

What happens during an outing Shin, Hajime, and Mannen, ask Himeno to be their mother and Hayate as not only their older brother, but their father as well? How will Himeno and Hayate react to that? And what are the young ones planning?

Cold Hearted

I'm thinking about supporting Ai Yori Aoshi and this story I had in my head for awhile now! What happens when Aoi came to visit Karou he was cold hearted and distant? Would Karou let Aoi-chan stay or will he send her back to her family? Based on the Anime version. Not certain if I will put the other characters in it!


What happens when around the first mangas, Azusa founds out about Hatsumi's "agreement" to Ryoki? Would he still go through with his plan or...does he have second thoughts? Will Azusa be Hatsumi's knight and shining armor and what about Ryoki's developing feelings?

Etoile Fesutiva (Star Festival)

What happens if Uzura got a hold of Ahiru's star candy she had and gave it to Fakir? What will Ahiru do? And...will Fakir accept? (One-shot)


This is like King Kong but with a twist! Rin is a struggling director looking for a place to shoot her next film. Sesshomaru was placed with a curse that turns him into a inu-youkai at day time and his normal form at night. Enter Kohaku, Rin's childhood crush, an isolated island, and a bunch of chaos! What will succume to our little photographer friend?

Howl's Curse

Sorry can't think of a good title. Well I thought of this when I was asleep. Anyway, Howl takes Sophie to Salamon's castle in proof of his changed heart but Salamon has other plans, leading them to fall into her trap. Now Howl has to find Sophie in three days or he will turn into a monster that he doesn't want to be. Can Howl do it? (Not sure when I might do this one!)

Once Upon a Wedding

Well since I read in one of my pretear reviews they wanted to see a Himeno/Go pairing and well I thought of one while watching a Hispanic video! Okay Himeno is the daughter of a weathly family and her fiance is Kei. All is well for the young bride until she accidentally hits Go, a penny less thief, with her car. She takes him to her mansion and her whole world turns upside down. In the end who will Himeno choose Kei or Go? At first I wanted a Hayate/Himeno/Sasame thing going on, but then I thought of the characters and thought, Kei/Himeno/Go is much better for this story! I hope everyone will like that idea!

Stand Out!

Okay I thought of another Pretear fic. from hearing the song stand out. Okay Himeno is the most popular girl in school and her boyfriend is Sasame. Everything thing seems perfect until this mysterious guy from the talent show dedicates a song to Himeno and things blow out of proportion. In the end, what will become of Himeno's new life? I can't tell you anymore or else I'll ruin it!

Basketball Bet

What happens if Akito and Mr. Yumata did get to do their game and Yumata does win? Will Akito be jealous when Yumata becomes close to Yurika or will he just forget about his childhood friend and go with (the bitch) Megumi?

New Year's Revolution

What happens if Hatsumi voice's did reach Ryoki and he decided to change his ways for good. However, the way Hatsumi is it's really difficult to not revert back to his old self.

Twelve Pains of Christmas

I thought of this one when I heard the twelve pains of Christmas. I'll probably do this story next Christmas. What happens if Himeno's family and the LeafeKnights spent Christmas together. Each chapter would be named for each pain of Christmas. Will Himeno survive this Christmas?

Romantic Act

Couldn't think of a good name. What happens when Tetsu goes off to see Saya, he was actually followed by Susumu and his brother Tatsu? Would they tease Tetsu about his crush or ignore it like nothing happened? Come on now, what do you think the answer is? (One-Shot)


Based on the anime version. You know how Princess Shiina has a deal with Matsumoto being her boyfriend for seeing her bare skin, ahh, but what happens if Matsumoto has his eyes for Hope? How will Princess Shiina deal with that? (One Shot)

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I know this has been used an awful lot but it still a good plot. Okay what happens after the series when Ahiru is still a duck? Will the miracle of Chirstmas have something to help the two lovers reunite? Or will it remain the same? And what's this...who is Santa's subsite Santa and Mrs. Clause? Hint Mytho and Rue. It's a funny parody with everyone's favorite characters. It's something you wouldn't want to miss.

A Christmas Carol

It's Christmas time when everything is suppose to be grand and wonderful, but if you have boss name Sesshomaru, you wouldn't be looking forward to the holidays. His employee's Inuyasha (Half brother), Miroku, and Koga desperately want to spend their Christmas with their families and loved ones, though Sesshomaru refuses them the right threatening them to work on Christmas Day. Later, he is visited by three ghosts. Ghost of Christmas past, (Kikyo), Present, (Sarah), and Future (Naraku). Will Sesshomaru change his ways for the good, or will he burn into the pits of hell. Starring as Tiny Tim (Shippo), and Orphan (Rin).

Mission: Girl's Bathroom

What happens if Kaname is being spied on in the ladies bathroom and Kaname doesn't even know it? Who will help Kaname have peace and privacy? Why Sosuke of course! (One-Shot)

Nightmare Blissings

What happens when Sunako has reoccuring nightmares about a certain creature of light and one night, Takano finally asks what's the matter? What happens when he invites her to his bedroom, What will Sunako do? (One-Shot)

What Makes Sunako Different

Many years have past since the gang lived in the mansion and the family keeps getting bigger. But what about a certain tough boy and a creepy girl, how is there relationship? Made in Kyouhei Takano's point of view. (One-Shot)

It's Another Heartbreak

What happens when the boys trick Sunako into going to a ball by dressing her up? Who might she see there? And how will Kyouhei react to Sunako's dilemma? Will he finally reveal his feelings or shroud them?

All for a smile

It's been a year since Sunako resided with the dazzling creatures and the boys want to do something special for her. And considering that it's her birthday, Kyouhei has something up his sleeve for Sunako, but the question is...what? (One-Shot)

The Impatient Years

A GI comes home to the wife he hastily married before they left; they're soon ready for a divorce. Based on the 1944 classic.

The Three Sisters

This is another story I got from a classic movie. Himeno Awayuki's parents separate and her father Kaoru is getting married to a widow with two daughters. Now the sisters lives are miserable so they come up with a plan, hire a man to tear their parents apart. Enter Sasame Awardsgate, a charming, handsome, young bacterlor, who'd do anything for a pretty girl. But what if he has his eyes sit on Himeno? How will this turn out in the end?

To be Gay or Not be Gay, That's the Question?

Takaya just transferred to a new high school and meets up with his old childhood friend. He makes new friends but when he meets Naoe and finds out about his "interests," Takaya doesn't want anything to do with Naoe. In the end, his childhood crush comes into the picture, and now Naoe has raised the bar, now what will Takaya do? Be Gay or not be Gay?

Beauty and the Beast

I had this in my head since I watched three different versions of Wallflower Amvs. What happens if Ranmaru was cursed to be a beast for his selfish deeds and his fiance, (Tamao) he doesn't know of, arrives at the castle. Will she be the one to break his curse or will she like the others, run away? Only time will tell before the last petal falls from his enchanted rose that controls his destiny. Did I mention his friends were cursed as well!

I Am Cat, Here Me Hiss!

This just came to me suddenly. What happens if what you thought you were, wasn't what you actually were? What happens when a common household cat transforms into a human? How will everything work out in the end? And will the cat/man figure out what he wants? Don't know what anime to put this with, but it would be an awsome story!

It Happened One Night

I wanted to put this one on my profile but I got sidetracked with updates. What happens if Miki's parents object her to wanting to marry Ginta and in a fit of rage she runs away to New York where Ginta is waiting. But making the same trip to New York, architecture Yuu who always wanted to be a reporter meets Miki, and lands the story of the lifetime. How will the ending be and what will happen to Miki in the end?

Secret Obsession

What happens if Mizuki isn't the only girl at Osaka High? When Mizuki's secret is nearly exposed, who is the girl in disguise who comes to her rescue? And what does it have to do with Nanba's feelings? I know you read stuff like this, but I swear this is a character you'll least except. Well...maybe you'll find out.

Handcuffed to the Enemy

I'm not sure if I got this idea from Death Note or just thought it in me head, but I thought this would make an interesting story. Alright, the entire series of Pretear went by too fast, so I thought I could extent it. Between the episodes where Himeno and Hayate didn't meet eye to eye, what happens if the Leafe Knights couldn't stand Himeno and Hayate's inability to corporate in battle. And what to do they do, why the title should say it for you. Will Himeno and Hayate be able to set aside their differences and learn to be a team, or will they have to find another pretear? Or maybe...something would develop between them that would be better than just being comrades?

Umm...Can You Repeat That?

I can't think of a really good title for this at the moment. What happens if your best friend asks you a favor to ask the girl of your dreams to date them? How will they react when, they not only have to witness their friend making lovely dovely with their dream girl, but you also have to feed him words for each date they go on? Will the girl find out, and if she did, will she end up with your friend or you? Not sure of the love triangle yet.

Kenta, the Blood Producing Vampire!

After the end of the series nothing progresses between Karin and Kenta's relationship. However, with the sudden urges to suck human blood begins to manifest with Kenta's day-to-day life, will this bring the pair closer or tear them apart? And why does Kenta's blood increases each time he sees Karin's tear streaked face? I wanted to make a fic. for this story ever since I saw the final episode to Karin (tv), so I hope the other person with a simliar idea doesn't get too peeved.

So She Dances

Okay I thought of this idea from a Josh Groban song. Fakir is in love with Ahiru but Ahiru is in love with Mytho. But Mytho doesn't know Ahiru is in love with him and instead pursues Rue. However when Ahiru has the courage to tell Mytho her true feelings, he dies in a tragic accident before she could even reveal her feelings to him. Heartbroken, Ahiru busies herself with dancing to conceal her pain but this time Fakir doesn't hold back and tries to make her realize he loves her. But that is a little hard considering that Rue is in love with him. I don't know when I'll do this, but I really want to do this story really badly.

I've Returned

After the battle with alien force "Tarsian", Mikako returns back to earth to the one person she loves, Noboru. (One-shot) My first Voices of a distant Star fic!

Through the Years and Far Away

It features the song; through the years and far away. Mikako keeps in touch with Noboru with text messages, as the years go by. (One-shot)

End of Text

What happens if Mikako dies while fighting the "Tarsian." What will Noboru think? What will he do? (One-shot)

Place Promised and Promise kept

Hiroki took Sayuri to the tower, but the blast kills them both, their last thoughts and feelings before their sacifice. (One-shot)

A Fairy Tale? (A Pretear story)

I'm not sure if I'm going to write this one or not? So if anyone likes this idea, feel free to write it! What happens if everything Himeno thought was real was actually fantasy? What happens if she bumps into the guys that looked actually like the people from her dream? Could her dream actually be true or is it just a dream?

Something More Than Just Friendship

Had this idea from a dream. Hayate is friend's with Go, Sasame, and Kei and ends up making a bet with them about winning the heart of Takako. Sounds simple enough, but the catch is he has to dress up as a woman for an entire month. How will he win Takako's love if he is seen as a woman. Meanwhile, Himeno's father just recently marries the widow Natsue and now she has a new family with two step sisters. However, Himeno's life isn't exactly peachy considering that her sisters hate her guts and the school she was enrolled into don't like her either. Alone without any friends she meets Hayate and immediately she falls for him, though once he starts impersonating a girl she no longer sees him. Later she bumps into Hayate as a girl and soon befriends him. But as the month rolls on by what will the outcome be for these set of teens?

Quest For Camelot Two: The Return of Ruber

An entire year passes by as things are going smoothly for Kaley and Garrett's marriage. But when an evil sorcerer name Rubin who deeply despises the way Camelot is being run by a woman and a blind ex-stable boy, he decides to take matters into his own hands by resurrecting Lord Ruber. Upon being revived, Ruber wastes no time at obtaining Camelot as his Kingdom as well as having Lady Julianna as his bride. But as for the two love birds Kaley and Garrett, Ruber uses Excalibur to separate them both. However while Kaley has the misfortune of losing her memory of who she is, Garrett has the luck of regaining his eyesight but in return losing his hearing. How will the future be for these heros with these unfortunate turn of events? First ever story I thought of that wasn't Japanese animated!

If I Can Be Like That

I don't know if I'll do this story but I thought I might as well put it down at least. OK Zexion is the vice president of a prestige organization and one day he is late for work. On his way to work, he spots a boy with a guitar in the park and notices how despite him being rather poor looking he has a beautiful smile on his face. As days roll on by, he continues to observe the boy until he finally manages to ask the boy himself. From then on out, Zexion’s life is entangled with the boy now known as Demyx as he tries to figure out just why exactly he could be so cheerful when he has nothing to be happy about.

I'm Sorry

This is the first story I thought about for this anime series. This takes place on the field trip to Osaka after Koizumi tells Otani to forget about her ever mentioning her feelings for him, however instead of the events of the anime happening Koizumi moves away. Regret fills Otani's heart as he slowly develops feelings for Koizumi while at the same time something amazing occurs to him. A couple years past as Koizumi returns only to receive a few surprises from Otani. But there is only one problem...Koizumi doesn't want to have nothing to do with Otani. What will poor Otani do now?

Happily Ever After?

This story came to me when I was watching Ever After. Himeno is a simple country girl who had lost her mother at very young age. Her father, Kaori, a lonely merchant marries the gorgeous Lady Natsue and also gains a couple of daughters in the process but at the same time Himeno ends up becoming a servant girl who has to cater to her step mother and step sisters every needs. Sasame is the prince of the land who wants nothing to do with his throne but instead he wants to find his one true love. And Hayate...well he is the farmer boy next door.

Gunsmoke High

This Trigun fic. is set to modern time. The gang, Milly, Meryle, Wolfwood, and Vash are all in high school. Vash is the new exchange student who just transferred to Gunsmoke high along with his brother Knives. But these two brothers are complete opposite of each other. While Vash is the always smiling twin who has a hippy personality, Knives on the other hand is the gloomy twin who has a gang of bad friends to do any of his bidding. Milly is the cheerful outgoing vice editor of the school newspaper who is also Meryle's best friend. Meryle is the chief editor of the newspaper club who has a quick temper if something goes wrong but also has a secret she keeps from everyone. Wolfwood is the cool loner at school who tends to skip class and settles his problems by force. With this strange bunch of teenagers what will the outcome be?

Childish Affection

This came to me after watching too many movies!!! The plot line is this...Himeno, Hayate, Go, and Kei are childhood friends back before Himeno's father Kaoru marries the widow Natsue. Now the problem is that although they are all friends Hayate and Go have strong feelings for Himeno. But as for Himeno on the other hand, she has her eyes on the sweet, charming Sasami Awardgate. So much for Go and Hayate right, wrong! You see there is another problem with this teen drama because the person Himeno cares about Sasami has a thing for the most popular girl in school Takako. I wonder what will the end results for these teens be?

Supernatural Affection

This is an unusual story that I had a dream about. Hayate and Himeno are lovers and are just about ready to walk down the aisle together when an unfortunate accident rips these two lovers apart. Heartbroken and reduced to a coma, Hayate is trapped in an endless cycle of dreams of his deceased lover Himeno. Fortunately Hayate is given a second chance at bringing Himeno back from the dead by going into the past as a ghost. But there is a catch, his spirit can't leave the hospital he is staying in and two he can't reveal the future to Himeno. So how is Hayate going to save his one true love from a deadly future if he can't tell her anything about it?


Don't Go!

I just watched Kiki's Delivery Service again and this came into my head. What happens during the time when Kiki's powers aren't working and everyone still finds her replusive and in the process gets nearly raped. However her friend Tom gets her out of that problem by offering to buy her grogericies where she couldn't buy them. And during that time, Kiki abandon's her promise to be a witch and deserts everything in the past. Four years later, she shows up at Tom's seventeenth birthday, but this time, Tom is going to try and stop Kiki from leaving and find out why she gave up being a witch. (I don't know when I'll put this up, but I know this isn't going to be G rated.).


Full metal Panic: I want to see something with Sosuke and Tsubaski fighting for Chidori's affection!

Full metal Panic: What happens if Sosuke did leave Kaname behind, who would be the one who could heal her heart? I don't know maybe Tsubaski?

X: I want to see a long fic. of the couple Kamui/Kotori anything, even if it's tragetic.

X: A couple stories with Yzuhriha/Kusanagi. I want it long.

X: Maybe a Kakyo/Kotori. I want it long.

X: A couple with Karen/Seiichiro. I want it long and at least two of them.

Pretear: A pretear pairing with Go and Himeno.

Title: Notice me

Pretear: Himeno Awayuki is semi overweight teenager who has on crush on the hottest Bishie in school, Hayate. Hayate is the good looking trackstar at Awayuki High. Himeno has problems adjusting with her new life with her new family and worse, her new step sisters are evil to her. Feeling unwanted, her friend Yayoi decides to help her friend out. Will Hayate know what true beauty is?

Pretear: What happens when under hypnosis, Hayate feels something that isn't a particular "size."

Alice 19/Pretear crossover: Although I don't have a plot in my head for this, I think after reading several books of Alice 19, I figured: wouldn't this make an excellent crossover with my favorite anime Pretear?

Ninja Scroll: I want to see a long story for Ninja scroll.

Street Fighter: Chung Lee/Ken There is not a single story with this couple. Hello people, haven't anyone seen SF2 TV series?

Princess Tutu: I'm not sure if I'll do this or let someone else do it, but I don't really care. My idea is what happens if it was opposite. What happens if duck was actually a princess and Mytho was the duck. And Fakir was Duck's knight. How will the story take place? Who will Duck choose, the duck or her knight? (It doesn't matter who the pairings are!)

Howl's Moving Castle: I'm not sure if I'll do this one either. What happens if Howl was a prince instead of a wizard, and instead of swallowing a star, the witch of the waste was the one who took his heart. Will a plain, simple girl that works at a hat shop, be the one to return Howl's heart before his time is up, or will it be too late? Oh and did I mention that Sophie is cursed too! Based on a crossover with Beauty and the Beast. I know that this Disney movie is over used but if you put together the makes one good story!

Somedays Dreamers: I want to see a story dedciated to Yume/Oyumada pairing! What happens when Yume returns!

Cowboy Bebop/Daft Punk: I'm sure if I'll be doing this story or not. It takes place after the band daft punk (Not sure if that's the name), get kidnapped by earthlings vent on making them a rock band on Earth. Enter Cowboy Bebop after the reward for a man with a sixty million walong on his head. What will happen?

Samurai (Rurouni Kenshin story)

This is a story I thought about in Creative Writing class for anyone interested in doing it because I can't even think of what to write about. This story is focused on Kenshin during the war and how he became legendary. Though instead he meets Koaru and Yahiko. Will these two brother and sister ever make Kenshin experience and find the true meaning of love?

Hana Kimi: A pairing with Akiha/Hokuto. It would be interesting.

Hana Kimi: A pairing with Nakatsu/Julia or Nanba/Julia. It would be sweet.

Death Note/Inuyasha crossover: I know this is a strange idea, but I think it will work. What happens when Kagome is in her time, she literally finds a book that fell from the sky and she takes it home with her. After testing it and finding out it's powers, she gets her own Shikigami and decides this is one thing she needs to bring Naraku down. However...the catch is, she has to kill someone before every thirdteen days or else she will die. How will the Inuyasha gang respond to that, and in the end, will they use Death Note?

Goles, Goblems, and Vampires,oh My!

I had a dream about this alright. Dois's village is constantly attacked by vampires and goles each night. Dois having enough of this constant reoccurring decides to bring it to an end. One night she gets attacked by vampire only to be rescued by a vampear. She then realizes that he is the son of Dracula and begs D to stop the vampires from wrecking her village. But will a vampear listen to a mortal? We'll have to find out! (I thought I could do this one, but I can't.)

Haruhi and the Seven Boys

I thought of this while I was contemplating. The host club plus Nekezawa Umehito included, will be the seven dwarfs while the princess will be played by Haruhi. The witch will be Renge of course because she fits the part very well, and this story will have twists of humor than the original Snow White classic!

Who Are You?

Okay Inuyasha and Kouga manage to somehow switch places with each other so now their stuck inside the person's body they hate the most. What will poor Kagome do? Will start this story someday.

I would want to see longer Axel Demyx pairing stories!

I would want to see longer Axel/Roxas pairing stories!

I would want to see longer Demyx/Zexion pairing stories!

That's about it to know of me but there's is something I want you guys to do for me. In order for me to update more chapters you have to review me (even though, I wrote most of them down, I just want to know if you guys like my stories or not because that's my main idea!) OK?

See Yah Anime Lovers!

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Princess Tutu - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 61,126 - Reviews: 83 - Favs: 91 - Follows: 90 - Updated: 2/7 - Published: 1/18/2008 - [Ahiru, Fakir]
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