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5/17/05- Posted up that first fic I told y'all bout earlier. It's titled " A Rose By Any Other Name"... sounds yaoiful, ne? xD oh how I wish that I could stick some Kaibaku in it... xD Oh yeah, I'm gonna start working on Underground Roses. Wow. I've never realized how much I've loved the concept in it until now... meh. Oh yeah! More fic ideas! ... ... ...they may take a while to get up though, those first 4 fics take presidence over these. ( maybe with the exception of the Series One fic...) The Noa Kaiba Picture Show- Rocky Horror with Yuu-Gi-Ou characters. Holy shit. What have I been on...? xD greatest parody ever, with the exception of "Lu-Gi-Oh: the never beginning/ending crossover fic!" Day and night- ANOTHER ROSES FIC! AUGH! 5/8/04- OMG. did you know there are 300-and something brother-fluffs out there? I sure didn't! Isn't that cool? And kinda funny?

2/10/05- It's been forever, I know... @_@; but guess what! I have 4 stories in the making! w00t!

A Rose By Any Other Name- Yuugiou story based on Duelist of the Roses; my recent fetish...err...obsession! Pretty much tells the story of Christian Rosenkreuz' (Seto) life; most of which wasn't even highlighted in the game at all...plagued by near-blindness, a poison running through his bloodstream, and hiding his Pagan beliefs are sure to be things you won't ever be able to pull as "cannon" from the game.

Underground Roses- Another lovechild of my Duelist of the Roses fetish. Modern setting this time. An interisting twist of fate forces Seto to confront his other half; which may be difficult, as this "other half" has been held captive in the underground sewer-city of Ke'eroen by a European gang for over 10 years. Also, the first mention of "EURO-KAIBALAND" ever. xD

(currently untitled)- KaibaCorp is in danger of going bankrupt! What's a stressed teenage CEO to do? Join a boyband competition, of course!

Dancing in the Dark (title pending...)- We've all seen Duel Monsters tournaments, but when a new kind of tournament takes over Domino, it will force everyone to face the music and realize that some of those among us have started a Dance Dance Revolution... A mysterious high-scoring DDRtist called "T.S" has held the top scores in the Domino arcade since the machine had first been put in. This "T.S" owns the entire high-ranking board... until a dancer named Anzu steals the 3rd place. Then the tournament arrives. Anyone can partic ipate whwenever they ant. All the DDR machines are now connected to each other online. This kind of anonymous competition is highly anticipated, to the point where some dancing arcades start buying out game shops. As tension in Domino runs high between Duelists and Dancers, and the mystery of the identity of "T.S.", can anything else possibly happen? Of course it can. There is a certain someone interested than all the others in the search for T.S.; a mysterious new girl, going only by the name "Zu" seems to be more interested in T.S. then her own good. Her good...or T.S.'?

Okaaay. Yeah... just so you know, I'm trying to limit the OCs in the DDR one. xD nope! no mary-sues here! T.S. is a yuugiou character with a seeeecret hobby. Hmm... wonder who it could be?

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Transgressing Transcendence reviews
Duelist of the Roses fic that takes a look at the life of Christian Seto Rosenkreuz outside of the limits of the original game.
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