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I thought I might as well mention this now! I go by "Sayuri"...

Hope ya do at least like 1 fic! It might take time for me to actually do more stories because I'm working hard at some 2 stories at once! So be sure to keep checking it out, okay?

I also like to write a lot of song fics because when I hear them on the radio and listen to them, it makes me think of a good fic for the relationships we see in Pokemon and other series. Especially between our two unbeknown lovers...Ash and Misty. You can see that I wrote a fic called "This Is Your Night" which is the song sung by Amber. Unfortunately, me and my stupidity, I didn't put the lyrics in the story, but just so you know, it was written after a song.

New Projects: 2/22/04
- I'm Sorry For What I Didn't: A Pokemon fanfiction. It is based on the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles. There's a little bit of Palletshipping, so if you're fond of Ash and Gary, check it out.
Status: Now uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

Much Love!
- Sayuri

P.S. - 6/22/06 - I haven't been here for a few years, as you can all tell, lol. O_o I think I've given up on the fanfic writing. I believe I have also stopped updating...period. I'm still a huge fan of anime, but I won't be back in the writing realm. For those of you who I may have...possibly disappointed, I apologize. Life gets in the way! It was a fun ride writing about the characters of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Many great memories have been made; and, it's always nice to look back and see how horrible my grammar was in some of these fics, haha. I may be around to read some old fanfiction I liked from my favorite authors just so I can reminisce. Well, I've made my mark. Gotta catch ya later!

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