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Section 1: Latest Stories

Battle Royale II: The Game

Three months have passed after the failure of the previous Program. The new class of Shiroiwa Junior High 3-B apparently don't realize their class's Christmas vacation at a ski lodge is hijacked...When Boy #7 Keiji Miyazaki and Girl #2 Kanami Honda find out that all 42 students are doomed from the start, they must work together to escape the Program together. But with the forces of Boy #4 Akihito Mori and Girl #1 Ibuki Sakai standing in their way, will Keiji and Kanami survive and escape, as well as rescue Keiji's own father and bodyguard?

Bendy and The Dark Revival (AKA my take on the game)

The year is 1984. An aspiring cartoon artist attempts to explore the abandoned Joey Drew Studios with a friend, only to learn that a certain machine is still alive. (Currently put on hold until the real game is out)

Soul Calibur V: An Alternate Retelling

A complete overhaul of SCV's story mode. With Nightmare being the only threat remaining, the youngest child of Sophitia Alexandra learns that the fate of the world now lies in his very hands.

Section 2: Coming Soon / Probable

Rise and Fall of the Death Goddess (a ROFOTH spinoff)

Section 3: Recently Completed

The Battle Royale...That Never Was

Thirteen Years Later (TBRTNW sequel)

Gantz: The Price of Freedom

Kill la Kill: Making Love, Not War

Horoscope Honeymoons (Found only on AOOO)

Free!: King and Queen of the Sea (Found only on AOOO)

Alternate Intros and Endings to Faces of Evil & Wand of Gamelon

Fire Emblem Awakening: Sweet, Steamy Revenge (Bonus story also up!)

Diabolik Lovers: The Four Maidens

Yume Nikki: Recollections

Chzo Mythos: Dark Musings

The Four Maidens: Love & Vampires

Fire Emblem Awakening: Heat of the Moment

The Four Maidens: A Taste of Sin

Free!: You Never Forget Your First (KAQOTS Weddings Prequel) (Found only on AOOO)

Dead or Alive: Unfairness at Best

Uta no Prince-sama: The REAL Maji Love 2000%

Pokemon: Lavender Town Syndrome

F6: Every First Time Should Be Gentle (If they ever do a second season of Mr. Osomatsu, I might continue this ficcie!) (Found only on AOOO)

You Never Forget Your First: High Speed! Starting Days Edition (Found only on AOOO)

Party Hard: Getting Away With It All (With both individual chapters taken from Darius and Katie's POV)

Rise and Fall of the Hellbeast

Gantz: The Price of Victory

Lisa: The Six Left Behind

Lisa: The Beautiful

The Quiet Man: Revised and Reanswered

Party Hard: Getting Away With It All, Until...

P.S. I occasionally upgrade these stories by adding in new text, so that I can improve them.

P.S.S. I have myself a default cover for my stories (excluding Horoscope Honeymoons, ROFOTH, Yume Nikki Recollections, LTS, and as of lately, The Quiet Man Revised and Reanswered since they have unique covers)

P.S.S.S. I usually churn out chapters as quickly as I can, so don't be surprised if I released a new chapter the day after I uploaded the previous one.

P.S.S.S.S. I managed to spice up certain titles. Surprised?

P.S.S.S.S.S. I don't think I can list all of the collab fics I had done with 4fireking, there's so many! @[email protected]

NOTE (9/7/2020): I've been so burnt out from all these collab much as I enjoy doing them, I feel like I never worked on new stories / fanfics on my account. So, I've been considering a break from all this. Thanks to everyone who'd understand.

Section 4: Cancelled / Deleted Stories

Ouka no Yogen (cancelled / deleted; may plan on revising it completely...or maybe not)

If I Had (deleted)

There are more, but I know I've already kicked them to the curb, anyway...

Section 5: Rumored Stories

We're All Dudes!

New Blood from Ultraprison

Section 6: About me (plus some interesting facts you never knew until now!)

I'm an avid BR fan / writer, no doubt, but more into AU-themed stories.

I'm even a fan of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

I am also a Gantz novice, as it is evident in my fanfic 'The Price of Freedom'.

I'm also a Kill la Kill novice, and just wrote a steamy little fanfic for it!

I am also a novice of Fire Emblem (fanfic-wise), as well as a novice of Utapri (and in the Utapri universe, everyone is bi!).

I also enjoy basketball, mainly Boston and Los Angeles.

I'm also fond of music, looking at real-life handsome, well-built dudes, and a big Aqua Teen fan, with a side of Superjail! and Boondocks. Oh, and let's not forget Two and a Half Men (before Sheen got fired).

I'm also a huge fan of Game Grumps, Jontron and Escapist (mainly Zero Punctuation), and I am also a semi-closeted Chzo Mythos fanatic.

Oh yes, and I am very fond of the boys of Hetalia, Free! and Kuroko no Basket. I'm also a closeted fan of Diabolik Lovers.

Movies-wise, I enjoy The Fifth Element, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Robocop (the first one!), George of the Jungle (the first one, again!), Caddyshack (directed by the late, great Harold Ramis, and starring the also late and great Rodney Dangerfield), Mr. Magoo, Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Good Burger, and The Warriors. Speaking of The Warriors, I also love the video game based on it, too (from the folks at Rockstar Games, who are also behind the awesome Grand Theft Auto V (I just wished Nightride FM was an actual radio station though...)).

Oh yeah, and I'm also a hopeless romantic, which explains my love for making romance fanfics. But sometimes, I occasionally do fanfics that don't border on romance.

Also most of my fics tend to hover over M most of the time, but someday, I'll make one that's primarily K or T, so keep your fingers crossed! (Update: I just did with Alternate Endings for FoE and WoG)

I'm a high school graduate who, though I finally got a job (yay!), still wants to get into college, and I respect and adore my family (mom, dad, little bro, doggy, grandpa & grandma (RIP), and all other relatives) and friends from the bottom of my heart.

I am also an MMORPG addict. Seriously, I eat them for breakfast.

And more importantly, I think my lemons are decent, even if you might think they're poorly written. Besides, I don't have a huge ego, and I'm trying to make sure they're not too explicit.

Pre-2010, I was really immature and naive and oblivious to criticism when I first wrote fanfiction (I was a mere teenager, mind you, back when I was all like 'mah fanfics r awesum derpy derp 6_9'), but since 2010, I have matured fully and learned how to accept criticism and improve my stories. I also deleted all my pre-2010 stories, as I consider them to be Old Shames.

I even come up with wild and interesting ideas for possible fanfics, which was demonstrated in 'Making Love, Not War', Sweet, Steamy Revenge' and 'The REAL Maji Love 2000%'. I also did a what-if fanfic set in the Battle Royale universe, called "The Battle Royale That Never Was", as well as a sequel called "Thirteen Years Later".

Even though I mainly do m/f pairings, I sometimes do f/f and m/m pairings, depending on my interests.

I am also a huge fan of Tiger5913, and I tend to idolize her as one of the best Bloody Roar writers here at , period.

I also love getting reviews! Constructive criticism (which I once avoided pre-2010) is accepted, but flames are used for Smores. Nom nom nom! But those that favorite and follow my stories get a cookie!

Also, in fanfics that contain love scenes aka lemony goodness, the characters are 18 and over.

Who knows? I might even bring my fics (and write some new ones) to Archive of Our Own.

BTW, I've found a more plausible story-line for the Star Wars sequel trilogy from Uniquenameosaurus. It makes so much more sense than the ones from the actual films. Plus, it really numbs the gigantic migraine we got from Rise of Skywalker's ending. (On a side note, concerning his alternate story-line, I'd rename episode 9 as 'Fall of Snoke', thank you very much.)

And on top of all, that, my motto is "I've got [email protected]#! to do!"

Section 6: Favorite Pairings

Bloody Roar





Stelica: One of Tiger's pairings.

Shenielle: See Stelica. Oh, and both Stelica and Shenielle are good couples.



Sorina (Sora x Librina, both original characters), Cartaro (Kintaro x Carolyn; Kintaro belongs to Librastargirl16, as Carolyn belongs to me) : Why yes, that's my original character, right, Carolyn?

Carolyn: You got that right. :)

Dynasty Warriors

Yue Ying x Zhuge Liang

Zhu Rong x Meng Huo

Diao Chan x Lu Bu

Xiao Qiao x Zhou Yu

Da Qiao x Sun Ce

Sun Shang Xiang x Liu Bei

Sun Shang Xiang x Zhao Yun

Sun Shang Xiang x Lu Xun

Zhen Ji x Zhang He

Zhen Ji x Cao Pi

Sun Cao (original character, though she's based off of Sun Shi) x Lu Xun: Marriage is kind of hard for them, since there's an age gap between both of them, but hey? They're perfectly married, nonetheless.

Ming Jujie (original character) x Jiang Wei: Star crossed lovers. Their relationship is secret because of the Wu and Shu fighting each other after Lu Meng killed Guan Yu, and Jujie doesn't want to tell anyone about it.

Ming Lingiuan (original character) x Lu Meng: They're more than master and student.

Ming Xiaobo (original character) x Gan Ning: Xiaobo is the butch one of the Ming daughters, and he seems to be perfect for her. Ming Yuelei doesn't approve of the relationship, however.

Ming Dazhen (original character) x Zhou Tai: DW7-centric, and I think this pairing is much better for our cute little friend, don't you think?

Xing Cai x Liu Chan

Xing Cai x Guan Ping (before his death at Fan Castle)

Ming Yuelei (original character) x Ling Tong: This is one of my favorite pairings: a tsundere ice queen meets a slacker playboy. In fact, one of my friends (Libra) was going to write a DW5 story with that pairing.

Fang Mei (original character) x Guan Ping

Lian Shi x Sun Quan

Cai Wenji x Cao Cao

Huang Lun (original character) x Ming Liu (see left): They are Ming Yuelei's parents, nuff said.

Liu Hua (original character) x Ming Guo (see left): They are the four Ming sisters's parents, also nuff said.

Yao Sha (original character) x Ma Dai: Don't ask me why she's always pining over him, she can't seem to get him out of her head!

Bao Sanniang x Guan Suo

Xiahou Lin (original character) x Zhang Fei: Now you have to wonder why I added these two...maybe because she's a smokin' hot babe who's just as tough as her husband?

Wang Yuanji x Sima Zhao: The first of the Jin couples...yes, that's true, you've just crossed into my favorite territory of DW history!

Yan Rui (original character) x Sima Shi: Zhao's older brother must be pretty lucky for getting engaged to a major babe like Rui!

Yan Rui (original character) x Guo Huai: This pairing's before Rui hooked up with Shi; keep in mind they were once engaged, but called off their marriage several times due to Huai's ailing health.

Yan Qing (original character) x Zhuge Dan: IMO, the second cutest pairing in Jin. He's always protecting her from harm, and she seems to care about him greatly in return, even though her little sis Rui seems curious.

Hua Xiu (original character) x Zhong Hui: Tsundere genius and Kuudere assassin = Superdere pairing! Even if she's two years older than him and has to serve as his teacher.

Ji Bai (original character) x Xiahou Ba: The CUTEST pairing in Jin. Why? Because they've been childhood friends and they're both funny and adorable together!

Guan Yinping x Zhang Bao

Bao Li x Guo Jia: Even though she's one of Cao Cao's harem girls, she seems more drawn to Jia more than him. It also helps that Cao's got something goin on with Cai Wenji.

For more information on the OCs, check out my CHYOO story, "DHW".

Samurai Warriors

Kunoichi x Yukimura

Oichi x Nagamasa

Mariko (original character) x Mitsuhide: The Bringer of Peace and the Raven of Saito have different traits: Mitsuhide is determined and strict, while Mariko is dominating and cold hearted. And they're perfect together!

Koshosho x Magoichi

Mako (original character) x Masamune: Mako cared about Masamune a lot, even though he killed her parents because they wouldn't follow his ambitions to conquer Japan...SW1-centric, however in that case, while in SW2 and beyond (and with her parents alive), she has her allegiance to the Oda - Toyotomi army. She doesn't even want to break his heart. That's my precious Mako!

Okuni x Keiji

Okuni x Goemon

Yumie (original character) x Ranmaru: This is a relationship that's both sweet and sentimental. In fact, Mitsuhide and Mariko betrayed the Oda army and Ranmaru thought of them highly as good friends. Fortunately, he's got Yumie on his side.

Noh x Nobunaga

Ina x Nobuyuki

Ginchiyo x Muneshige

Nene x Hideyoshi

Kaoruko (original character) x Mitsunari: Kaoruko is Nene's little sister, and it's no surprise she's got an interest in Mitsunari.

Suzu (original character) x Kotaro: They clearly have a keen eye for each other.

Aya x Hanbei

Kai x Masanori

Ryoko (original character) x Kanetsugu: The reason Ryoko and Kanetsugu like each other is that they had been childhood friends, but who knows? Maybe they could be an item!

The Five Blossoms of Yamato (original characters) x Sakon: Okay, the five sisters are fellow bodyguards of Sakon, but they can't keep their hands off of him, except for the youngest, Ayame. She thinks of him highly as an older brother type.

Ayame (see Five Blossoms of Yamato) x Kiyomasa: Aforementioned above explains the fact that Ayame seems more romantically involved with Kiyomasa than with Sakon, and she's got a crush on him, too!

Hikari (original character) x Kanbei: Since Hanbei's with Aya, I might as well rekindle Hikari's seemingly unrequited relationship with Kanbei.

Kureha (original character)* x Kojuro: Aside from being a servant to the Date army, she hides an extremely yandere-like side to her underneath her calm, collected facade, and she seems to be very fond towards Kojuro, and will make sure no one (and she means no one) will fall for him. She's that crazy.

Satsuki (original character)* x Takakage: She's a tsundere who happens to be a close friend of Takakage's from the past (almost like childhood friends), and though she's very snarky towards him, she does care about him.

For more information on the OCs, look up my threads on my second account.

The asterisks indicate that their profiles will be up soon, so keep your fingers crossed!


Rion x Lilia (Galerians Series)

KurAna & Yurice (Shadow Hearts Series)

Marco x Fio & Tarma x Eri & Trevor x Nadia (Metal Slug Series)

KOS-MOS x chaos (Xenosaga Series)

Kazuo Hiyama x Asuka Satou (Sweet Home)

Ryou Taguchi a.k.a. Taro x Emi Uehara (Sweet Home)

Kojiro Takahashi (original character) x Akiko Motoki (Sweet Home)

Rey x Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (Star Wars) *Yeah, I'm going down with this particular ship, and I'm taking y'all with me, but if it ain't canon, then I'll just join the Rey x Finn shippers*

Han Solo x Leia Organa Skywalker (Star Wars)

Seccom Masada-sensei x Madotsuki (Yume Nikki)

Darius x Katie (Party Hard) *I prefer to see Darius and West as two different people, not the same person (even though it's considered a popular theory); nothing like a little Unholy Matrimony between this pairing*

Bonus: Wrestling ramblings... (most are outdated, so yeah. Though the AEW one ain't outdated :) )

On July 4, 2015, at Tokyo, many girls collectively creamed their panties when a new champion (Finn Balor a.k.a. Prince Devitt) was christened (he'd lose the title to Samoa Joe a year later). And it happened again on August 21, 2016 when he won the ugly red Universal Championship (only to drop it due to injury ;_;).

And on July 19, 2015, I went 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU' when Kevin Owens (aka Kevin Steen) lost to Stupid Super Cena for the second time.

On Wrestlemania 2017, The Undertaker retired thanks to...Roman Reigns??!! WTF?!?

And speaking of NXT, give Sasha Banks (and every other NXT superstar and all the other NXT ladies) a chance if she (and they) make it to the main roster, dammit! And don't be booking them in stupid situations, and let them be themselves like they were back at NXT!

However, at Extreme Rules 2017, you just turned Bayley from a competent badass with a lengthy, organic run back in NXT, to a complete FRICKIN IDIOT?!? Congratulations, Vince McMahon, you've just buried the Hugger herself, and Hunter is NOT happy about this!

Another NXT rambling: When he made it to Smackdown's roster, why the hell are WWE referring to Shinsuke Nakamura as 'The Artist Known As...'? That's too silly, and everybody knows he's referred to as 'The King of Strong Style'. Just sayin'.

On the 8th of February, in 2016, Daniel Bryan announced his retirement. Siiigh, there goes the possibility of a dream match with him and Brock Lesnar ;_; (I mean, what's with all the concussions? He should've been given some time off and still keep his title back in 2014.) But the good news is that he's willing to give wrestling another try in either NJPW or ROH (Bryan VS Cody Rhodes? YAAAS!) UPDATE (3/22/18): OMG, DB is gonna wrestle again! He's finally cleared for a possible dream match with Lesnar! :D

You might also hate me for saying this (or like me), but I am a fangirl of the Shield from WWE (before they broke up). Squee (sadly though, they all have IRL girlfriends)! Also, I'm a bonafide Cumberbitch (he's also taken, too).

While Vince is getting out of touch lately, my advice to WWE is this: if you want higher ratings, don't just rely on your younger talent; put on high-quality matches that NXT always put out every week (also, no more than one squash match, and cut the time to two hours, unless you have one of three hours dedicated to the Cruiserweight Division)! But if anyone dares to screw up anyone that transfers from NXT to the main roster (Tyler Breeze, the Vaudevillians, and the Ascension, for example), I'm coming after 'em with a giant chainsaw.

I also love NXT Wrestling (I squee nonstop over Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, American Alpha, and Corey Graves (while Graves retired, it's obvious Zayn, AA and Balor are on the main roster; I still squee for 'em though -- PLZ BALOR HOLD ME I NEED TO BE HUGGED XD -- whoops, my fangirl mode just automatically switched on, but it's off...for now); plus it got better with the arrival of Swagsuke Mothaf-- Nakamura. As of now, he's on Smackdown, and here's a note to Vince McMahon: Don't you dare f* up his career on the main roster!

Speaking of NXT, I have very high hopes for Seth Rollins (though I wished he'd be more grateful in his promo to the fans when he came back, that would've been real nice), the aforementioned Swagsuke Nakamura (since I'm fluent in Japanese, I could've been a translator / interpreter / mouthpiece since he's on Smackdown), Bray Wyatt (there has GOT to be a way to push him and the Wyatt Family, no srsly), the also aforementioned Sami Zayn (Why u no put him in main event matches?!), Sasha Banks (Why Vince? Why u no like her?!?), Kevin Owens (he's gotta claw his way back to the top after those two losses to Super Cena), Bayley (cause she's a badass underneath that cute fangirl exterior, but why the hell would she be turned into a childish ditz when she reached the main roster?), and the also aforementioned Finn Balor *attempts to squee, but controls herself*.

I'm a woman, and I HATE John Cena when he's in his Super Cena phase (liked him way better when he had this white rapper gimmick, until that match with Chris Jericho in 2005). Real women like me HATE Super Cena (the character, not the actual Cena, just to clarify).

Aside from being a proud supporter of all things Cultaholic and occasionally What Culture, I am also a huge fan of All Elite Wrestling! You heard that right, AEW is here to stay! :D

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