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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts, and FAKE.

Nickname: Des, Kai, DestatiKai whatever you prefer. As to where I even got the user name, I've always liked the name Kai and the word Destati, so voila!

Favorite Pairings: Zexion/Demyx (don't ask the logic behind it, though I think that Dualism has done a mind-blowing job in her dissertation on the pair) and JJ/Drake are at the top of my list. Other pairings include: CloudxLeon, VaanxPenelo, SoraxRiku, GippalxRikku, TidusxYuna, RyoxDee, TezukaxFuji, MomoxRyoma, KuroganexFai, all the cannon pairings in Kare Kano as well as Shinshi Doumei Cross, and a myriad of other pairings (both slash and het) that have failed to come to mind.

Fanfic Pet Peeves: Portraying Demyx as a ditzy, blonde idiot; Making Zexion a whole generation gap older than Demyx thus making him more of a pedophile out for the kill (as my argument for this, I once saw on a character profile somewhere that Zexion was the second youngest member of the organization next to Roxas; then again, this was before they decided to make him look much older in Final Mix); Portraying JJ as a hyperactive five-year-old (this goes for Fai as well); writing in the first person (only sometimes; if the fic is good, it doesn't matter to me what point-of-view it's in; in fact, I use to write in the first-person before I realized that I wasn't too good at it...); Making Cloud and Leon sex-starved bunnies whose pet-name calling is way out of character; Grammer mistakes so numerous and eye-catching that I can't stand to read the page (though I think we all have this pet-peeve); lastly - of those I can think of - not knowing when to break a paragraph up (this goes for dialogues that all go into one paragraph so that you don't know who's talking, and ideas and different imagery all stuffed into one paragraph)

Other little facts on me and my writing:

- I am, for the most part, a romance writer. I've been that way ever since I started writing all those years ago, and even if my style has changed, I still write mostly romance stories. I strive for stories where the guy gets the girl... er, guy in some cases... though I always like to read things that are more out of the cliche, and live for the moments that make you feel "warm and fuzzy" inside (Yes, I am indeed a sappy, hopeless romantic...)

- Song lyrics and random quotes inspire me greatly to write fics; I just get this clear image in my head and, BAM, there's the fic. Unfortunately, these images would usually provide the middle, turning points and/or resolutions to a story, which makes it pretty hard to come up with a beginning, and thus the reason for my many ideas for one-shots. It is rare for me to write multi-chaptered stories and to finish them, though I'm working on it.

- Beautiful fanfics also get me in the mood for writing, even if what I want to write and what I just read don't belong to the same series.

- I love reviews with happy comments - as does everyone else - but I also appreciate reviews that point out details of what they liked/didn't like. It all helps me to pinpoint what things to improve on and other things that people like. So review! =D (I'm sure that many authors would like you to do this for them too, haha)

So, here are the stories I'm currently working on and/or planning to write:

Kingdom Hearts - Zemyx - multi-chaptered - finally done! Check it out below.

Midnight Boy: (Title subject to change)
Kingdom Hearts - Zemyx - one-shot - planned but unwritten
Summary: Demyx hated the night. Yet everyday, he finds himself waiting, strumming his sitar as a lullaby to the sun and a summoning to the moon and stars.

Of Storms and Chocobos:
Kingdom Hearts - Cleon - one-shot - planned but unwritten
Summary: Because nothing says "I love you" like a deadpan confession.

8/25/08 ~ I just moved my personal collective to LiveJournal, if anyone is interested in dropping by. I'll be posting all the fics that I post here over there, as well as some of my own original stuff. Check out the link above!

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