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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.
Hey all!!

Location : Washington, DC (technically one block away in Maryland, but I go to school in Dc
Occupation : I sing in the national cathedral choir (go there and buy cds...)
Hobbies : ANGEL, BtVS, Harry Potter, singing, acting, dancing bad, arguing with my friends that angel/spike is not gross, aruguing with some of my friends that spike/buffy is better than angel/buffy, studying (a lot), walking around the cathedral in our robes and looking really important, CHIPOTLE, singing in the middle of public places for no good reason, singing choir music in the middle of public places for no good reason, singing buffy OMWF in the middle of public places for no good reason.
Personal Bio : I'm cool...sort of. I say really stupid stuff sometimes and it is funny. (If i was shot I'd be like...crap)

I know that my website hasn't been updated in forever and that the pictures STILL don't work. (Grrrr...) but it is cool anyways...right?

I like spike/buffy, spike/angel, james marsters/amber benson (just my secret little alternate world where "Chance" is true but instead of their names being Chance and Simon they are amber and james and they are starving artists that will later become spike and tara), draco/harry, draco/ginny, sirius/lupin, spike/draco, ginny/spike, and draco and spike in general.

Favorite Angel Quote:

It's bollocks, Angel! It's your brand of bollocks from the first to last.

No, you can't ever see the big picture. You can't see any picture!

I am talking about something primal. Right? Savagery. Brutal animal instinct.

And that wins out every time with you.
(in Spike's face)
You know, the human race has evolved, Spike!
(walks away from Spike)

(follows Angel making mocking gestures)
Oh, into a bunch of namby-pamby, self-analyzing wankers who could never hope to—

We're bigger. We're smarter. Plus, there's a thing called teamwork, not to mention the superstitious terror of your pure aggressors!

You just want it to be the way you want it to be.

It's not about what I want!

(walks up to the office door)
Sorry. Is this something we should all be discussing?

(embarrassed to be caught by Wes, backs away from Spike)

It just...sounds a little serious.

It was mostly...theoretical. We...

We were just working out a b—
(passionate again)
Look, if cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?
(crosses his arms and looks expectantly at Wes)

Ah. You've been yelling at each other for 40 minutes about this?
(Angel looks down, Spike stares at Wes, still expecting an answer)
(looks pensive, crosses his arms)
Do the astronauts have weapons?


Favorite Buffy Quote:
SPIKE: 'Made with care for Randy.' (looks at Giles angrily) Randy Giles? Why not just call me 'Horny Giles,' or 'Desperate for a Shag Giles'? I knew there was a reason I hated you!

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