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Poll: So I am working on edits for The Thing About Destiny and I'm adding massive amounts to the story. What I wanted to know is what you guys think about other characters POV, like more from Steve, Loki, and Tony, as well as others? I'm already adding sections in with their POV so are you guys interested in that? And if you are who do you want to see the most of? Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Avengers, Supernatural, and Teen Wolf.

Hi there, welcome to my profile!

Hello yes, I am a girl called Alex.

The Thing About Destiny- WIP

Long-term story that will go through all Marvel movies, this is a story is centered around family and the romance just happens to be part of it. Currently editing the entire story, PM me if you want info about what I'm doing!

Destiny Works In Mysterious Ways - WIP

This is an accompanying one-shot series to TTAD. All kinds of AU's and leftovers from the main story to be found here. Requests for one-shots are welcomed, just message me or leave a review.

Fractured - WIP

Peter Parker/OC Soulmate AU, set in an alternate reality where Endgame never happened.

Spinning Around You - WIP

Some of you may remember my Teen Wolf/SPN crossover fic from a few years ago, this is the same story with some significant changes. Very slow burn OC/Stiles story that will go through season 4 at least.

I am in university so my updating may be sporadic and not on any set schedule. I'm not that great at updating quickly but I will always respond to messages as fast as I can if I see them.

I will never abandon a story, once I start it I will finish it. No matter how long it takes!

Constructive criticism is much appreciated, thanks!

Note: I will not put a disclaimer on any story I write because I wouldn't be writing fanfiction if I was a famous author or screenwriter.

I love to talk so feel free to message me whenever, I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

If any of you guys want to draw Anna, let me know I've got a more detailed description written up and I can send it to you. I cannot draw to save my life and I LOVE seeing you bring my characters to life in a way I can't. It really means so much to me. I love you all so much!!

My Tumblr is Finding Beauty In My Pain, come over and chat with me! I'd love it!

Find me here. Everyday MJ

I'll put up any and all fan art of Anna up there under my Fan Art page, with permission and proper credit to the artist of course. So go check it out, I'll probably post about upcoming stuff in my story and random ideas I get. I also write the occasional drabble or reader insert story there too, so check it out if you're interested!

I made this really cool audio track of what it would be like to be in the library of Asgard with Loki and Anna.

Listen to it here. /the-great-library-of-asgard

An afternoon in the treehouse with Tony and Anna.

Listen to it here. /treehouse-memories

What I imagine it to sound like in the moments Anna's bracelet sends her through time and space.

Listen to it here. /the-sound-of-destiny

I'll probably add more, if you've got any ideas for specific scenes or parts of any of my stories you'd like me to make tracks for let me know.

My Blog can be found here https:///

I would love for you guys to check this out, if you are interested in me or my life this is the place to go. Hopefully, I will be more regular on there and get in a routine of posting.

My Instagram is _just_watch_me_fly_ so go follow me! A ton of pictures of Scotland and anywhere else I travel is on there.

My Inkitt is here https:///JustWatchMeFly

I have a few of my one-shots that became small series here, but I will be putting up some original short stories in the very near future. So if you are interested, it is a free website and I would really love to know what you think of some of my other work.

For some reason, links are not working so if you just delete this


From the address bar, it should take you to the right place.

Or just copy and paste, that should get you there.

Fandoms I've been sucked into-

- Doctor Who

- Sherlock

- Teen Wolf

- Supernatural

- All things Marvel and most things DC

- Harry Potter

- Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

- The Kane Chronicles

- The Inheritance Cycle

- The Chronicles of Narnia

- The Lord of the Rings

- Ect.

Music I love -

- Instrumentals/Soundtracks

- Broadway

- Country

- Classic Rock

- The sound of rain

- Michael Buble - LOVE!

- Most 80's music

- Really anything, just not rap

Okay, so I just recently heard about all the anonymous cyber attacks on Tumblr bloggers and needless to say I was horrified. Let's be real here words do hurt, a lot. Telling someone to kill themselves via anonymous internet posts (or in any way) is awful and illegal may I add. But I just want to say if you ever feel so low where you think your life no longer matters I will talk to you. As someone who has personally gone through those thoughts and feelings, I can tell you with confidence that it will always get better. You are an important person, you are loved, you are beautiful and whether you think so or not your life is worth living. I know things can seem so bad, to the point where you think why even go on believe me I know. But you are here on this earth for a reason, you might not realize what it is for years but someday you will have a story to tell. A story that could help another person make the decision to put down the razor, throw away the pills and go on for one more day. Never doubt how important you are, for your future husband or wife, for the younger kid who looks up to you, for that person you smiled and unknowingly made their day, and most importantly for yourself. I'm sorry to go on a rant but this is a serious matter. Never, I repeat never feel bad for who you are, what your circumstances are, for your age, for your skin color, for anything. You are an amazing, beautiful, smart and overall lovely person. I will be happy to talk you, if you need or want to.


Someone who cares

I wrote this myself but If you want to put this on your own profile please go ahead and add your name. Let us be a community of writer's and readers that make a difference! Just Watch Me Fly

Hey guys, it's been a while! I'm not sure how many people will read this but I felt like I should throw this out there as a bit of an explanation of why it's been so long between updates. I am working on some original stuff, something completely and totally mine that I one day hope to maybe publish! I have several projects going some of them I'm writing with co-authors and some are just me. All new characters and new complicated plots and twists and turns and of course romance along the way. Would any of ya'll be interested in something like that? I know I've become a better writer by hearing what all you guys think and have made some amazingly wonderful friends as I've been on FF. I am in no way stopping with my fanfics, I love them too much for that, in fact, I have two new ones in the works. I'm debating on if I should get a good bit of it written before I post anything though or post as I write. I'll put a poll up and see what you all think. But I just wanted to let you all know I'm still here, I still read all your reviews and try to answer them when I can, and I'm always down for messaging if you ever want to I'll do my best to answer as fast as possible, life is crazy busy with college and everything else on top of that. I'll try to update when I can but know that I'll never quit on you guys! Thanks for being so supportive as I've fallen in love with writing!

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? Life has gotten real and it's made me crazy busy as of late. But I've not forgotten you guys or fan fiction, not in the slightest. I took down Picking Up My Broken Pieces as I've decided to scrap that story seeing that I don't really watch either show anymore and want to use Dani for something original later on down the road. As for The Thing About Destiny and Destiny Works in Mysterious Ways, I am putting both on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I want to make it clear I'm not abandoning them at all, I will return and finish when I have the proper motivation to do so and I may edit the entire thing once I do. I know a lot of people really love it so I'll be leaving it up until I do resume it.

Catch you later!


Right, so lots of things have happened since I last updated this and my life is changing so fast! College is crazy but awesome, moving in a few months, getting a kitten, among many other things. All the continued support from you guys is really amazing and I am super excited to finish some of my original manuscripts and get them published. I would absolutely love it if you guys would make the jump with me to that, I know I'd not be where I am as a writer if I hadn't started here and made the friends that I had. I'll keep you all updated on future books and let you know where to find them. I'll probably post on Inkitt which is totally free!! I'm always down to talk as always, so hit me up with a PM or on Tumblr, I try to check that fairly often.


Hello all!

First of all, I cannot believe all you wonderful people have stuck with me and Anna for so long! It's really awesome to see how many people still read and comment on TTAD, I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long but your patience is incredible. I'm in my junior year of college, about to be yet another year older, and life couldn't be harder, health has been and continues to be a huge struggle and there are days where I literally can't get out of bed. I just got a second job and I'm looking for a third, money is super tight and school is insane but somehow with the grace of God, I'm getting through it all. Keep your chin up you guys, life is so so hard but there is always something better coming over the horizon. And speaking of my own horizon, the big news right now is that I'm to embark on the biggest adventure of my life...


In the fall I will be leaving for Scotland for a full year to study creative writing! I honestly cannot believe it's really happening but it is! So I'm starting a blog, that I hope I will update in a more timely fashion over on Blogger under the same name as I am here. ( if you guys want to check it out) It's still a work in progress but I plan to chronicle my travels and experiences leading up to, during, and after the fact. So if anyone is interested in knowing me a bit better and my own personal writing, that would be the place to go.

I officially have two short stories finished and in revisions for a final draft, so those are something I eventually plan on sharing and hopefully publishing one day soon. Anna and her life in the Marvel universe was my springboard and she spawned so so so much more that I can't wait to show you guys someday soon. But I will always love and be proud of where I started and all the amazing encouragement and helpful critique that this amazing readership gave me. I knew the good first half of this story is a bit rough and needs editing but for everyone that got through that and supported me, I can't thank you enough. I've made some really amazing friends one here, (one of whom I now go to school and work with) seen some fantastic art that blows me away, and gained a lot of confidence in myself and my writing. I hope one day that I can get to know more of you guys, feel free to find me on Instagram under the same name as here.

Because I'm so busy I'll be posting some older unfinished works, I've got some DC stuff and I knew several people were interested in that and If anyone wants me to reupload that SPN/Teen Wolf crossover I can totally do that too. I can't promise that there will be fast updates on any of them but I figure it'll at least be something and you never know when inspiration strikes. I'll try to do that this weekend when my sister comes to visit, so there's that to be on the lookout for.

So that's the update on me, hope you all are doing well and living it up in the best sort of way.


Hey guys, wow it's been longer than I anticipated it being but I wanted to update anyone who reads this what is going on in my life. I am writing this from Glasgow, and while I've only been here for a little over a month I still almost can't believe I finally made it here. Currently, I am in three literature and writing classes and it's amazing if a lot of reading. I've not forgotten about Anna or my story but it's been a struggle to write for a long time, battling depression has been crippling at times but I feel like I'm coming to the other side of a great deal of it. I am working on my own poetry anthology and I would really love to see some of you guys read it as I gained so much of my confidence in writing here with my fanfiction family, so I will try to let you all know how I go about publishing it and if you want to check it out let me know!

As of writing this I have done a bit of exploring in the UK and I hope for a lot more adventures to come, but the Harry Potter castle and the coast of the North Sea are a great start. I'm going to try and see as much as possible of Britain and then Europe as I can, so if anyone has suggestions of places they love let me know!

I am crazy busy but I will do my best to revisit TTAD and see about trying to update something for you all. I really do appreciate how much support I have gotten from all of you readers and dear internet friends, I hope one day I can give you all an honorable mention in a book dedication because I've grown so much due to you.

Right so until next time (hopefully soon) I hope you all are well.

Check out my blog if you want to connect with me personally and hear all my jumbled thoughts and see pictures!



Hello all!

Hope the end of the semester is treating you all well, I am managing through it somehow. Today is Guy Fawkes Day, a new holiday for me but I will enjoy the fireworks nonetheless. I met a nice guy that I am going to see those fireworks with and he is really nice so there's that... I've gotten a job here in Glasgow as a Christmas Elf and I couldn't be more excited about it! A friend of mine is coming to visit during New Years and we will be going to Paris, how cool is that??

It's also been a very hard year for me in many respects, I lost my grandfather a few weeks ago and this will be the first holiday season that I will spend alone. Depression has been trying to take over my life, and then betrayal by people I truly thought I could trust. So there are downs with all the ups.

Just a quick update on my life for you there.

I know that next semester will be more filled with creative writing so I'll have more time to work on personal writing as well as a bit of fanfic for you guys! I am about to post an original piece on my blog as well as Inkitt if anyone would like to check it out I would really love that. I put a link to this in my profile so go check it out. And then I'm going to put up pictures of my travels, as well as some general thoughts of mine on my personal blog so if you'd like, go check that out as well. There's a link for that too!

I will say - tentatively - that I am back to working on an update for TTAD and I hope that I can soon have it up. When soon is, I cannot say as much as I wish I could get it finished for you all today. It is such a wonderful thing to see this story still making people happy and still getting reviews, I know I've said it so many times but I really love the reader base I have here!

Have a great week!


Hey guys,

I hope everyone has had a great start to their year, it's been a crazy one already for me.

Today I saw that views for my Marvel story had surpassed 600,000 people and I had to stop for a minute. It really continues to blow my mind how supportive and amazing you all have and continue to be for me as a writer and a person. For all the people that stuck it out through those rough chapters when I didn't really know what I was doing, and for everyone that finds something in my writing that they connect with, I really can't say what it means to me.

I am going through the process of editing the entire story, I want to update and improve the writing in early chapters and then there are a few things rather important that I want to change in terms of story as well as a certain version of a very loved character (three guesses who) and I feel it would improve the story overall. So I have absolutely not abandoned Anna or the story, it's just hard to find time or energy with all the school work I've got.

If you guys ever want to talk believe me it makes my day and I love it, so feel free to reach out over social media/my blog or on here.



Hey guys,

Its been a long while I know, but I wanted to pop in and give a bit of an update.

I'm working on edits again! This is a very long and time-consuming process as my writing style has changed so much and I am changing some major plot points. But I am currently working on an updated take on everyone's favorite web-slinger. For anyone who particularly liked the Amazing Spiderman version, I still have a special place for him in my heart but I adore the newest take on him and couldn't leave him out. So huge changes in the way of that, hope you all like them when I do get around to posting them. Would you mind me updating certain chapters out of order? I'm not necessarily editing the story in order so I might have some things done before parts before it. I'll make a poll to get a read on that. I'll be sure to mark what's been edited and what hasn't.

In other news, the Sherlock fic is probably on permanent hiatus for the time being though I will leave it up as I know a few people enjoyed it. In a very sad and hurtful turn of events, the person I trusted as a sister showed her true colors and backstabbed me in the worst possible of ways, by trying to ruin my writing career among a whole host of other things. It's a long story, but to make it short I have escaped that toxic and abusive friendship and am trying to move on. I felt I owed it to whoever does read these and likes that fic to let you know. Maybe one day I will come back to it as it is a beautiful story that was mapped out and I would love to share it with you one day. What is posted, aside from one chapter that I might delete, is all me. So, there won't be any more collaborations from me for a while, at least not until a lot of healing takes place. Which is nothing against any of the many people that have reached out asking if I was interested, I believe the best of you all. If you're reading this I want you to know that sometimes platonic relationships are the toxic ones and you are not a bad friend for removing yourself from it, it's hard as hell and it'll feel a lot like heartbreak but you have to take care of yourself, even if that choice is the hardest one to make. I'm always here or on Instagram if you need to talk.

Anyways, moving on to happier news! I've made some huge life decisions and I've decided to go the route of becoming an English teacher, hopefully, to focus on literature and creative writing. I'm terrified and super excited all at the same time, I graduate in the spring and gosh it's all moving so fast! I am working on an original novel that is a very different take on a few different fairy tales as I am a sucker for retellings, so maybe news on that in the coming months as I hope to have a rough draft ready for beta readers by January. There are definitely a few of you on here I'd love to beta read for me one day as your encouragement and critique has been invaluable to me as a writer.

To sum up: I'm crazy busy with school, in the process of edits for TTAD, absolutely love you all to pieces, and can't wait to give you new material to read.

Until next update,



Hey guys!

Ah, it's been so long since I've popped in with a life update so I figured I would do so.

First of all, I hope all ya'll are doing well with the craziness of the world right now, I can't believe how wild 2020 is already turning out to be. Thoughts and prayers for all the wonderful readers around the world.

Right so I'm currently working on some rewrites for TTAD, and I know it's taking me forever but I promise it will be worth it as I'm updating the entire thing. Chapters will now be twice as long with all the additions and edits. The biggest changes will be in the first half of the story (mainly making the switch to the latest version of our friendly neighborhood spiderman) and fixing some continuity errors I've made along the way. Not going to lie, this will probably be one of the longest Avengers fics on this site by the time this monster is actually done. So for the newbies, welcome to the ride; and for the old faithful readers, you all deserve an award.

As far as life goes, things are definitely at a better place than when I last gave ya'll an update. I've made leaps and bounds in moving on from that old toxic relationship and things are going great! I'm close to graduating (lol no ceremony because of the quarantine) I'm working towards a Masters's degree starting in the fall hopefully. Check out my Insta if you want more updates on me, I always love talking to you guys!

Stay safe my lovelies!


Right, so it's been a while!

I'm still here and I am very much working on edits for TTAD, I know it's been ages since I updated but I've been crazy busy with life and haven't had time like I hoped. But I'm little by little getting back into the swing of things and editing chapters. I realized that when I update chapters to the new ones all of the stats for views goes back to zero, a little sad as we were close to 900,000 overall views! How crazy is that? But I really want to get this new and much better version of the story to you guys. At this point I'm editing totally out of order and have no set schedule for it, so I'm going to finish arcs and update those in whatever order it happens in. Right now it's looking like that will be the first Avengers movie arc and then the fully remastered Spiderman arc, feel free to message me if you want more info or sneak peeks and I'd be happy to give you one.

I'm opening up requests for one shots again as it does help with inspiration so if you have some ideas and would like to see it, PM me or leave a review and I'll see what I can do with them! No promises on when I'd get to them but the offer is open. Also maybe check out my new story? It's a soulmate AU that I think is really something special!

A little life update, I've graduated college and started grad school! It's been on hell of year and honestly I hope things get better next year for us all.

As always, thank you reader. I would not be nearly the writer I am now if not for your continued support and encouragement.

Stay safe and be kind!


Hello my friends!

Again it's been some time but I am happy to say that I'm working on TTAD again. I hope to finish all edits over the summer and then dive into new chapters in the fall, don't hold me to that as I know it will be a busy summer but I am very motivated to get this done. This story means a lot to me and I know to quite a few of you, its been a long journey and I'm grateful for anyone that's been along for it or joined me now.

If anyone want to check out what I'm working on, send me a PM or reach out on one of my other socials and I'd be happy to let you take a look at my notes of what I'm going to scrap/change/add or what chapter I'm currently working on. Having other eyes on things always helps me and it's fun to get feedback as I'm working.

I've got two other stories up now, I hope to work on them some this summer as well so check those out if you want.

Hope you all are doing okay, here's to a fun summer!


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Slight AU where John has a cousin from America coming to London to study for her graduate work. Sherlock of course has no interest in this until he learns that he is a source of research for her thesis. Main focus will be on actual characters (including Moriarty) with only one OC. No Slash, friendship only. Rated T for minor swearing. Set between Baskerville and Reichenbach.
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Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 17,870 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 51 - Follows: 68 - Updated: 3/29/2015 - Published: 1/4/2015 - [Dean W., OC] Sam W.
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