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Japanese Noodles: Because simply saying Ramen isn't cute enough.

(Go on, say it out loud. You'll know what i mean)

Because it's disappointing to want to snoop out someone's profile only to find it empty I'm going to write a little bit about myself here.

Yes, I hate to disappoint people, I'm such a nice person ;D

So. Where to start? I suppose a little basic information about me is in order.

Basic Info:

Name: N/A

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Bra size: N/A

Panty size: N/A

Can you tell I'm teasing? And no, before you shoot off the email, my parents did not name me N/A. Although i wish they did. It sounds like an invite for loads of fun from other kids in school. I don't really understand why you knowing my bra size would help you get to know me better. Unless you're planning to try and get into my pants. In which case I am all for it. *wink wink* Ok, for real now.

Real Basic Info:

Name: Japanese Noodles (HAH!)

Ethnicity: Chinese with a squirt of Caucasian way up the ladder a long time ago. Ok, so admittedly I look 90% Chinese. But I'm warning you now, do NOT judge a book by its cover. Because I am as Banana as they come. (Banana is white on the inside and yellow on the outside, I think you can put two and two together)

Country: Australia. Actually, I was born here. I'm a first generation ABC (Australian Born Chinese. I know, clever hey?) My bumbling through my supposed mother tongue is testament to that.

Languages: Australian English (Yes, it’s a real language. Facebook said so.) Cantonese, Chinese

Age: Oooh, ok this is a tricky one. If I tell you how old I really am then you'll figure out that I started writing smut at the tender age of 13. Oh. Did I write that? Oh dear, guess I'll have to tell you now. Ahem. *drum roll* Currently 18 just on the cusp of 19. I turn 19 next month. Whoopee.

Interests and Hobbies: Now THIS is an interesting one! No. Its not. Really. But I'll list down the little things in my mundane and boring life that helps me keep living.

World of Warcraft: Quickly! Call me geek! Call me nerd! Before you asplooode! Ok, feel better now? Yes? Have a cookie :) Yes, I did play WoW. For a very long time. Actually since the game first came out until up to January this year. I've met a wonderful guy and we've been (sorta) seeing each other for two years now. (He's hot, Italian, in the army and has an eight pack. Blessed is me) Advice: Long distance relationships are ghey. Don't do em! Just a little more nerdiness before i move onto the next topic! (For those who don't play this highly addictive game, I would suggest you move onto the next item) My latest main was on Dreadmaul, an oceanic server. I ran one of the biggest and strongest guild's in the server with my (sort of) guy. I know, I sound like I'm bragging. I am. That guild was my baby and pride and joy.

Lion Dance: For those who have no idea what Lion Dance is, I suggest looking up images on google or taking a quick peek on youtube. It's really quite universal and a lot of people recognize it straight away. For those who are too lazy to look it up (you cads!) I'll give a brief explanation. Lion Dance is a very old acrobatic dance performed usually during the traditional festivals on the Chinese calender. It consists of two people. The Head and The Tail. Traditionally it is a male only dance. I know, sexist. Anyway, I'm part of the only Lion Dance troupe in the city where I live. And I dance as the Head (sounds so wrong out of context) It's thrilling to be tossed around the air like a doll with only a sash tied around your waist. It's crazy, it's dangerous, it's different and it makes my legs muscles toned. Vanity will be the death of me.

Acting/Modeling/Stunt: Ok, I'm just going to roll these three all into one because I'm getting lazy and because they're all in the entertainment industry anyway.

Acting I've had a few filming done. Actually I'm currently in a feature film that involves two rival modelling groups (kinky!) which kind of ties into my Modeling interest. I'm not a big success, nor do I strive to be famous. I just enjoy having a camera shoved to my face as I cry tragically over the shattered pot plant that was a gift from my imaginary friend. (It's the vanity ;) )

Secondly, I am a casual/part time model. Again, I don't model for profit or strive to be famous. I model cause its fun, I have a camera clicking away at my face (again with the vanity!) and I have people fussing over me. No. Not really. I just like to dabble in all kinds of things. I do fashion, glamor, concept, lingerie and beauty modeling. Sometimes I wish I could push my creative experience with modeling a little further and do a shoot that's completely wacky and crazy. But people seem to like pictures of my ass wrapped up in boy cut shorts flattened against a ferrari. So, the world demands and I serve.

Thirdly, I do stunt work. Im going to be very very brief about this. Cause truthfully I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say. I'm sure you know what a stunt double is. So I think you get the idea. And for once, its not for vanity. Because they have my hair covering my face most of the time. Bastards.

FANFICTION RELATED STUFF (It's even underlined. OoOOooOoOooh) :

You may or may not have noticed, that many of my stories were first posted back in 04' 05' 06' (I can't even remember) Yes, if you read correctly, that means I was a little nugget of 12 to 14 when I wrote those stories. Yes my shocked friend, please close your mouth, even the smutty ones too. (Imagination is the next best thing if you were too young to 'get it') So, due to my sprightly age, a lot of my stories had TERRIBLE, SHOCKING, COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, GAG WORTHY grammar and spelling mistakes. The way the stories were written were cringe worthy too. They still are, I think. After taking approximately five year vacation from all the hard work (*cough*) I've decided to return and patch them up again. As best I can. I cannot guarantee anything however, since I haven't written for so many years. I also, now that I am older, am less inclined to write heavy lime or lemon (for obvious reasons that if you were dirty minded enough, you would know eh, eh~ *wink*). I was actually recently flamed by a reviewer (within her/his/its right) about how a heavy lime in one of my stories could have scarred her/his/its younger sister. He/she/It is right. So, I will be very cautious about sexual content from now on. Alright! I digress, here are the status of each of my old works:


Kiss and Sit:

Sesshoumaru/Kagome Inuyasha/Kikyou



Sporadic Updates.

Will be rewritten. Again. I know. I'm not happy with it either.

Oh Mother Dear:




Regular Updates.

Number one priority (I had to add it in there)

A Human stays a Human:



On hold.

Will be updated once I finish up the top two.

I will not rewrite what I've written. I've read through it and I think the 13 year old me back then was hilarious.

I'm Sorry:

No Pairings.


One Shot.

Pretty terrible one shot if you ask me, but i'll leave it there anyway.


Behind those Jaded eyes:

Sakura/Sasuke Sakura/Gaara Sakura/Naruto Sakura/Itachi Sakura/Kakashi (Gosh, she sounds like such a whore)



Will be re-written. ENTIRELY.

I really need to catch up on the anime to figure out whats going on. I think I'm a few years behind. Also, if you haven't read it yet and you like senseless smut then feel free to skip to Chapter 4 and read halfway down. It will give you unique insight into what 13 year old girls imagined foreplay to be like. It is probably MA. I will be taking down this smut once i get around to rewriting this story, so if you like your lime, I recommend you read it before it's gone. Warning: It is a Kakashi/Sakura pairing. I know. Terrible of me. Kakashi/Sakura fans scream your lungs out.

Fushigi Yuugi:

The Sword of Suzaku:

Miaka and just about every senshi.



Will be rewritten. Completely.

This was my first anime/manga i ever watched/read and fanfic! Ah, brings back memories. I can still remember the plot very clearly. I'll get round to it. Eventually. But this story is very low priority for me.

Fruits Basket:

Two Weeks of Paradise or Hell:



On-hold indefinitely.

I can't even remember what plot I had in mind for this fic was for anymore. Oh well. I'll leave it there as fond fodder. And the poor fools who are silly enough to open and read it. It will make your eyes bleed.

Just a quick something. A while ago, I think it was a few months or a couple years, I can't quite remember. I'm too old now. An anonymous reviewer flamed me big time from one of my old back-when-I-was-young-and-inanely-stupid days about my spelling and grammar and how I didn't leave .'s on the end of my paragraphs. The reviewer was very right. My anonymous honey pot finished the review saying I wrote like an 11 year old. I laughed. A massive belly aching laugh. I actually did. I found it completely hilarious that this person was so furious with me for polluting the site with my abhorrent abominations. And then I realized something and stopped laughing. I was 13 when I wrote that story. Damn.

OK, this was supposed to be short. I hate it when i do that. Sorry.

Until I can drag my lazy ass into this section to update in the future,

I bid you adieu, adieu and adieu again.

Japanese Noodles~

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