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So i don't really do these things but seeing as i'm going to be on this website for a long while i might as well. I'm a 17 year old male who works at walmart in Colorado USA. I write a lot of stories during my free time from/during school/work. I currently am in the process of writing 12 stories at once and it is going reasonably well. 8 of said stories are for Naruto, 1 for Adventure Time, 1 for Danny Phantom, and 2 for Teen Titans.

I will one day upload these stories and at some point start creating new stories too. Sooner or later i will post small descriptions of all those stories in this bio. Also i tend to type the chapters i'm writing on this site on the day i'm uploading said chapter. It's just a safety measure in-case something happens to my computer. Also i tend to go to sleep incredibly early so the updates are usually late at night to very early in the morning.


Sage of the Nine Paths: Naruto unlocks his rinnegan at an early age but his is different with 3 tomoe in each line. Each tomoe grants him a different power and he is trained by the Rikudou Sennin on how to use the first six. The last 3 he is taught by Juubi. It explains way more than i am currently in the actual story so look forward to that. Also to those who might think this I DID NOT TAKE ANY OF MY IDEAS FROM ORPHEUS KIDWELL OR ANY OTHER AUTHORS! I actually created all of these stories before i even knew this sight existed.

Naruto Original Characters

Shikoku Hoshigaki

Height: 5'7"

Weight:120 pounds

Age: 20 (pre-shippuden) to 23 (post-shippuden)

Birthday: November 1st

Eyes: silver, with animalistic slits for pupils

Hair: shoulder-length messy light blue hair

Chest: Medium C-Cup

Has 2 golden ring piercings in both ears.

Has dark blue scale like skin, though the scales do not hurt anyone unless she wants them to (it is her body after all).

Family: Kisame Hoshigaki (Older Brother), Saname Hoshigaki (Mother), Koku Hoshigaki (Father).

Likes: Sushi, Blue, Animals of every type, Good Fights, Naruto, Teasing Kisame, Annoying Kisame, Making Kisame mad.

Dislikes: Those who judge others by appearance/face value, Those who judge others for things out of their control, People who hurt or hate her family/loved ones/Naruto, Boring Fights, Perverts (but if it was Naruto she wouldn't mind), Rapists, Akatsuki (for taking her brother from her).

Appearance: Wears light blue tank top that stops at mid riff and shoulders with orange trimming. Light blue shorts with orange trimming that stop just above knees. Has Kunai Holster on right arm, Shuriken holster on left leg. Has her sword Sameha (Shark Tooth) diagonal on her back, hilt over left shoulder. Standard dark blue shinobi sandals.

Personality: Is brash and violent, appreciates a good fight and likes to make fun of her big brother Kisame, also likes teasing him when ever she can but will sacrifice her life if it would save him. Would do the same for those she loves. Is untrusting of others because of something that happened in her past that she doesn't like to talk about, only her brother Kisame know's what she is referring to.

Skills: Has a Water and Lightning affinity, can use both with ease though it is more difficult for her to use her Water Affinity than for her brother Kisame. Knows each of her Clan Jutsu like Kisame but has noticeably more difficulty in using them. Chakra reserves are lower than her brothers but higher than most High Jounin-Low Anbu. Has perfected her control but cannot use low level genjutsu. Is considered a master Kenjutsu specialist by others but if she can improve herself in any way in Kenjutsu than she will, no matter the stakes. Can use the 'Frenzied Shark' taijutsu style, which is more focused on berserker type people. Has good accuracy, better than most Shinobi but not good enough to use Senbon.

Sword: Sameha (Shark Tooth), Sister sword to Samehada (Shark skin)

Appearance: Hilt is tan in color with black wrappings on it with golden sharks head at the bottom. Instead of having blue scales like it's sister sword it is as white as a tooth (pun intended), is a standard Katana, 60 cm's in length, thin. Is double edged with one side serrated (for shaving) and the other sharp (for cutting).

Bio: Was created in the same process and time as it's sister sword Samehada, but instead of using a shark demon to create it like Samehada was it was created using a Shark Deity, that gave it's consent to them to use it's soul in the process. Was created during the dark ages before Shinobi Villages were founded, inside of the Hoshigaki Clan Compound that was located in what is now known as The land of Water. Was sealed away and lost to time at the same time when the Seven Swordsman of The Mist was created, only to later be found once again by Shikoku Hoshigaki, at the age of 8. She kept the sword a secret as requested by the deity sealed inside of it, and proceeded to teach it's new wielder both the 'Way of the Shinobi' and the 'Way of the Samurai'.

Abilities:Can fuse with the user as Samehada can but does not change the users appearance when doing so. Can absorb chakra like Samehada can but can also give it's wielder said chakra or use the chakra in the sword itself for it's own personal techniques that only it can use (much like Samehada). If enough chakra is stored inside the sword the wielder can use a special technique created by the sword to turn it into it's deity form for a few moments in time, maintaining the form takes a lot of chakra (as much as 2 1/2 kage's) and can feed off it's wielders chakra with their permission or on their enemies chakra to sustain itself.


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 40 pounds

Age: 819 (pre-shippuden) to 822 (post-shippuden)

Birthday: ???

Eye's: Pitch black eyes with no pupils

Hair: Semi-spiky shoulder length black hair

Breasts: Small B-Cup

Skin is creamy white

Family: None that she or anyone else know's of.

Likes: Naruto, Ramen, Having Friends.

Dislikes: Being betrayed/abandoned, Naruto's Enemies, perverts (Naruto being an acception), rapists, law breakers in general, people who hate Naruto.

Appearance: Wears long black dress with white trim that stops just under her knees and just above her elbows.

Personality: Despite being over 800 years old Ayatsuri is extremely naive, though she does confuse others when in serious situations because she is able to switch personalities from that of a naive girl to that of a super computer and is able to think out plans of any kind with exceedingly perfect perception, able to plan out counter attacks and counter-plans should anything happen during the current one, able to answer any question given, and can hack into any technological device (though since there are so few computers and other such things she usually uses this ability to listen in on conversations from the headset's Shinobi and Samurai use). She is also untrusting of others since over her years of existence she has been betrayed and taken advantage of more times then one single person can count, thus giving her a fear of being abandoned or betrayed again.

Abilities: Because Ayatsuri is an immortal puppet she is able to augment her body with weapons of any kind without fear of damaging herself since she can just repair what she loses. She is able to detect weaknesses in enemies if she observes them long enough while fighting and can think up multiple probabilities in her head that allow her to plan ahead. In situations of her attacking an enemy with aid/a partner she likes to give long range support while studying and relaying the enemies weaknesses to her ally/allies before moving in herself. She has created her own personal weapon that she has no intention of getting rid of any time soon which she calls 'The Kohai (Devastation) Cannon' which is when three large metallic prongs with tilted ends come from her back that proceed to form in front of her with the tilted ends pointing to the middle, she then starts focusing Lighting which she gathers on rain storms since she cannot use chakra into a small ball of lighting in between the tilted ends that grows in size which then gets compressed over and over as it keeps growing in size until she can't handle any more, she then shoots the ball forward to where the prongs are aiming in the form of a large blue beam of electricity that destroys and disintegrates everything it hits and touches. She then must recharge a different amount of electricity before being able to use it again, which can range from 1-2 days to 6 months depending on the amount of rainstorms and the degree of lighting. She is able to use this attack twice, she can use it a third time but it will then destroy her own body beyond recognition and she will need to repair herself or have someone she trusts do it for her or she will die without question.

Bio: She was created 300 years after the Rikudou Sennin gave Chakra to the world, she was considered one of the first 'God Among Shinobi' during those times before one of the other 6 'God of Shinobi' (which at the time were the strongest shinobi in the Elemental Nations) had killed her. A few days after her death the first Shinobi Puppeteer by the name of Namara Sasori had found her body, but instead of trying to turn her into a Human Puppet he decided instead to study and experiment with her body, after 5 years of study and experimentation he tried to revive her soul after recreating her body, which both failed and succeeded, since the Shinigami had instead taken his soul in exchange,which would later become known as the Reaper Death Contract Technique, and restored her soul to her new body. After she was revived she had none of her memories but still inherently knew her techniques from when she was alive. After leaving Namara's home she proceeded to travel across the Elemental Nations without restraint. During her 800-plus years of travel she had seen the Shinobi Villages form and the old and new 'God of Shinobi' died and had witnessed all 3 Great Shinobi Wars, over those many, many years during her life she was betrayed and abandoned over and over again. During one of those times she had found that even though she could not feel pain on her body she could still eat and feel pleasure, even being able to reproduce which she had found to be a miracle, a blessing, and a curse all at the same time.

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