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Age Unknown

Survives merely to scare people when she can



Loves writing and singing

Loves any shade of red and black

Lives inside her mind

Loves to swim

Wants blue streaks in her hair desperately

Blonde and damn proud of it


Book: Undecided.

Movie: Princess Bride

Manga: Fruits Basket

Actor: Johnny Depp. Droolfest.

Anime: Meh...either Yu-Gi-Oh or Rurouni Kenshin. Two vastly different animes, I know.


Yu-Gi-Oh: Seto/Anzu,Mokuba/Serenity, Jounouchi/Mai, Yami/Anzu, Yuugi/Anzu, Seto/Isis, (Yami) Bakura/Anzu, (Yami) Bakura/Isis.

Fruits Basket: Kyo/Tohru, Yuki/Tohru, Kana/Hatori, Shigure/Ayame (slash), Yuki/Haru (slash), Hanajima/Yuki, Arisa/Kyo.

Guilty Pleasures:

Thinking up too many story lines at once


Black clothing (the only reason this is a guilty pleasure is that my family hates it)

Wearing pjs to school (I'm rather notorious for it...)

Doing things just so people will say 'what the hell is wrong with this girl'

Making people cringe

Scaring the hell out of her teachers one way or another

Buying mangas with the money I was supposed to put in the bank

Eating more cookies than I should

Stealing my friends' mangas for months at a time

Skipping swim to write

Seto Kaiba

The occasional Mary-Sue...I know, cringe.

Torturing my teachers with endless questions

Making people wait...(I hate waiting myself...heh)


Notes in The Wind: Many want the Millenium Puzzle. Yuugi has always been able to fight off these people, to have the puzzle remain in his grasp. But when a searcher intrudes on his life, threatening his friends, and every being he comes in contact with, what's he to do? Especially since he can't even put a name to this being...because all the warning he gets is a note, sent on the winds.

The Cat's Meow: Seto/Anzu. Irritated with Kaiba's tendency to use women like tissues, a vengeful (well, playful with a large mean streak) goddess decides to teach him a lesson. Not only has she turned the cold CEO into a cuddly little kitten, she's sent him into America, and into the home of someone he's not seen for years...Mazaki Anzu.

title subject to change.


3/22/05: Well, well! Magnolia Blossoms has been updated with Chapter 11, and my SetoxAnzu story should be up soon. (I hope).

3/5/05: Well, at last, at last! Magnolia Blossoms has been updated with Chapter 10! Chapter 11 is up-and-coming, and I'm beginning work on my SetoxAnzu story.

2/15/05: Hey guys! I'm not dead, I promise. In news: Lying Eyes will be going under editing. Don't worry, Lilith will be back, but the story will have a new purpose, and is likely to evolve into either a SetoxAnzu or a SetoxShizuka. Just because I think Lilith would be a leetle too much for Kaiba. And I've got other plans for her. So, be on the lookout for a new post of Lying Eyes later on. As for Magnolia Blossoms, I should have it updated within the next few days.

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