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Silhouette of immorality. Theory of decadence. The countdown of genesis. Desire of the tainted.
..I will not sully you with this accursed thirst. I will not cause you eternal torture..
So let me turn to dust, engulfed by my memories, and save you from what is me

To be free from this curse of fate. To escape from a lifetime of torment.
Immortality is never the answer. Immortality only brings an eternal life of loneliness.
With a chalice of crimson regret, I toast to this blasted affair. To this, I am...
dead marionette

So to one, what would 'dead marionette' means? Does the meaning brings about the answer one seeks? The redemption one searches? Or the regret of one's mistakes?
'dead marionette' is nothing more than pitiful words. Words that bring nothing but pain and sorrow. Of one who so eagerly and desperately seeks attention.
In mere simple meaning, 'dead marionette' means a puppet without heart.

- New Updates -

: 12/11/2008 - Wednesday:

Recent Updates:-

New Oneshot:

- Working title has been changed to "Through the Art of Loving".


“In a castle long forgotten, a sleeping princess awaits for a true love’s kiss.”

“...a true love’s kiss?”

“A kiss bestowed by only one who can make your heart sings and your body feels alive.”

“…someone like Big Brother and Brother Conrad?”

“Even more, my sweet prince.”

“Even more-” a small frown marred his forehead as the young boy of eight wistfully thought. “Someone like…Papa Weller to Mama?”

“Why him and not your father?”

Thoughtfully the boy frowned against. A slight blush dusted his cheeks and nose while his eyes shyly glanced at the smiling young woman.

“Because he treats Mama like the other Papas do. He’s kind to me and Brother Conrad – Calia?”

“Will there be someone like Papa Weller for me?”

Currently working on:

- the second arc of TVOMTH. It's currently working title is "To You, I Finally Thee Wed".

- another oneshot with the working title "Symphony of Ours"

- finally restarting to work on "In The Darkness"

Anyone is welcome to help me beta-read/contribute continuation of my stories, just leave me your email adds in either a PM or review. Or vice-versa.

- d . e . a . d marionette -

- Profile of a puppet without heart -

: dead marionette :

In contrary to the meaning above, dead marionette is very much alive and full of heart. To others, her visage might be nothing more but blank looks and harsh stares, but this is how she guards herself from the painful reality. Oh, she is not without friends. In fact, dead marionette has plenty. The truth is, dead marionette is a shy and introverted girl who wishes for nothing more than to speak her mind. And through the art of writing, she is able to do that.

Her friends are surprised to find this shy little girl to be...well, not shy at all. Many have remarked that on the first appearance, she is shy and might even have the famous 'lost puppy' look. But upon second glance and a conversation or two, they were intrigued to discover this little girl to be full of cheerfulness and joy, a direct and obvious contrast to her outlook. In her case, the quote 'appearances can be deceiving' to be very true.

Now the layers have been peeled - from a blank, yet shy outlook to a cheerful personality. The final layer to dead marionette is soon to be uncovered. The final layer that is shown right here. A shy outlook to a cheerful disposition, and to a very angst writing. Now angst would be a too harsh of a word to be calling dead marionette's writings, but that would be the word she calls it for now. To her, cheerfulness can be quite mundane. In her life, everywhere she goes, this very emotion is everywhere. But this very emotion helps her in her writing. She finds writing about lost love, hopeless even, to be intriguing. True, this might label her as a romantic, but she cares not for labels. If this is what she find interesting, so be it.Oh, she does likes a little fluff or so.

Things that help her in her writing would be her ever essential and most powerful tool of all, the music she listens to. Her friends, and even her parents, find her somewhat strange to be listening to songs from a different language. Japanese, to be precise. But not just any songs would do. The songs she listens to would have to be of a more powerful level; hard rock. Visual kei, as many would know, plays a role in dead marionette's life. In her birth country, society would laugh at the very mention of this type of culture. Yes, society could be so cruel. Many would not understand why men of understandable IQ would go so far to wearing dresses or even look feminine. But that, as dead marionette would always and forever remind her dear friends, is the way this culture goes. True, many would look real feminine and even act as one, but in real life, they are never that way. But let us veer away from this painful reminder. To name a few of those that would forever leave an impression to her; they would be the GazettE, Phantasmagoria (a pity that they would be 'sealed' on a particular date, and a date so close to dead marionette's own date of birth), D, DespairsRay and finally Dir en Grey. Aside from these visual kei bands, one very impressive rocker had always been her 'god of rock'. And that would Gackt Camui. His songs are actually what helped her to write. The words, the meanings and even the melody.

To those who wish to know more of dead marionette or even ask of her opinions and such, she is available via three ways. Email: Instant messaging: (dead marionette is only available during the night, close to midnight in some cases).

- Stories in progress -

- In the Darkness - (Kyou Kara Maou) .

Alternate universe. It is said that if your love is strong enough, it will save you from eternal pain. To Wolfram, his love is his ultimate sacrifice. To save those he loves, he sold his soul and in return gained a life of despair and regret. In darkness, he awaits. In darkness, he hopes. That the one he lost thousands of years ago would save him from what he had become.

- To You, I Finally Thee Wed - (Kyou Kara Maou - TVOMTH's 2nd Arc)

He regretted letting Wolfram go, taken by the mother his son had little contact with. One year passed since that incident and he returned to Earth in hopes of starting new with 'their' children. And he would never regret making that decision to return when a face of his past crossed his path, giving him a final chance.

- Stubborn Souls - (Kyou Kara Maou)

He was determined not to think about the foolhardy king who made the decision of returning to the world he once came from. A lovers' spat, many had called it. But this quarrel had Wolfram falling ill. To make matter worse, nothing seemed to be able to cure the golden-haired knight. Gisela had a theory and decided to act upon it. With the agreement between brothers, Wolfram was transported to Earth with the help of the Great Sage and the king's brother. Only, the king doesn't know about it.

- Completed Stories -

- Surreal Fate - (Kyou Kara Maou)

He knew his love would never be reciprocated, but that didn't stop him from being at the king's side. But hearing the words made everything he dreamed of a surreal dream. An illusion that he knew now would definitely never happen. His decision was firm, his heart in pieces. With just a letter conveying all he felt, he did the one thing he'd thought he'll never do. Leave the king's side and never return. But a major setback took place. Destiny has decided to step in. Losing his memory was one thing, losing his memory when the king had finally realized his feelings for the golden-haired knight was another.

- A Wish Upon A Fallen Star : A Chance Upon The Glittering Water - (Kyou Kara Maou)

Someone had told him of a tradition of making wishes upon falling rocks in the sky. He'd scoff at the notion, deeming it as unrealistic. But now he thinks otherwise. Especially when a wish he'd made on the moment came true.

- A Wish Upon A Fallen Star : A Gentle Night of Love - (Kyou Kara Maou)

A direct sequel to A Chance Upon The Glittering Water. In the gentlest night, he reminisced. Of the night before and of him.

- Twinned Souls - (Gundam Seed Destiny)

When he made the decision of returning to Plant, she didn't stop him. But she hadn't known of the tiny package she received from him. Six years passed and her life had changed drastically. Thoughts of him were still there but her heart had already been taken by another. Only she didn't know of that at that time.

- The Voice of My Troubled Heart - (Kyou Kara Maou)

Eight years has passed and Wolfram had disappeared from his life without a trace. His life, without Wolfram, has finally returned to normalcy only to have it thrown into chaos once again when his golden-haired ex-betrothed without warning. To add more to his troubles, the woman who is the mother to his son returns with a determined decision to gain back what she has lost.

- Stories on Unofficial Hiatus -

- Tender Memories of Yesteryears - (Gundam Seed Destiny) alternate sequel to Twinned Souls

Her life was now perfect. Her life is now with him. Six years is a very long time, eight years is even longer. Thinking about the past is usually not a bad thing. Especially when it is filled by memories of him.

- Silver Tears of the Blue Sky - (Gundam Seed Destiny) sequel to Twinned Souls

Her past and her present had always been with him. But she want no part of her future that didn't include him. But destiny is such a cruel fate. Especially when he is no longer around. She would have sank deeper into depression if not for him. That one person who was once a part of her life. He made a promise. A promise to protect her and her children. A promise to ensure she was never sad.

- Curse of the Shadowed Moon - (D.N Angel)

Her life had always been protected by her guardian and others. Her life is shrouded in shadows, for she bears a curse passed down for generations. But hers was unique for she was adopted. On a fateful night, a stranger appears and she was intrigued by him. Like her, he holds a curse and a secret that could ruin her. Could what they have together protect her from her cursed fate?

The silhouette of wicked grace. The sneer of cynical torment. The captivation of gothic baptism.
The pulsating veins of crimson aura.
Blood flows in frightful vividness.
I am corrupted. I am tainted. I am...

'Follow me to the land of forbidden. A land of darkly desires and wanton needs.'
'Your instincts will guide you. They will beg.'

'Follow me and I will grant you a Valentine's name. Follow me and the title of my beloved is yours.
For I am corrupted. I am tainted. For I am...
your dead marionette

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