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Hi! Welcome to my profile! I'm guessing that most of you are here to find out a little more about the person behind the stories...or just to find out why I'm not updating as fast as I should be! Enter at your own risk... :p

About me

I've finally taken the plunge and joined after years of reading from the shadows.

I write all the time but am terrible at updating...I promise that there will be updates even if they take forever!! I have also lived in five different countries since I started writing on this website so that has definitely not helped with my update pace!

For anyone who's interested - I was born in Ireland, moved to Vietnam, England, Japan and Italy. I have just moved back from Italy and am currently living in the United Kingdom then hopefully back to Ireland for a short break before heading out to China for a new job. :)

My first language is English, then Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese in that Irish (gaelic) is appalling since I went to an international school and all the French I once spoke seems to have deserted me along with the Latin I slaved to master in school. I just graduated from a Japanese University after studying Japanese (plus literature, culture etc), Chinese and Korean and I'm attempting to get a degree in a British university now. I'm a final year student currently writing my research paper to graduate so time dedicated to this site will, unfortunately, be cut back severely.

About my stories

I've written lots of fics but not many of them have made the transition from hard-drive/notebook to internet.

Gundam Wing:

My main project is Job Interview which is an alternate universe fic focusing on the relationship between Heero and Relena. I don't usually read or write AU stories but this idea took hold of me and wouldn't let go!

The first chapter started off an a one-shot to help cheer up one of my friends who had had a disastrous job interview. I later tied this in with some other drabbles I had written about Heero and Relena and the story started from there. As such I still feel that the first chapter is by far the weakest in the story so please withhold judgement until the later chapters.

There is now a side-story of drabbles named Interview Preparation containing various scenes that didn't make it into the story, character sketches and some one-shots just for fun!

Aftermath: My secondary project is another Gundam Wing fic set after the series and Endless Waltz. I feel that this one is much closer to the true characters and I'm looking forward to updating it. I am fascinated by the Zero system and the effects it could have on those using it. This is also my attempt to realistically portray the relationships between the characters after all that they went through together in the series and how they deal with their various demons.

I've handwritten most of it but it needs to be typed up and edited. My update rate for this story closely follows Job Interview as I tend to move between fics.


Sacrifice: (more of a character exercise for myself than anything more) It looks at Relena's thoughts concerning a peaceful future and the sacrifices that have to be made to realise her ideal. It is an old piece and it shows, so I have considered deleting it but I also feel that it shows how I have changed and developed as a writer. Definitely not my best piece by far, but it's the story that gave me the courage to first post on this website so I'm a little sentimental!

Normalcy: Another old piece, an extract from a full-length story I was working on which needs to be entirely rewritten. Looking at the Gundam pilots and Relena trying to live normal lives as university students and ordinary civilians - a lot harder than it sounds! The story fought with me every step of the way which led me to question just how realistic it would be for all of the characters to be able to live as ordinary civilians after the war, despite their own desires. I scrapped most of it but this particular scene struck a chord with me so it survived!


There is also the beginning of a Fruits Basket fic called Everyday which looks at the little everyday things that become special to Kyo when he begins counting down the days until his imprisonment and the changes occurring in his relationships with other people. I recently re-read the entire manga in Japanese and have reignited my interest in this fandom.

I've also written a Final Fantasy VII one-shot called The Waiting Game. Despite being a one-shot it fits into a series of drabbles about the game, mainly centering around Cloud and Tifa so I am considering the idea of continuing this as a series.

Latest but not least, I have added a short Mushishi one-shot (though it is in three parts) called Snow centering around the character of Tanyuu and the importance she affords Ginko in her life. I think this series is beautiful so I enjoyed the chance to write something for it, especially as the Mushishi section on this website is woefully under-represented (I am story number 78!)

A number of new stories are also taking shape (both within the Gundam Wing world and for other anime) and should hopefully be appearing soon - look out for them!

Wow - i got reviews! Jumps over the moon Thanks so much! Please give me more, I'm addicted!

The novelty hasn't worn off yet and i don't think it will for a very long time!

Anyway, enjoy the fics! See you soon!


25/1/10 - Hello again and sorry for the delay. Chapter 23 of Job Interview: Bonds is now up with more updates to come in the next few days!

26/1/10 - First drabble of Interview Preparation has been posted so please have a read and let me know what you think :)

6/2/10 - Preparing updates for Everyday and Aftermath now. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all my readers and reviewers; I have just been reading back over some of the lovely messages I've received from people on this site and I am very grateful to everyone taking the time to read my stories. Thank you a million times over!

Oh and reviews really do make me write faster so I promise to thank you all by updating as soon as possible! :)

14/2/10 - Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And Happy New Year - welcome to the year of the tiger! Chapter 4 of Everyday: Awareness and a new Gundam Wing one-shot, Normalcy are now up and I hope to bring you more updates soon. Enjoy!

15/2/10 - Parts 2 and 3 in the Mushishi one-shot Snow have been posted as I didn't think that it felt finished with just part 1. I have started the year of the Tiger by catching a cold - yay! ¬_¬' But I do tend to write more when I'm sick so could work out well for any of my readers awaiting updates. Will be back again soon with more updates!

12/3/10 - Hello everyone - just an apology for lack of updates so far. I'm right in the middle of exams, assignments and I'm going through a pretty tough recruitment process for the job I want, so no updates for a while, but I promise plenty when they do come!! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon!

4/5/10 - Hello again and once again I owe everyone an apology. I have now relocated to Italy and gotten over the few teething problems I had with getting my apartment sorted now I have internet again and hoping I will be able to get some updates up.

17/7/10 - Feeling pretty awful about lack of updates now but have just spent last 6 weeks working on an island with no computer or internet. Life keeps getting in the way! Anyway, I am promising at least two updates by the end of this weekend (Job Interview and Interview Preparation) See you again soon!

18/7/10 - Just in from work after bad day (computer problems, then getting locked out of flat)

Updates are ready to go - will be uploaded tomorrow morning as soon as I'm up and can read over them before publishing - see you then!

19/7/10 - Job Interview Chapter 24: Unravelling and Interview Preparation Drabble 2: Master Storyteller are both up and doing pretty well with my editing so will maybe even have another update ready to go soon, though torn between new chapter for continuing story or adding a few of the new ones I've been working one. Anyway, hope you enjoy the updates, looking forward to hearing your feedback and I will be back soon with more reading material!

7/8/10 - Okay, seems like I was a little too optimistic in hoping to have updates edited and ready within 2 weeks - underestimated how busy I would be with friends visiting, work and making preparations to leave Italy (4 days to go!) Anyway, just to let you know that I am working on editing chapters and will make a big effort to get them up before I leave Italy next Wednesday, if not then I'm afraid that the earliest they will be up after that is the following weekend when I'm finally back in Ireland. I will do my best so keep checking back for updates!

27/12/10 - Sorry - I am always far too optimistic in believing that I can get an update ready while moving home between countries and it never works. I have a few days off now for the first time in months so after sleeping most of yesterday and today I am hoping to finally (!) get an update ready. Merry Christmas, thanks for all your patience and I will be back again soon bearing (slightly) belated gifts!

28/12/10 - Updated Interview Preparation Chapter 3: Kitchen Supremacy as a little reminder that I'm not dead just yet, and am currently editing and polishing the next chapter of Job has given me so many headaches trying to tie things together without losing the main thread of the narrative, but I'm hoping that everyone can forgive the confusion and it should get easier form here on in! Should be back in a few hours with the next chapter :)

Please read and enjoy! Feedback is always greatly appreciated, even if it's just a few words. Thank you!

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